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Baby Boy (2001)
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State Property (2002)
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Ice Age (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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  • [] Soundtrack The soundtrack features songs such as '' by


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    Beyoncé Knowles - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Artist Biography.

  • The song was from the Destiny's Child compilation, #1's and the The Pink Panther soundtrack and it was Knowles' sixth top five hit and third number one

  • Beyoncé also recorded the song '' for the film's soundtrack

    The Musketeer by David Arnold
    Offers a review of the soundtrack by David Arnold. Includes sound clips and track

  • The soundtrack begins with a brief but rousing performance of Arnold's title theme

  • While the soundtrack initially grabs the listener's attention for the first 15 minutes, after track 5, the interest level dips as the mood becomes darker and when the raucous music surfaces such as in track 7 and 8, it feels rather redundant or even aimless

  • The remaining tracks finish out the soundtrack as strongly as it began with a pulsating, climactic, action-suite of tracks 14 through 16 and one last romantic reference in Ceremony (17) - a fitting and satisfying conclusion to the soundtrack

  • Track Listing and Ratings Track Title Time Rating 1 Main Title 2:15 **** 2 I Will Find Him 4:47 *** 3 Fight Inn 1:50 **** 4 D'Artagnan and Francesca 2:17 **** 5 Jailhouse Ruck 3:03 *** 6 Mansion Impossible 2:35 *** 7 The Riot Begins 4:39 *** 8 Coach Chase 4:58 *** 9 Down by the River 2:28 *** 10 Prepare Duschamp for Hell 1:18 *** 11 Ride to Paris 1:50 *** 12 Febre 1:37 *** 13 All for One 3:41 *** 14 The Charge 2:36 **** 15 Scaling the Tower 2:32 **** 16 Ladder Fight 2:55 *** 17 Ceremony 4:11 **** Total Running Time 49:32 *The Experience-O-Meter displays the track to track listening experience of this soundtrack based on the 5-Star rating given to each track

    Jerry Depot - Lyrics - 'The Cable Guy' Soundtrack
    Also short Real Audio sound clips.

    About a Boy the Movie - About a Boy DVD Review
    DVD review by Ivana Redwine.

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    Stardust: The Unabashed David Bowie Music Guide
    A guide to Bowie's music by an opinionated, long-time fan.

  • Soundtrack Baal Soundtrack Cat People Soundtrack Rare Let's Dance Golden Years Ziggy Stardust Soundtrack Fame & Fashion Tonight The Falcon & The Snowman Soundtrack Absolute Beginners Soundtrack Labyrinth Soundtrack Never Let Me Down Tin Machine I Tin Machine II oy vey, baby Sound And Vision Fame '90 CD Single Cool World Soundtrack Black Tie White Noise Black Tie White Noise CD ROM Jump Interactive CD ROM The Singles 1969 - 1993 The Video Collection The Buddha Of Suburbia Soundtrack Santa Monica '72 Showgirls Soundtrack 1

  • Outside The Heart's Filthy Lesson CD Single Hallo Spaceboy CD Single Strangers When We Meet CD Single Rarestonebowie Telling Lies CD Single Basquiat Soundtrack Lost Highway Soundtrack Little Wonder CD Single Earthling Dead Man Walking CD Single Seven Years In Tibet CD Single Essential David Bowie: Best of 1969-1974 Live From 6A: Conan O'Brien Compilation I'm Afraid Of Americans CD Single Earthling In The City GQ Promo CD The Bridge School Concert Compilation Ice Storm Soundtrack 99X Live Compilation Have A Nice Decade Box Set The Best of 1974 - 1979 Compilation Bowienet CD Red Hot & Rhapsody Compilation Stigmata Soundtrack The Shadow Box 6 CD Box Set hours...

    Sonny Boy's Lonesome Cabin
    The nearly official site of this colorful and influential giant of the blues and
    blues harmonica. The site includes biographical information, photos, ...