Texas Trophy Whitetail Deer, Turkey, and Exotics
Whitetail deer, turkey, and exotic hunts in Real and Val Verde counties near Del Rio.

Bill Kinney Photography - Bill Kinney Photography - Whitetail
Wildlife pictures and calendars.

  • Ayr, Iowa Weather Products Deer Calendar New!!! Custom Calendars Framed Prints Calendar Frames Place Order Stock Photos (Password Required) Enter here Contact Us Feedback Huntin', Fishin' Scrapbook

  • Sharon's Animal Scratchings Welcome to A web page featuring our Whitetail Deer Calendar, Framed prints and Stock Photography

  • Often times his photos are used in many of the largest outdoor magazines like Field & Stream, Outdoor Life, Deer & Deer Hunting, Petersen's Bowhunting, and many others

  • In 2005 we shot over 300 rolls of 36 exposure film on whitetail deer alone! Our passion is giant whitetails bucks, including management, food plots, aging, bowhunting, observing and filming

    South Branch Preserve - Trophy Whitetail Hunting
    Whitetail deer and turkey hunting near Caroline, Wisconsin.

  • W e specialize in bucks scoring 170-200+ and never book more hunts than we have deer available

  • He will also assist you in field aging the deer to determine if a buck is mature and in his prime

  • Deer have plenty of thick cover in which to hide

    Llano Texas Hill Country Tourism Hunting Directory
    Local landowners offering hunts and hunting leases.


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    Quality Deer Management Association
    Quality Deer Management Association a non-profit wildlife conservation organization
    dedicated to the future of whitetail deer.

  • 800-209-DEER (3337) It is easy to become a member of QDMA

  • Upcoming Events 9/26 - 9/26 - 9/26 - 9/28 - 9/28 - 9/29 - 9/29 - 9/29 - 9/30 - 9/30 - Press Releases 09/07/2006- 08/18/2006- 07/12/2006- 07/01/2006- 06/13/2006- 06/05-2006- 06/01/2006- 05/11/2006- 05/03/2006- 05/03/2006- 04/05/2006- 03/22/2006- Quality Deer Management Association PO Box 160 Bogart, GA 30622 1-800-209-DEER (3337) © 2003, QDMA

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    Our Home and Gardens - The Red Bluff Notebooks
    Personal commentary on plants, animals, neighbors and gardening in the Red Bluff area.

  • Goldfinch - American, Carduelis tristis, BNC 364 Goldfinch - Lesser, Carduelis psaltria , BNC 363 Great Egret, Ardea alba , BNC 62 Great Horned Owl, Bubo virginianus (Karen and I observed a very large Great Horned Owl up high in the cottonwood tree over the middle pond on 9/23/2003.) Grosbeak - Black Headed, Pheucticus melanocephalus Guinea fowl Numida meleagris Hawk - Red-Tailed, Buteo jamaicensis , BNC 112 Hawk - Red-Shouldered, Buteo lineatus , BNC 110 Heron - Green, Butorides virescens ASPN 262 Heron - Great Blue, Ardea herodias , BNC 61 Housefinches, Carpodacus mexicanus , BNC 359 Hummingbirds - Anna's Calypte anna Hummingbirds - Black-chinned Archilochus alexandri Hummingbirds - Rufous Selasphorus rufus Junco - Dark Eyed, Junco hyemalis, BNC342, March, December Kestrel - American, Falco sparverius , BNC 116 Killdeer, Charadrius vociferus, BNC 139 Lay their eggs on the open ground

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