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  • magnum Welcome to NASHMET.COM You may think of a Metropolitan as a Postage Stamp size car, but click the image below to see an actual Postage Stamp with a Metropolitan on it

    ArticBoy's Nash Metropolitan graphics
    Vintage Nash Metroplitan advertising graphics plus other American Motors graphics,
    and AMC computer goodies.

  • Now 3 Pages The Metropolitan was made in England by Austin-Fisher Ludlow to Nash specifications

  • Some Metropolitan's had the Hudson badge in the grill (little else was differant from Nash/Rambler ones.), and were sold at Hudson dealers

    Hoosier Mets Nash Metropolitan Web Site
    Over 120 pages of Nash and Hudson Metropolitan information, parts, and animations.
    Cars and parts for sale and facts about the baby Nash.

  • TO THE WEB SITE If you like Nash Metropolitans, want to learn about Nash Metropolitans, find Nash Metropolitan parts, or sell yours, you have come to the right place

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    Our 1955 (and 1960) Nash Metropolitans
    Includes a number of photos along with over 30 links to related Nash websites.

  • brought to you by Take a test drive today! Click to see the sumptuous instrument panel --- the oil pressure gauge under the dash is not standard, but the vacuum tube radio (between the two big black knobs) is! Click to imagine how you'll look at the wheel of a Metro --- everyone loves the car when they see it! Click to see just how small the Metro is --- it fits handily under the wing of a Cessna! Click to see the latest addition to our 'fleet' --- a 1960 Metropolitan convertible Click to learn about the entire line of Nash automobiles for 1954 --- the year the Metropolitan was introduced > Between 1954 and 1962, a small car called the Metropolitan was sold to over 100, 000 buyers in North America and Britain

  • Click for the latest additions to this page! Click to learn about the entire line of Nash automobiles for 1954 --- the year the Metropolitan was introduced Click for a brief history of the Metropolitan, from a member of the Click to learn more about Nash automobiles Click to learn about the Nash Car Club of America (NCCA) Click to learn about the Metropolitan Owners Club of North America (MOCNA) Click to visit the 'Hoosier Mets' web site (history, specs, pictures, and more) Click to visit the Greater Bay Area Mets Click to visit the British Columbia Metropolitan Club Are Metropolitan parts hard to get? Not at all! We heartily recommend our favorite parts supplier, in North Hollywood, California..


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  • Allan Fleming's Home Page Featuring links to American Motors AMC Ambassador AMX Classic Concord Eagle Gremlin Hornet Javelin Jeep Machine Marlin Matador Metropolitan Pacer Rambler Rebel Rogue Scrambler and Spirit Vehicles For some information about me, go

    Claudia & John's 1961 Nash Metropolitan
    Claudia & John's black and white 1961 Nash Metropolitan Coupe. Built by Austin,
    Maintained by Beagles.

    NASH - CAR . COM
    Information on Nash Metropolitans plus shopping, galleries, car show information,
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    Nash Metro - Metropolitan Club of California Ltd.
    California Nash Metropolitan club chartered by MOCNA (Nash Owner's Club Of North

  • The Metropolitan Club of California Ltd

  • Devoted to the unique little car Nash Metropolitan

  • The Metropolitan or "Met", is a classic car that was sold by Nash and Hudson

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    Welcome To My Metropolitan Site
    Facts and pictures and links of the Austin / Nash Metropolitan.


  • IF YOU LOVE THE METROPOLITAN SHARE AND HELP OTHER MET OWNERS The Nash Metropolitan small economy car was introduced in the United States and Canada in March 1954

  • wheelbase Metropolitan was offered in 2-door hardtop and convertible models

  • The popular little Metropolitan (which was to continue through the 1962 model year) underwent major changes for 1956, as the 1500 series replaced the original 1200

  • The final year for the Nash nameplate was 1957 as American Motors decided to drop both the Nash and Hudson names to concentrate on the compact Rambler, the Metropolitan was later sold under the name Austin

  • Totally 94.986 Metropolitans were produced

    Nash Car Club of America
    Club descriptions, visitor information, and online application.

  • The Club is for owners or those interested in the following; Rambler - -1902 - 13, 1950 - 57 - - - - - - - - -Nash-Healey 1951 - 1954 Jeffery - - -1914 - 1917 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Metropolitan 1954 - 1962 Nash - - - -1917 - 1957 - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Hudson - - - -1955 - 1957 Ajax - - - - 1925 - 1926 - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Jeffery and - - 1913 - 1928 and LaFayette - 1920-24, 1934-40 - - - - - - - - - -Nash Trucks - 1947 - 1954 To JOIN, Print Out or DOWNLOAD an APPLICATION and send it to: NASH CAR CLUB of AMERICA 1N274 Prairie Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 Need to contact the Club? Have a Nash story or photo you would like to share? Photo should be in .jpg or .gif format, emailed, or on 3.5 disk and mailed to, Jim and Dorothy Bracewell 1N274 Prairie Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 OR Click on any of the following links to view other pages

  • Metropolitan Pit Stop

  • Auto Literature for sale.x - Metropolitans

    Nash Metropolitan Repair Restoration | California Vintage License ...
    Information on removal, refurbishing, and reinstallation of Nash Metropolitan parts.

    The Ford Pinto Page
    History of the car with anecdotes.

  • I removed the engine, transmission, and new radiator, then sold the car for $100 to a guy who was making, of all things, a Pro-Street Nash Metropolitan! Talk about coincidences! This current engine was built by our former co-worker, Steve


    Home Page of the High Plains Region of the Nash Car Club of America
    Photos, membership and event information. Club serves Colorado, Idaho, Montana,
    Nebraska, North and South Dakota, and Wyoming.

    Nash Construction... "What We Promise, Happens!"
    Providing remodeling services to homeowners. Includes services, profile, handyman
    services and contacts.

  • We have been recognized by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) as the premier contractor in the Washington Metropolitan area

  • Our convenient location in Marshall, Virginia just off of I-66 provides us direct access to serve our clients throughout the Washington Metropolitan area

    Get your Vintage Cookie Jar from Clark's Cookie Jars
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    Mutant Reviewers from Hell do "UHF"
    Includes quotes, trivia, review, and ratings on various criteria.

  • Philo is from the planet Zarkon The lightsaber sound when Stanley reclaims his mop George drives a 50's Nash Metropolitan Philo has an 'interociter' in his lab; featured an interociter as well If you watch Sy Greenblum's eyes during the Spatula City commercial, it's quite obvious he's reading from a cuecard

    Lots of great pictures including a Met limo. Includes a lubrication chart and
    the radio schematic.

  • JRC METROPOLITANS, And Other Cars -- '58 Car Reports -- '54 Met Test there's Family stuff at the end This'll take a bit (up to 20 minutes) to load Here's some interesting stuff to read while the images load --- THE MERTOPOLITAN LUBRICATION CHART AND THE RADIO SCHEMATIC ARE INCLUDED FROM THE MAY 1954 MOTOR TREND MAGAZINE THERE ARE FEW ENOUGH times in the life of an automotive editor that he can wax enthusiastic about a new idea

  • Two issues ago we brought you some up to the-minute news about a new concept in cars - the Nash Metropolitan

  • According to one late report issued by Nash Division of American Motors, over 8000 Metropolitans have been sold since the car's introduction in mid-March

  • Those of you who are steady readers will recall that we gave you a fairly comprehensive description and trial run report (May '54 MT) of the Metropolitan from Detroit

  • Seldom has a car tested by the MT Re-search staff caused as much controversy as the Metropolitan

  • Looking Out Unlike many small cars, the Metropolitan isn't hard to get into or out of

  • Readability and Driving Ease The steering system on the Metropolitan consists of equal-length tie rods with cross linkage and idler arms

    Top Cabrio - Het beste adres voor het voordelig repareren of ...
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    A Picture review of American Motors From1957 to 1987. The End of ...
    A one page site that tries to show all the American Motors Automobiles produced
    from 1958 - 1987.

  • One of AMC's first projects was the Nash Metropolitan the Austin-engined, British-built cars sold over 90, 000 until 1962 with over 90, 000 being sold

  • I put it in a trailer and brought it back to Michigan where I live.' Richard also mentioned that he has two other Metropolitans for sale for parts

  • 1956 Nash State 1956 Hudson Hornet Special Hollywood 2 Door Hardtop 1956 Nash State 1956 Hudson Hornet Special Hollywood 2 Door Hardtop 1957 AMC Rambler Metropolitan This car is owned by Dale Carrington of Puyallup, Washington 1956 Hudson Super Wasp 4 Door Sedan 1957 AMC Rambler Metropolitan This car is owned by Dale Carrington of Puyallup, Washington This is his daily driver

  • 1958 (AMC) Metropolitan Convertible 1958 (AMC) Metropolitan Convertible 1958 Metropolitan Convertible 1958 Metropolitan Convertible 1958 Rambler American 1958 Rambler American 1958 Rambler Station Wagon 1958 Rambler Wagon Named Frances This car is owned by Billy Bradford 1958 Rambler Brochure 1958 AMC Rambler American Super 2 Door Club Coupe 1958 AMC Rambler American Super 2 Door Club Coupe 1958 AMC Rambler Sedan Cutaway 1959 AMC Rambler American DeLuxe 2 Door Sedan 1959 AMC Rambler American Assembly Line 1959 AMC Rambler Ambassador 4 Door Custom Country Club Hardtop 1959 AMC Rambler Ambassador Custom Cross Country Station Wagon

    Lotus Seven Register - Home Page
    Contains history, specifications, picture gallery, and sales Brochures.

  • ENGINES: Ford 100E Climax FWA BMC "A" Series Ford 100E BMC "A" Series Ford 105E Ford 109E Ford 116E Ford 2255E Ford 2255E Lotus Twin-Cam Ford 2255E Lotus Twin-Cam GEARBOX: Ford 3 BMC 4 Ford 3 BMC 4 Ford 4 Ford 4 Ford 4 AXLE: Nash Metropolitan Standard 10 Ford Escort Ford Escort FRONT BRAKES: 8" Drum 8" Drum 9.5" Disc 9" Disc 9" Disc REAR BRAKES: 8" Drum 7" Drum 8" Drum 9" Drum CHASSIS: Multi Tubular Space Frame Multi Tubular Space Frame Multi Tubular Space Frame Space Frame + Fabrications BODY: All Aluminium GRP Nose + Wings, Aluminium Body

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