Was the Taj Mahal A Vedic Temple
Some text and a collection of photographs, which seeks to demonstrate that the
monument was in fact originally designed as a Hindu temple.

  • The point to consider is how much more of India's history has been distorted if the background of such a grand building is so inaccurate

  • It also shows that in spite of this evidence they refuse to open up further research that would reveal the true nature and originality of the buildings, and lead to understanding another part of the real history and glory of India

  • It is because of the manipulation of history by invaders that the true greatness of India and Vedic culture has been stifled or hidden

  • It is because of this that it is now time to rewrite the history of India

  • " " by Marvin Mills, is a great review of the information available on the Taj Mahal and raises some very interesting questions that make it obvious that the Taj could not have been built the way or during the time that history presents, which makes it more like a fable than accurate history

  • is the history written by the Emperor's own chronicler

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  • > > > > The Taj Mahal > History of the Taj Mahal The Taj Mahal, often called the most beautiful building in the world, was built by an emperor as a memorial to his beloved wife

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  • [] History Soon after its completion, Shah Jahan was deposed and put under at nearby by his son


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  • Home to the, a centre of important trade routes and vast empires, India has long played a major role in human history., and all have their origins in India, while and enjoy a strong cultural heritage having arrived through trade even before foreign invasions

  • [] History Main article: rock shelters with paintings at in the state of are the earliest known traces of human life in India

  • For most of its independent history, India has been ruled by the

  • For most of its independent history, India adhered to a - approach, with strict government control over participation, and

  • India has a rich and unique cultural heritage, and has managed to preserve its established traditions throughout history whilst absorbing customs, traditions and ideas from both invaders and immigrants

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  • Architecture: from Prehistory to Post-Modernism

  • A History of Architecture

  • A History of Architecture

  • A History of Architecture

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    panoramas. Offers narration and music. [English, French, Hindi, Japanese]

  • At any point, visitors can view narrated mini-movies about the people, architecture, politics and history of the site (also includes full Text for the hearing-impaired)

  • Four hundred years of the monument's history are brought to life, with the key figures in the story of the Taj being presented in 25 specially produced movies (suitable for both broadband and dialup connection)

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  • But although its brick foundations were laid in 1631, its history - according to one popular legend - can be traced back further, back to Agra on a day in 1607 when a festival was in progress at the Royal Meena bazaar

  • http://www.hindunet.org/hindu_history/modern/taj_oak.html - Subash Krishna this article Taj is my dream place, havent seen it in real yet, but do dream it once a month at least !!!! Best dream of my Dreams lolz Can't wait to be there once in real before i die !!!! - eimaan this article this is sooo coll man awesome!!! dis id deee bomb dude!!! - sammmy this article Wow!! I thought the taj mahal was a palace....but its a tomb!!!! facinatiing!!!! It is such a wicked story....I WANNA GO TO INDIA NOW!!! :-) - vallery monica francis rose this article i wish i had someone like price khuram - mariam this article please send the cristal Malik story to my E_mail

  • - abby this article the passion of the report is amazing how much he loved her before i only knew that the taj was a tomb now i know the whole history and extra id love to see it some time my report gonna be great thanx - Lady Death this article My friends, please read two books written by P.N.Oak..

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    The Taj Mahal: Pollution and Tourism
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  • Throughout its history, the Court has further expanded its own powers by creative interpretations of the Constitution, in particular Article 21 which guarantees the right to life

  • Some Hindu fundamentalist political groups who attempt to deny any postive contributions of Muslims in Indian history have suggested that the Taj Mahal is actually a Rajput palace although the idea is not taken very seriously

    South Asian History: The Colonial Legacy in India - Effects of ...
    On the effects of British rule. Evidence of increases in poverty and indebtedness,
    and of the tranfer of wealth from India.

  • Search: The Web Tripod « | » SOUTH ASIAN HISTORY Pages from the history of the Indian subcontinent: British rule and the legacy of colonization The Colonial Legacy - Myths and Popular Beliefs While few educated South Asians would deny that British Colonial rule was detrimental to the interests of the common people of the sub-continent - several harbor an illusion that the British weren't all bad

  • R.Nath in his 'History of Decorative Art in Mughal Architecture' records that scores of gardens, tombs and palaces that once adorned the suburbs of Sikandra at Agra were sold out or auctioned

  • (Mike Davis: Late Victorian Holocausts) Those who wish India well might do well to re-read this history so the nation isn't brought to the abyss once again, (and so soon after being liberated from the yoke of colonial rule)

  • Sinha's Economic History of Bengal (Published in Calcutta, 1956); and 'Late Victorian Holocausts' by Mike Davis Bibliography: (For further research into this area) M

  • Wilson, History of British India D

  • Jenks: The Migration of British Capital Related articles: Also see the sections on colonization in: History of Orissa: An introduction and Adivasi Contributions to Indian Culture and Civilization For an insight into colonial machinations in the Middle East (and it's implications for the Indian subcontinent), see Colonization and Control of the Oil Wealth in the Middle East For an anti-imperialist view from the US, see British Rule in India by William Jennings Bryan, as it appeared in the New York Journal, Jan


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  • Virginia has a rich garden history

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    Extensive information resource on Muslim contributions to science, mathematics,
    astronomy, and philosophy in the Middle Ages. Includes articles and biographies.

  • 870 - 950 Abul Hasan Ali Al-Masu'di Geography, History

  • Refer to 'A Chronology of Muslim History Parts .' Pharmacy, Botany Died 1248 Nasir Al-Din Astronomy, Non-Euclidean Geometry

  • 1304 - 1369 Sociology, Philosophy of History, Political Science

  • Refer to 'A Chronology of Muslim History Parts (e.g., 1455, 1494, 1500, 1510, 1524, and 1538)' Two hundred years before a comparable development elsewhere, Turkish scientist Hazarfen Ahmet Celebi took off from Galata tower and flew over the Bosphorus

    The Taj Mahal: A Multicultural Synthesis
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    the Taj Mahal and discussing its multicultural features and fusion of ...

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  • Gardens Guide web www.gardenvisit.com GLOSSARY: definitions of garden history terms Definitions of terms used by garden designers and garden historians, with links to examples in the eTexts - DEFINITIONS Abreuvoir : a drinking place for animals, sometimes treated as a garden ornament Academy : The olive grove outside Athens in which Plato set up his school of philosophy

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    Indian restaurant serves traditional foods. Includes menu and hours.

  • KUMAR: Founder of Taj Mahal Restaurant in 1984 HISTORY Mumtaz and Shah Jehan were married in 1612 A.D had 14 children together

    Risk: The Evolution of a Game
    An article by Dave Shapiro on the history of the game.

  • The Games Journal | A Magazine About Boardgames Risk: The Evolution of a Game Dave Shapiro Posted December, 2002 A Little History A Friday night in the fall of 1971 and it's time to pull another "all-nighter"

  • It is not vital that a competent gamer know the history of a game or particular system but it enriches the experience

  • Do we need to know the history behind Beethoven's Third Symphony, Eroica , in order to enjoy it? No, but it certainly enhances the experience knowing that it was originally composed as a tribute to Napoleon and later re-titled following Napoleon's self ascendancy to emperor

  • As with any art form there is a history and games are an art form

  • One day 20 plus years from now, when you sit down with your grown children to play Mordor (the 12th game in the Tikal, Java, Mexica line), you can present them with a little history behind the game

    Timeline of Iranian HIstory
    (8000BCE-present) Highlights of Iranian (Persian) history.

  • From Ancient Persia to Contemporary Iran covers the highlights of Iran's history in a brief, easy to read, factually acurate and inexpensive timeline

  • The full-color 11" x 5" brochure opens accordion-style to the size of 11" x 35." The highest quality paper and printing process have been used to make it a lovely gift for all occasions and a wonderful way to introduce someone to the history and cultural heritage of Iran

  • (This publication focuses on the history of Iran and does not address contemporary events.) The periods covered are: Predynastic Era 8000 BC -- The Agricultural Revolution made possible permanent settlements and the creation of complex civilizations

  • The Iranian plateau became the cradle of one of the oldest civilizations in history

  • Darius revolutionized mankind's economic activities by introducing one of the earliest (certainly the first on such a massive scale) forms of common coinage in history, the darik

  • Although Persia did not become a Shi'ite state for almost another nine centuries, this clash was pivotal in its history

  • Mongol Era 1220 -- Gangis Khan and his Mongol hordes attacked Persia with unparalleled brutality, bringing about one of the worst catastrophes in the history of mankind

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