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  • Konami’s improvements to a winning formula make Pro Evolution Soccer 5 the game you’ll want to play until season’s end

  • Posted by: Steve Titchener Thursday, 03 August, 2006 latest Information by Soccer Life II publishing label 505 Games Posted by: Steve Titchener Tuesday, 01 August, 2006 Soccer Life 2 hits the shelves on September 2006 (Could Change) Posted by: Steve Titchener Monday, 31 July, 2006 You can read Codemasters latest press release in our Press Release section + A chance to get YOUR questions answered by the Producer John Jennings

  • Posted by: Steve Titchener Thursday, 27 July, 2006 Ever wondered why your team make such hard work of the beautiful game? Now's your chance to show them how it's done with Let's Make a Soccer Team! | (01 August 2006) (11 July 2006) (07 July 2006) (28 June 2006) (24 June 2006) (22 June 2006) (30 May 2006) (29 May 2006) (28 May 2006) (19 May 2006) (18 May 2006) (18 May 2006) (18 May 2006) (18 May 2006) (13 May 2006) | Konami’s improvements to a winning formula make Pro Evolution Soccer 5 the game you’ll want to play until season’s end

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    GameSpy: FIFA Soccer 06
    Movies, previews, and screenshots.

  • For the first time you'l see and feel the joy, anguish and pain of 90 minutes of soccer in a videogame

  • Reviews (11/22/05) - A soccer game that's more 'bent up' than 'Beckham.' Around the Network at IGN at IGN at GameSpy at GameStats at CCG | By continuing past this page, and by your continued use of this site, you agree to be bound by and abide by the

    GameSpy: FIFA Soccer 07
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  • Search for a Game FIFA Soccer 07 (X360) FIFA 07 throws you into the rollercoaster ride of a football season

  • Game Info Developer Publisher Genre Sports Release Date Fall 2006 ESRB GameSpy Score N/A Articles News (08/24/06) - Both FIFA Soccer 07 and Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 will hit Xbox 360 first

    EA - FIFA 06
    Offizielle Webseite des Herstellers zum Spiel.

  • info: 06 FIFA SOCCER

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    FIFA Soccer 06: Road to FIFA World Cup (Xbox 360)
    Preview, movie, news, and screenshots.

  • | Content Sections Xbox Games Xbox Hardware Xbox Community Xtras Xbox Live FIFA Soccer 06: Road to FIFA World Cup (Xbox 360) Release Date: 11/15/2005 FIFA Soccer 06: Road to FIFA World Cup (Xbox 360) REVIEWS PREVIEWS MOVIES INTERVIEWS CHEATS NEWS The long running FIFA series makes it Xbox 360 debut

  • REVIEWS :: FIFA Soccer 06: Road to FIFA World Cup Published: November 23, 2005 Find out if the road to the World Cup is a smooth one

  • By: Find out how other gamers are ranking FIFA Soccer 06: Road to FIFA World Cup PREVIEWS :: FIFA Soccer 06: Road to FIFA World Cup Published: May 26, 2005 Are you ready for some next-gen football? By: MOVIES :: FIFA Soccer 06: Road to FIFA World Cup FIFA 06 Trailer Published: November 16, 2005 Check out this new trailer made of different matches

  • File: Windows Media 8 MB FIFA 06 Trailer Published: October 16, 2005 EA has released a new trailer of FIFA Soccer 06 Road to 2006 FIFA World Cup

  • File: Windows Media 6 MB INTERVIEWS :: FIFA Soccer 06: Road to FIFA World Cup No published interviews FEATURES :: FIFA Soccer 06: Road to FIFA World Cup No published features CHEATS :: FIFA Soccer 06: Road to FIFA World Cup NEWS :: FIFA Soccer 06: Road to FIFA World Cup Published: Nov

    EA SPORTS - It's in The Game
    Includes downloads, tips and hints, online play, and game information.

    Socceraccess/Gamingaccess - Pro Evolution Soccer 5, FIFA 06 - PC ...
    Downloads, fora, multiplayer database, soccer news, patches, commentaries, hosting,
    tutorials, and reviews.

    FIFA Soccer 2002 for PC - FIFA Soccer 2002 PC Game - FIFA Soccer ...
    Reviewed by: Gord Goble, score 9.3/10. "EA Sports decided to key on gameplay this
    time around." (PC)

  • : | E-mail: Password: | background color: search: Videos Downloads Check Prices Fans of real-life soccer will find this the most enjoyable soccer experience on the PC to date

  • By: Genre: Release Date: Oct 29, 2001 Players: 1-8 () Most Popular Preview Oct 10, 2001 News Mar 4, 2002 Latest Images Latest GameSpot Updates News Mar 4, 2002 Review Nov 19, 2001 Preview Oct 10, 2001 Latest Player Reviews perfect 'Highly addictive' As a huge soccer fan FIFA 2002 till date remains my best sports game.i have myself liked it so much that i am asking oth Posted May 30, 2006 7:08 am PT superb 'Rocks' Football crazy! Fifa Mad! Posted Apr 3, 2006 3:45 am PT Tell the world what you think of FIFA 2002

  • Current Topics In Our Forum FIFA Soccer 2002 | Videos | Downloads | Check Prices Vital Stats Publisher: Developer: Release Date: Oct 29, 2001 9.3 8.5 (369 votes) 8.1 (24 reviews) Rank: 5, 354 of 32, 940 67 Rank on PC: 1, 799 of 7, 245 Player Reviews: Wish Lists: 19 Collections: 1, 103 Now Playing: 33 Tracking: 225 Your Score: This content requires Macromedia Flash Player 7 or higher

  • Posted Sep 13, 2006 by | 0'32' | 162 Views Category: Association: This FIFA Game Development from the start of FIFA games(1994- 2006)! this video is taken from the game FIFA 06 Posted Aug 9, 2006 by | 2'29' | 1, 987 Views Related Unions Apr 4, 2006 4:51 pm PT | Similar Games Ultimately, World Cup 98 is soccer at its best

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    GameSpy: FIFA Soccer 2004 Preview
    Preview of the Xbox version by Christian Nutt. Includes screen shots. "While FIFA
    hasn't been killed, the game is being severely retooled to capture the hearts ...

  • 5, 2003 EA reinvents its stalwart soccer series

  • While FIFA hasn't been killed, the game is being severely retooled to capture the hearts and minds of soccer fans the world round -- a difficult task with Konami's Winning Eleven series having sewn up Japan, and under the title Pro Evolution Soccer , leading the pack in Europe, too

  • The ball has its own realistically calculated physics that allow it to behave much more like, well, a soccer ball

    IGN: FIFA Soccer 2002 Cheats, Codes and Cheat Codes
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  • | Search Our is about to kick off -- but in the meantime, check all this good stuff: SECTIONS CHANNELS · GET GAMES PARTNERS · » » » (GCN) Guide FAQs Features FIFA Soccer 2002 Cheats Unlock Gold Cup To unlock the Gold Cup tournament, qualify for the World Cup in the CONCACAF region

  • Myung Bo Hong: AFC World Cup qualification Francesco Totti: UEFA World Cup qualification Roberto Carlos: CONMEBOL World Cup qualification Ruud Van Nistelrooy: CONCACAF World Cup qualification Nuno Gomez: EFA Iker Casillas: European Championship Cup Thierry Henry: European Championship Henrik Larsson: Copa America Thomasz Rodzinski: Gold Cup Steve Marlet: FIFA Confederations Connections for FIFA Soccer 2002 (GCN) You may also like: 1

  • Last activity September 26, 2006 18:20 PDT Send This Page to a Friend Contact the Editors Game Details for FIFA Soccer 2002 Playing Now Get Alerts Wishlist Collection Neither Edit List Details Published by: Developed by: / Distributed by: Genre: Number of Players: 4 Release Date: US: November 27, 2001 Japan: Unreleased Europe: May 3, 2002 Also Available On: , Features: 16:9 Support, 480p Support, Dolby Pro Logic II, Memory Card Contribute: Write a FAQ Submit a Cheat Click Here for More Game Info Start for $9.95 or try for free

    GameSpy: FIFA Soccer 2003 Review
    Review of PlayStation 2 version by Jeremy Althof. Features screen shots.
    "EA Sports' best FIFA game to date." Score: 90 out of 100.

  • 7, 2002 With all-new options and improved graphics, EA once again proves their worth in developing killer soccer games

  • More realism equals greater difficulty; might be bit tough for soccer game newbies

  • EA Sports' FIFA series has long been the best soccer franchise around

  • My biggest gripe with this series has always been that it just did not feel like soccer

  • While that kind of gameplay was fun, it sure wasn't a realistic representation of soccer

    GameSpy: FIFA Soccer 2003 Review
    Review of GameCube version by Kevin Murphy. Includes screen shots. "If you're
    looking for a great soccer game, you can't go wrong with FIFA Soccer 2003.

  • | • | • | • | Platforms Console Handheld Sections Resources Planet Sites Get Games Subscriptions Contact Us Partners FilePlanetDaily Download World Premiere! Special Features See the latest trends in game development from the front lines! Search for a Game FIFA Soccer 2003 (GCN) Publisher: Developer: Genre: Sports Release Date: 11/06/2002 ESRB: By | Jan

  • 21, 2003 If you're looking for a great soccer game, you can't go wrong with FIFA Soccer 2003

  • Since the FIFA series premiered almost a decade ago, it's always seemed to me that soccer games are more popular in the U.S

  • I'm not into soccer too much, but I'm always interested in playing the latest soccer game

  • Maybe it's because playing a soccer game is more fun than watching it on TV, or maybe it's because soccer games, most notably the FIFA series, are usually really good games

  • 06 FIFA SOCCER ?

    Official site of the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean
    Association Football. News, international competitions, and member directory.

    IGN: FIFA Soccer 2002 Review
    Reviewed by: Matt Casamassina, score 8.6/10. "An excellent first offering from
    EA Sports." (GameCube)

  • We count down to the new/old classic trilogy DVD release: SECTIONS CHANNELS · GET GAMES PARTNERS · · » » » (GCN) Guide FAQs Features FIFA Soccer 2002 Major League Soccer The world's most popular ball game lands on GameCube

  • by November 28, 2001 - As if the fact that GameCube launches late in Europe wasn't torture enough to PAL gamers, EA adds insult to injury by releasing its first soccer game for the platform early

  • FIFA 2002 is an excellent soccer game that makes the wait for the World Cup a whole lot easier

  • The Facts Friendly, FIFA World Cup Qualification, Season and Tournaments game modes Creaton Centre mode enables customization/creation of players, teams, leagues, and tournaments More than 400 teams and 16 leagues, including the English Premier League, German Bundesliga, Spanish Premier League, the French LNF, and Major League Soccer (MLS)

  • While GameCube isn't the lead platform for the franchise, FIFA 2002 continues the legacy to offer a great-playing soccer experience that will once again make football fans from all over the world very happy

  • Instead of requiring you to press and hold a button like the N64 soccer games, one-twos are performed by simply flicking the C-Stick in the direction of your teammate

    GameSpy: FIFA Soccer 2003 Review
    Review of Game Boy Advance version, by Kevin Murphy. "This portable soccer title
    is okay, but the FIFA license demands better." Includes screen shots.

  • Search for a Game FIFA Soccer 2003 (GBA) Publisher: Developer: Genre: Sports Release Date: 11/12/2002 ESRB: By | Dec

  • is the best soccer game of the year -- on the GameCube, PS2 and Xbox

  • Running with the ball accurately is more of a challenge here than actually learning to dribble a real soccer ball, as the players here feel like they move like a wet sponge

  • However, if you're dying to play some serious soccer on the GBA, there's really not a lot to choose from, so you should give FIFA Soccer 2003 a try

    3D Gamers :: Game Listing :: FIFA 06 Info
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  • Game Information Game: FIFA 06 Released: Game Type: Developer: Publisher: Homepages: FAQs: None listed by 3D Gamers Requires: Windows / Direct3D Supports: Multiplay: Internet Keywords: / / / ESRB Rating: Unavailable ESRB Rating Unavailable Related Products FIFA Soccer 06 $9.98 | Specials | Copyright 1996-2006, IGN Entertainment, Inc

    GameSpy: FIFA Soccer 2003 Review
    Windows version review by William Abner. Includes screen shots. "The FIFA engine's
    overhaul is a huge improvement, but the AI and features are still lacking.

  • The series finally has a solid foundation upon which to build a spectacular soccer simulation; the only problem is that this year's edition is more of a springboard than it is a superb game

  • A soccer game can only go as far as its physics engine will allow, and FIFA has finally turned that all-important corner

  • It's the best-looking soccer game ever created, and arguably one of the best-looking sports games of all time

  • You get the feeling you are actually playing on a regulation size soccer field

    EA - Action, Fantasy, Sports, and Strategy Videogames
    Distributor for seven North American publishing companies including Accolade,
    DreamWorks Interactive, Intergraph, H3D Entertainment, and NovaLogic Inc.

    IGN: 2006 FIFA World Cup
    Screenshots, videos, previews, news, and a message board.

  • We count down to the new/old classic trilogy DVD release: SECTIONS CHANNELS · GET GAMES PARTNERS · · » » » 2006 FIFA World Cup Also known as: FIFA World Cup 2006, 06 FIFA Soccer World Cup , 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany , 2006 FIFA Football World Cup (EU) Guide FAQs Celebrating the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany - the world's largest sporting event - 2006 FIFA World Cup brings you to the games with the world's superstar players, 12 official stadiums that will be used at 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany and stadiums from each qualifying region

  • Game Help Reviews - April 18, 2006 A delightful celebration of the Super Bowl of soccer

  • - March 29, 2006 We sit down with producer Joe Nickolls and score new info on EA's upcoming soccer title

  • News - May 4, 2006 Winning Eleven, FIFA -- Japan has soccer fever

    USA Today: Soccer
    News, articles, analysis, television schedules, and blogs.

  • Classifieds: | Soccer MLS U.S

  • soccer World soccer World Cup Tools Indexes Marketplace 08/18/2006 - Updated 12:58 AM ET | Standings: | Major League Soccer schedule DATE GAME (all times ET) | Sat., Aug

  • United played New York to a 0-0 tie Wednesday night to maintain its large lead in Major League Soccer standings

  • Status quo in FIFA rankings ZURICH, Switzerland — Despite exiting the World Cup in the quarterfinals, Brazil remained world soccer's No

  • Americans growing in EPL Long a desired destination for ambitious American soccer players, the English Premier League this season features not just established pros, but younger players eager to make their mark


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