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  • He Always says ' the Guilty cries the loudest ' I had a few friends around the store cafe yesterday, everyone drinking coffee and telling old sea stories, yaking about politics

  • i looked every place in the store to no avail

    Navy Exchange
    Description of the Exchange facility on NAB Little Creek.

    Navy Exchange
    Features hours of operation, contact information for centers and service departments. - US Navy Ship Caps and More!
    Includes custom embroidered US Navy ship caps, garments, and jackets.


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    Navy Lodge Sasebo
    Description of facilities, map, and contact information.

  • Outside the main base is Nimitz Park Recreational Center, Yonka-cho and Sanka-cho Shopping Arcades featuring Japanese department stores, eateries, and specialty shops

  • Also, there is a Hyper Center and Osada store (like a Walmart store) on the way to Hario Housing

    Navy Lodge Jacksonville
    Description and photos of facilities, map, and contact information.

  • Short drive to: The Navy Exchange, convenience store, package store, commissary, video rental, gym and bowling alley are six blocks away

    Barnacle Bill's Ship Store - US Navy Apparel, List Your Military ...
    Cuban missile crisis T-shirts, mouse pads, other items decorated with Navy logos,
    and custom items for military reunions.

  • --> Support Our Troops And Keep Them In Your Prayers Barnacle Bill's Ship Store Quality Products Displaying Popular US Navy Related Artwork Show Your Pride

  • If you would like to link your ship's association web site send me the URL and I will link your site to our ship store

  • We are discussing a newsletter to inform you of current events that effect sailors and to be informed you all of new products and features at the ship store

  • Barnacle Bill's Ship Store is not only on line to sell merchandise or military apparel to sailors

  • Barnacle Bill's Ship Store is a provider of US military apparel and other items decorated with your ships name and hull number

  • And since Barnacle Bill's Ship Store is getting many sailors stopping by we thought we should set up a page to add your reunion listing

    Naval Air Station Sigonella
    Station overview, with map of the island of Sicily.

  • NAS I is home to the major shopping facilities - the DeCA Commissary store, the Navy Exchange Retail Store (NEX) and Mini Mall, as well as the Stephen Decatur School, the Navy Family Service Center and the new US Naval Hospital

  • Benefits

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    Overview and history of the facilities in the Annapolis Area Complex.

  • Tenant Commands: Naval Construction Battalion (Unit 403) Naval Surface Warfare Division (Annapolis Detachment) Naval Medical Clinic Marine Barracks Navy Resale Activity DECA (Commissary Store) Personnel Support Division(PSD) / Customer Service Desk Dental Joint Spectrum Center

    Media Supply Store for DVD's, Blank Video Tape and Supplies
    Blank tape, boxes, labels, shippers.

  • High-Tech Productions Media Supply Store Toll Free 800 662-8336 Outside U.S

  • (561) 750-7000 Store Departments About Us More To Explore All Items in Stock for Immediate Delivery FAST Delivery at No Extra Charge! Nearly all packages are upgraded to Fed Ex or Priority Mail

    American Civil War uniforms (Union & Confederate), Victorian ...
    Phoenix, Arizona, USA. 19th century clothing and uniforms, tack, resource books,
    props and sets. Also resource information, filmography, technical consulting ...

  • dba AzRA Historical Resources and Pair-O-Dice Mercantile at and Pair-O-Dice Mercantile now open Our new store front location, Pair-O-Dice Mercantile is now open

  • It is being set up as much as possible as a working 1800's dry goods store

  • Use this site as a sutler / quartermaster dept / store to shop or just use the information available here as research material

    Navy Regulations, 1814
    Full text of regulations of the Navy Department for 1814.

  • He is never to interest himself in the purchase of any stores or provisions in foreign parts, where there are proper officers appointed for that service; except there shall be an absolute necessity to make use of his credit or authority, to procure such provisions or stores as are wanted; but in that case, he shall not be so concerned as to have any private interest in the same

  • To take inventories of all the stores committed to the charge of his officers respectively, and to require from his boatswain, gunner, sailmaker, carpenter and purser, counter parts of their respective indents

  • To cause his clerk to be present, and to take an account of all the stores and provisions that come on board, and when; which account he is to compare with the indents, in order to prevent any fraud or neglect

  • To keep counter-books of the expense of the ship's stores and provisions, whereby to know the state and condition of the same; and to audit the accounts of the officers entrusted therewith, once a week, in order to be a check upon them

  • He is not to suffer the ship's stores to be misapplied or wasted; and if such loss happens by the negligence or wilfulness of any of the ship's company, he is to charge the value thereof against the wages of the offender, on the muster and pay-books


    Ship Force Levels 1917-present
    US Navy active ship force levels, 1917-1998.

  • Row entries are self-explanatory, with the auxiliary category including combat logistic ships (such as oilers, ammunition, combat store ships), mobile logistics ships (such as submarine tenders) and support ships (such as command, salvage, tugs and research ships)

    United States Navy Memorial
    Full details and information regarding the Navy Memorial, plus information about
    the Foundation, the Navy Heritage Centre, and the Navy Memorial Log.

    Welcome to Military Partners
    Military Partners is an Armed Forces Resource Center for service members for
    questions relating to military life, transitions, and employment.

  • For retail stores, itÂ’s sales, of course, as well as customer comments and observations

    GI Joe Surplus- We specialize in Military and Camping Clothes and ...
    Specializing in camping, hunting, sleeping bags, combat boots, knives, field
    gear, and insignia.

  • If you do not see a product contact our store at 763.533.9851 or email us at Welcome to the GI Joe Surplus Website! About GI Joe Surplus: We are a locally owned army-navy surplus store specializing in military items and camping gear

  • The goal of this site is to show you some of the most popular products we stock in our New Hope, Minnesota store

    Hats and Caps at e4Hats - Largest Online Hat Store
    A variety of hats, caps, headwraps, and bandanas.

    Save The Redwoods/Boycott The Gap
    Features news on boycott of the Fisher Family, GAP, Old Navy, and Banana Republic.

  • 11-17 to Protest Corporate Injustice, War, and Environmental Destruction heading to the FTAA in Miami (Nov 17-21) ***We'd Rather Wear Nothing Than Wear Gap!*** The GAPATISTAS will be holding protests at Gap stores in seven cities across the south, Nov

  • 17! (See below for schedule of Road Show locations and times, all-purpose poster, song sheet and FTAA-Miami information web sites.) Our FTAA/Gap action in each city will start with a march featuring a 200-year-old giant redwood stump-logged by the Fishers of the Gap-to the entrance of a Gap store

  • At Gap stores that front on public streets, we'll assemble around a nearby corner for our march to the entrance of the store-either meet us at the assembly point or at the action site

  • Activists from the group 'Save the Redwoods/Boycott the Gap Campaign' roll the stump of a Redwood tree to their protest outside a Gap store on New York's Fifth Avenue as New York City police officers look on, during the meeting of the World Economic Forum, February 1, 2002

  • Please check back soon! The Gap Fishers' Phony Green-Label Certification Gap Boycott Holiday Action (write in your own action) (no space for action) FISHER FAMILY CLEARCUTTING!! 1998 clearcut in the Albion River, one of many Fisher logging plans 1998 clearcut near Flynn Creek (Navarro River), also one of many The Fisher family of the Gap clothing store empire (including Banana Republic and Old Navy Stores) is destroying the last of the ancient redwood forest in our area, and is driving endangered species to extinction, including the Coho Salmon, the steelhead trout, the marbled murelet and the spotted owl

    Obsessive Consumption
    Created by Kate Bingaman to showcase her love/hate relationship with money,
    shopping, branding, credit cards, celebrity, advertising, and marketing.

  • Thanks Leslie! The Obsessive Consumption store is FINALLY open

  • Posted by kate at | July 25, 2006 The store has its final face on

  • It looks like Shopify (the place that powers my NEW store) seems to be down for a bit

  • Posted by kate at July 18, 2006 well, the obsessive consumption store is kind of open

  • I think once the obsessive consumption store opens (end of this month...beginning of next month) that purchasing a subscription will be an option

    Trench Art: An Illustrated History, by Jane Kimball
    Collections of World War One artifacts turned into art pieces.

  • After the war the Army and Navy Store in London offered to transform shell cases, fuses and shell fragments brought home by soldiers into decorative objects

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