The Society for Librarians* Who Say "Motherfucker"
Librarians post about those times when they have been called upon, in their
professional capacity, to use or consider using the word "motherfucker."

  • 20th, 2006 @ 05:28 pm Dear Urban Books and Triple Crown Publications: Current Location: Current Mood: cranky Now look here

    David Rowan
    Weblog of the London-based journalist and broadcaster, plus feature articles,
    columns and interviews published in The Times, Sunday Times, Observer, ...

  • Alternatively, you could be the first to confirm extra-terrestrial life, if indeed it’s out there, with triple the extra budget that George Bush has allocated for Nasa’s vastly ambitious five-year programme of manned trips to Mars and the moon

    triButyrate® Home Page
    Information about a pharmaceutical raw material/bulk substance. (Phenylbutyrate)

  • tri Butyrate ® was originally developed in the mid 1980's by triple crown america, inc

  • According to FDA regulations 21 C.F.R.Sections 312.1 et seq., triple crown america/triButyrate, inc

  • Information about tri Butyrate ® and the product are made available worldwide by triple crown america/triButyrate, inc

  • triple crown america/ triButyrate, inc

  • Box 667 Perkasie, PA 18944 USA EuroHealth® c/o Box 143 S-383 23 Mönsterås Sweden Phone: 46-485-72820 Fax: 46-485-72871 All rights to the product and trademark tri Butyrate ® are owned by triple crown america/triButyrate, inc and Eurohealth®

    Cindy Pierson Dulay's Horse-Races.Net - Welcome!
    Racing information, news and links.

  • - She surprised at 48-1 in the final leg of the Canadian Triple Tiara while favorite Kimchi faded to 4th

  • - Queen's Plate winner Edenwold is the favorite for the second leg of Canada's Triple Crown on Sunday

  • - Although the Triple Crown is almost over in the US, it is just getting started in Canada with the Plate Trial, one of the big preps for the Queen's Plate June 25

  • - Check out the schedule and results for all the preps leading to the 2006 Triple Crown

  • - The annual stats based handicapping book for all serious Triple Crown race bettors

  • - Test your knowledge of the Breeders' Cup, the Triple Crown races, Seabiscuit, or Canadian racing with this online trivia quiz

  • - Breeders' Cup winners, Triple Crown items, Seabiscuit items, and more


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    Convention on the Rights of the Child
    The site presents the Convention on the Rights of the Child, FAQ and opinion on
    its relevance to children in United States.

    Steve Dimitry's Slow Pitch Softball Web Site
    Slo-pitch softball information, association history and timelines, photos, player
    highlights, and internet resources. Fan favorite voting and awards available.

    Hoof Beats
    The online version of the US Trotting Association's official magazine covering
    all aspects of harness racing in North America.

  • Noe's Dean Hoffman's Stan Bergstein's For more news, visit: HOOSIER HOOFPRINTS ILLINOIS STANDARDBRED TROT MAGAZINE ATLANTIC POST CALLS CANADIAN SPORTSMAN THE HARNESS EDGE To Add Your Publication's Web Site No Pan Intended paced his way to a Triple Crown and possible Horse of the Year honors by NICOLE KRAFT On the Testing Front Cornell's Dr

    The US Trotting Association On-Line!
    Explains what the standardbred is and describes its history, characteristics,
    racing, gaits, equipment and racing terminology (from the US Trotting ...

  • The latter three races make up trotting Triple Crown

  • The Pacing Triple Crown is made up on the Little Brown Jug, the Messenger Stake and the Cane Pace

  • Benefits

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    CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: English Post-Reformation Oaths
    (Catholic Encyclopedia)

  • This he did anonymously in a tract with the quaint title, 'Triplici nodo, triplex cuneus' ('A triple wedge for a triple knot', i.e., for two Briefs and the Cardinal's letter)

  • This was answered by Bellarmine, also anonymously, 'Responsio ad librum: Triplici nodo, triplex cuneus' (1608)

    Researching the McKean/McKeen family lines. Features the descendants of William
    McKean born circa 1615 in Argyleshire, SCT. | Virginia Media News & Information
    Including Richmond, Hampton Roads and Fredericksburg VA - station news, listings,
    descriptions, backgrounds, histories, ratings and websites...

  • This follows the successful launch of Red Zebra Broadcasting’s Triple X ESPN Radio..

    Astromicroscopy Home Page
    An unconventional method of observing the universe by means of a microscope and
    color slides.


    StormWing's Mabon Lore Page
    Tales of Mabon Sabbat in story form. Great idea.

    Your source for adventure racing, trail running, mountain biking ...
    Elemenja: Gateway to adventure racing information, tips and gear. This provides
    AR event calendars, training tips, trip reports, gear reviews and gear.

  • The Triple Crown of Running Series begins with the in one of the most spectacular and challenging venues anywhere

    All Rights Reserved By HDM For This Digital Publication Copyright ...
    Etext of a book written by Edward J. Drinkhouse. Synoptical of general Methodism
    1703 to 1898. [In PDF format]

    Richard III Society - The Arrival of Edward IV
    Text version of the anonymous contemporary chronicle from the 1838 Camden Society

  • The inhabitants of the eastern coast, from the Thames to the borders of Scotland, were raised and arrayed to oppose any hostile landing; the Duke of Clarence, one of Edward's brothers, was bound to the restored dynasty by being associated, according to some of the authorities, with the Earl of Warwick in the regency, by a marriage with Warwick's elder daughter, and by a parliamentary entailment of the crown upon him, in exclusion of his elder brother, in case of failure of the descendents of Henry VI; and the new order of things was further strengthened, and the three great families of Lancaster, York, and Neville bound together, as it were, with a triple cord, by the union of the Prince of Wales with Warwick's younger daughter, the sister of the Duchess of Clarence
    Information and news from around the state and surrounding area racing scene.

    The Police, Freemasonry, and the Judicial System in the UK ...
    Offers a view of Freemasonry.

  • The Masonic symbology ('all seeing' eye, black and white tiles, triple turrents etc.) and terminology (Grand Lodge, Brethren, etc.) used by the premier Police Association is no co-incidence

    Audio Manuals For Sale - Vintage Audio Manuals Classic Audio ...
    Supplier of reproduction service manuals, user, owners, operating manuals and
    sales brochures for vintage and classic audio gear.

  • It is Rick's Triple Stack Pioneer Silver-face Audio gear 70's Audio..

    Writing about an unhealthy obsession with historic Brooklyn brownstones and the
    neighborhoods and lifestyles they define.

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