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  • Welcome to Rain City Pet Services! We offer a variety of services to accommodate you and your pets' busy lifestyles

  • Rain City pet sitters and dog walkers not only love animals but are knowledgeable and experienced in caring for many different types of animals with all sorts of personalities and special needs

  • Rain City's experienced pack leaders will show your dog a good time while keeping her safe in one of Seattle's great off-leash parks

    The Wayfarers
    Walking and hiking vacation destinations include - Europe, United States and New
    Zealand. The site also features AboutWalks, an online newsletter.

    CYBERMIDI.com ...Pro MIDI files and Backing Tracks for less!
    Members have unlimited access to their catalog.

  • Latest CYBERMIDIs 1 When You Come Back To Me Again - Garth Brooks 2 Still Got The Blues - Gary Moore 3 Walking In The Rain - Jay & the Americans 4 Magic Carpet Ride - Steppenwolf 5 Please Please Me - The Beatles 6 Crazy - Gnarls Barkley 7 Going Up The Country - Canned Heat 8 Always Better With You - Paul Carrack 9 Sorry - Madonna 10 Somebody Like You - Keith Urban 11 Jeopardy - Greg Kihn Band 12 The Stars - The Occapellas Latest Select MIDIs All The Way - Craig David I Predict a Riot - Kaiser Chiefs The Importance of Being Idle - Oasis The One I Love - David Gray Do You Want To - Franz Ferdinand Crazy Chick - Charlotte Church We Belong Together - Mariah Carey Electricity - Elton John Bad Day - Daniel Powter Getaway - Texas Top Downloads - 74 - 69 - 64 - 60 - 58 - 54 - 51 - 50 - 49 - 44 [ | ] -- This site is best viewed at 1024x728 resolution, a Javascript & Flash enabled browser such as or later

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    Salt Lake City. Local news, weather, sports, and job listings. [CBS]


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    The Chuck Miller Creative Writing Service: Ronnie Spector
    1999 Goldmine interview by Chuck Miller.

  • Ronnie Spector For Every Kiss You Give Me, I'll Give You Three Originally published in , issue 506 Hits include: 'Be My Baby' (with the Ronettes) 'Baby I Love You' (with the Ronettes) 'Walking in the Rain' (with the Ronettes) 'Say Goodbye to Hollywood' 'Take Me Home Tonight' (Duet with Eddie Money) Albums include: Presenting the Fabulous Ronettes Featuring Veronica Siren Unfinished Business She Talks to Rainbows written by Chuck Miller At the center is a voice

  • When a Darlene Love song, 'Stumble and Fall, ' didn't receive encouraging sales, it was replaced - catalog number and all - with the Ronettes' 'Walking In The Rain.' 'Walking In The Rain, ' with Ronnie's vocals recorded in one take, became not only a huge Top 40 hit, but also became a successful marriage of voice and music and sound effects (the crash of thunder surrounding her in a recorded evening shower with the boy of her dreams)

    Second Chance Animal Rescue and Adoptions
    Rescues pets from death row and bad situations. They are dedicated to finding
    the perfect adoptive homes for all animals of any breed.

  • And the story goes on Read about Patrick's little adventure REWARD The HSUS, (Humane Society of the United States), has a $2500 reward for any information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the person or person(s) responsible for doing this to Patrick Yes we do get some good emails Giant Schnauzer for Sale Get up this morning and it's raining

  • Take Bo for a walk IN THE RAIN; had on my raincoat so I'm getting wet from the rain on the outside and getting wet from sweat on the inside

  • Bo got into this walking in the rain and added his own liquid to several areas that he felt needed the additional water, but never stopped to take care of the important business……So let him in the backyard (where he often poops after a walk—likes to poop at home, I guess)

  • [I'm thinking, 'He'll go poop when I let him out in a little while.' He's thinking, 'I wonder if she'll take me to Day Care if I don't poop before she needs to leave?'] I go ahead and take my shower (my second shower if you count the walk in the rain)

  • Put on shorts, T-shirt, tennis shoes and the already wet raincoat and take him out in the backyard again….

    Lake Quinault's Rain Forest Resort Village
    Offers cabins, rooms, suites, RV park, restaurant, and gift shop. Set in the rain
    forest on the edge of Lake Quinalt.

  • Home Page Rain Forest Resort Village is a wonderful resort on Lake Quinault at the southern entrance of Olympic National Park

  • Rain Forest Resort Village is set in the beautiful Quinault Rainforest on the shores of picturesque Lake Quinault

  • The Quinault Rain Forest, which is framed by Quinault Valley with ridges that rise over 3000 feet, is the back drop for the Resort

  • The Rain Forest Resort Village has acres of verdant lawns rolling down to the lake that give it a wonderful meadow feeling in the middle of the rain forest

  • If you want to be a little more active, the lush green Quinault Rainforest has many walking and hiking trails where you are likely to see waterfalls, streams, creeks, all sorts of indigenous plant life and occasional wild life

  • We have walking trails that start right here from the Rain Forest Resort Village

  • Play America’s only Rainforest golf course

  • The Quinault Rain Forest is truly awesome

  • Sightseeing, hiking, backpacking, photography, fishing, golfing, canoeing, bicycling, kite flying, swimming, reading, relaxing and romancing are some the experiences you can enjoy while staying at the Rain Forest Resort Village

    Articles from expeditions to see macaws in the wild in South America.

  • These lodges may be located in rain forest, farms, ranches or mountains

  • The East of the Andes rain forests in Peru are some of the worlds best

  • The 'Lonely Planet' Peru guide now has a recently updated and excellent Amazon rainforest section

  • Note they don't come if it rains, check the time of the 'wet' season, the show is much reduced and may not happen at all! North of the equator, the wet season runs from July to September

  • Another of life's mysteries! I have recently heard that certain unscrupulous eco-tour companies are taking people into the rain forest in the wet season

  • You haven't seen rain, thunder and lightning until you've seen a tropical storm

  • It very dangerous to walk about the forest in the rain due to trees falling and also branches, large nuts etc

  • The rivers are the highways in the best parts of the rain forests

  • The climate where macaws are to be found will be generally hot and humid, often rain forest

  • However, cold fronts can pass through even the tropical rainforest bringing cold weather and violent rain storms

  • Many of the trains in South America are badly run down, even the well patronised tourist runs, which is a great pity

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    CapitalWeather.com - The Power Center for Washington DC Weather
    Blog offers information and forecasts. Includes archives.

    El Yunque rain forest in Puerto Rico/animals/plants/puerto rican ...
    Description of the various types of forests and photos.

  • El Yunque Rain Forest Puerto Rico Caribbean National Forest is maintained by the US Forest Service The El Yunque Rain forest is a cool, mountainous, semi tropical rain forest in eastern Puerto Rico

  • The abundant rainfall is shed down the mountain through rocky rivers creating many cascades of waterfalls and pools

  • Jump into the Rainforest! Little Coquí frogs are very abundant and melodious • El Yunque is an excellent choice for a rainforest experience

  • In fact; there are no poisonous snakes! The need to protect our planets rain forests becomes more apparent as one gains a better understanding through actual experience

  • Some in the rainforest itself and others in the foothills

  • The tranquility experienced during a stay in any one of the small guest houses surrounding the forest refreshes the spirit and will increase your understanding of the rainforest

  • There are often crowds on the north side of the rainforest

  • Actual rainforest lodging is located on the south side, in the heart of the rainforest

  • • Forest Adventure Tours given by the Forest Service guide/interpreters: Tours of the rainforest 7 days a week, on a first come first served basis

    Smoking Redhead Club's Black Satin Lounge: Johnnie Ray, "Johnnie ...
    Short review of the live album "Johnnie Ray in Las Vegas."

  • Listening kind of makes you wish you could travel back in time...maybe after the show we could drive a block to the Flamingo, maybe get a drink and play some blackjack or drop some nickels into a Mills slot machine...? Side One: Should I Shake a Hand Ain't Misbehavin' As Time Goes By Coquette Just Walking in the Rain Josephine Side Two: Yesterdays Up Above My Head I Hear Music in the Air Don't Worry 'bout Me Medley: The Little White Cloud That Cried/Cry I'm Gonna Walk and Talk with My Lord

    DaWindow's Animated Cursors and Downloadables
    Animated cursors for download featuring cartoons, anime, movies, TV, or other
    related things Jackie Chan, Totoro, Star Wars, Taz, Robotech, Keroppi, ...

  • The Older Collection --The following contain collections from group1.zip to group10.zip-- 1/96-8/96 Snoopy in his Sopwith Camel -- Snoopy as the WWI Flying Ace..'I'm hit! I'm hit!' A Man looking at his watch Long, Narrow Road -- ...through various weather conditions: Rain, Snow and Sun

  • Doors -- 'Hey! Stop Running in the hallway!' Raining cats and dogs -- 'nuff said

  • Blue Arrow -- A Standard Arrow w/ Blue liquid swirling (like Mud Arrow) Air -- Jordan doing a slam-dunk Baseball -- A Baseball rotating Soccer -- Soccer Player dribbling Hello Kitty waving -- simple and transparent Hello Kitty waving while time shifts -- detailed Pochacco running -- simple and transparent Keroppi walking -- simple and transparent Keroppi walking in the rain -- detailed Amtrak -- Amtrak train (as requested) Bee -- a bee buzzing around Frog -- a frog catching a fly Breaking Arrow -- an Win95 arrow falling into pieces then fixing itself

  • [ | ] Well, still got more cleaning up to do on this page and I should probably be thinking about redesigning this page so later y'allz! Being a studio art major, I sort of think of making these things as sort of like part of a training for the future


    Walking Connection Great Hikes and Fun Walks from Around The World ...
    Great walks from around the world.

  • Who knew there were so many colors in the rainbow? If you'd like to enjoy this backcountry oasis too then you need to reserve early, go to the Sequoia National Park and follow the signs

  • Because of time restraints, we were not able to take the trail to its end, but in looking ahead, we saw that it continued to follow the wash for a ways and then turned up the canyon wall in a steep climb

  • A rainy day this Sunday -- lots of cold heavy rain

  • When finally home, we really appreciated the value of some simple creature comforts -- a hot shower, dry socks, a cold beer, and a big bowl of chili all become the most wonderful things in the world! But the trip, even with the cold rain, was spectacular

  • Had a nice hike and though the sky was gray with low clouds, it was not yet raining and the nearby mountains with their snow were beautiful

  • By the time we got to Tohono Chul Park , it was raining but Tohono Chul has been described as a jewel of the desert and it is

  • Even in the rain the spring flowers and trails of this lovely park were wonderful

  • The afternoon walking tour of historic Tucson was hampered by the rain and turned into a driving (bus) tour, guided and narrated by Tucson Walking Connection member Judy Dare

    Peter's Walking Tours
    Specializing in walking tours for budget-conscious English speaking travelers.
    Daily scheduled walks and customized private excursions.

  • Peter’s Walking Tours run in any weather, rain or shine (or ‘snow and frost’ as we say in Russian)

  • WayToRussia.Net offer a wide range of serivces, inlcuding Russian visa support, train and airline tickets, accommodation, transfers, tours

    Walking in the Pyrenees
    Basic information on hiking in these mountains in France, including the Haute
    Route Pyrénéenne and the Grande Randonnée 10 long distance routes.

  • This applies to most of the main walks in the Pyrenees: the terrain is difficult, and a certain degree of physical training is necessary

  • We were also struck by a few mishaps along the way, namely a sprained ankle by one of the group, which forced us to rest for 5 days half way through

  • I think that it is probably best to rest for a couple of days every 2 weeks or so anyway, to avoid becoming over-strained and tired

  • As with all outdoor activities, a certain degree of common sense is necessary when hiking in these mountains, which form an area of still wild and sometimes inhospitable terrain

  • In the Basque country, we had 2 weeks without any rain and HOT sun all day, and we suffered initially from the heat (partly due to not being quite as fit as we should have been when we left!)

  • In the Haute Pyrenées Region, we suffered in a few major storms, where rain was torrential and sometimes long-lasting

    Coast to Coast Path: A Walk Across England
    Personal description by Wally Trimble. Day by day route descriptions and photos.
    Split into thirteen days. Going from west to east.

  • Her husband, Ernest, lived at Ravenseat, almost a mile down the path toward Kirkby Stephen, and had to walk to school, rain or shine, sometimes arriving wet and cold and staying that way all day long

  • "When it rained , he would sometimes drive me to school, " she said, "but it had to be really chuckin' it down." Mrs

  • Wainwright designed the walk after traversing the Pennine Way, determined to plan a route with "kinder terrain." "It would have to be in the northern counties of England, with which I was already familiar and personally preferred to other parts of the country, " he wrote

  • I chose also to have my luggage transferred between bed and breakfasts by the Sherpa Van Project, which left me free to carry only a 15-pound day pack with essentials such as rain gear, food and water, and camera equipment

    The Dingle Way: A Walk Through History
    Account of a 112-mile hike around the Dingle Peninsula by a father and daughter
    after her graduation from college.

  • I carried a light rucksack with rain gear (necessary), water and food

  • Day Four - 12 miles Slea Head to Baile na nGall M This was a rainy day filled with mishaps and happy endings

  • M The expected views of Mount Brandon to the right, and the cliffs and sea to the left, were lost in rain and mist

    Fanpagina voor de weervrouw van RTL-4. Met liedjes over het weer.

  • 12 and 35 (Bob Dylan) Rainy Days And Mondays (Carpenters) Rainy Dayz (Mary J

  • Blige) Rainy night in Georgia (Gladys Knight & the Pips) Red Rain (Peter Gabriel) Regen (Amazing Stroopwafels) Regen (Doe Maar) Rider In The Rain (Randy Newman) Ritme van de regen (Rob de Nijs) Shadows In The Rain (The Police / Sting) Shelter from the Rain (Uriah Heep) Soft Rains Of April (A-ha) Standing In The Rain (ELO) Stop The Rain (Bob Marley ) The Gentle Rain (The Walker Brothers) The Rain Song (Led Zeppelin) The Rain Song (Angel) Walking in the rain (Walker Brothers) Walking in the rain with the one I love (Love Unlimited) What Have They Done To The Rain? (Marianne Faithfull) When the rain begins to fall (Pia Zadora & Jermaine Jackson) When will the rain come (The Troggs) Who'll stop the rain (Creedence Clearwater Revivel / Spin Doctors / Asia) Across The Blue Ridge Mountain (Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs) Amber Tresses Tight With Blue (Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs) Baby makes her blue jeans talk (Dr

  • Lion) Veel Nachten En Weinig Maan (De Dijk) Walking on the moon (the Police) What A Little Moonlight Can Do (Billie Holiday) When It's Moonlight On The Cabin (Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs) Why Look At The Moon (Victoria Williams, the Waterboys) Yellow moon (Neville Brothers) Andy Fairweather Low Donna Summer Earth, Wind & Fire Four Seasons Hank Snow Hawkwind Hurricane Smith Johnny & the Hurricanes Johnny Thunder KC and the Sunshine Band Keith Moon Moon Martin Mostly Autumn Phoebe Snow Randy & the Rainbows Rainbow Thunderclap Newman Weather Report The Weathermen The Weather girls Johnny Winter En alles van The Blue Diamonds , Blue Murder , Blue Öyster Cult , The Blue Ridge Rangers , Blue Swede , Gene Vincent & the Blue Caps , Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames , Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes , Shocking Blue , Swinging Blue Jeans , Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs And The Foggy Mountain Boys , Thunder Bug

    Hugo Fernbom's Erasure page
    Fan site includes history and an album discography with lyrics.

  • From that album they released the singles "In My Arms", "Don't Say Your Love Is Killing Me" and "Rain"

    The Coast to Coast Walk
    Personal description by Tom and Veralyn Davids, of the route, going from St Bees
    to Robin Hood's Bay. Not a description of the route, but general thoughts on ...

  • But I must admit—somewhat reluctantly for fear that you will doubt we were ever in England—that during our 16-day trip we had not a drop of rain

  • Some fog and haze, and a little spitting drizzle for about an hour, but no English rain

  • However, we were told not to expect such a blessing again—not in this millennium or the next—so be prepared for wind-driven rain and lots of wet, grassy fields

  • The common groundcover at higher altitudes resembles the sub-alpine terrain in the California Sierras

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