Waterjet Cutting, Abrasivejet Machining & Surface Preparation ...
Development and manufacturing of ultrahigh-pressure waterjet and abrasive waterjet
systems for advanced commercial applications and a provider of robotics ...

  • In fact, nearly 60% of all waterjet systems sold in the world are made by Flow. Our UHP technology is used for pure and abrasive waterjet cutting, surface preparation, and food processing applications

  • See Flow's waterjet technology in action at a near you! Waterjet cutting technology is the fastest growing major machine tool process in the world

    Waterjet Glossary
    Glossary of waterjet and abrasivejet related terms. From Carl Olson's web site.

  • Abrasive The cutting medium of an abrasivejet

  • Abrasive Flow Rate The rate at which abrasive flows into the cutting head

  • You can see the effect of different flow rates on cutting performance using the Abrasivejet Feed Rate Calculator available for download from this web site

  • Bridge / Bridging: When cutting multiple parts that might tip and fall into the tank, it is sometimes useful to 'bridge' the parts with a thin piece of metal that connects them together

  • Then, once the cutting is finished, the parts are removed from the machine, and the bridges are cut off

  • Catch Tank A tank of water underneath the cutting head to allow the cutting beam to disperse, and prevent holes in your floor

  • Common Line Cutting: Common line cutting is used when making multiple parts, so that when one part is cut, a portion of the second part is cut as well

  • The disadvantage is that it is sometimes difficult to program (depending on the geometry), and generally produces lower precision cuts than cutting the parts separately

  • Above: An example tool path for common line cutting of multiple 'L' shaped parts

    Waterjet - Floor Medallions, Water Jet Marble, Granite, Ceramic ...
    Specialist in using waterjet technology to cut all hard surface materials into
    custom patterns.

    USA. Manufacturer of ultra-high pressure waterjet cutting equipment, used in the
    textile and nonwovens industries for precision cutting of fabrics.

  • Jet Edge ® is a leading manufacturer of waterjet and abrasive waterjet cutting systems for precision cutting, and waterjet cleaning equipment used for coating removal, surface preparation, and hydrodemolition

  • Our complete line of accessories including cutting heads, abrasive delivery and abrasive recycling systems, closed loop water systems, robotic swivels, and hand operated equipment that are quality built for efficient, long term operation

  • Let Jet Edge show you how our safe, easy, economical solutions can handle your toughest cutting and cleaning problems


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    ESAB | CNC Plasma Cutters, Water jet Cutting Machines, & Laser ...
    Manufactures, services, and provides training for broad range of cutting machinery.
    Includes plasma, waterjet, laser, flame control, gantry, and stone cutting ...

  • | Pick A Region ESAB Cutting Systems Laser, Plasma, Waterjet, Oxyfuel or any combination of these processes are handled with ease when ESAB is involved

  • ESAB is the only manufacturer of cutting machines to offer all of the major cutting processes and handle all parameter settings inside our family of Vision Controllers

  • This provides you with the most consistent cut quality available whether it is straight cutting or bevel cutting

  • For 100 years ESAB has been a leader in developing technology related to faster, more economical methods of welding and cutting metals and other materials

  • For more information about our products or to request a quote, please call 843-664-4394 | © 2005 ESAB Welding and Cutting Products

  • | ESAB Cutting Systems is the world's leading manufacturer of Plasma Cutters, Plasma Cutting Machines, Waterjet Cutters, Waterjet Cutting Machines, Oxy-Fuel Cutters, OxyFuel Cutting Machines, Laser Cutters and Laser Cutting Machines

  • ESAB Cutting Systems also develops custom solutions to answer your plasma, oxyfuel, waterjet and laser cutting needs

  • We are constantly developing new technology solutions for demanding cutting requirements and introducing new cutting machines to meet today's production needs

    Laico.com: abrasive waterjet cutting, laser welding, tube ...
    Job shop services nationwide, including five-axis laser and five-axis waterjet
    machining. High definition waterjet cutting and drilling of all materials.

  • With four production facilities across the United States, LAI will service your laser and waterjet machining, and precision drilling and cutting needs

  • LAI offers Laser Cutting, Drilling, Welding, Heat-Treating and Waterjet Cutting Services LAI International, Inc

  • has acquired, which specializes in advanced 5-axis laser machining services, including five-axis laser cutting, laser drilling and laser welding

    Water Jet Cutting : OMAX Corp : 1.800.838.0343
    Manufacturer of ultra high pressure abrasive waterjet machining equipment.

    Waterjet Machining, Water Jet Cutting, Plasma Laser Cutting ...
    Abrasive waterJet machining, wire EDM, CNC sinker EDM, EDM hole burner, complete
    CNC machine shop, production, prototypes, tool and die, molds.

  • TOLL FREE: 800-998-1885 | FAX: 714-373-1718 | E-MAIL US The Versatility, Precise Cutting and Clean Finish of Abrasive WaterJet Machining Avoid the Need for Expensive Secondary Finishing The Abrasive WaterJet is an excellent alternative to Laser Cutting, Flame Cutting and Plasma Cutting, as well as Wire EDM in some cases

  • Lower overall costs of water jet cutting are achieved by faster production rates and optimal part positioning and nesting to reduce material waste and part handling

  • Our waterjet machining equipment offers a capacity of up to 55' x 100' in cutting area, up to 8' in thickness, and up to 4, 000 pounds in weight

  • Abrasive WaterJet cutting uses no heat, the molecular structure of the material remains unaltered

  • This makes water jet cutting the optimal process for rough machining

  • With no heat affected zones, that means less wear on your cutting tools

  • Contact us today for all your water jet needs, an excellent alternative to Laser Cutting, Flame Cutting and Plasma Cutting

  • Benefits

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    KMT Waterjet Systems - Designed Precision for Waterjet Cutting
    Company which invented the waterjet intensifier. Produces intensifiers, abrasive
    transfer and metering systems, cutting nozzles and high pressure components.

    Water Jet Cutter and Abrasive Waterjet Machine Manufacturer ...
    Waterjet manufacturer. Various waterjet models. Site also has general information
    on how waterjet works for beginners, as well as detailed technical explanation ...

  • What is an abrasive water jet or hydrojet cutting machine system? Abrasive jet and water only jet cutter uses the technology of high pressure water typically between 30, 000 and 60, 000 psi, to create extremely concentrated force to cut stuff

  • Waterjet cutting machine yields very little heat therefore no heat affected zone (HAZ), and hence in most cases will not require further heat treatment

  • Water jet machining is also considered as a 'cold cut' process and therefore is safe for cutting flammable materials such as plastic and polymers

  • With a reasonable cutting speed setting, the edges resulted are often of satisfactory

  • Precision water jet cutter is a very handy and versatile cutting equipment with affordable price for stone cutting and metal working in job shops

  • Quick to setup and easy to program (make money on short runs) High accuracy control of cutting, upto 0.001mm

  • Cut more than 75mm (3 inches) sheet metal at different IWM's waterjet cutter kerf width (the width of the cutting beam) is about 0.8mm (1/32 inch)

  • Steady cutting stream, no abrasive output interruption

  • This pressure transducer is specially useful in a feedback loop for pressure control of a waterjet cutting machine

    Control Waterjet Cutting services - subcontract precision water ...
    Control waterjet cutting and profiling will cut most metals, rubbers, plastics,
    glass for the engineering, medical, sculpture and aerospace sectors.

  • Welcome to Control Waterjet Cutting Subcontract water jet cutting services Welcome to Control Waterjet Cutting

  • We specialise in subcontract water jet cutting of aluminium, stainless steel, copper, brass, special metals, such as titanium, hardox and tantalum, plastics, rubber and even woods

  • Water jet cutting technology is the real alternative to laser cutting, plasma cutting, milling and conventional machining

  • Please click to enter your chosen site Control Waterjet Cutting, Unit 18 Speedwell Industrial Estate, Staveley, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S43 3PF Telephone 01246 284000, Fax 01246 284003, Email - - - - -

    waterjet, water jet, abrasive waterjets, waterjets, used waterjet ...
    Offers used waterjet cutting equipment and consulting including design software
    services, abrasive recycling, market research, and training courses.

  • Upcoming Events: Waterjet Cutting Techniques Course – October 9-10, 2006 IMTS 2006 – September 6-13 Chicago, IL RICHEL, Inc.'s mission is to broaden your understanding of the waterjet cutting industry, help you avoid common mistakes, and assist in building your success

  • With more than 10 years experience with abrasive waterjets, RICHEL can help you with almost any water jet cutting need you may have

  • Learn about waterjet as a business, how waterjet cutting works, and applications as well as experience hands-on time with programming, rebuilding pumps and cutting heads, and operating a waterjet

  • As one of the fastest growing machine tool industries, waterjet cutting has proven to save time and money on countless applications

  • See the advantages of waterjet cutting and view our photo album of different uses for a waterjet

  • The RICHEL team wants to help you succeed in your waterjet cutting endeavors


    Colorado WaterJet Company
    A job shop specializing in abrasive waterjet shape cutting.

  • Colorado WaterJet Company is Colorado's oldest and most experienced job shop specializing in abrasive waterjet shape cutting

  • Our cutting envelope is 72" x 144" x 8"

  • The cutting process is computer numerically controlled

  • Ideal Applications for Abrasive Waterjet Shape Cutting Prototypes: No tooling or set-up charges for most designs submitted with CAD files Production Quantities: Maximum material usage; Minimum kerf loss, efficient nesting Thick Materials: Capable of cutting eight inches thick Heat Sensitive Material: Abrasive waterjet cutting is a cold process and will not affect the temper of the material Hard to machine material: Abrasive waterjet cutting is different than traditional machining and is not phased by material that is tough or gummy, that galls or workhardens Composites: Materials with different machining properties can be cut together Art Work: We can work directly from computer generated artwork or scan your drawings and sketches

  • Signs: Any lettering style and logo design can be cut in any material Abrasive Waterjet Shape Cutting is better than: because Bandsaws: Speed, accuracy, manpower, tough materials

    Bystronic | Core Competencies in Laser Cutting, Waterjet Cutting ...
    Switzerland. Manufactures several lines of equipment for processing flat materials.
    Includes float, architectural, and automotive glass cutting systems; ...

    Waterjet Tech - Waterjet Cutting Service in St. Louis, Missouri
    Robotic waterjet cutting services.

  • Waterjet cutting - the "wave" of the future in cutting W aterjet Tech, conveniently located in the Midwest near St

  • Louis, Missouri, specializes in robotic waterjet cutting

  • With state-of-the art robotic waterjet cutting equipment and CAD/CAM technology, our shop provides quick turnaround as well as precise, economical cutting of virtually any material or part

  • And because we are an , customers can rest assured that their cutting projects are in good hands! WATERJET CUTTING ADVANTAGES W aterjet cutting, a process where a jet stream of water is forced through a tiny nozzle at a very high pressure, provides many unique capabilities and advantages that allow the cutting of materials and parts often considered too costly or even impossible with other methods such as laser and die cutting

  • Water jet cutting, an environmentally friendly technology, is the perfect solution for nearly all cutting needs

  • Precise Cutting with High Degree of Repeatability Waterjet and abrasivejet cutting performs precision cutting, beveling, piercing, etching, and slotting up to accuracies of ± .005

  • Suited to a Variety of Applications Waterjet cutting is an economical solution for a variety of applications such as: • • Custom Case Foam Inserts • Custom Instrument Faceplates • Gaskets, Gears, Grommets & Seals • Hole Piercing • Metal Cutting and Blanking • Plaques, Signs & Logos • Rubber Bumpers Suited to a Wide Range of Materials • Acrylic • Alloys • Aluminum • Brass • Carpet • Ceramic • • Composites • Copper • Corian • Felt • Foam • Fiberglass • Formica • Gaskets • Glass • Granite • Inconel • Insulation • Laminates • • Leather • Marble • Plastics • Quartz • Rubber • Silicone • • Stainless Steel • Steel • Stone • Titanium • Wood • (in sheet sizes of 6 ft by 12 ft and 8 inches thick) Maintains Material Integrity Eliminates material distortion or degradation such as burning, crushing, chipping, and fracturing that occur with other cutting methods such as laser or die cutting

    WJTA - WaterJet Technology Association
    Offers membership to waterjet users, manufacturers, distributors, researchers,
    regulators, and consultants throughout the world. A wide range of technical ...

  • The primary goals of the association include enhancing communication within the industry; facilitating cooperation between government, industry, university and research institutions; fostering foreign and domestic trade in jet cutting and cleaning products and services; and studying and advancing the arts and sciences of jet cutting of industrial and geological materials, as well as industrial cleaning

    JIT Waterjet offers cutting edge waterjet cutting capabilities
    Specializes in recreational, industrial, architectural, and signage applications.
    Capabilities also include laser cutting and high speed routing.

  • At JIT Waterjet cutting, quality, service, and technological capabilities are the principles we live by

  • We’re the laser and Waterjet cutting specialists you can count on! Our precision waterjet cutting services include: W A T E R J E T ays to cut inlaid linoleum flooring into beautiful patterns ttractive decorative metal letters and signage for facility branding imeless kitchen counters made with stone or solid surface njoy custom ceramic tile designs for floors and walls oar off in your custom motorcycle “theme bike” agged edges, unique curves or obtuse angles cut easily xtremely fine or small cutting within +/-.003 Wow! ime and money saved on projects traditionally needing laser cutting ©2005

    Resato International BV - High pressure components, high pressure ...
    Manufacturer for High pressure components, systems, and waterjet cutting equipment.

  • Waterjet Cutting Resato International BV is specialized in waterjet cutting

  • Waterjet cutting is a cutting technology offering many advantages

  • Resato is a manufacturer of waterjet cutting machines and waterjet cutting pumps

  • Waterjet cutting is the fastest growing major machine tool process in the world

  • Waterjet cutting can also be used for cutting all kinds of food

  • A very important benefit of waterjet cutting of food is that cutting is always done with a clean knife

  • For that reason waterjet cutting gets more and more popular

  • Waterjet cutting can be divided into pure waterjet cutting and abrasive waterjet cutting

  • Pure waterjet cutting is used for soft materials and abrasive waterjet cutting is used for hard materials

  • Normally the maximum pressure with waterjet cutting is 4000 bar

  • Resato developed however a waterjet cutting pump which can be used in waterjet cutting applications up to 6000 bar

  • For research purposes Resato even developed a waterjet cutting pump up to 8000 bar

  • Together with the university of Delft, process research is done for waterjet cutting applications for these extreme pressure

    Waterjet cutting service - precise cutting without distortion
    Offers cold water, omni directional cutting services. Includes company profile,
    specs, and photos of past projects.

  • RCI is a fully dedicated 'job shop' with four abrasive waterjet tables working two shifts a day servicing virtually all industries including the following with quick turn around time: Aerospace Architectural Artistic Automotive Flooring Glass & Mirror Interior Design Manufacturing Marble/Stone Metal Fabrication Nuclear Power Sign & Display Tool, Die & Machine We offer quality cutting and quick service in cutting the following materials and many others: Aluminium & Alloys Brass & Bronze Carpet & Ceramics Copper & Beryllium Foam & Rubber Glass & Acrylic Granite & Marble Hastelloy Phenolic - Plastics Porcelain Lexan Stainless Steel Steel Titanium & Alloys Our abrasive waterjets use cold water and cut omni-directionally and precisely without ragged edges or heat distortion

  • We customize to your cutting requirements and produce exceptional results

  • © Copyright 2006 | all rights reserved RCI Waterjet Cutting Services Inc., 6275 Netherhart Road, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L5T 1A2 | (905) 564-1842 tel

    Precision HydroJet, Electropolishing and Waterjet cutting, cuts ...
    Waterjet cutting service that cuts any type of material up to 10" thick used by
    aerospace firms and machine shops. Based in Canada.

  • is an innovative company specializing in waterjet cutting and electropolishing

  • At Precision Hydrojet, we routinely solve complex problems for demanding customers, Contact Us so that we can help you! Products & Services Precision Hydrojet solves complex machining problems using non thermal, high precision waterjet cutting

  • Our advanced CAD/CAM and CNC cutting methods eliminate secondary processes and decrease material usage while cutting cleanly to exact tolerances

  • Waterjet cutting is the fast and accurate way to turn your creative designs into reality! © Precision Hydrojet Ltd

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