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International network of families who have adopted children from Vietnam, or are
interested in Vietnamese adoption. Adoption stories, local and international ...

  • Families with Children adopted from Viet Nam The Vietnam Adoption Support Organization Families with Children from Vietnam (FCV) is the national organization for adoption from Viet Nam, providing support, information and networking on Vietnam adoption for families who have adopted or are adopting from Vietnam

  • Adoption Websites Supporting parents since 1997

    Viet Nam's Children
    Information on adoption from Vietnam, organized list of agencies with links,
    personal photographs, and internet resources.

  • Information about adoption from Viet Nam Click for larger view Welcome! Welcome to "Vietnam's Children"

  • International adoption can be complicated and intimidating

  • It is my hope that this site will take some of the mystery out of the process and encourage more people to look at adoption, and particularly, adoption from Vietnam

    Vietnam Adoption Web Ring
    Network of family websites with resources about child adoption in Vietnam.

  • Vietnam Adoption Web Ring The Vietnam Adoption Web Ring is a network of sites related to adoption from Vietnam

  • This web ring was created so that adoptive family websites with adoption stories and photographs families can be joined together for your viewing pleasure

    Vietnam Adoption Stories
    A collection of online stories and personal web sites related to adoption from Vietnam.

  • Vietnam Adoption Stories Vietnam Adoption Stories - adoptive parents and adoptees share their stories

  • The adoption journey wasn't what I planned; It was even better

  • Jan Curtis The wonderful experiences adoption brings

  • Karen Biddulph The adoption of a fifteen month old girl from Danang, Vietnam

  • Allison Martin Long waits for adoption in Vietnam, prior to Operation Babylift when over 2, 000 children were airlifted for adoption around the world


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    Offers medical consultation services for children adopted from other countries.
    Includes publications and latest research and development information about ...

  • Welcome to This site was designed to educate families hoping to adopt children both domestically and from abroad, starting with pre-adoption counseling to long-term developmental issues and concerns

  • In addition, the site provides all users with relevant medical research and definitions, links to other helpful sites and a section in which to present our own adoption experiences

  • Between 1992 and 2000, she was the Chief of Pediatric Infectious Diseases and Director of the International Adoption Medical Consultation Services at Winthrop-University Hospital in Mineola, New York

  • She is Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the Weill Medical College of Cornell University and has evaluated well over 4, 000 children adopted from abroad as an adoption medicine specialist; she has traveled to orphanages in Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, China, Vietnam, Ethiopia, and Latin America

  • She has been featured in many newspapers and magazines, such as The New Yorker on July 17, 2000, People on November 12, 2001, May 2, 2005, August 1, 2005, and most recently, November 7, 2005; other features were in The NewYork Times in Jane Brody’s Science Times/Personal Health column on July 22, 2003 and then Jill Brooke’s feature on adoption and home design on July 22, 2004

    Adoption Center of Washington
    Non-profit agency licensed in the District of Columbia and Virginia, which places
    children for adoption from Russia, China, Cambodia and Vietnam.

  •      |         Welcome to ACW! The Adoption Center of Washington is now accepting applications for the following countries: Russia, Vietnam and China

  • If you would like to help by donating items or offering your time please contact us at or 703-549-7774

  • The Adoption Center of Washington (ACW) is a non-profit, child-placing agency licensed in the District of Columbia and Virginia

  • The agency's purpose is to provide families for children who have an adoption plan made for them and to provide valuable medical or supportive services to children in orphanages who cannot be adopted

  • The director and staff have long term experience in infertility and adoption

  • Executive Director, L.C.S.W., specialized in infertility and adoption counseling in her private counseling practice

    Viet Nam
    Offers images of the flag as well as its history.

  • Pier Paolo Lugli, 10 October 1997 The adoption date given on FOTW is 30

  • This is explained, I guess so - the 1955 was adoption of the flag by Democratic Republic of Viet Nam (i.e

    Secrétariat à l'adoption internationale
    Renseignements concernant l'adoption internationale au Québec.

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  • Benefits

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    International Adoption Agency - China, Vietnam, Russia, Korea ...
    A non-profit organization licensed in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania
    and Florida.

  • Contact Us To find out more about international adoptions, please today

  • We offer extensive pre and post placement workshops to guide families through the maze of international adoption

  • Find out more about our Through our comprehensive international adoption programs, New Beginnings places orphaned children deemed legally freed with families through the United States

  • New Beginnings is happy and honored to be a part of the miracle of international adoption

  • An orphaned child, born in another country and deemed legally freed for international adoption is being placed in an American’s home

  • At least three different governments agencies regulate international adoptions

  • The fact that international adoptions happen so frequently, without difficulties, is amazing

  • The adoption is not the process

  • The paperwork, the homestudy, receiving the assignment and the trip abroad are only means to the adoption

  • The adoption is about changing diapers and caring for your child when he is sick

  • New Beginnings guides you through the process, so there will be an adoption, so someday you will hopefully be a grandparent

    International Adoption Agency Vietnam, China, Guatemala, Poland ...
    Facilitating adoptions from Guatemala, India, Poland and China. Services available
    to families throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

  • International Adoption Agency for Infants and Children from Ukraine, India, Guatemala, Nepal, China and Vietnam New! Special Needs Children from Bulgaria

  • Island Coast International Adoptions, Chartered is a professional service corporation specializing in facilitating adoptions from Guatemala, Ukraine, India, China, Vietnam, and Nepal

  • Every Child Deserves a Loving Home The Details Each country has its own rules and regulations on the subject of adoption, so it is necessary to list each country and discuss the "ground rules"

  • - New! - New! A Child is Waiting for You! Island Coast International Adoptions, Chartered 839 S.W

  • 13th Street Cape Coral, FL 33991 (239)574-4590 (Voice} (239)458 4508 (Fax) E-Mail: Copyright © 1999-2006 Island Coast International Adoptions, Chartered

    Ethica: A Voice for Ethical Child Placement
    Seeks to be an impartial voice for ethical adoption practices worldwide, and
    provides education, assistance and advocacy to the adoption community.

    Our adoption from Vietnam
    Journal, packing list, travelling tips and adoption book.

  • Our Adoptions from Vietnam Theodore Hieu George Hieu We adopted Theodore Hieu as a baby in 1998 in Hoa Binh, Vietnam

  • - We are working on a children's picture book about our son's adoption

  • Although the song was not originally written about adoption, I found that the words really described what it was like to wait


    Consular information sheet including travel advice, warnings and other information.

    International Adoption Agency :: Child Adoption Services Adoption ...
    Licensed, not-for-profit adoption and humanitarian agency which places children
    from China, Russia, India, Guatemala, and Vietnam in homes all over the United ...

  • Sponsor an Orphan - INTERNATIONAL ADOPTION AGENCY - Helping you fulfill a dream WATCH CHILDREN'S HOPE'S VIDEO FEATURING FAMILIES LIKE YOURS Click on the picture to see 'your' Threshold of Dreams 14 Regional Offices - Personal Service to You Accredited, Respected, Experienced, Assisting Families in All States

  • Children's Hope International adoption agency has done China adoption for more than 15 years

  • China adoption officially began in 1992 but as China's Children adoption agency we were active with Chinese child adoption for foreign families living in China in the 1980's

  • Our China adoption program has helped thousands of families like you

  • - Children's Hope International adoption agency is an accredited child adoption agency for Russian adoption

  • You will want that assurance in your adoption

  • Russia adoption authorities have accredited a limited number of international adoption agencies to legally do Russian adoption

  • If you are contemplating a Russian adoption, we hope you will contact us for further Russian adoption information

  • | Child | || updateD: 08/02/2006 Adoption Agency,

    Viet Nam, A Ha Noi Journey
    Hanoi Vietnam and the countryside, travel article with photographs.

    VAN - Home
    Organization involved in networking Vietnamese adoptees with one another and the
    Asian Pacific American community. Based in White Plains, New York.

    Histoire d'une adoption au Vietnam
    Témoignage de l'adoption de Damien venu du Vietnam.

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    Personlig hjemmeside om adoption af et barn fra Vietnam med personlige erfaringer,
    generelle informationer og fotogalleri.

    [Pousse de Bambou]
    Organisation proposant une aide gratuite pour l'adoption, le parrainage d'enfants
    vietnamiens et organisant des actions sanitaires au Vietnam.

  • Rechercher Insérer un mot clef Notre association propose une aide gratuite pour l'adoption et le parrainage d'enfants vietnamiens

  • EN BREF Soirée dansante le 21/10 en Charente maritimes à Nieul sur mer AFA - Bilan après un mois d'existence Rapport d'infos - loi du 4 juillet 2005 Stats adoptions internationales 2005 AG 2006 - Compte rendu Financement d'un orphelinat Liste de médicaments Actions sur Ho Chi Minh Ville - Parrainages Actions sur Danang et Quang Nam Faq - Témoignage Des enfants sont en attente de parrains 'Bonjour Vietnam' - Chanson et clip de Pham Quynh Anh DERNIERES MISES A JOUR 30/08/2006 : Actualités - Annulation du Pique nique de l'association 08/09/2006 : Forum des Associations Antenne Ouest (Nieul sur Mer) 04/09/2006 : Actions de Solidarité - Financement d'un orphelinat 03/09/2006 : Actualités - Soirée dansante le 21/10 à Nieul sur Mer (17) 03/09/2006 : Liens - Deux nouveaux sites associatifs 30/08/2006 : Actualités - Pique nique de l'association le 24/09 29/06/2006 : AFA - 1 mois d'existence ........

    An association of international child placement agencies, promoting ethical
    practices and effective services for children.

  • BREAKING NEWS!! The Hague Adoption Regulations have been issued as final

  • Many of our Members sponsor adoption events or fundraising activities

  • July 18, 2006 - The Department of State is pleased to announce that it has designated the Council on Accreditation (COA) as an Accrediting Entity under the the Intercountry Adoption Act of 2000 (IAA)

  • Please visit our page for more information July 6, 2006 - Despite persistent rumors to the contrary, there is no moratorium on Bulgarian intercountry adoptions

  • July 6, 2006 - The Chinese Center for Adoption Affairs (CCAA) has been, over the past several months, taking significantly longer to match prospective adoptive parents and children than at this time a year ago

  • July 6, 2006 - The Moldovan National Adoption Committee has informed the U.S

  • Embassy in Chisinau that the Adoption Committee is open daily and is processing adoption cases

  • based adoption service providers

  • July 5, 2006 - On July 3, 2006, the Ukraine Minister for Family, Youth and Sports, Yuriy Pavlenko, held a press conference to announce the official opening of the new adoption authority, to be known as the State Department for Adoption and Protection of Rights of the Child (SDAPRC), and to outline his ministry’s policies related to the protection of children’s rights

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