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    Foreign Exchange Currency Exchange Forex Rates FX Companies ...
    Foreign currency exchange and preparation for travelers, importers, exporters,
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  • Forex Rates Keep up to date on the latest forex rates, including forward rates, spot rates, fx options and of course the US dollar, Euro and Canadian exchange rate

  • Forex Rates Cambridge News International Payments Send and receive your online 24/7

  • Earlier in the week Germanys August ZEW Economic Sentiment came in worse than expected rising concerns that the EU may pause on rates

  • Overnight Range: 1.8832- 1.8911 The Yen The yen fell sharply after a weaker-than-expected increase in Japan CPI dimmed prospects of higher interest rates

  • The Japan core CPI rose at an annual rate of 0.2% in July, well below the June reading of 0.6% and the forecast for 0.5%

  • Recall that the Bank of Japan raised its interest rates from zero percent for the first time in six years on July 14, and several BoJ officials and Japan politicians indicated that the central bank will lift rates gradually afterwards

  • 25, 1944, during World War II, Paris was liberated by Allied forces after four years of Nazi occupation

    PACIFIC Exchange Rate Service
    Contains historic daily exchange rates, updated daily. Results can be shown in
    various table and plotted formats. Also lists a Euro fact sheet.

  • A service for academic research and teaching provided by at UBC's (official noon spot rates, updated daily at noon PST) (about 200 currencies; various sources, less reliable) (via Xenon Laboratories) charting single and multiple time series, moving averages, volatility charts, and more Historic Annual Average Exchange Rates (1948-2005) (Official, Bank of Canada) (updated daily) (via Yahoo!-Finance) The currencies of the world: | (updated daily) USD EUR GBP JP1 CHF CAD AUD MXN USD 1.2888 1.9087 0.8685 0.8178 0.8929 0.7667 0.0923 EUR 0.7759 1.4811 0.6739 0.6345 0.6929 0.5949 0.0716 GBP 0.5239 0.6752 0.4550 0.4284 0.4678 0.4017 0.0484 JPY 115.14 148.40 219.78 94.160 102.82 88.278 10.631 CHF 1.2229 1.5760 2.3341 1.0620 1.0919 0.9375 0.1129 CAD 1.1199 1.4433 2.1376 0.9726 0.9158 0.8586 0.1034 AUD 1.3043 1.6810 2.4896 1.1328 1.0666 1.1647 0.1204 MXN 10.831 13.958 20.673 9.4062 8.8569 9.6712 8.3037 Recent as of Wednesday, August 9, 2006

  • The Pacific Exchange Rate Service is located in Vancouver, Canada


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    Currencies of the World
    Details of world currencies including names, symbols, subdivisions and pegs.

  • The Pacific Exchange Rate Service is located in Vancouver, Canada

    Corporate Information
    Extensive links to sites offering corporate information in over 80 countries.
    Compiled by the Winthrop Corporation.

  • Welcome to the source for global corporate information on the leading companies in over 55 countries

  • Before the release of the employment report for July, investors in the fed funds futures market put a 40% chance on the Fed raising interest rates at the August 8 meeting

  • RESEARCH EXCHANGE RATES Need to know the exchange rate of a currency? All you have to do is select the currency from the list below

  • Provide the exchange rate for the RESEARCH THE TOP 100 Select an item from the drop down list to view the top 100 companies worldwide ranked by that item

  • ALPHABETICAL LIST OF COMPANIES Scroll through all of the over 30, 000 companies analyzed on the CorporateInformation site

    CIA - The World Factbook -- Canada
    Features a map and brief descriptions of geography, economy, government, and people.

    CIA - The World Factbook -- United States
    Features a map and brief descriptions of geography, economy, government, and people.

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    Canadian economy online
    Includes links to key economic indicators, economic information from government
    sites organized under various themes, and definitions of key economic concepts.

    FXConverter - Currency Converter for 164 Currencies
    Currency converter for 164 currency pairs and currency cheat sheet for travelers.
    Includes option to set rate depending upon conversion method used.

  • FXConverter - Currency Converter for 164 Currencies FXConverter (Foreign Exchange Currency Converter) is a multi-lingual Currency Converter with up to date exchange rates provided from leading market data contributors and is filtered for validity

  • To get the exchange rates for any of the 164 currencies, select the desired currencies from the lists below, as well as the date, language, and amount for which you would like to conduct the currency conversion

  • Convert amount with rate as of Currency Code: To Currency Code: Buy Currency and Travelers Cheques delivered to your home for your next trip with

  • Traveling on Vacation? Then don't forget our, a wallet-sized exchange rate reference that allows you to quickly look-up and compare prices between currencies

  • Need Exchange Rate Information for your Business? OANDA's has a number of for your office or website

  • Our is an efficient and reliable serviced used by numerous firms to obtain daily exchange exchange rate details

    Trends in Canada-US Migration: Where's the Flood?
    Report from the Bank of Montreal Economics Department.

  • One of the effects of the FTA, implemented in 1989, was to facilitate greater integration between the Canadian and US economies, which opened new opportunities for Canadians wanting to emigrate to the US and vice versa

  • A marked, albeit less dramatic, deterioration is also evident from 1981 when using the C$/US$ exchange rate at a purchasing power parity rather than at the market value

  • In terms of employment prospects, Canada’s job market has deteriorated markedly versus that in the US as evidenced by a rising difference between Canadian and US unemployment rates

  • Having fluctuated at around zero until the early 1980s, the Canada-US jobless rate gap has been drifting higher since then, reaching more than four percentage points in 1997

  • Thus, a person living in Windsor and commuting five days a week to work in Detroit would generate five visa counts per week

    Yahoo! Finance - Get stock quotes, market news, mortgage rates ...
    Personal finance, investing tips and news.

  • Market Summary [] Symbol Last Change 11, 219.38 20.97 (0.19%) 2, 072.50 12.55 (0.60%) 1, 275.77 0.00 (0.00%) 4.921% 0.00 2, 094, 025, 000 1, 478, 778, 000 Indices: - | Brokers: - - - Currency Rates $1 IS WORTH..

  • 115.21 ¥ 0.0% 0.7800 € 0.0% See more rates: Sponsored by: Investing , ..

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    Radio Canada International
    Broadcast schedules, plus internet, satellite, and shortwave broadcasts.

  • As well, the program includes sports and arts news, the Canadian weather, and business news, including the exchange rate for the Canadian dollar

    Current Value of Old Money
    Links to inflation statistics, price indexes, and sources of data on changes in
    the value of money.

  •   Tools and Online Sources International An EH.Net service providing calculators for the purchasing power of the US dollar and the British pound sterling, US and British inflation rates, US commercial paper rates

  • It also gives information about exchange rates, earnings and prices in Britain and the US, and the price of gold back to 1257

  •   Exchange rates for German, French, English, Spanish and Portuguese currencies are given

  • Some information on exchange rates in the British colonies in North America is also included

  •   A service which provides access to historical data on prices, exchange rates, interest rates etc

  • Interest rates and prices are among the topics covered

  •   This article has a number of graphs displaying historic data, including Venetian prices 1300-1500, European interest rates for the period 1200-1800, US stockmarket returns from 1790 onwards, UK short and long-term interest rates 1800-1900, and British consol and US bond rates for 1900-2000

  •   A set of tables compiled from various sources giving wage rates for various occupations in Britain at different times

    Pricing Money: Chapter 1
    A beginner's guide to the nature of money, in particular to why this necessitates
    an inter-bank deposit market, and how the money market functions.

  • A natural course of action would be for HSBC to lend NatWest the money at an interest rate agreed between the two

  • When one bank lends another money, it will be at an agreed interest rate, and for repayment on an agreed maturity

  • At this time CSFB was willing to accept 3-month Swiss-franc deposits at a rate of 3.30%, and to lend Swiss francs to other high-quality banks for the same period at a rate of 3.45%

  • For example, Goldman Sachs could borrow the money for only 3 months (at the rate of 3.45%), and after 3 months reborrow the money

  • This should make intuitive sense; 3.53%, the 6-month rate, is close to the average of 3.45% and 3.58%, the rates for the first and second 3-month periods

  • So, if Goldman Sachs thinks that in 3 months’ time the cost of 3-month money will be less than 3.58%, then it would be cheaper overall for Goldman Sachs to borrow now for 3 months at 3.45%, and then in 3 months to reborrow at the rate then prevailing

  • Market prices are implying that Swiss short-term interest rates are rising

  • If it believes that rates are unlikely to rise, then it might be cheapest to borrow for 1 day, and reborrow the money each subsequent day

    Baja Mexico, Baja California Mexico Guide Bajamar Ensenada ...
    A large directory of travel related information, businesses, and listings for
    specific Baja cities and towns.

  • FORGET ALL THIS NONSENSE! ! ! If you want to visit Baja California you will experience a little paradise First of all you should know that your own country would count itself lucky if they had such a low crime rate

  • DON’T CHANGE PESOS OUTSIDE OF MEXICO! ! ! Not only do you get the worst exchange rate possible, you don’t even need Pesos on your arrival

  • Normally, the best exchange rate you will get in the stores, NOT at the banks

  • That way you get the best exchange rate possible

  • DON’T TAKE ANY TRAVELER CHECKS! ! ! You will have big problems to pay with traveler checks and the exchange rate is very low

  • In case you cannot afford even this low cost, you will be treated free of charge! ! Only if you live in Mexico, you will have to buy Mexican health insurance at a yearly rate of about US $ 220.00 for 2 persons

  • Before you open your mouth at your dentist at home you should know that the Mexican dentists also are first rate and charge a lot less than you are used to in your country

    Seychelles (01/06)
    Facts about the land, people, history, government, political conditions, economy,
    foreign relations of Seychelles.

  • Annual growth rate (1999): 1.7%

  • Infant mortality rate --16.86/1000

  • Annual growth rate (2001): 3.3%

  • inflation rate (1999): 6%

  • Official exchange rate (November 2003): 5.74 rupees=U.S.$1

  • About 88% of the adult population is literate, and the literacy rate of school-aged children has risen to well over 98%

  • In 1888, a separate administrator and executive and administrative councils were established for the Seychelles archipelago

  • Nine years later, the administrator acquired full powers of a British colonial governor, and on August 31, 1903, Seychelles became a separate British Crown Colony

  • Although the SDP/SPUP coalition appeared to operate smoothly, political divisions between the two parties continued

  • The draft was approved with 73.9% of the electorate in favor of it and 24.1% against

  • A separate Monetary Authority supervises the banking system and manages the money supply

  • Although foreign banks operate branches in Seychelles, the government owns the two local banks--the Development Bank of Seychelles, which mobilizes resources to fund development programs, and the Seychelles Saving Bank, a bank for savings and current accounts

    "Canada's Matt Drudge" - Pierre Bourque's webservice is a source for breaking
    political news and gossip.

    Vidtek Battery Canada
    Offers laptop, notebook computer and camcorder batteries.

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    Waterton Lakes National Park Information Guide, Alberta, Canada
    Maps and listings of accommodations, dining and amenities, with park information
    in subsections of the site.

  • Waterton Park (Parks Canada Page), Alberta Road Map, Alberta Weather and Road Reports, Canadian Dollar Exchange (NOTE: The great exchange rate if you travel to Canada) , Other Travel Directories

  • If you would like to make a reservation, need more information or just to leave a friendly message, please e-mail us at This site operated by , Box 100, Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta, Canada

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