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Painting Holiday Directory
A searchable list of painting courses and art holidays in Great Britain, Europe,
Africa, Asia and America. Full access to all features requires the printed ...

  • Happy Painting, Anne Anne Hedley Editor Painting Holiday Directory Castle of Park All our painting courses at Castle of Park are very well subscribed this year

    The Hukilau
    An annual summertime tiki festival. Features polynesian music, tropical drinks,
    and vintage tiki bar locales. Includes performers, schedule, vendor and event ...

    Railroad Timeline History
    A timeline of milestones in English and American railway development, in which
    the Middleton Railway figures prominently.

  • 1812: American Colonel John Stevens publishes a pamphlet containing: 'Documents tending to prove the superior advantages of Railways and Steam Carriages over Canal Navigation.' He also states, 'I can see nothing to hinder a steam carriage moving on its ways with a velocity of 100 miles an hour.' 1813: Englishman William Hedley builds and patents 50 psi railroad loco which could haul 10 coal wagons at 5 mph, equal to 10 horses

  • info: TRIP HEDLEY

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    Hotel DeAnza is San Jose California's Most Luxurious Hotel ...
    Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, a combination of classic
    architecture, modern comfort and exceptional personal attention. - Books - 'Doonesbury' at 30: 'There's no dull time' to be ...

    Vanishing BC Coalmont, Blakeburn & the old red bridge
    Features Michael Kluckner's photos, watercolor scenes and a history of the area.

  • Frank's hotel was in Hedley

    George Stephenson
    Biography of the railroad pioneer whose work on railways included a nine-arched
    viaduct across the Sankey Valley.

  • Benefits

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    Timothy Hackworth
    Biographical overview of a designer of steam locomotives. Includes a photo of
    his six wheel engine, the Royal George.

    The Fulcrum ~ The University of Ottawa's independent English ...
    Student newspaper at the University of Ottawa. With archives.

    Guinea - Bissau on the Internet, Guiné-Bissau, Guinée-Bissau
    Annotated directory of links to web resources.

  • ; (Paul Edward Hedley); Boulègue, Jean

    The Border Reivers Northumberland Northumbria England UK GB (page 232)
    Comprehensive guide to the Reivers, their names, castles, battlefields and the
    Reiver related tourist attractions along the Northumberland / Scotland border.

  • Archbold; Armstrong; Beattie; Bell; Burns; Carleton; Carlisle; Carnaby; Carrs Carruthers; Chamberlain; Charlton; Collingwood; Crisp; Crozier; Cuthbert; Dacre; Davison; Dixon; Dodd/s; Douglas; Dunne; Elliott; Fenwick; Forster; Graham; Gray; Hall; Hedley; Henderson; Heron; Hetherington; Hume/Hulme; Irvine/g; Johnston/e; Kerr; Laidlaw; Little; Lowther; Maxwell; Milburn; Musgrove; Nixon; Noble; Ogle; Oliver; Potts; Pringle; Radcliffe; Reade; Ridley; Robson; Routledge; Rutherford; Salkeld; Scott; Selby; Shaftoe; Storey; Simpson; Tait; Taylor; Trotter; Turnbull; Wake; Watson; Wilson; Woodrington; Young


    All Info About English Culture
    Your key to the fads, foibles and eccentricities of cultural England.

    Today's Best Music | Z95-3
    Vancouver pop radio station. Live Real Audio feed.

    Whitecoat, Tobacco Industry Documents in the Minnesota Depository ...
    Review of tobacco industry documents on Project Whitecoat, a tobacco industry
    campaign to recruit scientific experts sympathetic to the industry.

  • Hirayama’s paper on ETS and nonsmoker lung cancer in Japan, the cornerstone of the scientific literature relied upon by industry critics.” Finally, in addition to country-specific activities, the report mentions a proposal  brought to the “supporting companies” to create an Asian Cities Monitoring Project, by which it was hoped to show that indoor air pollution was mainly due to outdoor pollutants, vehicle emissions principally.  Drs.  Liao, Bacon-Shone and Linda Koo agreed to consult on the project.  “Because the Hong Kong study will be conducted and reported by independent [sic!] scientists, we expect the results will carry (however inappropriately) more weight...than have the results of previous studies conducted and reported by industry scientists.” Hedley Thomas and Jason Gagliardi have recently published on the Internet a follow up to the Asia ETS Consultants Project.   In it they cite Dr

  • Hedley Thomas and Jason Gagliardi, The Cigarette Papers Smoking Guns , <> 21 January 1999

    Border Reivers
    A comprehensive essay on the history of the Border Reivers, by Linda Caron, part
    of her site on Scottish history.

  • East March: Scotland: Trotter, Dixon, Bromfield, Craw, Cranston England: Selby, Gray, Dunne Middle March Scotland: Young, Pringle, Davison, Gilchrist, Tait, Oliver, Turnbull (Trumble), Rutherford, Douglas, Laidlaw, Turner, Henderson England: Ogle, Heron, Witherington (Woodrington), Medford, Collingwood, Carnaby, Shaftoe, Ridley, Anderson, Potts, Read, Hedley, Dodd, Milburn, Yarrow, Stapleton, Stokoe, Stamper, Wilkinson, Hunter, Thomson, Jamieson West March Scotland: Carlisle, Beattie (Baty, Batisoun), Little Carruthers, Glendenning, Moffat

    Richard Trevithick - engineer
    Gives account of Trevithick's early work in the nearby mines as an engineering
    consultant and his work on the first high-pressure engines. Includes diagrams.

    LOL: Library of Links
    Uncategorized list of interesting and useful links in blog format. Includes archives
    and newsletter.

    Hip Hop Press - Hip Hop Press Releases
    Presents news items and articles, and includes a marketing and advertising blog. | Stuff
    Watch Stone Sour singing their own version of the classic C+C Music Factory
    tune "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)"

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