Sun Rise River Boatworks
Custom construction, repair and restoration of wood sailboats and powercraft.
Located in Wyoming, Minnesota.

  • Sunrise River Boatworks, Wyoming, MN

  • Find out for yourself why Wooden Boat owners nationwide are bringing their projects to the "Master Craftsmen" at: Sunrise River Boatworks, LLC Tom Moravec 5390 260th Street Wyoming, MN 55092 (just east of I-35) 651-462-0550 Copyright © 2001 Sunrise River Boatworks, LLC -- News and information about meteor showers ...
    Forecasts of solar flares and geomagnetic storms, plus daily animations of the sun.

  • But there might be something to see before the Moon rises:

  • You'll see Venus and Mercury beaming through the rosy glow of sunrise:

    The Sun and Climate
    Popular science article by Judith Lean and David Rind.

  • The global-mean temperature did not rise steadily: statistical analyses of the temperature record since 1850 reveal significant year-to-year and decade-to-decade variability

  • Like the concentrations of greenhouse gases, solar activity has risen systematically through the past 100 years, as recorded in the number of sunspots ()

  • Changes in albedo that increase the planet's reflectivity will lead to cooling, and those that make it less reflective and more absorbing, to a temperature rise

  • How do changes in solar activity affect different parts of the spectrum? As the sunspot number rises or falls, the distribution of energy within the spectrum of sunlight also changes

  • Quite evident in the most recent several hundred years of the isotopic records is a seventy-year period of very low solar activity in the 17th and early 18th centuries--known as the Maunder Minimum--and following it, an unsteady, long-term rise to the present-day era of high sunspot numbers, called the Modern Maximum ()

  • The documented rise of about 0.5°C in the same period falls at the low end of this range

  • The well-documented surface temperature rise since 1850 can be viewed as but the most recent 60 percent of a warming of about 0.8°C since the 17th century (), interrupted periodically by volcanic effects

    The Moon And Tides
    Explains with graphs and pictures how the moon affects oceans. Includes the
    differences between lunar, spring, neap, high, and low tides.

  • The word 'tides' is a generic term used to define the alternating rise and fall in sea level with respect to the land, produced by the gravitational attraction of the moon and the sun

  • Tides are the periodic rise and falling of large bodies of water

  • As the moon travels around the earth and as they, together, travel around the sun, the combined gravitational forces cause the world's oceans to rise and fall

  • This is a time lapse of the tidal rise and fall over a period of six and a half hours


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    The Rise and Fall of Alexander the Great
    Brief biographies of Alexander the Great, his father Philip, and his mother, Olympias.

  • Alexander's ultimate rise to power came in June 336 when he was twenty years old

    CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: General Resurrection
    The rising again from the dead, the resumption of life.

  • The Fourth Lateran Council teaches that all men, whether elect or reprobate, 'will rise again with their own bodies which they now bear about with them' (cap

  • Against all these we shall first establish the dogma of the resurrection, and secondly consider the characteristics of the risen body

  • 'I know ', says Martha, 'that He shall rise again, in the resurrection at the last day' ()

  • The Prophet Isaias foretells that the Lord of hosts 'shall cast down death headlong forever' (xxv, 8), and a little later he adds: 'Thy dead men shall live, my slain shall rise again

  • Finally, Job, bereft of all human comfort and reduced to the greatest desolation, is strengthened by the thought of the resurrection of his body: 'I know that my Redeemer liveth, and in the last day I shall rise out of the earth

  • Paul places the general resurrection on the same level of certainty with that of : 'If be preached, that he rose again from the dead, how do some among you say that there is no resurrection of the dead? But if there be no resurrection of the dead, then is not risen again

  • And if be not risen again, then is our preaching vain, and your faith is also vain' ()

    Predicting Weather
    Provides a look at the tools needed to predict the weather.

  • The sun's heat warms our atmosphere and causes two things to happen: water evaporates into the air air rises As air rises, its temperature drops

  • When the front passes, the sky clears and the air pressure rises

  • Temperatures also rise as warm air replaces cold air

  • The pressure of the air on the pool of mercury in the barometer causes the mercury to rise in a tube

  • Watch how smoke rises in chimneys, how leaves move in trees, and how flags wave in the wind

  • Weather Phenomena - Thunderstorms occur when large air masses rise quickly into the atmosphere, forming huge cumulonimbus clouds

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    Sun News, Cleveland, Ohio, Home Page
    News and features for the Cleveland area.

    ASP: The Moon: It's Just a Phase It's Going Through...
    The Astronomical Society of the Pacific's detailed explanations of the Moon's
    phases, including positions of the Moon in southern and northern hemispheres ...

  • Also, since the Moon in a crescent phase--either waxing or waning--is close to the Sun on the sky, it can't be above the horizon at night unless it's shortly after sunset or before sunrise

  • Since it is 90 degrees (1/4 of a full circle) away from the Sun on the sky toward the East, the Moon will lag behind the Sun by about 6 hours (1/4 of 24 hours): it will rise at about noon, be at its highest in the sky at about sunset, and so on

  • Near the time of full phase, the Moon is opposite the Sun; thus it rises around sunset, is high in the sky around midnight, and sets around sunrise, providing light that's bright enough to read by all night long when the weather is clear

  • Waning Gibbous During a week after full moon, as the Moon continues to move eastward in its orbit about 12 degrees per day, the Moon rises later and later and the side we see is illuminated by less and less sunlight — its light wanes

  • It is during this time that the delay of moonrise from one night to the next is most easily noticed

  • On the average, the Moon rises about 50 minutes later each night, but this can vary significantly depending on the time of year and your latitude north or south of the equator

    WBEM and JMAPI on the rise - SunWorld - November 1996
    WBEM and JMAPI on the rise -- SunWorld, November 1996.

  • WBEM and JMAPI on the rise - SunWorld - November 1996 Click on our Sponsors to help Support SunWorld WBEM and JMAPI on the rise Emerging standards herald a new era of network management through the Web November 1996 Abstract WBEM and JMAPI are two new standards for creating an enterprise-level network management infrastructure

  • (1, 900 words) I t wasn't too long ago that Web-Based Enterprise Management meant that one 'wunderbar' programmer had hacked together a Perl script that could access remote system information and display it on a screen

  • Microsoft, Compaq, Cisco, Intel, and BMC Software proposed 'Web Based Enterprise Management' (WBEM)

  • It is important to look at the concept of managing your enterprise through the Web and examine how these two proposals are structured and how they function

  • One of the inherent problems with products based upon SNMP such as HP OpenView, IBM NetView, and Sun Solstice Enterprise Manager (the current 2.0 and older versions), is that although the protocol for communicating with these network devices is the same, the framework and architecture of these applications are different articles - Date - SETI Institute
    An article on the Borana Calendar by Laurance Doyle of the SETI Institute.


    The Liberal Catholic, Easter 2000: Easter: Rt Rev CW Leadbeater
    An extract of late Bishop Leadbeater's writings on the matter of Easter, as
    published in his book The Inner Side of Christian Festivals.

  • He pours Himself down into matter, and thus suffers very truly an eclipse, a crucifixion, a death, and then rises again out of that matter in order that we, humanity, may be

  • Hence it is said that He is born from the Virgin and yet after the birth, when the sun has risen into the heavens, Virgo still remains the immaculate and heavenly Virgin

  • He rises triumphantly over the line and ascends in the heavens, ripening the corn and the grape, pouring His Life into them to make their substance, and through them giving Himself to His worshippers

  • There must come in his life a point at which he finally triumphs over the lower matter and rises out of the darkness of sin and ignorance into the light of wisdom and the higher, purer life

  • "If Christ be risen, then shall we also rise" was the argument of old, and indeed that is true, and true in many different ways; in no way more than in regard to this symbol of which I speak

  • Because He has conquered evil, because He has risen above matter, others have been able to follow Him and to do the same great deed; and because they have done it, we shall do it also

  • Because the Logos Himself has entered matter, has triumphed, and has risen from it; because the Christ, the great World-Teacher, has passed through that experience also, it is certain for every one of us that, when our time comes to endure that suffering and that crucifixion, it will lead us, as it led Him, to the higher glory of the resurrection and to final triumph - a triumph which is final because it is based on knowledge

    Wise Observatory Astronomical Calendar, Generate HTML Calendar
    On-line calculator for Moon/Sun Rise/Set, moon phase, sidereal time and Julian day.

  • Includes: moon phase, Julian days, Local Sidereal Time, Sun rise and set, Moon rise and set and moon Right Ascension and Declination

  • Sun Rise and Set in the third line

  • Moon Rise and Set in fourth line

  • In case the rise or set are not happening in that day, a **:** is appearing instead of the phenomena time

  • &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Month Year Calendar Format: Title: East Longitude with decimal point deg North Latitude with decimal point deg East Time Zone (in range -12 to 12) Hours Exclude JD and ST Sun Rise/Set Moon Rise/Set Moon Position Instrument Observer (Optional) Choose from list Read more (in Hebrew) about Sun/Moon Rise/Set sidereal time, and Julian day in the of the

    IGN: Medal of Honor: Rising Sun
    Offers cheats, codes, FAQs, walkthroughs, reviews, previews, screen shots, and
    forums. (PlayStation 2)

    World Almanac for Kids
    Tells the history, composition and collisions that comets have had.

  • The appearance of a comet has also given rise to the fear of collision between the comet and the earth

    American Red Cross Lifeguarding
    Tips for staying safe in warm weather, and how to recognize and care for different
    stages of heat injuries. Includes a glossary of related terms.

  • The body temperature can rise so high that brain damage and death may result if the body is not cooled quickly

    Sun and Shadow Position Modeling
    Sun and shadow position modeling for accident reconstruction. Based in Barrie, Ontario.

  • In the accident and crime scene reconstruction fields we are called upon to confirm historical sunrise and sunset times, to determine the sun's position relative to the field of view of a driver (or pedestrian), to determine the limits of shaded vs

  • ...what time was sunrise(set)? ...what was the direction of the sun at sunrise(set)? ...what was the position of the sun relative to the field of view of the driver? ...could the sun have impaired the driver's vision? ...was the pedestrian stepping out of shade? ...what time will the sun rise(set)? ...what will be the direction of the sun at sunrise(set)? many hours of daylight will there be? ...where will shadows from the proposed building fall? will my property be affected by shadowing from the proposed building? can I modify my proposed building design to minimize the shadow impact on the property next door? ...where is the sunniest location for my pool or patio? The modeling is carried out through the use of a computer model developed by Bouwmeester which simulates the daily "motion" of the sun and calculates its position in the sky relative to any location on earth at any time - past, present or future

    7art-screensavers - clock screensavers, slideshow and 3D screensavers!
    Savers include cars, dinosaurs, flowers, planets, space, and the Zodiac.
    Discounts are available on purchase of two screensavers. [Windows 9x/NT/2000/Me/XP]

  • Catch a chance to learn alien secrets while flying through colorful 3D tunnels full of merry surprises and celestial sounds! Our internal world reflects around us

  • All of this in harmony with the usability of a clock and calendar makes it a truly gorgeous 3D decoration for your screen! brings you the best clock, slideshow and 3D screensavers to rise your spirits

    Prairie Astronomy Club: OBSERVING THE SUN IN H-ALPHA
    Article on observing the chromosphere requiring a very narrow bandwidth filter
    centered on the Hydrogen Alpha spectral line.

  • Surge ejected gas will often fall or draw back onto the sun tending to follow magnetic field lines, while at other times it will rise and disperse, fading from view

  • They vary in form from a simple fading away of the quiescent, to a spectacular 'lifting off', where the prominence rises up and drifts away from the sun, slowly breaking up in the process

  • Occasionally, a small ARF in which a flare begins will rise and expand into a majestic Eruptive Prominence, often in the form of a twisting loop, while intense emission appears on the surface

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