SQLite home page
C library that implements a self-contained, embeddable, zero-configuration SQL
database engine. [Public Domain]

  • About SQLite SQLite is a small C library that implements a self-contained, embeddable, zero-configuration SQL database engine

  • () A complete database is stored in a single disk file

  • Database files can be freely shared between machines with different byte orders

  • Supports databases up to 2 terabytes (2 41 bytes) in size

  • than popular client/server database engines for most common operations

  • The SQLite distribution comes with a standalone command-line access program () that can be used to administer an SQLite database and which serves as an example of how to use the SQLite library

  • 2006-Jun-6 - Version 3.3.6 Changes include improved tolerance for windows virus scanners and faster :memory: databases

    MySQL AB :: The world's most popular open source database
    The software's official homepage with news, downloads and documentation.

  • The world's most popular open source database / New! Cost-Effective Database Scale-Out Using MySQL Aug 2, 2006 A Practical Guide to Migrating From Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL Aug 3, 2006 Dec 04: Atlanta Oct 30: Seattle Nov 13: San Francisco Aug 28: Washington DC (Downtown) © 1995-2006 MySQL AB

    Microsoft SQL Server Home
    The official information site about the family of products. By Microsoft.

    SQL - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    History and overview of the language.

  • Concerning the names of major database products (or projects) containing the letters SQL , each has its own convention: is commonly pronounced my ess-cue-el ; is expediently pronounced postgres ; and is commonly spoken as Microsoft-sequel-server

  • Codd's became widely accepted as the definitive model for relational database management systems ( or )

  • During the 1970s, a group at 's San Jose research center developed a database system '' based upon, but not strictly faithful to, Codd's model

  • The first non-commercial, relational, non-SQL database, was developed in 1974 at

  • has declared that the official pronunciation for SQL is /ɛs kjuː ɛl/ , although many English-speaking database professionals still pronounce it as sequel , and with gaining popularity has received the alias 'SQuirreL'

  • As a result, in contrast to ANSI or ANSI, which can usually be ported from platform to platform without major structural changes, SQL code can rarely be ported between database systems without major modifications

  • There are several reasons for this lack of portability between database systems: the complexity and size of the SQL standard means that most databases do not implement the entire standard

  • info: SQL DATABASE

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    Mckoi SQL Database Home Page
    Multi-client / multi-threaded SQL relational database management system written
    in Java. Includes JDBC 2.0 driver. [Open Source, GPL]

  • An Open Source Java SQL Database System Mckoi SQL Diehl & Associates, Inc

  • Older news: Download The Software Mckoi SQL Database is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL)

  • Mailing List and Support A mailing list is provided for all users of Mckoi SQL Database

  • Mckoi SQL Database Mailing list To subscribe, send a blank message to: To unsubscribe, send a blank message to: List Archives (powered by Mckoi SQL): / All general questions / comments and bug reports should be sent to the list

  • Mitchell II, ...) (by Ivor Horton) (by Bruce Eckel) (by Kim Topley) Mckoi SQL Database Copyright © 2000 - 2004 Diehl and Associates, Inc

    Hughes Technologies : The home of Mini SQL (mSQL)
    Mini SQL, aka mSQL, is a lightweight SQL database engine from Hughes Technologies.
    mSQL is free for noncommercial use.

  • 9 June 2006 Mini SQL 3.8 Bug fixes and improved ! 3 Sep 2001 mSQL 2.0.12 Final 2.0 ! 22 June 2006 Ember 1.9 Bug fixes and new features in this ! 8 Jan 2003 TraffAcct 1.5 Minor ! 2 Feb 2005 LibHTTPD 1.4 Feature update ! Mini SQL database OEM license application redistribution light weight embedded web server http library web server library http server httpd embedded scripting language embedded system develoment internet IP traffic monitoring billing ATM ethernet vpdn cisco SNMP ip acounting vlan Copyright © 2001-2006, Hughes Technologies Pty Ltd

    SQL Database Connection Strings - SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL ...
    Database terms glossary and online reference for various ADO and ADO.NET SQL
    database connection strings for MS SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL, Oracle.

  • ADO and ADO.NET SQL database connection strings This site was created as an online reference for various ADO and ADO.NET SQL database connection strings

  • We have tried to list the most popular database connection strings and to give examples of their usage

  • We have also created an online, giving definitions for the most common database terms like ODBC, OLE DB, ADO, database cursor, database transaction, etc

  • This site is by no means a complete reference for every existing database, but is merely attempt to give our fellow software developers a handy database connection strings reference

    Database Journal: Daily Database News, Information and Tutorials ...
    Daily database news and articles for the database professional.

  • Free Newsletters: Search Database Journal: » » » » » RESOURCES » internet.commerce internet.com Featured on the Learn how Hilton Hotels improved its business analysis process by establishing more accurate pricing and financial planning

  • Receive news via our XML/RSS In-memory embedded database for developers

  • Query, browse, and manage major databases from one client

  • This procedure will help to kill all connections to a given database

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  • Benefits

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    SQL Database Training Courses: Overview of Database Training ...
    SQL training. Specialists in open source (MySQL), open standards (ANSI 92) and
    open systems (Unix, Linux, BDD) implementations and web / internet deployment ...

  • Search Site Sections => | Training | Databases & SQL Leeds Office (National HQ) GBdirect Ltd Training Division Leeds Innovation Centre 103 Clarendon Road LEEDS LS2 9DF West Yorkshire United Kingdom Training: 0800 651 0338 General: +44 (0)870 200 7273 Finance: +44 (0)1353 615 174 South East Regional Office GBdirect Ltd Training Division 18 Lynn Rd ELY CB6 1DA Cambridgeshire United Kingdom Training: 0800 651 0338 General: +44 (0)870 200 7273 Finance: +44 (0)1353 615 174 Please note: Non-training enquiries should be directed, initially , to our UK national office in Leeds (West Yorkshire), even if the enquiry concerns services delivered in London or South/East England

  • Database and SQL Courses These days it's rare to find a significant software application which is not backed by a relational database management system (RDBMS)

  • Given our deep involvement in e-commerce software development, it is hardly surprising that we specialise in teaching programmers to build web-enabled databases and that our ' real world experience nourishes their teaching practice

  • A full listing of our currently available database courses is available from the drop-down menu to the left of this panel

    SQL Delta: Great Value SQL Database Compare tool
    Compares database structures highlighting differences and allowing fast direct
    synchronizing. Prints the differences and complete structures.

  • SQL Help Builder is a database documenting tool generating help files from your SQL Database

  • Create new scripts or edit existing scripts plus best of all SQL Delta Workbench is free! Compare SQL Databases SQL Delta is a database compare and synchronization tool that performs both structure and data comparisons

  • Key Features of Version 3.10 * Synchronize Compare then Synchronize all elements of your database schema, quickly and reliably

  • * Snapshots Store a snapshot of a database for later comparison

  • What is SQL Delta SQL Delta compares the schema of two Microsoft SQL Server databases and quickly locates the differences in tables, views, stored procedures or any other object in the database

  • SQL Delta also searches for data differences between the two databases

  • SQL Delta synchronizes the schema and data so you can update a production database to match a development database with the press of a few buttons

  • You no longer need to manually script those changes and better still by using SQL Delta you won't miss that critical last minute change that was added to your development database, ensuring your applications don't fail due to a missing database structure element

    VistaDB managed SQL database for Microsoft .NET, Compact Framework ...
    Embedded SQL database alternative to Jet, MSDE and SQL Server Express for building
    small to midsize .NET database applications.

  • | Products | Purchase | Testimonials | Contact Us | (800) 653-2949 VistaDB is the world's first fully managed and typesafe SQL database engine designed for Microsoft .NET Framework, Compact Framework, Windows Vista and Mono

  • VistaDB enables .NET developers to build small yet robust WinForms and ASP.NET database applications that run on desktops, mobile devices and web servers

  • | Features | Download Trial | News 08-06-2006 PRESS: VistaDB 3.0 leads .NET developers to Windows Mobile 5.0 08-01-2006 PRESS: World's first fully managed SQL database engine for Microsoft .NET announced: VistaDB 3.0 07-22-2006 VistaDB 3.0 CTP update posted 07-14-2006 VistaDB 3.0 CTP update posted 05-24-2006 VistaDB 3.0 - Sneak peek at world's FIRST fully managed SQL database for .NET! Take a look at VistaDB, a new, incredibly fast data access engine built from the ground up for .NET

    CQL++ SQL Database Management System
    Both a single user and client/server versions with ODBC drivers. Distributed under
    a modified GPL that allows distribution of applications without including ...

  • New public service: a description of installing the nvidia graphics driver with linux kernel 2.6 is available CQL++ Homepage Welcome to the CQL++ homepage CQL++ is an ANSI and ODBC compliant database management system with complete source code

  • If you want to contribute to our open source database, please send email to


    SQLCourse - Interactive Online SQL Training for Beginners
    Interactive/On-line SQL Tutorial with SQL Interpreter & live practice database.

  • Free Newsletters: Interactive Online SQL Training Search Database Journal: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 internet.commerce internet.com Welcome to SQLCourse.com ! This unique introductory SQL tutorial not only provides easy-to-understand SQL instructions, but it allows you to practice what you learn using the on-line SQL interpreter

    IBPhoenix Home
    Information, Downloads and Tools for FireBird.

  • The Firebird Book: a Reference for Database Developers by Helen Borrie, is available directly from IBPhoenix

  • Why buy it from Amazon, when you can get it here? Firebird Goodies Want your own Firebird T-Shirt or Polo Shirt to impress your friends and advertise your favourite open source database? Well

  • | The Firebird and InterBase® Community Development Journal 28-Aug-2006 Pikauba Software ships a database documentor for SQL Server, Firebird and Sybase ASA databases

    Matisse The Post-Relational SQL Database
    Offers Matisse an replicated ODBMS with server-side SQL2, a version-based
    transaction mechanism and on-line schema evolution. Data definition languages is UML, ...

  • Designed to benefit both object developers and database administrators, Matisse combines native support for Object, XML and SQL within a single database

  • 10/17 Adoption of Matisse's flagship Post-Relational SQL database software, Matisse 7, continues at a brisk pace

  • 07/11 Matisse 7 and Microsoft .NET together deliver sophisticated web-based business database applications

  • 03/07 Clinic Server runs its Java based application on top of multiple Matisse databases running on Red Had Enterprise Linux servers

  • Articles 05/03 A six-part article to get started with Matisse and .NET, that covers programming with C#, VB.NET and ASP.NET 10/14 Matisse selected for complex life science application instead of relational database

  • 03/01 This article discusses the limits of using either object databases or relational databases with Java and suggests a better alternative for J2EE - a database that combines the best features of both

  • Events 01/29 - 02/02 05/16 - 05/19 06/05 - 06/06 Technology Highlights Matisse 8: The Ultimate .NET Database A Post-Relational Database, like Matisse, represents the best of both worlds: The ability to map objects from .NET directly into the database with the support of a standard query language (SQL-99) and the same scalable enterprise capabilities as found in relational products

    Provides novice users free MySQL and PostgreSQL databases with which they can
    learn SQL.

  • Navigation: | General MySQL created after 1/10/06 PostgreSQL headlines 24 Jun 06 Back Up Again 18 Feb 06 Old Server Down 12 Jan 06 Old Databases 11 Jan 06 Bug Fixed - External Connections Welcome Hi! And welcome to FreeSQL.org

  • I created this host so that users could easily create a database to practice writing SQL, and database applications without having to worry about administration

  • Important Plans New servers will offer MySQL 5 and PostgreSQL 8.0 but are currently offline Existing users can currently connect to their databases on the old servers If you are an existing user and cannot connect to your MySQL database try using the function When the new servers are online, old databases will only be available on alternate ports | Copyright © 2005, FreeSQL.org | Modified on 2005-NOV-11 by

    Database and SQL eLearning
    Database theory and an online tutorial interface to an Oracle database system,
    allowing a user to learn SQL interactively. The site automatically checks and ...

  • Database eLearning This site is focused on online database learning, revolving around an electronic textbook

  • Chapter links to the textbook are as follows: Other Sites: Database Notes Tutorial Activities Future Stuff Online Relational Algebra News

    SourceForge.net: Python SQL Database Access System
    A simple and consistent programming interface to SQL databases, in Python.
    [Open source, Python Software Foundation License]

  • Search - Python SQL Database Access System PySQLdb provides a simple and consistent programming interface to SQL databases, in Python

    visual basic, vb, active server pages (ASP),java, javscript,c, c++ ...
    Lets OOP programmers submit code for review by other programmers; many source
    code samples to help educate beginners on many concepts; contests where ...

    Structured Query Language (SQL)
    Provides original feature articles, links, forum discussions and a chat room.

  •  You are here: >>> FREE Newsletter Sign Up Now for the Databases newsletter!   Search > Structured Query Language (SQL) The Structured Query Language (SQL) forms the backbone of most modern database systems

  • These links provide the best resources on the Net for neophytes and expert database administrators alike! Articles & Resources Sort By : Guide Picks | Most large-scale databases use the Structured Query Language (SQL) to define all user and administrator interactions

  • This language offers a flexible interface for databases of all shapes and sizes

  • It allows database users to retrieve the specific information they desire from an operational database

  • The Structured Query Language (SQL) is the language of databases

  • All modern relational databases, including Access, FileMaker Pro, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle use SQL as their basic building block

  • In fact, it’s often the only way that you can truly interact with the database itself

  • Learn to create databases and tables using the Structured Query Language (SQL) in this step-by-step tutorial from your About.com Guide to Databases

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