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How to make giant bubbles, construct a bubble tube, mix a super bubble blowing
solution, and play bubble games.

  • Blow huge bubbles , long lasting bubbles

  • All you need to become a bubble blowing expert is here in Bubble Town

  • You will find building instructions for a very special bubble blowing tube, learn how to mix industrial strength bubble solutions, play bubble games, download a free poster and have fun

  • Bubble Memory When I was a young boy, wonderful free gifts came in cereal boxes

  • Bubble Invasion Even a bubble can be TO BIG! Download a color mini-poster of the monster bubble out of control

  • Bubble Engineering Years ago, I was having too much fun to wonder why this simple device could blow bubbles larger and longer-lived then the little bubble blowing rings

  • Constructing a high-technology bubble blowing tube You don't have to look in cereal boxes for your bubble blowing tube because you can make your own with only two sheets of writing or photocopy paper, masking tape and scissors

  • or Bubble Juice The solution used in making bubbles is as important as the bubble making device

  • Bubble Skills Bubble blowing techniques

  • A workshop of unusual tricks and games to enjoy while blowing bubbles Bubble Trouble Warning: This game could be dangerous to your bubbles health

    Bubble Insulated Greenhouse
    Documents a greenhouse in Canada using soap bubbles as the means of insulation.
    Photos and schematics, and a PDF article.

  • Bubble Insulated Greenhouse A first for Canada S oap bubbles, just like the ones we all used to blow through those little metal hoops

  • Yes, soap bubbles are being used in the only functional plastic covered greenhouse in the world to insulate when the outside temperature is as cold as - 30 degrees C and when the interior heat in the summer gets so hot that the plants in greenhouses need to be kept cool

  • The soap bubbles insulate when they need it and dissipate when they do not

  • Doug Avery from Avery's Garden Market Inspects the Bubble Insulated Greenhouse - February 15, 2004 Kat and Ross Elliott live about 20 minutes northwest of Perth Ontario Canada in the beautiful Tay valley area

  • Now they have their soap bubble insulated greenhouse up and running

  • The bubbler automatically fills a 30 inch insulating cavity enveloping space with soap bubbles during the cold Canadian winter nights and in the morning when the greenhouse is exposed to the sun, the bubbles dissipate allowing the sun to enter through layers of plastic

  • Ross and Kat are great people to communicate with as they are also energy efficient building specialists and passionate about sharing their accomplishment of building the first and presently only soap bubble insulated greenhouse in the world right here in Eastern Ontario Canada

    Bubbles Theme Page
    Provides links to science curricular resources and instructional materials (lesson
    plans) in the specific topic of bubbles.

  • Bubbles Theme Page This 'Theme Page' has links to two types of resources related to the study of Bubbles

  • Please read our Bubbles exist in air and are a thin film of liquid surrounding air

  • Antibubbles exist in liquids and are a thin film of air surrounding a liquid

  • This site explores antibubbles' properties, how to make them, and tricks using them

  • This site has detailed instructions on how to create antibubbles

  • Included are tips on creating bigger and better bubbles, magic tricks, bubble art & sculpture, and scientific experiments

  • (You may experience a delay in making a connection - be patient.) AskERIC Lesson Plans Three lesson plans on bubbles from the AskERIC database

  • Bubbles are used to teach primary students about the colour spectrum

  • The Exploratorium looks at the forces that mold bubbles

  • Their web site explains the science and mathematics behind the 'stickiness' of bubbles, their shape, bubble combinations, the role of soap in making bubbles, and the origin of colour

  • They also provide bubble formulae

  • This site will definitely dispel the myth that bubbles are simple things

    Wave Function of the Universe(s)
    A simple review of quantum cosmology.

  • info: SOAP BUBBLE

    Photo by

    Review: Morpheus
    Rated A by Craig White, A- by Randy Sluganski.

  • || || || || || || || || || || || || || || || || || || Over 1 Million Visitors a Month! Morpheus Developer: Soap Bubble Productions Publisher: Piranha Interactive Release Date: September 11, 1998 Platform: By and Welcome to the very first Just Adventure Double Review (for lack of a better name)

  • Randy's Review According to The American Heritage Dictionary, Morpheus is "the god of dreams and of the forms dreaming sleepers see, now existing in popular literary allusion as the god of sleep, or sleep itself." To quote the bard of "adventure" literature, "To sleep, perchance to dream, " but you may not want to dream after playing Piranha and Soap Bubble's latest release, Morpheus

    Tom Noddy, Tom Noddy's Bubble magic, Bubbles, Bubble Magic
    Performer available for indoor shows. Site has biography, previous venues, tips
    and advice, interview snippets, and contact information.

  • | Tom Noddy's Bubble Magic to join the New York City Show called Absinthe in the beautiful "Spiegeltent" set up for a two month run at: Old Fulton Fish Market South Street (Under Brooklyn Bridge) New York, NY 10038 Tickets: 212-279-4200 Regular Price: $55 Tickets Opening Date: August 3, 2006 Closing Date: October 2, 2006 Running Time: 2 hr

  • Here is one of the online places selling discount tickets: "Tom Noddy introduced America and the world to Bubble Magic via television in the early 80's

  • Before that, he spent a decade inventing and developing this astounding art." Tom's Bubble Magic has been presented on television shows all over the world..

  • Sitting alone with dime store bubble solution, a childlike sense of wonder and an adult sense of humor he brought a new thing into being: Bubble Magic

  • In his 30-plus year career as America’s Bubble Guy, he has appeared numerous times on prime time, daytime and late night television shows as well as nightclubs and universities

  • He's been the featured performer for science centers' Bubble Festivals attracting up to 17, 000 people in a single weekend

    Guide and ideas relative to creating a thin film of air surrounding liquid.

  • Antibubbles What is an Antibubble? An antibubble is the opposite of a bubble

  • A soap bubble in air is a thin film of liquid surrounding air

  • An antibubble in liquid is a thin film of air surrounding liquid

  • Note that an antibubble is different than an ordinary air bubble in liquid

  • An ordinarry air bubble is simply some air surrounded by liquid

  • An antibubble has liquid inside and outside

  • What Are Some Properties of Antibubbles? Since they are mostly water with a very thin skin of air, antibubbles are just slightly lighter than the surrounding fluid

  • Ordinary air bubbles quickly rise to the surface; antibubbles take a long time to rise to the top

  • In fact, if the inner fluid in an antibubble is somewhat heavier than the surrounding fluid, the antibubble will actually sink

  • When an antibubble pops, all that remains are some very tiny air bubbles that rapidly rise

    SMASHINGAMES.COM - Giochi Online Gratis in Flash
    Offre una raccolta di giochi online in flash e di file divertenti gratuiti.

  • Benefits

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    Solar Bubble Build
    Interior-environment control system that uses liquid bubble insulation, dynamic
    liquid cooling, and solar energy collection based on the principles of the ...

  • The UK's first solar building utilising liquid bubble insulation, dynamic liquid cooling and low-grade solar energy collection technology SSB DIY Build Images SolaRoof Technology Soap Bubble Insulated Solar Greenhouse The Solarbubblebuild is the first operational building of its kind in Europe

  • To the lay observer, the most distinguishing feature of a Solaroof building would most likely be the use of liquid bubbles to create insulation

  • When required, a mass of soap bubbles are held between two transparent skins that form the roof and walls of a Solaroof building to provide a thick transparent blanket of insulation or cooling shading

  • There are other integral components and processes working within the building, but for anyone meeting with the project for the first time, the bubbles must be the most exciting and memorable element

  • Future Eco Build Mobile demonstration module: Solar Bubble Build .com Simply, this site aims to present clearly what has been learnt in the designing, building and running of this particular build and subsequent builds

  • Harvey Rayner My name is Harvey Rayner and I am the author of this site and the owner, builder and designer of the Wrentham Solar Bubble Build

    Casey Carle puts on a program combining soap bubbles, physical comedy and artistic
    achievement. Programs available for science assemblies, corporate and civic ...

  • Welcome to BubbleMania! Casey Carle's BubbleMania - 860-873-9599 (Connecticut) | Photography: Karina Brach & Caryn Davis

    Maui handmade soap in Hawaiian gift baskets
    Soap, lotion, bubble bath sets and shower gel. Gift baskets of Hawaiian hand made
    products from Maui, Hawaii.

  • :-) » Free Cream Soap with your $25 Order » Free Cream Soap AND Bubble Bath/Body Wash with $50 Order » Free Cream Soap AND Bubble Bath/Body Wash AND » Free Shipping with $99 Order ( USA & US Territories Only ) Kukui Nut Oil Hawaiians discovered long ago that the oil pressed from the kernel of the kukui nut tree helped keep their skin soft and supple after exposure to salt water, hot sun and dry wind

  • Bubble Bath and Body Wash There are moments in the day that are just for you

  • They are colorful, fragrant, and filled with a truly unique luxurious line of fancy Cream handmade soap, lotion and bubble bath - body wash

    Bubble-O-Meter Gas Flowmeter Website
    Manufacturer and distributor of soap film gas flow meters. This is the original
    product specified to calibrate many of the digital flow meters.

  • Bubble-O-Meter Gas Flowmeter Website Bubble-O-Meter, LLC

  • Soap Bubble Gas Flow Meter Manufacturer & Distributor Welcome to our website & thank you for visiting We have enabled secure ordering via Visa & MasterCard from our Order Form for your protection

  • We offer the original soap bubble gas flow meter ( The Bubble-O-Meter tm ), patented by Michael Czuha, Jr

  • Bubble-O-Meter, LLC

  • Our only business is the manufacture, calibration & distribution of Bubble-O-Meter Gas Flow Meters and related accessories

  • The Bubble-O-Meter line of products measure the flow of all gases at various temperatures without recalibration over a wide range of flow rates

  • The Bubble-O-Meter is very simple to operate

  • Fill the bulb with Bubble Fluid , start the gas flow thru the inlet tube, compress the bulb to create a bubble, & time it as it rises between the calibration marks

  • NIST Traceability Certification is available on most Bubble-O-Meters

  • Copyright © 2006 Bubble-O-Meter, LLC Last modified: January 1, 2006 Bubble-O-Meter, Bubble Meter, Flow Meter Calibration, Gas Flow Meter, Flow Meter, Flow meter, Gas Flow Meter


    Miniclip Games - Play Free Games
    Proposes games organized by genre.

    The Bubble Blowers Museum
    Serious collector has created a site devoted to bubble blowers - big and small,
    expensive and free, cute and ugly, old and new - and to related items.

  • Note: I COLLECT bubble blowers

  • Check out the new sections: and Bubble blowers are among the oldest and most popular of children's toys

  • Even when families had no money for toys, they could find a wire to twist into a circle and some soap for blowing bubbles

  • This site is devoted to bubble blowers -- big and small, expensive and free, cute and ugly, old and new -- and to related bubble items

  • Their brightly decorated boxes usually contained a bar of soap, a dish for the soapy water, and a bubble pipe or two

  • and bubble blowers, often made of, were hot items in the 50s and 60s

  • Among the first immortalized as bubble blowers were characters from the Howdy Doody Show

  • And in recent years, rice has been replaced by bubbles at

  • You can get bubble blowers for free with kids' meals or as or you can spend a small fortune on them (for example, a tin, battery-operated Popeye bubble blower recently sold on eBay for $1, 724)

  • You can buy bubble or make them from some of the bubble on this site

  • Check out some fascinating bubble, read about, find fun and helpful bubble, and see how bubbles are used in

    Soapmaking: free soap recipes & directions.
    Free soap recipes and directions to make bar soap at home.

    May 1997 Soap Making Traditional Methods Lye Rain Water Wood Ash
    This online handbook includes easy to follow step-by-step instructions, diagrams,
    and a collection of related links.

  • If you are using `ordinary' water and you want to test it to see if some soda needs to be added, simply try to make soap bubble up (foam) in it

  • This table is from Peter Donkor's book 'Small Scale Soap Making' (Page 70) TYPES OF SOAP MADE BY THESE OILS & FATS: Oil Texture Lathering (Bubbles) Cleaning Effect On Skin Uses Neem Fairly Soft More & Stable Good Antiseptic Washing Bathing Coconut Very Hard Plenty & Fairly Stable Very Good No Effect Washing Bathing & Shaving Tallow Hard More & Stable Very Good No Effect Washing Bathing & Shaving Palm Oil Hard Less Stable Very Good No Effect Washing Bathing Palm Kernal Very Hard Plenty & Fairly Stable Good No Effect Washing Bathing Ground (pea)Nut Soft Less & Stable Very Good No Effect Washing Bathing Shea Butter Fairly Hard Fairly Good Good No Effect Washing Bathing Cocoa Butter Hard Good Good No Effect Washing Bathing GENERAL BACKGROUND INFORMATION (OVERVIEW) (The following information is to explain the basic steps of soap making

  • During " boiling down ", the mixture rises up the sides of the pot with many small bubbles (called foaming or frothing )

    Physics Demonstrations - Introduction
    Physics demonstrations, descriptions, discussions of the physics, and hazards to
    avoid. Groupings are light, magnetism, electricity, sound, heat, and motion.

  • When I cause a soap bubble filled with methane gas to explode by touching a lighted candle to it (section 2.4), no one in the audience is asleep, and I can proceed to discuss thin films, surface tension, Archimedes' principle or any number of other related topics with their full attention Where Soap Operas Rule
    Coverage of all US soap operas. Includes news, interviews, features, soap opera
    baby names, photographs, scoops, celebrity chats, polls, message boards, ...

  • It's easy to manage your member profile! Get Inside the Bubble by email! A sad soap shocker hits hard in real life Advertisement Advertisement Advertisement ©1999 - 2006 Soapdom, Inc

    Investigating Patterns: Polyhedra Pastimes
    Pastime and activity links for various geometric patterns, polygons and polyhedra
    by Jill Britton.

  • ACTIVITY 19 (Polyhedra Bubbles) Title: Comment: What is so fascinating about bubbles? Why does a bubble form a sphere at all? Why not a cube, tetrahedron, or other geometrical figure? Title: Comment: Using pipe cleaners and drinking straws, you can make 3D geometric frames: cubes, tetrahedrons, or shapes of your own design

  • Title: Comment: UK source for Kubic Bubbles , a soap film experiment kit featuring a tetrahedron, cube, octahedron and triangular prism

  • In North America, a Kubic Bubbles kit is available from

  • Special: Click on the graphic above to view the polyhedra bubbles in their frames in greater detail

  • Title: Comment: Many models you can build with will create fantastic bubble forms when dipped in a soap bubble solution

  • PDF lesson plan includes instructions and a bubble recipe

  • contains more bubble projects

    The search for extra dimensions (November 2000) - Physics World ...
    A review of higher dimensional universes and the effects on gravity.

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