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  • And she's taller than her husband - Seeking answers to big 'mystery ape' - Aug. 9, 2003

  • It was walking bipedally (upright) and was taller than her, and she's six feet tall, ' Williams said

    CNN - Books: "A Patchwork Planet" by Anne Tyler - April 14, 1998

  • Now she was slightly taller, because we'd started up the stairs and she was a step above me
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  • I can even ride her during lessons! She is so mine and the best horse in my World!!!She has always done the best she could and I could never ask her for more than that! She's is around 16hh and is taller than my head but I love tall horses!I'm training her with my trainer named Shiela and Promise, Shiela, and I are doing great! My mom bought her in Wellington, FL where I live so that she will be close noticed

  • info: SHES TALLER

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  • Thanks! Posted by benmac at 01:05 PM | June 01, 2006 Taller A couple of days ago Trixie wanted to get something out of the car

  • 'Bigger? Like a grownup?' 'No, just a little bigger.' 'Like a college kid?' 'No, just a little bigger.' 'Like a taller girl? Or a taller boy? Like one of those??' One of those ? I don't what Trixie is talking about, but it's scary

  • One of those taller girls or boys? I'm picturing freaks

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  • You'll never hear actors in the same scene with similar-sounding voices, nor will you often see a short actor paired with a love interest who's considerably taller

  • When shooting love scenes with taller actresses, they were filmed from the waist up to conceal the ditch the actress was standing in to make Ladd appear taller

  • Your height detective isn't impolitic enough to suggest Brad Pitt wears lifts, it's just that 5'-9' Pitt is 5'11' in shoes, even taller if he's standing uphill from 5'-7' girlfriend Angelina Jolie

  • He's shorter than 5'-9' Katie Holmes, unless he sits on his money, in which case he's taller than anyone in Hollywood except Tom Hanks (6'- 0.25')

  • Queen Elizabeth II is also 5'-4' which may account for those big hats that make her appear taller, not to mention the crown

  • John Barrymore at 5'-9' had to have special shoes designed to play the 4' taller Svengali, even though Svengali's a fictional character

  • His granddaughter Drew Barrymore is an inch shorter than 5'-4' Robert Blake, and a full four and a half inches shorter than 5'-7.5' Lucille Ball, married to 5'-9' Desi Arnaz, who was an inch taller than wild west outlaw Billy the Kid
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  • May 9, 2006 Okay, you tell us: which one is taller? Yeah, not exactly rocket science..

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  • Rihanna is about a foot taller than Pete Wentz, which makes sense

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  • Skarsgård and 's Ian Hart (he plays a trucker who gets involved in Kaisa and Tomas' journey) turn in typically strong performances, but Headey steals the show as the long-legged vixen with more character flaws than a politician on the take (think of a taller, thinner Heather Langenkamp with a Scottish accent)

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  • He has a tiny part in God's Army : During Elder Allen's ride from the airport to the mission home when he first arrived in Los Angeles, Larry Bagby was the taller police officer apprehending a mugger, seen out the van window.) Anne Rice Anne Rice is, of course, the world's most famous living vampire novelist (because Bram Stoker is dead)

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  • These scenes provide an anchor, an undertow, that lends a context to the lighter scenes, like the one where she is mocked by two Via Veneto prostitutes who are more elegant (and much taller) than she is

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  • But when she brings in a taller kitchen stepchair and he experiments with it, he breaks out in a sweat on the last step and gently faints into Midge's comforting arms, looking down into the deep abyss - at the side of the building where he was left hanging and faced death

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