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    Addicting the Young
    Article on recent tobacco industry tactics to recruit young customers, such as
    cartoon characters in cigarette ads, rock music promotions, and making cigarettes ...

  • But the widespread use of cartoon characters, rock stars and sports to promote cigarettes leaves little doubt that young people are primary targets of tobacco companies’ marketing campaigns

  • Reynolds’ enormously successful Camel cartoon advertising campaign as one of the most blatant efforts by tobacco companies to market cigarettes to teens and children

  • This promotion offers coupons resembling one dollar bills in every pack of filtered Camel cigarettes

  • Prior to the campaign, Camel cigarettes were smoked by less than 1 percent of smokers under age 18

  • But now, when you see teenage boys - people the cigarette companies aren’t supposed to be targeting in the first place - going crazy for this guy, you know they’re hitting their target.' The JAMA studies reveal that the Joe Camel campaign has been tremendously successful in raising brand recognition among young people, who, one of the studies shows, are able to identify the Joe Camel character at a much higher rate than adults

  • Nearly one third of 3-year-olds correctly identified the Joe Camel cartoon character as representing cigarettes, while among six- year-old children, Joe was recognized at the same rate as the Mickey Mouse logo used for the Disney television channel


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    The Case for Banning Advertising and Promotion of Tobacco
    Short factsheet lists the different kinds of promotion the tobacco industry does,
    and the returns it gets on each kind.

  • Research suggests that even very young children are profoundly influenced by cigarette advertising

  • When shown an advertisement for "JPS Grand Prix Holidays" which did not mention cigarettes or carry a Government Health Warning, 91% of 12-16 year-olds said it advertised cigarettes

  • Children aged 10-12 who approve of cigarette advertising are twice as likely to become smokers within a year as children who disapprove of it

  • Under-age smokers pay more attention to cigarette ads, and get more pleasure and reward from them, than non-smokers

  • They are also consistently better at recognizing and recalling cigarette ads, even when the ads do not show brand names

  • In the US, Camel cigarettes have been advertised using a large camel character called Joe Camel, or "Old Joe"

  • Before the launch of the campaign in 1988, Camel brand cigarettes were smoked by less than 1% of under-18 smokers

  • Nearly one-third of 3-year-olds correctly identified "Old Joe" as representing cigarettes

  • Avoiding ad bans Cigarette companies have known for years that advertising their brands would become increasingly difficult

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    Industry youth-oriented marketing strategies in the US and around the world.

  • The most promising 'replacement smokers' are young people: 90% of smokers begin before they're 21, and 60% before they're 14! To find their new customers, every day US tobacco companies spend $11 million to advertise and promote cigarettes -- more than the US Federal Office on Smoking and Health spends to prevent smoking in an entire year

  • US Youth: 'Cool' Customers In the US, cigarette advertising links smoking with being 'cool', taking risks, and growing up

  • Industries aggressively hawk cigarettes with slogans like; 'L & M: The Way America Tastes, ' 'Winston: The Spirit of the USA' and 'Lucky Strikes: An American Original.' These themes, and the images that accompany them, expand the appeal of this deadly product beyond what has in many countries been an adult male marketûto young people and women

  • YOUTH-ORIENTED TOBACCO PROMOTION Some promotional tactics proven effective in reaching young people around the world include the use of cartoon images, free cigarette giveaways, sponsorship of events that especially appeal to young people, and the use of cigarette logos on youth-oriented products

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    Tobacco: A Global Killer (PDF)
    Short factsheet outlines and provides examples of massive tobacco promotion around
    the globe, and summarizes the consequences.


    Cigarette Commercials: TVparty!
    Cigarette manufacturers were one of the first industries to advertise widely on
    television; article gives examples of shows and ads.

  • :Cigarette Advertising on TV: by your matchless friend, Billy Ingram with video contributions from Jeff Vilencia and Wesley Hyatt LIGHTEN UP & LIGHT UP (OR VICE VERSA) Cigarette manufacturers were one of the first industries to advertise widely on television

  • This could explain the look on Carroll's face." At the end of this particular Topper episode, Anne Jeffries declares that free cigarettes are going out to injured servicemen in veterans hospitals around the country

  • Smoke up boys, doctor's orders! (1951-1957) was also sponsored by a cigarette maker for a while, Phillip Morris, who promised their customers, "Smoke for pleasure today

  • No cigarette hangover tomorrow!" That sponsorship meant added scenes of Lucy and Desi smoking in the program's intro and the "Call for Phillip Moooriiiiuuss" kid in commercial transitions

  • Desi asks for a cigarette and Lucy happily fetches the Phillip Morris - "You see how easy it is to keep your man happy?" she confides

  • One of TV's first stars was the of the early 1950s, a truly bizarre advertising concoction - an oversized cigarette pack with lovely legs that danced aimlessly around in front of a curtain while the announcer promised a taste, "made by tobacco men, not medicine men." Because if you're going to ingest something into your lungs, better it was sanctioned by a North Carolina dirt scratcher than some high falutin' doctor, right? Jeanne Snow tells us about being a dancing cigarette pack: "My dancing career is so long behind me but the Old Gold commercial keeps coming up in current TV

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    Court TV Tobacco Litigation Documents: McLean v. Philip Morris
    David McClean, who was the Marlboro Man for Philip Morris, died of lung cancer
    caused by smoking. The text of his widow's lawsuit against Philip Morris provides ...

  • McLean was featured in a long-running campaign for Philip Morris' most popular brand of cigarettes

  • McLean's widow alleges that he routinely smoked as many as five packs of cigarettes a day in the course of shooting print and television commercials

  • The portrait of a rugged, adventurous cowboy smoking a cigarette atop a horse against a scenic mountainous backdrop is used effectively to this day, making Marlboro the best selling cigarette in the world

  • Cigarettes killed the Marlboro Man

  • David McLean purchased and smoked cigarettes that were manufactured and sold by Defendants in the Eastern District of Texas

  • Additionally, Defendants advertised in this District, received substantial compensation and profits from the sales of cigarettes in this District, and made material omissions and misrepresentations and breached warranties in this District

  • Due to his addiction to nicotine, David McLean used and could not discontinue the use of cigarettes, which caused him to die of lung cancer in 1995

  • Defendant Philip Morris manufactures, advertises and sells Marlboro, Philip Morris, Merit, Cambridge, Benson & Hedges, Virginia Slims, Alpine, Dunhill, English Ovals, Galaxy, Players, Saratogo and Parliament cigarettes throughout the United States and in Texas

    Fighting for Lungs and Minds in Asia (
    Article on targetting of Asia by the tobacco industry.

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  • Theo Rooyakkers (Director) Miksebaan 238-links 2930 Brasschaat Belgium Phone : +32 (0)3 653 1120 GSM/Cellular phone : +32 (0)75 246 370 Fax : +32 (0)3 653 1344 E-mail : Please do not contact us about: Marlboro Miles, Marlboro coupons or cigarette complaints

  • Marlboro - Winston - Camel - State Express 555 - Benson & Hedges - Rothmans - Mild Seven Cigarette brands A summary of the cigarette brands we are dealing with: Philip Morris Products Inc.: Marlboro cigarettes (King Size Flip Top Box) Marlboro cigarettes Soft Pack Marlboro Lights cigarettes Marlboro 100's cigarettes Parliament cigarettes Merit cigarettes Multifilter cigarettes Muratti Ambassador cigarettes L & M cigarettes L & M Lights cigarettes R.J

  • Keywords: Official website of Phillip Morris is filter redeeme miles handelaar trader import export cheap discount cigarettes sigaretten sigarete tobacco tabak where can I find

    Creating a global tobacco culture among women
    Book chapter explores tobacco industry promotion worldwide targeting women.

  • The article is an abridged version of a contribution by Dr Amos and Professor Judith Mackay, entitled International Marketing of Cigarettes to Women, to the forthcoming US Surgeon General's report on women and tobacco, and was the basis for a talk Dr Amos gave at the Smokefree Europe Conference

  • Indeed, in several southern, central and eastern European countries, cigarette smoking is either still increasing among women or has not shown any significant decline

  • Most women, however, live in developing countries, where currently only between 2-10% smoke cigarettes

  • Direct advertising A range of images and themes are used in cigarette advertisements to promote the social acceptability of smoking among women and highlight the supposed desirable attributes of particular brands of cigarettes

  • In Poland the brand Carmen has been advertised with the copy line 'Aesthetic, good taste, elegance.' One of the most common themes found in Europe, and which is increasingly used in developing countries, is that cigarette smoking is both a passport to and a symbol of a woman's emancipation, independence and success

  • One of the most common themes found in Europe, and which is increasingly used in developing countries, is that cigarette smoking is both a passport to and a symbol of a woman's emancipation, independence and success

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