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  • RFID Training & Education Click for additional details Speaker Spotlight : Opening Remarks by Rob Atkinson (President, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation) at the 16th Annual 'Computers, Freedom and Privacy Conference' debate with Katherine Albrecht

  • Spotlight On: RFID (video) Executive Interviews: August 16, 2006 AberdeenGroup New AberdeenGroup research finds that, among other things, selecting a scalable technology and remaining flexible in the way technology is deployed contributes to the ability of a company to turn a successful RFID pilot program into enterprise-wide process improvement

  • August 17, 2006 Electronics Supply & Manufacturing It's no hype: RFID technology can help your company automate operations and lower costs

  • Speaker: Dave Siegfried, IS Manager RFID or Radio Frequency Identification has quickly become a widely debated topic in today’s technology business commerce discussions

  • The RFID in the Enterprise Handbook is about successfully incorporating RFID Technology into existing Enterprise Automation Systems to cut costs dramatically

    RFID Journal - RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Technology ...
    Offers news and information about RFID and its many business applications.

  • Latest Headlines › › › › › › › › › › › › › FEATURED STORIES FREE Premium Content Efforts are afoot to merge passive and active RFID hardware with other wireless protocols and technology such as Wi-Fi, ZigBee and sensors

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  • Our sites are W3C compliant: Custom designed byKlaus Krombholz Business, Economy & Finance Ecommerce & Internet Life Sciences Consumer Electronics Technology Gaming & Gambling Dreams Recreation & Sports Educate Me Family & Home Wireless Filed in archive by on August 10, 2006 Even military forces are realizing the importance of RFID and this time it is the turn of or SAF to use RFID network and software platform which could be interoperable with similar network solutions which have been deployed by NATO and other allied defense forces


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    RFID Talk - Discussion of RFID technology
    Forums for discussion of RFID technology and issues.

    RFID Tags - Supply Chain Management - Asset Management
    Markets a complete line of data collection hardware, network devices, mobile
    computers, bar code printers and label supplies.

    RFID Gazette
    Blog with news and discussion about radio frequency identification.

  • [via ] The Spanish Armed Forces (SAF) are now using the RFID-enabled Savi Consignment Management Solution (CMS) from Savi Technology (part of Lockheed Martin Corp)

  • [via ] Ohio University's Center for Automatic Identification is getting an () display showcasing RFID technology

  • [The via ] A new report written by Stanford University professors confirms that RFID technology can help in a business' supply chain, especially coupled with other technologies such as (Global Positioning Systems)

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  • Expert Aug 4 Jim Jul 24 Jozep Jul 17 James Jun '06 James Jun '06 | Tuesday Aug 8 | Market Wire | August 08, 2006 -- Thursday | RFID News You ask, where's the beef? The new answer: Tagged by technology, so it can be tracked

  • Monday Aug 7 | Technewsworld.com 'Over the past year, a broader look is being taken at RFID as an enabling technology for all industries, ' Jean Kaplan, a research analyst with IDC told CRM Buyer

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    Alien Technology
    Makes very low cost, flexible, reflective and emissive active matrix displays
    for hand-held systems. May have revolutionary cost/performance by using Fluidic ...

  • News August 04, 2006 Alien Technology® Withdraws Registration Statement for Initial Public Offering June 26, 2006 University of Alaska Anchorage Selects Alien Technology® RFID Products and Services for Joint Military Services End-to-End Supply Chain Deployment June 12, 2006 Alien Technology® Introduces European Standards-Compliant ALR-8800 Enterprise RFID Reader June 8, 2006 Alien Technology® Awarded EPCglobal Certification Mark for Gen 2 RFID Integrated Circuit June 1, 2006 Alien Technology® Files Declaratory Judgment Action Against Intermec to Prove Non-Infringement of RFID patents Events October 17-19, 2006 EPCglobal U.S

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  • With applications ranging from industrial automation, access control, animal identification, ePassport and ticketing, RFID technology solutions are receiving much attention in the research and development departments of large corporations

  • RFID is a major growth area in auto ID, providing the technology behind contactless smart cards, production automation and the electronic supply chain

  • The RFID Handbook includes all the latest information on industry standards and applications, this book provides a standard reference for people working with RFID technology

  • Detailed appendix providing up-to-date information on relevant ISO standards and regulations, including descriptions of ISO 14443 for contactless ticketing and ISO 15693 covering the smartlabel A leading edge reference for this rapidly evolving technology, this text is of interest to practitioners in auto ID and IT designing RFID products and end-users of RFID technology, computer and electronics engineers in security system development and microchip designers, automation, industrial and transport engineers and materials handling specialists

    The Trouble with RFID
    Long article about privacy concerns related to the technology.

  • Garfinkel was chair of the RFID Privacy Workshop, held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology last November 15

  • These devices, called Radio Frequency Identification tags, are based on the same technology that lets cars pay E-ZPASS tolls without stopping

  • Last January Gillette announced plans to order 500 million RFID chips from a California manufacturing firm called Alien Technology; Gillette plans to put the tags into packages of its razors and blades so that the high-value consumer goods can be tracked as they move from the factory through distribution and eventually to the store shelf

  • This wireless technology could save American businesses billions of dollars

  • So why did the American Civil Liberties Union, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, The World Privacy Forum and a dozen other organizations ask for a voluntary moratorium on RFID technology in consumer goods? Because this use of RFID could enable an omnipresent police surveillance state, it could erode further what's left of consumer privacy and it could make identity theft even easier than it has already become

  • RFID is such a potentially dangerous technology because RFID chips can be embedded into products and clothing and covertly read without our knowledge

    Biomark - Passive RFID Tag, EID Tag, PIT Tag, Reader, and Antenna ...
    Electronic identification technology for animals. Information about tags and
    readers available.

  • We specialize in PIT () technology providing a variety of for

  • Through research and testing PIT technology has been shown to be a reliable and effective method of

  • have confirmed that PIT technology is a reliable and promising method of identifying and monitoring individuals over long periods of time

  • We continually work to provide information and make suggestions to improve as they relate to RFID technology

  • Biomark has a genuine interest in the variety of ways in which PIT technology is currently being used and we are excited to see how it will be used in the future

  • RFID and PIT Technology Explained () uses a signal transmitted between an electronic device, such as a '', '' or '' and a reading device, such as a '', '' or ''

  • RFID technology identifies objects remotely through the use of radio frequencies


    Objective advice, comparisons and information on RFID ...
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  • Sponsored Links RFID Exchange is the global source for objective advice on RFID Technology

  • Forum - our on-line can be used to share experiences, ask questions and receive up to the minute advice on the many practical implementation issues with RFID technology - you can get email updates of posts and discussions on the Forum! The Forum also provides an opportuntity to explore some of the more philosophical or privacy and public interest issues associated with the technology - please check it out! Radio Frequency Identification (RF-ID or RFID) Technology and Solutions are here to stay

  • A by the FDA has endorsed RFID technology as a realistic way to tackle the international issues of drug counterfeiting and piracy

  • Suppliers to these companies can simply react and attach RFID tags to their pallets and crates, or they can re-engineer their own processes to maximise the benefits to be gained from full integration of the technology into their operations - this site is here to, from CEO to hardware installers, to choose the right solution for the opportunity

  • A full RFID solution is complex - requiring interconnections into global addressing databases, but the ultimate benefits will be far greater than a simple reaction to "stick on some RFID tags." The best place to start is the - a simple explanation of RFID technology, the role of the EPC Global and Auto-ID labs and an indication of some of the issues that need to be taken into account in an implementation project

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