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  • RFID Training & Education Click for additional details Speaker Spotlight : Opening Remarks by Rob Atkinson (President, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation) at the 16th Annual 'Computers, Freedom and Privacy Conference' debate with Katherine Albrecht

  • AIM Global Spotlights RFID Privacy and Security A listing of significant and policy statements on privacy and security published by AIM since 2003

    IPC - Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner/Ontario
    Provides independent reviews of government decisions and practices concerning
    access and privacy, under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act ...

  • Welcome to the Web site of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, • August 28, 2006 •

  • The Information and Privacy Commissioner / Ontario (IPC) Web site is provided as a public service to promote greater understanding and awareness of access and privacy

    The Trouble with RFID
    Long article about privacy concerns related to the technology.

  • Garfinkel was chair of the RFID Privacy Workshop, held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology last November 15

  • More information on RFID and related privacy issues can be found at

  • On November 15, fifteen privacy and consumer organizations called for manufacturers to voluntarily hold off on their plans to equip consumer goods with wireless tracking devices

  • So why did the American Civil Liberties Union, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, The World Privacy Forum and a dozen other organizations ask for a voluntary moratorium on RFID technology in consumer goods? Because this use of RFID could enable an omnipresent police surveillance state, it could erode further what's left of consumer privacy and it could make identity theft even easier than it has already become

  • Despite these fears, the privacy activists aren't saying that RFID technology should be abandoned

  • If companies do not voluntarily abide by these principles, we should push to have them incorporated into the laws that protect our privacy rights at the state and federal level

  • also by Simson Garfinkel 02/28/2000 issue related articles Joseph Huff-Hannon | At a time when free expression and the right to privacy are under attack, librarians are on the front lines protecting our constitutional rights every day

    Electronic Privacy Information Center
    EPIC is a public interest research center. Tracks news and legislation on First
    Amendment, and constitutional issues of privacy.

  • 8) Governments, Public Interest Groups Support WHOIS Privacy ICANN has posted the written statements of several and entities supporting privacy in the WHOIS database

  • Private organizations, including the and the, also supported this formulation, which would pave the way for implementing better WHOIS privacy in the future

  • Youth groups, privacy and civil liberties organizations the measures, which will be in force for 90 days

  • 19) In Congress, EPIC Urges Privacy Safeguards for WHOIS Data EPIC Executive Director Marc Rotenberg testified before the in support of new privacy safeguards for WHOIS, the directory of Internet domain owners

  • (Jul.18) AT&T Fined $550, 000 for Privacy Failures In a (pdf) reached with the Federal Communications Commission, AT&T agreed to pay $550, 000 in a case concerning consumer privacy

  • 10) Illinois Outlaws Pretexting, Adopts New Privacy Safeguards Illinois Governor Rod R

  • In the past year, Illinois has passed several laws to protect consumer privacy, including measures that address identity theft, limit the use of the Social Security Number, require notification of security breeches, and allow state residents to put a security freeze on their credit report if they believe their personal information has been compromised

  • info: RFID PRIVACY

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    CASPIAN - Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering
    Consumer group opposed to supermarket "club cards" and loyalty programs. Lists the
    card status of supermarkets across the US.

  • Update: SmartBargains.com Privacy policy updated after initial article In an update from an earlier article, we take another look at the SmartBargains privacy policy Name that..

  • *This email address and phone number are unable to process anything other than media requests.* For general information, comments or suggestions please use our CASPIAN Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering An information clearinghouse and resource for community and national action © 1999-2004

    News coverage and feature stories from Computerworld about privacy issues,
    including such things as online advertising, profiling, customer data, ...

  • prepares to shift to controversial RFID-based electronic passports, security and privacy concerns rage around the documents

    Wikipedia: RFID
    Uitleg over deze techniek en haar toepassingen in een open online encyclopedie.

  • supermarkt, bagageafhandeling, ) zullen grootschalige toepassingen waarschijnlijk pas mogelijk zijn als die in overeenstemming met de privacy-wetgeving kunnen worden gebracht

  • [] Privacybezwaren RFID biedt de mogelijkheid om aan massale monitoring te doen die voorheen slechts het onderwerp van fantasieën waren, inclusief het volgen van mensen door RFID-tags in hun kleren, het ontdekken van inhoud van huizen door naar aanwezige RFID-tags te kijken

    Privacy Digest: Privacy News (Civil Rights, Encryption, Free ...
    Covers the items directly and indirectly impacting your privacy such as cryptography,
    wiretaps, free speech, DNA and genetic testing, and database tracking in ...

  • Privacy Digest: Privacy News (Civil Rights, Encryption, Free Speech, Cryptography) Your source for news that can impact people's privacy

  • August 2006 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 3 5 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Sep Web PrivacyDigest.com Navigation Specialized topic sections Other Projects Lots Of Good Music , Lots Of Good Books , United Kingdom(UK) Lots Of Good Music(UK) , Deutschland(DE) Lots Of Good Musik (DE) , Monday, August 7, 2006 Pro-Beijing lawmakers in Hong Kong have approved legislation granting authority to police to conduct covert surveillance

  • The Democratic party and other opponents of the bill had reportedly tried to introduce close to 200 amendments in four days of debates, many of them citing the issue of personal privacy

  • The data is available all over the Net, and AOL may have violated its own privacy policy as well as existing federal law

  • Congress should heed the lessons of this Data Valdez and enhance protections for your privacy

  • Particularly considering over the Department of Justice's demands for just this kind of information from Google only months ago, AOL's actions demonstrate a shocking disregard for user privacy

  • Benefits

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    RFID news and information from privacy skeptics and industry contributors.

  • Posted by andersja | Sponsored links RFID virus created March 22, 2006 sent me a link to BetaNews, who reports: Radio chips being marketed as a replacement for the barcode threaten consumer privacy and are able to carry a virus, Dutch university scientists revealed on Wednesday

  • Quoting from : '•Nisbet's personal belongings freely traded through Canada, the United States and Mexico in a commercial transport truck •An extended cross-border performance confronting issues of free trade •A critique of the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) surveillance and the risk of privacy infringement' Nisbet's intent is that the project continue indefinitely, even after the initial 6-month period

  • 'Based in the UK, Watching Them, Watching Us started out as an online privacy campaign, calling for the fair regulation of public CCTV surveillance camera schemes

  • This has now expanded to also try to to highlight threats to privacy and civil liberties caused by the technological ignorance of politicians, bureaucrats and the media, who often promise technological magic fixes to wider social problems.' Trevor describes himself as 'writer, civil liberties campaigner and trainee sybarite'

    RFID Gazette
    Blog with news and discussion about radio frequency identification.

    UK-based consumer group providing information on RFID electronic tagging of goods,
    plus comment opposing the technology.

  • to create Big Brother database on every UK child Home Page Features & Stories Welcome Our aim is to inform citizens of the advances in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and the potential impact these devices could have on individual privacy and liberty

  • “Privacy is the power to selectively reveal oneself to the world” Contact notags: Tel: 07910 404 916 action@notags.co.uk Latest News RFID Passports hacked!!! Tag and beacon (RFID) proposed for London The BBC looks at RFID in ‘The Real Big Brother’ Ubisense And you thought Orwell’s ‘Big Brother’ was fiction? Notags founder invited to speak at Eurpoean Commission workshop on RFID

    RFID Journal - RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Technology ...
    Offers news and information about RFID and its many business applications.


    EFF: Homepage
    Non-profit, non-partisan organization, founded by Mitch Kapor and John Perry
    Barlow, working to protect fundamental civil liberties, including privacy and ...

  • AT&T banners! Stop the RIAA Lawsuits! Privacy Software Grab Some Swag Thanks Server hosting and bandwidth services donated by the good folks at, and

  • , July 20, 2006 Texas Judge Briefed by EFF Affirms Phone Privacy In the first ruling of its kind, a federal magistrate judge has held that the government must obtain a search warrant to collect the content of a telephone call, even when that content is dialed digits like bank account numbers, social security numbers or prescription refills

    Studio Gonella Consulenze CED - Consulenza Fiscale, Condominiale ...
    [Imperia] Consulenza Fiscale, Condominiale, Tributaria, Societaria e sul Lavoro.
    Descrizione attività.

  • Info Servizi Privacy E-Commerce Credits * * * * * * Links * * * * * * * * SGC per il sociale * * * E-Commerce La sempre maggiore diffusione delle tecnologie digitali e lo sviluppo dell'attività commerciale on-line, impongono l'analisi di rilevanti problematiche

  • Privacy Lo Studio Gonella Consulenze si occupa della consulenza in materia di Privacy

  • digitale: gruppo di lavoro Garante-Cnipa Casellario informatico e trasparenza negli appalti Garanti Ue: chieste più tutele per i visti di soggiorno In albergo maggiore riservatezza per i clienti Norme antiriciclaggio e garanzie per le persone Foto segnaletiche e dignità della persone Giornalismo: codice della privacy e segreto professionale Export di dati e garanzie per le persone La lotta al terrorismo negli Usa Bollette telefoniche e dati sui mancati pagamenti Il Garante al Quirinale Innovazione tecnologica e privacy nella P.a

  • Il parere del Garante Privacy e giornalismo: non si può scrivere 'bambino adottato' Internet: informative chiare e consenso libero La direttiva della funzione pubblica sulla protezione dei dati personali Multinazionali ed export di dati personali Questionari a scuola e garanzie per alunni e genitori A Cracovia la conferenza dei Garanti Ue Insediato il nuovo collegio del Garante

    Emerce Rfid
    RFID-portal van Emerce.

  • De beste man is hoofd van een organisatie die de rechten van de mensen op het gebied van privacy issues in de gaten houdt

    RFID Talk - Discussion of RFID technology
    Forums for discussion of RFID technology and issues.

  • Below you will find discussions on all aspects of RFID, including news, market developments, privacy issues, jobs, and vendor offerings

  • 1526 517 09-11-2006 02:43 AM by Privacy, consumer protection, regulation and other policy issues here

    HID - The Trusted Brand
    Manufacturer of RFID access systems using proximity cards and readers.

    The RFID Weblog: Main Page - Implementation and Application of ...
    Entrepreneur writes about information technology and RFID.

    RFID News
    News on RFID collected from diverse sources on the web.

    Paul Syverson Home Page
    Mathematician at the Center for High Assurance Computer Systems (CHACS) of the
    Naval Research Laboratory. Publications, research information, and contact ...

  • Program Chair, IEEE Computer Security Foundations Workshop (CSFW) 1999 and 2000 Editor, Cipher Newsletter of the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Security and Privacy, 1998 -- 2000 Primary Research interests: Secure System Design Anonymity Mechanisms Reliability Mechanisms Security Analysis, Logic, Formal Methods Specification and Analysis of Anonymity Specification and Analysis of Security Protocols Projects and Funding , is a family of projects sponsored by DARPA, CNO, and ONR on designing and using low latency communication resistant to traffic analysis)

  • &nbsp&nbsp&nbspAbstract, PDF, PS, and PS.GZ High-Power Proxies for Enhancing RFID Privacy and Utility

  • &nbsp&nbsp&nbspPDF What Price Privacy? (and why identity theft is about neither identity nor theft)

  • &nbsp&nbsp&nbspPDF The Paradoxical Value of Privacy

  • &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp PDF, PS Reputation in Privacy Enhancing Technologies

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