AARP Reverse Mortgages
The American Association of Retired Persons explains all about reverse mortgages.
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Reverse Engineering Compiler
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Reverse Mortgages: Get the Facts Before Cashing In On Your Home’s ...
What they are and how they work.

  • In a “regular” mortgage, you make monthly payments to the lender

  • But in a “reverse” mortgage, you receive money from the lender and generally don’t have to pay it back for as long as you live in your home

  • But they are not available everywhere, and they only can be used for one purpose specified by the government or nonprofit lender, for example, to pay for home repairs, improvements, or property taxes

  • As you consider a reverse mortgage, be aware that: Lenders generally charge origination fees and other closing costs for a reverse mortgage

  • Lenders also may charge servicing fees during the term of the mortgage

  • The lender generally sets these fees and costs

  • Learn as much as you can about reverse mortgages before you talk to a counselor or lender

  • If you are interested in a federally-insured HECM, know that all HECM lenders must follow HUD rules, and that many of the loan costs including the interest rate will be the same no matter which lender you select

  • Still, some costs including the origination fee, other closing costs, and servicing fees may vary among lenders

  • Benefits

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    Reverse Garbage
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    Reverse Mortgages - American Reverse Mortgage
    Providing FHA, FannieMae and cash account reverse mortgages to senior Americans
    62 and over. Based in Ocala.

  • America's Reverse Mortgage Lender™ Good News! Effective January 1, 2006, new FHA County Loan Limit Minimums increased from $172, 632 to $200, 160

  • Company Commitment: Most lenders offer conventional or "forward" mortgages as their primary means of doing business

    Reverse Engineering Team
    Contains projects, papers and tools.

    Reverse Racism, or How the Pot Got to Call the Kettle Black
    Includes an article on reverse racism and discrimination.

    Reverse Engineering Tools
    Sizable list of over 50 tools (many freeware) with very brief descriptions and links.

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    Texas Reverse Mortgage - Reverse mortgages give older Texans ...
    Provides reverse mortgage services in Texas.

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