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  • Fiscal Agents Financial Tools provides access to investment and planning calculators designed to assist you in exploring your financial options and opportunities

  • Discover your net worth with our easy to use calculator, find out more about the costs of owning a home and use our Investor Tester to gain a better understanding of your investment objectives and risk comfort level

  • Daily life has a habit of coming at us with unexpected twists and turns and this is where our other planner and calculators can come in handy

  • Whether you are setting goals for the immediate future, such as education, or planning for the future, these calculators may prove to be indispensable

  • Retirement Planning Calculators This simple 5 step calculator makes easy work of complex pension puzzle process

  • Savings & Investments Calculators Displays accrued interest on differing amounts of capital over specific amounts of time

  • Mortgage & Loan Calculators Calculate various aspects of your mortgage with with quick calculator

  • If you have a chequing or savings account at a Canadian financial institution, this calculator will allow you to compare your monthly service charges with those you would pay for various accounts or service packages at other financial institutions

    Top rated professional quality personal financial planning ...
    Retirement and financial planning software. [Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP] 21-day
    free trial. Three versions available.

  • If you have any problems downloading these files would you please e-mail us at Download the Professional Version Download the Retirement Version Download the Regular Version Download the Rule 72T Calculator Download the Financial Tool Set Planner Example Screens Summary Screen Accounts Screen Scenario Screen Results Screen Net Worth Screen Incoming/Outgoing Screen Incoming Screen Outgoing Screen Groups Screen Asset Allocation Screen Account Graph Screen Graphics Screen Reports Cash Flow Report Input/Output Summary Report Portfolio Rate of Return Report The following reports are available with the retirement or professional version only

  • "Imagine a $59.95 retirement and financial planning software program that also has calculators for mortgages, refinance analysis, accelerated mortgage payments, inflation, trade-off analysis, required minimum distributions and credit card payoffs -- then add Monte Carlo simulation, ability to import or export tab- or comma-delimited files, and a 64-page PDF instruction manual." "Basic analysis tools cover the gamut of PFP practices", by Steven Levey

  • ZDnet Anchor Desk Review Purchase our financial planning products on-line from one of these secure sites: Site licensing and multi-computer usage available here To purchase by mail click here --> Purchase our financial planning products on-line from one of these secure sites: There are three versions of the Financial Planning Software Regular - $69.95 Retirement - $89.95 Professional - $129.95 Stand Alone Tools Rule 72T Calculator $24.95 Rule 72T Description Financial Tool Set $34.95 Compare the 3 Versions of J&L's Financial Planning Software These features are included in all 3 versions of the financial planning software and the toolset

    IRA Distributions, Retirement Planning, Investing and Estate ...
    Offering fee-based advisory for retirement, investment and estate planning needs.
    Specializes in IRAs and the education process of investing.

  • Thanks again for visiting and please let us know what you think of our site by clicking on - But first - Check out our article in the Learning Center to find out why retirement calculators are suggesting overly rosy investment scenarios


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    Retirement Calculator
    Arizona based company providing customized financial education workshops and
    financial planning software that educate employees about the value of their company ...

  • LifeFocus , our financial life planning software goes way beyond a simple retirement calculator

    CSRS FERS Calculator Retirement Benefits Federal Employees
    CSRS and FERS retirement benefits and planning calculation software for Federal
    employees, professional retirement planners, insurance agents, ...

  • Federal Retirement Benefits Calculator For Federal Employees FREE CSRS FERS CSRS Offset CSRS to FERS Transfer Regular Postal Air Traffic Controllers Firefighters Law Enforcement MRA + 10 (FERS) Try it for 30 days

  • For Organizations Federal Agencies Federal Managers Federal Unions Federal Personnel Offices Financial Planners Insurance Agencies Available in three editions! Created for: Regular, Postal, Air Traffic Controllers, Firefighters, Law Enforcement, CSRS, FERS, CSRS Offset, and CSRS to FERS Transfer Employees FREE CSRS and FERS Benefits Calculator Personal Lite software enables federal employees to calculate retirement: Eligibility, Annuities, Years of Service, COLA, and other retirement related details

  • for a full list of features! FREE are available for 2006 customers! _ New! Three steps you can take to plan for an Affordable Federal CSRS or FERS Retirement Federal Retirement Affordability Analysis Kit FREE Report FREE Workbook FREE Spreadsheet _ Benefits Calculator + Federal Retirement Planning = _ Search our Website powered by _ Decision Support Software PO Box 2368 Granite Bay, CA 95746 (916) 791-1002 phone (707) 220-7061 fax We are a grassroots coalition of Gold Star families, veterans, families with loved ones in harm's way, and Americans who share a deep appreciation for our men and women in uniform and support them in their efforts to make America safer by winning the War On Terror

    Kiplinger - Publisher of timely and trusted personal finance ...
    Investing, personal finance, calculators and financial advice.

    Financial Calculators at
    Mortgage, auto, loan, investment, retirement, and tax calculators.

  • Financial Calculators for your website! Try all 250+ of our financial calculators! Each with dynamic graphs, customizable page layouts, colors and reports that are ready to put on your website! For additional information please take a look at our, and read our most Make sure to take a look at our calculators! Mortgage Calculators , Retirement Savings & Planning , Business Calculators , Loan Calculators , Personal Finance , Investment Calculators , Taxes , Auto Calculators , Credit Cards & Debt , Savings Calculators , Calculators specifically designed for Australia! , Mortgage Calculators Auto Calculators Savings Calculators Personal Finance Loans & Debt Please note that all financial calculators require a browser that can display Java™ applets

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  • PMB #111 Minneapolis, MN 55413 KJE Computer Solutions, LLC's information and interactive calculators are made available to you as self-help tools for your independent use and are not intended to provide investment advice

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    Hugh's Mortgage and Financial Calculators
    Large collection of tools for evaluating mortgage rates, retirement options, tax
    policies, the lifetime effects of daily personal expenditures, ...

  • Hugh's Mortgage and Financial Calculators to help me keep my site free and ad-free indefinitely! Categories: | - Instead of searching a dictionary list of words, I just print out all 720 possibilities for a combination of any 6 characters

  • Just think of an eight word phrase that you can remember that no one else would and you are set! - Many of my 'wealth' calculators had old numbers, but I found some new statistics from a 2006 survey on how much people have saved up for their retirement

  • Here is a simple JavaScript calculator for counting up change like after a big garage sale

  • I was having such fun writing up my little mortgage payment program for Windows that I wrote up a little utility for doing all those middle school calculations that takes thirty keystrokes on an old calculator

  • Okay, I have answered one too many e-mails on interest only loans! Here is a calculator that can answer all your questions

  • Here's a simple little JavaScript calculator that shows you the It also shows the after-tax return on your investment income

  • Here is a simple JavaScript example for an interactive calculator Retirement
    Features news, special reports and long-term strategies on saving for retirement.

  • () Savings Calculator TAXABLE ACCOUNTS How much you have: $ How much you will save: $ TAX-DEFERRED ACCOUNTS How much you have: $ How much you will save: $ Years you will save:   • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • * : Time reflects local markets trading time

    Retirement Planning - Mathisen Financial, Inc.
    Retirement planning, insurance options, mutual funds and tax strategies for the
    long-term investor.

    Financial Planning New Zealand, Retirement, Savings, Calculators ...
    Offers New Zealand financial planning advice and calculators to help get debt,
    investments and retirement sorted.

  • Whether you’re making a budget or getting your debt sorted, our online calculators make it easy


    Sensible-Investor's Guide to College Savings
    Sensible-Investor ranks the top sites about saving for college.

  • Planning Answer Center offers a few calculators and several useful magazine articles about saving for college, including “Tax-Wise Ways to Save for College” and “How Will You Get There? (First of all, don’t panic.)” Also: A valuable interactive worksheet that calculates roughly how much a typical school would expect a family would be able to pay for a college student’s education, based on income, assets and family size

  • The site's calculator tells you how much you'd need to set aside each month, (based on your current savings, expected rate of return, expected tuition expenses, expected level of financial aid, and expected rate of return on your investments between now and then)

    Social Security - Retirement Planning - AARP
    Retirement planning. Is Social Security really broken? Plus, the truth about "The

    Investments, IRA, stocks, New Horizon Financial
    Stocks, bonds, annuities, mutual funds, college planning, life insurance, asset
    allocation, disability insurance, retirement planning.

    Financial Planning Software: Investment Software and Money ...
    Features a variety of personal finance software.

  • There are detailed instructions for most financial plan calculators so anyone with basic can use them

  • · Support on these money calculators never expires

  • · This is also the place for people who are annoyed by e-commerce: This website and money calculators are 100% clean

  • Excel-based retirement savings calculator for projecting detailed incomes, expenses, and asset values before and after retirement

  • The only calculator that treats all of one's assets together, like it should be in the "real world, " so you can evaluate the whole picture at once

  • Prepared to be shocked! This bond calculator's "demo" has the most functional FREE bond yield to maturity calculator to ever be on the web! This thirteen-sheet Excel investment software has: Two 100-bond convexity and duration calculator sheets

  • The next sheet has a single bond convexity and duration calculator

  • Next sheet: Bond total return calculator using the most accurate method - Horizon Return

  • Multi-year bond calculator: Input up to ten bonds and you can get an overall portfolio yield up to 50 years

    Financial Software, Real Estate Software, and Financial Calculators
    Financial calculators for consumers and professionals in the banking, real estate,
    mortgage and financial services industries.

  • Get 11 MoneyToys™ website calculators for $139.95 USD and let visitors do financial math on YOUR web site! Financial Software Makes Math Made Easy! Get answers to your financial questions with our user-friendly, Windows®-based financial software

  • Explore our site, of financial calculators, and discover "Financial Math Made Easy"! Loan Spread Calculator Pro: Compare 135 Loans at Once! (v.4.3 07/13/06) compares 135 loans at once and lets you drill down into the details! A loan comparison calculator and more, it shows you the "big picture" and gives you quick answers to payment, principal, interest rate and term related financial problems

  • It's a powerful loan calculator! Real Estate Professionals: Click here for information about using Loan Spread Calculator Pro as a

  • Real Estate Calculator Suite: Makes Real Estate Math Easy! (v.4.4 5/15/06) , a collection of 16 real estate and mortgage calculators, has the tools you need to help you understand your financial options related to buying or selling a home

  • It's a comprehensive mortgage calculator suite that lets you play with the numbers! Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Calculator: Cash Flow Analysis Made Easy! (v.1.7 12/4/05) does fast, simultaneous analyses of 14 different cash flow series and assists you with capital budgeting projects! This financial planning software performs cash flow analysis of 5 different discount rates for each of the 14 cash flow series

    How-To-Retire - Retirement Planning Made Easy
    Offering information on formulating an initial plan, calculating for inflation,
    ruling out risky investments.

  • Google Search For Retirement Planning Suggested brainstorm search terms: retirement plan early retirement planning retirement calculator retirement home retirement gift, services, account, 401k, jobs, savings, system, planner, income

    H&R Block - Planning and Learning
    Sections include Tax 101, life events and stages, budgets and saving, college,
    retirement, and calculators and tools.

  • Tools & Calculators Make your taxes easier this year

    Construct your retirement plan with tools and information.

  • What's the interest rate on the lease you're considering? Use this calculator to estimate the cost of your child’s education, based on the variables you input

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