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  • | » « | n e o s e e k : | « | : : : : : Resident Evil CODE: Veronica Other games in this series · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Resident Evil CODE: Veronica | Main Profile Product Info Genre: Publisher: Developer: Release Date: March 30, 00 Also Available On: Product Page: Screen Shots: Wishlist/Ownlist Members: Log in to add this item to your want or wish list! Background: After surviving the horror of Raccoon City, Claire Redfield journeys to Europe in search of her missing brother, Chris

  • member, Chris Redfield Graphics so real, so'll beg to keep the lights on New 1st-Person perspective battles take you directly into the horrifying drama Editor's Notes last updated: September 07, 2000 Called 'Biohazard - CODE: Veronica' in Japan

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    Electric Playground
    "If you're a Resident Evil Veteran, this is the smartest and most polished of
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  • | Score 9/10 Reviewer: Chris Hudak Platform: PlayStation II Developer: Capcom Publisher: Capcom Genre: Action/Adventure Related Reviews Showing a little age perhaps, but still scary, better-looking, and with a marginally enhanced storyline for PS2 owners It is, after all, the effectively same game we saw a year-point-something ago; I'm just sayin' Resident Evil Code: Veronica X As of the time of this writing, your last and best chance to get scared via your PS2...before Silent Hill 2 hunts your ass down


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  • | August 20, 2002 Review: Resident Evil Survivor 2 (Code: Veronica) I bought this game a few weeks ago while waiting for the arrival of (helloooo amazon? I'm still waiting after 2 months!!) Anyway: Don't do the same mistake as me (by buying it)

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    "If you missed out on RE2, are interested exactly how the storyline of Code
    Veronica came about, and don't mind the semi-dated graphics, Resident Evil 2 is a ...

  • Games Subscribe - - - - - - - - - - / - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Services MMORPG Classic/Console Community | Resident Evil 2 No frills, but all the thrills - Review By The Dreamcast port of Resident Evil 2 was released in Japan just before Code Veronica , initially as a kind of apology for Code Veronica 's continual delays

  • However, it was also a great introduction to the Code Veronica storyline, for those whose Resident Evil experience was a bit lacking

  • The classic survival-horror weapon, the Shotgun, thankfully appears sooner rather than later a la Code Veronica , and is very satisfying

  • Personally, I found it very disappointing that the zombie decapitations weren't present in Code Veronica

  • The game's soundtrack must be commended, despite not being quite up to the production standards of Code Veronica 's

  • The sound effects are a step backward from Code Veronica , although this is to be expected, but the weapon sound effects are still suitably meaty and the zombie noises equally haunting

  • Disc 1 sees the player taking control of Leon, a rookie cop, the character whom Claire sends an e-mail to at the beginning of Code Veronica

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    "It delivers everything which made the original Resident Evil so fantastic but
    on a bigger and grander scale. At a budget price, it's difficult to go wrong with ...

  • The game is perfect to be played by itself or after only playing Code Veronica , as the storyline is never confusing but still complex enough to be compelling

  • Unlike Code Veronica , which introduced a human face to the Umbrella corporation in the form of the Ashford family, Resident Evil 3 doesn't tell you much extra about the whole virus 'incident.' Despite being immediately accesible and not much of a total plot contributor, Nemesis is far from predictable or boring

  • When will people learn that guns and alcohol don't mix? Like Code Veronica , Resident Evil 3 has just the one route through the game but this is improved with a new addition to the series, different paths at certain points

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  • - September 11, 2001 Biohazard 0, Biohazard, Biohazard 2, Nemesis, Code Veronica and Biohazard 4 -- exclusive! - January 8, 2001 Capcom pledges mutli-platform support for its next-generation Resident Evil sequel

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  • - September 11, 2001 Biohazard 0, Biohazard, Biohazard 2, Nemesis, Code Veronica and Biohazard 4 -- exclusive! - August 6, 2001 No Resident Evil 0 at Space World, and Capcom comments on Devil May Cry's chances for GCN

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    Resident Evil: Code Veronica cheat codes for dreamcast
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  • Being that I have only played Code Veronica I can only compare Milla to Claire, and I must say that I was impressed - Nintendo - GameCube - Resident Evil
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  • This was how they did it in earlier versions of the game, too, but it took 10 minutes to open and close every door ('Resident Evil: Code Veronica X', I'm looking at you)

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  • ( 1996-97 ) ORIGINAL RESIDENT EVIL 1 - Playstation, Sega Saturn, PC ( 1997-98 ) RESIDENT EVIL 1: Directors Cut / Dual Shock version - Playstation ( 1998-99 ) RESIDENT EVIL 2 - Playstation, PC, Dreamcast, N64 ( 1999-00 ) RESIDENT EVIL 3 - Plasystation, PC, Dreamcast ( 2000-01 ) RESIDENT EVIL : Code Veronica - Dreamcast, Playstation ( 2002-03 ) RESIDENT EVIL 2 , 3 & CV : REMAKE For Nintendo GameCube ( 2002 ) RESIDENT EVIL 1 - Re-done for Nintendo Game Cube ( 2002 ) RESIDENT EVIL 0 - Nintendo GameCube RESIDENT EVIL THE MOVIE - On March 15, 2002 Resident Evil the Movie came out in theatres - Review
    [74/100] Review by Zach "Freelance Weasel" Meston. "Very cool combination of
    gameplay elements."

    CNN - E3: Blood and guts as usual - May 18, 1999

  • In a preview of another new title, 'Capcom's Resident Evil, Code: Veronica, ' a Laura Croft look-alike gunned down figures that realistically jerked and spurted blood as they fell

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