State Traffic and Speed Laws
References and links to traffic laws of the 50 states, with emphasis on the laws
related to speeding and reckless driving.

  • License suspension possible for +25

  • Six month license revocation for speeding over 100 miles per hour,

  • - , (+20) , Showing their priorities, Missouri law puts the 'director of revenue' in charge of the license

  • 75 (+26) 66-8-113, 66-7-301 +26 in a residential zone or while also exceeding 75 MPH is 8 points, for which a license may be suspended

  • +36 in a 70 or 75 MPH zone or +46 elsewhere is 12 points, enough for a 7 day license suspension

  • Mandatory license suspension for +11 in a work zone

  • 15 day license suspension for speeding +25 over a 55/65 MPH speed limit

  • Parenthesized numbers (in yellow ) indicate lesser but still significant increases in the speeding penalty, such as a possible license suspension

  • Connecticut doesn't assess points for speeding less than 85 MPH , but may revoke a license based on multiple convictions or guilty pleas notwithstanding the point total

  • Radar jammers, and possibly other devices like IR-absorbing license plate covers, are explicitly illegal in California (), Colorado (HB1045 effective July 1, 2005), the District of Columbia, Illinois ( effective January 1, 2006), Oklahoma (), Minnesota (), Nebraska (), Utah (), and Virginia ()

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  • This plate was donated to me by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol with the following letter: 'Thank you for your letter dated October 6, 2003 requesting a license plate from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol

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  • LICENSE PLATES: Everyday throughout America, the Overspeeder runs over somebody and 'escapes.' That is the way it reads

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