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  • 03 Feb 06 Hello Everyone and welcome to the NEW Site! Please navigate around and enjoy the fresh new look! Stay tuned for the latest updates..coming soon! Marcel celebrates his first #1 single! Kevin Savigar (co-writer) , Josh Gracin, ASCAP's Connie Bradley and Marcel attended the recent ASCAP Party held in Nashville to celebrate the #1 single "Nothin' To Lose" - Congratulations one and all! Jimmie Bones & Marcel..

  • "Nothin' To Lose" - #1 on Country Radio! Congratulations MARCEL!!! - the track he co-wrote "Nothin' To Lose" - covered by JOSH GRACIN hit the #1 spot today on both the Billboard & R&R Country Singles Chart - the track originally appeared on "You Me and The Windshield" LeAnn Rimes "The Weight Of Love" Check out LeAnn Rimes version of Marcel's - "The Weight Of Love" is on her new album "This Woman" - in-stores now! Country Music Online interview...

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  • You've got nothing to lose, and it's 1994, honey

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  • Shorter of breath and one day closer to death

  • And these memories lose their meaning When I think of love as something new

  • Though I know I'll never lose affection For people and things that went before I know I'll often stop and think about them In my life, I love you more

  • - - - Billy Joel, "Just the Way You Are" Don't want to close my eyes I don't want to fall asleep 'Cause I'd miss you, baby, and I don't want to miss a thing

  • As the night comes in a-falling, The dogs´ll lose their bark And the silent night will shatter From the sounds inside my mind, For I´m one to many mornings And a thousand miles behind

  • You lose your love When you say the word MINE

  • - - - Eleanor Farjeon, "A Morning Song" My eyes adored ya Though I never laid a hand on you My eyes adored ya Like a million miles away from me you couldn't see how I adored ya So close, so close and yet so far - - -Frankie Valli, "My Eyes Adored You" My life has been a tapestry of rich and royal hue Frequently Asked Questions
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  • 13.07.2006 New lyrics: - 'Everything To Lose' (from 'The Day Has Come' album), - 6 songs ('Be Mine, Valentine' EP), - 12 songs ('Ganging Up On The Sun' album), - 'What Would It Take'

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  • (Japan) Yonekura, Toshinori - Nothin' To Lose (Japan) Young, Paul - Oh Girl This is a Japanese keychain or charm from Disney

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  • After one or two weeks of intensive lecturing, enclosed in lecturing halls with classes from 20-150, it would be a miracle if I did not come down with the strain.Then I thought it was the travelling, as I tend to come down with a cold the day after I have been somewhere to lecture

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  • Speed New York Groove Nothin' To Lose Nowhere To Run Only You Ozone Performed by Cat Stevens

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  • Nordenstam has released five albums so far: "Memories Of A Colour" (91), "And She Closed Her Eyes" (93), "Dynamite" (97), "People Are Strange" (98), a strange yet enjoyable cover album, and "This Is" (2001)

  • S tina Nordenstam grew up listening to her father's jazz and classical records, and she has claimed that they still influence her music today (at least she said so in an interview made after "And She Closed Her Eyes" came out in her home country)

  • It's all very beautiful and quite sad How I keep talking about you It seems I could lose all I ever had except for my thoughts about me and you I guess it's true what my sister said When it's all fine it is just a bore Well she needs an extra smoke to help her through the day It's her problem here is what I do I'll be crying for you Now, I wouldn't mind being on your knee But you said no and it's fine with me baby I'm not taking chances, oh no, not me This is the way it'll have to be I guess it's true what my sister said Not giving up though I said I would 'Cause there's really only one thing I know how to do You know now here is what I do I'll be crying for you But I'll save my dreams 'til I get old I might need them some day And I stay awake till the morning comes I won't be waiting for them today I'll be crying for you..


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  • The new album goes gold on the strength of the Latin-flavored smash, "Tequila Sunrise, " "Checkmate, " "Nothin" To Lose" and the hemp-flavored "Dr

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  • Here are the tracks:Strutter Nothin' To Lose Firehouse Deuce Black Diamond Got To Choose Parasite Hotter Than Hell C'mon And Love Me She Anything For My Baby Rock Bottom (Live) Cold Gin (Live) Rock And Roll All Nite (Live)Let Me Go, Rock 'n' Roll (Live) Detroit Rock City King Of The Night Time World Shout It Out Loud Beth Do You Love Me I Want You Calling Dr

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  • Guess I'm going to lose that much-coveted 'Large Mammal' status again

  • This is the answer I personally think hits closest to the mark: After the surrender of Europe to Islam, their military age men will be conscripted into Janissary units for the invasion of North America (no need to ask what will happen to the women)

  • Or you could just hand them 'ASBOs' and let them go on their merry way! Aren't those 'supposedly tough'?A Home Office spokeswoman said officials were 'concerned' and were watching the situation closely

  • 'Watching the situation closely' via, I'm sure.Capacity is expected to rise slightly in the autumn as a small number of prison wings are reopened following refurbishment work, but that could come too late to avoid the current crisis.Prison campaigners claim overcrowding prevents jails from carrying out vital rehabilitation work with offenders to steer them away from criminal careers, and have accused ministers of complacency over the issue

  • Perhaps you might consider the fact that 'rehabilitation' isn't actually accomplished, and that the resources spent on it might be better applied elsewhere? (And in poli-speak, 'complacency' means 'You're not spending enough money on my pet project, bub!') Even the traditionally quiet summer months when many courts are closed have not halted the relentless rise in the jail population, which has soared by some 2, 300 over the past year alone

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