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    Sherv.NET - MSN Display Pictures, MSN Emoticons, MSN Names, MSN ...
    Provides free MSN emoticons and display pictures.

  • Source for free MSN Messenger, MSN Icons, Emotions & more! :: :: :: Main Menu · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Free MSN Smileys Free Downloads Free Cursors! MSN Names · · · · · · Most Popular Downloads!             : CE/DP Stealer 4.0 for MSN Messenger 6 and 7 CE/DP Stealer, the original MSN Messenger content stealer has been updated to version 4.0! With the CE/DP Stealer, you can steal MSN Emoticons, MSN Display Pictures, MSN Icons and more from your contacts on MSN Messenger 6/7

  • For hundreds more completely free, automatically installing emoticons for MSN , visit the ! Posted by on Tuesday, April 27 @ 09:49:32 CDT (5088 reads) ( | Score: 2.33) : Love MSN Display Pictures, MSN Smileys, Emoticons & Backgrounds A huge new MSN pack has been released! The Love MSN Pack is, as the name suggests, all about love! This awesome, completely free pack includes over 300 MSN Display Pictures, Emoticons and MSN Smileys for you to use

    MSN Block Checker - MSN Status Checker - Checks online msn block ...
    Checks whether some specific .NET Messenger Service users are online or offline,
    and also shows their display name.

  • If the person is online, you will see her/his display name

  • NOTE THAT IT WON'T WORK IF THE PERSON HAS THE PRIVACY OPTION 'Only people on my Allow List can see my status and send me messages' SET !!! This feature is powered by ! = Online &nbsp = Offline = Error Current OSI server used : OSI MSN Accounts to check Display name (if available) TIP: hitting space bar is a shortcut for '' [] No checking is done on first load, Msn block checker will retrieve the display name of your online contacts when possible (same restrictions as the other checkers regarding MSN Messenger privacy settings)

    Windows Live Spaces

  • advertisement People Search Display Name First Name Last Name Gender Age range Location Occupation Interests Search Clear Updated Spaces


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    MSN Messenger Service
    Official MSN chatting client.

  • | Search for: | Microsoft Messenger Microsoft® Messenger for Mac 5.0 | Microsoft® Messenger for Mac Instant Gratification Rapid response is the name of the game for Mac users who don't have the time for a round of phone tag, especially at work

  • Customizable Display Picture Easily change your display name and picture depending on the account you are using

    Mobisophy - Instant messaging, voicemail, and photo sharing software
    Provides mobile phone solutions including instant messaging, photo sharing,
    interactive voice response and an all-in-one call controller.

  • Like a CORPORATE TELEPHONY IN YOUR PHONE! UltraIM Pro supports classification by groups or online/offline status, you can manage up to hundreds of contacts easily, block and unblock contacts, support multiple conversation sessions, invite multiple contacts to join one conversation (create a conference), change your display name and status at any moment, and there are around 40 built in emoticons
    Dialup access and content provider.

  • Benefits

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  • I didn't steal a James Bond-related domain name from a website that used to reside here, I just happened to take it up sometime - Microsoft: Messenger flaw can expose user data ...

    MSN Pro - Smiley Emotions
    Collection of emoticons and avatars for MSN.

  • domain name is no way affiliated with Microsoft, MSN or MSN Messenger

    Live Search's WebLog : Opting Out of Open Directory Listings for ...
    A new tag introduced by MSN Search allows website authors to declare that ODP
    descriptions should not be used for the search result display of their sites.

  • So in your Web page you’d put <META NAME='ROBOTS' CONTENT='NOODP'> or <META NAME='msnbot' CONTENT='NOODP'> In theory the first of these applies to all crawlers and the second just to us

  • Simply add the following code to your web pages, right near where your META description is: <META NAME="ROBOTS" CONTENT="NOODP"> Monday, May 22, 2006 4:25 PM by Great Idea This is a practical idea - it levels the playing field

  • ? This percentage is such a minority that it would be more useful to create this other version: <META NAME="ROBOTS" CONTENT="ODP"> It would make it possible to ask search engines to use the DMOZ description when the webmaster believes DMOZ is better in describing the site than himself..


    Pakistani Songs, Pakistani Music Albums, Pakistani Singers,Bands ...
    Steaming of Pakistani music,songs with music screensavers, wallpapers and forum.

  • artists Source for Pakistani Songs, Music Albums, Singers and Bands - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -, - - - - - - - - - - - Dowanload - , - , You are Guest and Create Pakistani song CDs, Receive newsletter about what’s happening in Pakistani music industry, Participate in music forum and discuss on a variety of topics on Pakistani music, songs, bands, singers and albums Your name Your email Friend's Name Friend's email Get all Pakistani Songs, Music Albums, Singers/ Artists and Bands profiles under one URL These songs are not of themuzik's song chart but are top rated according to most accessed music and songs, and ratings done by users

    Protected Storage PassView v1.63: Recover Protected Storage passwords
    Small utility that reveals the passwords stored on your computer by Internet
    Explorer, Outlook Express and MSN Explorer. [Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP]

  • In such a case, the utility won't be able to obtain the user-name of the deleted account, and only the password will be shown

  • AutoComplete passwords in Internet Explorer: Many Web sites provides you a logon screen with user-name and password fields

  • If choose to remember the password, the user-name and the password are saved in the Protected Storage, and thus they can be revealed by Protected Storage PassView

  • In some circumstances, multiple pairs of user-name and passwords are stored for the same logon window

  • In sub-items, the resource name is displayed as 3 dots ('...') Password-protected sites in Internet Explorer: Some Web sites allows you to log on by using 'Basic Authentication' or 'Digest Access Authentication'

  • When you enter the Web site, Internet Explorer displays a special logon dialog-box and asks you to enter your user-name and password

  • Internet Explorer also gives you the option to save the user-name/password pair for the next time you log-on

  • If you choose to save the logon data, the user-name and the password are saved in the Protected Storage, and thus they can be revealed by Protected Storage PassView

    MSN Messenger, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, Trillian, Google Talk, Skype and ...
    Instant messaging tutorials, reference, news and forums for AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ,
    Trillian and other products.

  • Now isn't that unique? :) Since tommorow is their first broadcast, they will be having a very special co-host from, his name is MrEggsalad

  • In addition, instead of picking an AIM screenname, AIM Pro users can choose to use an email address, a key feature request from many businesses

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    Buddy Icons at PixelPainting for your personal aim buddy icons
    Digital icon portraits from photos for a unique, personalized aim buddy icon.

  • just enter their name here Can't you find what you're looking for? Try our Site Search: Web PixelPainting Do you think one of your friends would like to hear about PixelPainting? Please drop them a note | - /Home Your Slice Of Paradise v8.0
    Photo rating site for Trinis. Also includes SMS, forums, and match making.

  • to chat with Trinis in the Forum | >' size='17' maxlength='100' onfocus='if (value = ' >') {value =''}' onblur='if (value = '') {value = ' >'}' /> Registered Users Username: Password: Log me on automatically next visit? Gallery Hotlinks Top Images Top Members Trini ShoutOut BoX * will laugh DAT IS REALLY AH JACKASS IN DE MAKIN ...HMM LIKE I WUD REVEAL UR true ID TO HAVE PPL FUCK U UP LIKE HOW THEY FUCK SHE UP..

  • I KNOW SHE WAS CRAZY LOL!!!!!!! IT HAVE NO MEMBER ON THIS ENTIRE SITE BY THE NAME OF SWEET TOUCHABLE CHICK! LORD, SASSY MAKING THAT PERSON UP!!!!!!!!!!! lol lol lol dingo tell me when dey fete is as i doh be home all the time...I going to show me yuh undawear nite at pharoahs laters

  • Image Name: , Date: 10.08.2006 16:38 Comment by: u look good girl to bad u remind me of this fucking bitch i working with Currently active users: 24 There are currently 3 registered user(s) (1 among them invisible) and 21 guest(s) online, Home of Cartoon dolls, MySpace Codes, Glitter ...
    Cartoon dolls, dollmakers, blinkies, fonts, and other graphics.

    Clipart, wallpapers, 3D and 2D animations, funny pictures, web graphics arranged
    by category in a drop down menu. Furnishes a 'Lightbox' feature that saves ...

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    Chinese Software, Japanese Software & Korean Software by NJStar 南极星
    Software developer of Njstar Chinese Word Processror, Njstar Japanese Word
    Processor, NJStar Communicator and NJWIN Chinese/Japanese/Korean Multilingual ...

  • CCC is used in Chinese name identification in visa application for non-Chinese speaking countries such as UK and Australia

  • CCC is used in Chinese name identification in visa application for non-Chinese speaking countries such as UK and Australia

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