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  • by Kin-Ming Liu 08/04/2006 12:00:00 AM The ABA's latest anti-Bush strike

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  • If it were longer, I'd probably have even more ammunition proving media critic Neal Gabler, an Eric Alterman acolyte, to be at the very least hopelessly misinformed and at worse a liar.On yesterday's show, Gabler claimed that there was no doubt that President Bush's NSA terrorist surveillance program was illegal

  • Then there is the New York Times, which rarely lets a day go by without front-page Bush bashing

  • Friday, January 27, 2006 Crazy old lady in the attic: Helen Thomas, a left-wing opinion columnist, didn't get called on again in yesterday's press conference.Turns out Bush made a good call, because the moonbat was going to ask a

  • Hillary Clinton's speech yesterday was particularly amusing as she decried Alito's supposed views on presidential authority -- surmising that Alito would somehow 'OK' President Bush's allegedly illegal acts

  • Everything she decried about Bush's use of presidential powers she seemed perfectly OK with when her husband was using the same powers -- even in more seedy and self-serving ways.Thus far, Democrat senators Robert C

  • And by 'mainstream, ' I'm referring to the majority of Americans who voted for President Bush in the 2004 election

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  • » Benjamin Ferenccz, the chief prosecutor of Nazi war criminals at Nuremburg, has commented that both Saddam Hussein and President Bush should be

  • - Seymour Hersh comments on how the Bush administration worked with Israel to plot military action against Hizbollah as part of a long-term plan to target Iran

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  • Virginia doesn't see any of that money.' Such grants are being squeezed in President Bush's budget, to the alarm of many urban advocates and some Members of Congress

  • Anyone who sucks up to power like Lieberman will never hold President Bush accountable for anything

  • Schumer also wants to ratify Bush's foreign policy with a nice shiny rubber stamp of right-wing

  • Bush, who is making the third stop in Utah of his presidency, will hold a fundraiser for Sen

  • The fact Hatch snagged Bush for the fundraiser caused some other Republicans in the state to grumble behind the scenes that other GOP candidates in the state could use the money more, especially 2nd Congressional District candidate LaVar Christensen, who is looking to topple three-term Democratic Rep

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  • They've reportedly destroyed three of Israel's advanced Merkava tanks with wire-guided missiles and powerful mines, crippled an Israeli warship with a surface-to-sea missile, sent up drones on reconnaissance missions, implanted listening devices along the border and set up their ambushes using night-vision goggles People | Matt Groening
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  • When it was released in 2002, was interpreted by some as an indictment of George Bush's doctrine of preemption, which allowed the US to detain persons and attack nations on mere suspicions

  • In anticipation of the film, I bought, and was surprised to find that the titular story was not alone in predicting the foibles of the Bush administration

  • But come on: you thought that was Bush for a second, there, didn't you? 'I've come to see the essential key to the Yancy character, ' says Sipling near the end of the story

  • 'Suppose his favorite books - instead of being western gun-toting anachronisms - were Greek tragedy? Suppose his favorite piece of music was Bach's Art of the Fugue, not My Old Kentucky Home?' In related news, Bush was seen reading a few weeks ago, and recently spoke of the Iraq war as '.' Maybe we've got a Sipling in the White House, at long last | Exposing Liberal Media Bias
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  • In a seeming shot at the Bush administration's priorities and competence, on Thursday's World News with Charles Gibson on ABC, Richard Clarke, the former counter-terrorism chief in the Clinton White House who left and then denounced the Bush White House, asserted the plot against airplanes uncovered in Britain shows al-Qaeda is still going after five years while the U.S

  • Anchor Charles Gibson asked Clarke about how President Bush blamed “Islamic fascists, ” but the leader of the plot “has links to al-Qaeda

  • Update: Demonstrating that the UK doesn't have a monopoly on journalists concerned not to trample Islamo-fascist sensitivities, Alison Stewart of MSNBC this afternoon referred to the 'alleged' plot to plant bombs on planes.  This is the same MSNBC that yesterday, on Tucker Carlson's show, decided to extend air time to a controlled-demolition nutjob arguing that the Bush administration was behind 9/11

  • MRC intern Chadd Clark did the transcribing, and took special notice to this crack on immigration: Maher: Half of the Republicans are, you know, pro-business when immigration, illegal immigration is good for business, and half of them are for ethnic cleansing, so it's really tough...[laughter] Bush is in the pro-business side

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  • Posted on August 19, 2006 by s0metim3s | Category: , | August 18, 2006 I answered that I had pretty much lost the habit of analyzing myself has about Bush's sudden, rather unexpected decision to become an Existentialist

  • And Jon Stewart's correspondent : "...with [Tony] Snow placing the origins of Existentialism with Sartre and Camus, and Bush arguing the movement's roots were more accurately traceable back to Kierkegaard and Nietzsche." Strong opinions on the matter, anyone? Photoshop contests will write themselves, I guess

  • The Bush administration has implicitly admitted as much, emphasizing that they want to see a new situation, a change in the status quo in the Middle East

  • As we approach the fifth official anniversary of the "war on terror", the foiled UK "terror plot" has neatly provided George W Bush, the "leader of the free world", with a chance to remind us of our fight against the "Islamic fascists"

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  • To view 'Powers of Bush', a video mosaic of George Bush, click

  • Powers of Bush wins 2nd Place in juried competition, Koo's Gallery, Long Beach, CA, Kristina Newhouse, Juror

  • Powers of Bush on the Road Jun 01 - Aug 25 Cooler Gallery, White River Junction, VT, Aug 28 - Sep 10 Jon Tomlinson Gallery, 511 W 20th St, New York, NY, Sep 11 - Oct 29 Koo's Gallery, Long Beach, CA (2nd Place Juried Winner!) Oct 01 - Oct 03 Mauxchunk Museum and Cultural Center, Jim Thorpe, PA, Oct 13 - Oct 18 Vermont International Film Festival, Burlington, VT Oct 18 - Nov 20 Space Gallery, Portland, Me (opening Oct 23) Nov 15 Cine Salon, Howe Library, Hanover, NH (part of a talk entitled 'Video All Messed Up' by Matt Bucy) Unwatchable Films strives to create films that no one would sit through

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  • Taylor (8/3) The Bush administration’s nation-building efforts are a big mistake

  • Bush is the most protectionist president since Herbert Hoover Bruce Bartlett (6/19) Michigan should become ground zero for Medicaid reform Shikha Dalmia (6/16) The U.S

  • Nick Gillespie (6/9) Can the party of Ted, Al, and Hillary earn the libertarian vote? Jesse Walker (6/8) Celebrate the good news, don't inflate it David Weigel (6/8) The surprising role of private education Shikha Dalmia (6/7) How to engage the two-party system without embracing either party Jesse Walker (6/6) Israel the unfair target of selective outrage Cathy Young (6/6) A booming city's lessons for a town in decline Shikha Dalmia (6/5) Not Bush

  • Palmer (5/1) A little contradiction is good for America Jeremy Lott (4/28) Solutions to the gas crisis are searching for a problem Tim Cavanaugh (4/27) Is the planet running out of gas? If it is, what should the Bush administration do about it? Ronald Bailey (4/26) Accused of sedition, a VA nurse beats the rap David Weigel (4/25) Here Come the Blue Staters..

  • and more! Reason Express (7/25) How to turn low-budget revolutionaries into respectable members of the establishment David Weigel (7/24) President Bush's 'absolutely ridiculous' stem cell veto Ronald Bailey (7/21) Why the current attacks are worse than the siege of 1982

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  • “” 08/07 6:31 AM IMMIGRATION HEATHER MAC DONALD: Is the Bush administration serious about law enforcement? Orange County has asked that very question

  • “” 08/07 7:23 AM BIG GOVERNMENT SEAN PAIGE: Here’s a real Bush abuse of power the Left loves

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