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  • Learning Chinese 中文学习 Learning Chinese 中文学习 Learn how to read, write and speak Chinese

  • Learn Chinese with free MP3

    On-line Chinese Tools
    Tools to help learn and process Chinese online, including dictionaries, flashcards,
    and translators.

  • On-line Chinese Tools These pages hope to provide tools to assist people in learning and using the beautiful Chinese language

  • From the novice Chinese language student to the advanced programmer, I hope there is something here for everyone

  • Rather than being a Chinese language course, it provides tools to people who are already studying and using Chinese

  • Please check out the DimSum Chinese Reading Assistant , Character Flashcards , the Chinese/English dictionary , the Chinese Namer , and the Western/Chinese Calendar Converter

  • Study Chinese characters with Java flashcards Add pinyin to any Chinese text file on your computer Pinyin, Yale, Gwoyeu Romatzyh, Wade Giles, BoPoMoFo Break a text into words and add links to dictionary entries

  • Add pinyin to any Chinese web page! Links to character writing resources on the Web Look up Chinese characters by English, pinyin, radical/stroke, and Cantonese

  • Look up words in Chinese by pinyin or English Many e-mail programs corrupt Chinese text

  • Determine the most likely Chinese encoding (GB, HZ, Big5, UTF-8, or other) for a file

  • Convert a Chinese file saved with HTML ampersand escape sequences back into the original encoding

    Conversational Chinese Online
    Conversational Chinese lessons, including grammatical information and downloadable
    sound files.

  • Conversational Mandarin Chinese Online by Tianwei Xie If you have , open the stream at http://www.csulb.edu/~txie/ccol/ccol.xml Table of Contents Unit 0: Unit 1: Unit 2: Unit 3: Unit 4: Unit 5: Unit 6: Unit 7: Unit 8: Unit 9: Unit 10: Unit 11: Unit 12: Unit 13: Unit 14: Unit 15: Developed by Last updated September 28, 2005 (C) 2005

    Internet Based Chinese Teaching and Learning
    Distance learning Mandarin Chinese course Learn Chinese with the VOA - Learn
    Chinese by reading the Voice of America news in Chinese and English at: ...

  • About Online Chinese Courses: Welcome to our program of Internet Based Chinese Teaching and Learning as developed and offered by La Trobe University, Bendigo, Australia

  • Access Points for Address Chinese Program Asia Network Unit La Trobe University Bendigo Victoria 3552 Australia Telephone: +61(3) 5444 7570 Facsimile: +61(3) 5444 7998


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    Learn Chinese - Private Lessons and Group Classes at Chinese ...
    Certified medical and Korean court interpreting. Company based in Los Angeles,
    California, United States.

  • Welcome to Los Angeles Chinese Learning Center (LACLC)! We are a non-religious and non-political organization that provides customized Chinese classes and in Los Angeles and other cities in the US and around the world

  • We aim to provide an innovated Chinese language program through our Chinese classes and private language tutors

  • With our experienced instructors, students will not only be learning Chinese and enjoying our Chinese tutoring service, but also learn about the business aspects of Chinese culture and explore opportunities in one of the fastest growing economies in the world

  • ( Many of them, after two classes or two private lessons, believe that Mandarin Chinese is very logical, and is very

  • Los Angeles Chinese Learning Center welcomes people of all cultural backgrounds to via our or through our private tutors

  • Through dedicated Mandarin instructors, we are able to offer various levels of Mandarin Chinese language classes

  • Throughout the year, short-term Chinese class and one-on-one intensive immersion program are offered to help for travelers to China who may wish to gain more out of their travels

  • Classes in Chinese culture and free consultations on business opportunities in China are offered year round for all who wish to enrich their personal lives and to take advantage of the opportunities in one of the fastest growing economies in the world

    Learn Chinese
    Podcasts to learn Mandarin. Includes a list of popular words.

  • Learn Mandarin Chinese with ChinesePod - Your practical language guide to China study, travel and business

  • SUBSCRIBE TO CHINESEPOD CHINESEPOD POLL How often do you read the ChinesePod blog? Never Occasionally Often On every visit to the site RECENT COMMENTS on on Art Kho 许冠俊 on Bob Mrotek on Damon on on on Fu Da-Wei on Sandra on Bryan on Bryan on Gil on Eric Grimm on Nick on Gary on BLOG DISCUSSION michael on on Bazza 吴白锐 on on JF1980 on Bob Mrotek on Damon on on 海宁 / Henning on Will on tintin on Conrad on Bazza on Max on on September 1, 2006 | With the, ahem, “affordability” of DVD’s here, you might find yourself 3 seasons into a show you’ve never even heard of (see: “The Pretender”) and not wanting to go all the way downstairs and 50 feet to the right

  • (Tip: the toenails work as great edible toothpicks.) LINK TO DOWNLOAD THIS EPISODE (right-click, save as) : Difficulty Level: | Popularity: 14 | Rating: 0 Topic: | Function: | Grammar:, August 31, 2006 | Let’s face it, all excuses aside, you learn Chinese to be cool – the same reason we buy gifts abroad for people, the same reason we send postcards

    Studying Chinese Language and Culture
    A community of people interested in learning about Chinese and Chinese culture.
    Forum topics include history, non-Mandarin Chinese, grammar and vocabulary.

  • c Chinese-forums.com User Name Remember Me? Password Search Forums Go to Page..

  • Welcome to Chinese-forums.com Chinese-forums.com is an online community of people with an interest in Chinese language and culture

  • First of all, how many would like to join? Posted Aug 23, 2006 - 7:14 PM, by xus-swede with 1 Reply and 22 Views | » Hi people I'm desparately looking for a really powerfull portable electronic dictionary (Chinese-English) as I have to do most of my work on the train and I am translating Chinese medicine texts from Chinese to English

  • [] Posted Aug 23, 2006 - 4:42 PM, by BiJingHan with 0 Replies and 6 Views | » I am really really keen to buy some CDs which have some Chinese vocal solos on them

  • [] Posted Aug 23, 2006 - 5:01 AM, by dmr1203 with 2 Replies and 90 Views | » Site Sponsors Learn Chinese with our Dictionaries for Palm and Pocket PC

  • Learn Chinese with native speaker audio & stroke order animations

  • for learning Chinese

  • Pin-Yin Display/Chinese Pronunciation Intensive online system for learning to speak conversational Chinese

    Study Abroad In China! Learn Chinese!
    College study and travel programs in China.

  • Mandarin Language, Chinese Culture and History, Business in China, Chinese Medicine, and Chinese Film

  • Beijing/Shanghai/HK Mandarin Language, Chinese Business & culture classes in English

  • Spend Chinese New Year with Dalian family

  • In addition to Mandarin Chinese Language Programs for all levels and lenghts of time, courses and classes are offered in Wushu / Martial Arts, Chinese Business, and Culture, and any number of customized programs

  • Specialized programs for Overseas Chinese and Cantonese Speakers, Intensive Mandarin / One on One Tutors and executive / expat training are also offered

  • Benefits

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    Shared Activities
    Games and quizzes for learning French. Over 10 types of activities to choose
    from, including matching games, flash cards, hangman, trivia games, and quizzes.

    English Chinese Dictionary
    English-Chinese and Chinese-English interfaces using the Linux Chinese/English
    dictionary database pyDict, written in Python/GTK. (Big5, GB)

  • Lexiconer English-Chinese Dictionary, Chinese-English Dictionary, and Language Tools -- The Leading Online English Chinese Dictionary

  • translation software, dictionary software for Palm OS, Pocket PC, EPOC R5, Windows CE and Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP that help you lean Chinese and other languages : A collection of talking dictionaries for over 30 languages

  • (考试准备):  (简体中文) (简体中文) (简体中文)  (简体中文) Link Information (其他资料):  (英文) (英文) Free: About Lexiconer.com:  (英文)  (英文) (英文) Web Lexiconer.com Quick Links & & & & & & & & & "I think this site is better than any other English Chinese dictionary site I have ever come across

    Chinese (Cantonese) Help sheets
    Collection of Chinese reference sheets, tests and revision aids aimed to help
    you speak, read and write Cantonese.

  • Last updated September 20, 2006 | Learn Cantonese! This site contains over 200 pages of print friendly Chinese reference sheets, tests, revision aids and a unique It is aimed to help you speak, read and write Hong Kong Chinese

  • Having said that, many of the sheets, and will also help you learn Mandarin, as Chinese writing is the same in both Mandarin and Cantonese

  • Character of the Day Web www.cantonese.sheik.co.uk General , including how to write chinese characters

  • Dictionaries and Databases Cantonese Shop for Chinese DVDs, Books and lots more

  • for discounts on NJStar Chinese Input software

    Learning Chinese Language and Calligraphy Online or Offline
    Learning Chinese and calligraphy online or offline.

  • More and more people are interested in learning Chinese language, culture ..

  • We teach Chinese and run special programs online and offline for your personal interest, traveling, working, for improving your business or starting a new business in China or Chinese Community and also to prepare you for potential bilingual opportunities or higher education in Chinese

  • M any people say Chinese language and the writing is extremely difficult

  • They all are non-Chinese speakers from all walks of life with strong interest and determination

  • They can do it, you can, too! O ur aim is to deliver friendly and efficient Chinese Classes, Events and Programs to the individuals and

  • If you want to get a Chinese language degree or diploma, you may choose our featured education partner (BLCU)

  • Course Options Chinese language courses at all levels Chinese Calligraphy Workshops for tea lovers, travelers ( Combined travel and language workshop.These informative sessions prepare travelers for the physical and language challenges while visiting China

  • Shorter courses on Chinese art, history, culture, philosophy, literature and society are offered on a regular basis


    BBKUSA.com - Electronic Chinese English Dictionary /Translator ...
    Offers electronic pocket talking dictionaries and translators for Chinese, English
    languages, as well as specialty dictionaries.

  • | AM99 Handheld Electronic English Chinese Dictionary for English Speaker QUICKLINKS SHOPPING CART 0 Product(s) in cart Total US$ 0.00 » GUARANTEES TESTIMONIALS ' I am an English Professor teaching at a University in Guizhou Province in Southwest China

  • I would be very frustrated without this tool; instead, my experience in China has been fabulous!! ' Beth Beeson / Welcome to BBKUSA - Your Online Educational Electronics Store BBK AM99 Electronic English Chinese Talking Dictionary earned high remarks in this USA TODAY review - "To Make Speaking Easier, E-translation Devices Talk for Visitors." » All Products AM99 Electronic English Chinese Talking Dictionary for Learning Chinese (Voice: Chinese and English) Electronic handheld English Chinese dictionary translats English to Chinese

  • Display Pin-Yin & Pronounce Chinese in true human voice Good for English speaker learning Chinese or traveling to China English user interface and English user manual List Price: US$ 169.00 Sale Price: US$ 99.99 LM5980 Longman Electronic Chinese English-English Chinese Talking Dictionary for Learning English (Voice: English) Longman Active Bi-Directional English Chinese Dictionary Longman 100, 000 Words English Chinese Dictionary 40 Specialty dictionaries (Computer, Medicine, Business etc.

    China Guide
    China-related products ranging from computer software to language tutorials to
    personal care products.

  • Hi, learn Chinese is easy! A comprehensive Chinese language tutoring program produced by long established Chinese language education institution is an integrated software with words, sounds, pictures, animations and music

  • It will make you enthusiastic about learning Chinese

  • It can be used as a teaching material by education institutions, as well as people who are learning Chinese, especially suitable for businessmen who are studying Chinese by their own

  • List N Link your business/service here , List N Link your business/service here , List N Link your business/service here , List N Link your business/service here , List N Link your business/service here , New! List N Link your business/service here , List N Link your business/service here , List N Link your business/service here , Search for Subscribe for email updates makes you easily start to learn Chinese

    Chinese Name and English Name
    Includes over 2000 popular English names and their corresponding Chinese names
    by gender. The Chinese names are translated by the pronunciation of the English ...

  •  You are here: >>> > > FREE Newsletter Sign Up Now for the China Online newsletter!   Search Chinese Names Chinese name seems very popular now

  • I often get emails asking for a Chinese name based on his/her English name

  • So I have put together a list of popular English names and their corresponding Chinese names by gender

  • The Chinese names are mainly translated by the pronunciation of the English names

  • If you have a question about Chinese names, please check out

  • Female Name: Male Name: Related Links: Features the most-often-used 3500 Chinese characters with their meanings and pronunciations

  • To get your favorite words in Chinese

  • To get some ideas about Chinese names

  • The development of Chinese characters can be dated back to about 4, 500 years

  • Can I put a Chinese name vertically? Japanese Kanji or Chinese characters? Recent Discussions From, Your Guide to

    China Photo Gallery
    Extensive collection of pictures of Beijing, Shanghai and other locations, with

  • The Yungang cave art represents the successful fusion of Buddhist art with Chinese cultural traditions

  • A great place to visit for learning Chinese religions, Chinese American history, Chinese culture and folk art

  • The annual Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco is the largest Chinese New Year celebration in the United States

  • Ancient figures and pottery, lanterns, vessels and Chinese lucky figures

    Online chinese english Dictionary
    Indra Kurniawan’s CEDICT and Unihan interface, searchable by English, Pinyin,
    Japanese, Cantonese, Chinese character, or radical-stroke. (UTF-8)

  • Chinese English dictionary While learning Chinese, I found out that there are lots of free online Chinese English dictionaries out there, but only few are easy to use and offer lots of features; therefore I developed this dictionary to help myself and others learning Chinese

  • Currently 20370 characters are being used from UNIHAN since the others are neither renderable nor Chinese characters

  • Compatible with traditional and simplified Chinese characters

  • Characters lookup by copying and pasting Chinese character or by typing Chinese character

  • Chinese vocabularies lookup by Pinyin, Cantonese and Japanese pronunciation

  • Chinese vocabularies lookup by English

  • System Requirements Chinese UNICODE fonts (traditional and simplified) installed in your operating system

  • if you want to know how to install Chinese fonts for your Windows operating system

  • Limitations and Known Issues This tool is not based on English-Chinese dictionary; therefore the English search function will return result different than English-Chinese dictionaries would

  • How to Search Search a meaning of a character: You can type or paste Chinese character from any source (web pages, word documents, etc)

    Provides more than five link pages on education and research, history and culture,
    economy and politics, nature and mankind, tours and entertainment.

    Chinese Language Books and Software
    Interactive Chinese language educational program that provides level through
    multi-media. Texts and sources for learning Chinese listed.

  • - a comprehensive Chinese language teaching and self-study tutoring program from Chinese phonetic alphabet to HSK test - produced by long established Chinese language education institution in China is an integrated learning Chinese software with words, sounds, pictures, animations and music

  • Interactive Chinese is user friendly designed, content rich, comprehensive tutorial program

  • This interactive learning Chinese program will make you enthusiastic about learning Chinese

  • Subject part : Reading part : : is a learning Mandarin Chinese program that starts at the very first lesson

  • From teaching modern Chinese PinYin phonetic system to writing Chinese character stroke by stroke, learn Chinese interactively

  • Chinese LearnWare is a good start for Chinese learners

  • Learn Chinese with textbook and audio tutorial: is the first set of Chinese language textbooks distributed abroad since the eighties

  • The four books of Elementary Chinese Readers have been published in English, French, German, and Spanish versions

  • Teaching aids available to accompany the textbooks include cassette tapes in standard putonghua Chinese

    Chinese Learning Club
    Free online Chinese classes include language (reading and writing), tradition
    and folk dance, Chinese knotting, Tai-Chi Chuan and Tai-Chi sword.

  •   Memo from your instructor -Rosa Yeh Press this button for Chinese version

  • (Textbook: Integrated Chinese, published by Cheng & Tsui) (Textbook: Elementry Chinese, published by CHI SHENG BOOK CO., LTD) (Textbook: Quan-Xin Ban Chinese, publish by Liou Chwan Cultural Ent

  • Ltd) New Chinese Language Class is now accepting registration

  • If you want to register by mail, please download the following registration form and send check to EZLearn Chinese Academy P

  • Box 7124 Libertyville, IL 60048 Welcome to the K-12 Chinese Language Classes

  • From book 1 to book 7, you will learn how to read and write in Chinese

  • Please send your email to ELEMENTRY CHINESE : BOOK 1 ELEMENTRY CHINESE : BOOK 2 Quiz: Review and Self-test ELEMENTRY CHINESE : BOOK 4 - by Lillian Chien ELEMENTRY CHINESE : BOOK 5 ELEMENTRY CHINESE : BOOK 7 EZlearn Chinese Academy, NFP provides free Chinese language and culture classes

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