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Futile Attempt
A comprehensive review of superstitions world-wide plus some possible origins.

The Internet Classics Archive | Hippolytus by Euripides
Complete text of the play by Euripides.

  • Yea, mortal men should pledge themselves to moderate friendships only, not to such as reach the very heart's core; affection's ties should be light upon them to let them slip or draw them tight

    Soil: erosion and conservation
    How the soil is being damaged by rain, gravity, and wind. Plus why we should be

  • Gravity pulls constantly at soil, nudging it down hill, causing soil slips, earth clips, cracks, creep and slumps

  • steep slopes: gravity 'pulls harder': water flows faster; soil creeps, slips or slumps downhill

  • When placed on a slope, the weight of the object develops both a pressure and a slip component (second figure)

  • slips/ land slides: usually after a long wet period, and often assisted by a small earth quake, a small section of soil (up to 1 ha) slides downhill, often over several hundred metres

  • Slips usually recover fairly quickly and the loose soil at the bottom is often very fertile

  • slips are long and narrow

  • Slip & slump prevention plant trees for grassland retire steep slopes plant trees for cropping repair slips fertilise The most effective remedy against these forms of erosion is the planting of deep-rooting trees in a widely spaced pattern

  • Fertilisation helps the establishment of planted trees and helps slips to recover

  • Note that slips are the most visible aspects of erosion but not the worst

  • Where scientists measure soil loss by looking at slips only, they miss out on the slow but widespread erosion by the impact of rain drops, discussed in next subchapter


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    William Shakespeare:Timon of Athens
    Unindexed HTML of the complete text.

  • A thing slipp'd idly from me

  • You see how all conditions, how all minds- As well of glib and slipp'ry creatures as Of grave and austere quality, tender down Their services to Lord Timon

  • When Fortune in her shift and change of mood Spurns down her late beloved, all his dependants, Which labour'd after him to the mountain's top Even on their knees and hands, let him slip down, Not one accompanying his declining foot

    William Shakespeare: Henry IV, Part I.
    Unindexed HTML of the complete text.

    Neologism Cliche Aphorism and Novel Language Form
    Extensive list of new sayings, cliches, aphorisms, and neologisms. Has additional
    pages on related language matters.

    Pomes and Lyrical Things (Page 1)

  • Benefits

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    V for Vendetta Script at IMSDb.
    Written by Larry and Andy Wachowski. Based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore.

    Twelve Monkeys
    Original screenplay by David and Janet Peoples.

  • The TECHNICIAN slips the blood sample through a slot in the wall

    Chicago Poems
    Full text of the poems from the book in plain-text format.

    Pope Peter & the Moon Child
    A surrealist farce which plunders the Roman Catholic myth of the last pope and
    the Nietzschean assertion of the death of the Christian God.


    Morpheme Tales
    Morpheme Tales contains unpublished journalism on mainly international topics as
    well as in-depth discussion of other issues including blog employment policy ...

    Collection of short fiction. All in one HTML file. 489K.

  • Through blackberry brakes that tried to pluck me back, though I but strained toward fruitless growths of mountain laurel, up slippery steeps to barren heights, where stood none to welcome

    At Midnight and Other Stories
    Plain text, at Project Gutenberg of Australia. 390K.

  • And I think it is so good and dear of you, Billy, not to mind telling me.' She slipped her hand within his elbow, and laid her fair young cheek upon his very large coat sleeve

    The Lost Continent
    Text of the book.

  • Now laddering such caves from below would have been cumbersome, but a light knotted rope is easily carried, and though it would have been hard to climb up this, our plan was to descend on each cave mouth from above, and then slip down to the foot of the cliffs, and start again AB INITIO for the next

    Victorian Women Writers Project
    HTML transcription of an 1897 illustrated book. The text itself is 473K.

    Maria or the Wrongs of Woman by Mary Wollstonecraft
    Annotated text.

    The History of Protestantism - Volume Second - Book Seventeenth ...
    Book 17 of Wylie's works covering Protestantism in France from the death of
    Francis I (1547) to the Edict of Nantes (1598).

    Modern History Sourcebook: William Harrison (1534-1593 ...
    The complete text of Holinshed's Chronicles issued in 1577.

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