IIGCC - Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change ...
Forum for collaboration between pension funds and other institutional investors
on issues related to climate change. Europe.

  • Login Members Login Username: Password: About the IIGCC The Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC) is a forum for collaboration between pension funds and other institutional investors on issues related to climate change

  • IIGCC seeks to: Promote better understanding of the implications of climate change amongst our members and other institutional investors

  • A high level European investor conference on climate change

  • So as investors we need to understand the investment implications of this if we are to maintain professional standards of investment management

  • IIGCC believes that institutional investors and companies will benefit from a greater understanding of these risks and opportunities presented by climate change

  • IIGCC members are aware that as responsible owners, who may have commitments to good practice standards of corporate governance and socially responsible investment, we can play a part in encouraging a proactive response to what is one of the most significant environmental threats to investors, business, and society

  • Positioning IIGCC seeks to occupy the overlap between "interested investor" (aware of the implications of climate change) and "responsible investor" (acting to manage the risks climate change poses our investments)

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    INCR, Investor Network on Climate Risk
    Organization serving institutional investors to increase understanding of climate
    risk on portfolios. Coordinates related UN Summits, conferences, briefings, ...

  • HOME INCR OVERVIEW INVESTOR ACTIONS INVESTOR SUMMITS RESOURCES & PUBLICATIONS How To Join INCR Contact Us Investors Call on SEC To Require Corporate Disclosure on Climate Change The Investor Network on Climate Risk is a network of institutional investors and financial institutions dedicated to promoting better understanding of the financial risks and investment opportunities posed by climate change

  • INCR was launched at the first Institutional Investor Summit on Climate Risk at the United Nations in November 2003, and now includes more than 50 institutional investors that collectively manage over $3 trillion in assets

  • In May 2005, over 400 institutional investors, fund managers and financial professionals from 15 countries met at the United Nations to examine the business implications of climate change

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    Corporate Governance
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  • Since 1995 the Corporate Governance site at has facilitated the ability of institutional and individual shareowners to better govern corporations, enhancing both corporate accountability and the creation of wealth., and advocacy geared to the active investor

  • Today, investors are learning that participation by shareowners also adds value

  • "" by Paul Gompers of Harvard and Andrew Metrick of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School found that "firms with stronger shareholder rights had higher firm value, higher profits, higher sales growth, lower capital expenditures, and fewer corporate acquisitions." Investors who bought firms with the strongest democratic rights and sold those with the weakest rights "would have earned abnormal returns of 8.5 percent per year during the sample period." (see also by Jay W

  • Join us in our attempt to enhance wealth through increased accountability to investors by creating more democratic forms of corporate governance and, as well as factoring other "extra-financial" issues into the analysis of risks and opportunities

    Ending the Wall Street Walk: Why Corporate Governance Now?
    Although published several years ago, James McRitchie's report presents certain
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  • What would you do if the company in which you've invested your hard earned dollars throws it away on fat retirement benefits to outside members of its board of directors? One individual investor, conducted a proxy battle this year with Nevada Power Company over the issue

  • Although he won more than 30% of the vote, individual investors and "ethical" funds face a Sisyphisian task in bringing change to today's corporations

  • In many cases, this conventional wisdom may not only be wrong for the investor, the cumulative effect of such acts may also profoundly impact the quality of our products and environment, the treatment of employees, our balance of payments, and the well being of society-at-large

  • Corporate Governance Corporate governance, the nuts-and-bolts of how a public company fulfills its responsibilities to investors and other stakeholders, is oddly frequently overlooked in debates over corporate social responsibility

  • Pension Fund Power Between 1955 and 1980, the institutional investor share of outstanding stock rose from 23% to 33%

  • Instead of waiting for corporate raiders to impose dramatic changes through hostile takeovers, pension funds have the opportunity to become long term "relational" investors, working with boards and CEOs to make needed adjustments earlier and less painfully

    CVCA :: Welcome to CVCA...
    Focus: association for Canadian venture capital firms.

  • The CVCA has prepared a detailed presentation directed at encouraging new institutional investors to participate in the venture capital and private equity asset class

  • * Over 1, 100 members comprised of venture capitalists, and institutional investors, corporate investors, private equity investors, angel investors, and advisory members which provide services such as law, finance, executive search, investment bank, insurance, consultants, advisors, government and academia

  • CVCA's 2006 Annual General Meeting, Reception and Dinner September 20, 2006 Join your venture capital and private equity colleagues at CVCA's popular AGM Reception, Dinner and Awards Event!! You will network with Canada's top investors, meet CVCA's Board of Directors, celebrate with the companies that win the 'Deal of the Year' awards and hear from the founder of HarbourVest Partners, LLC, a successful global private equity investment firm based in Boston


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    Yahoo! - Management Team
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  • "International Evidence on Ethical Mutual Perormance and Investment Style." : (PDF format) "Do Corporate Global Environmental Standards Create or Destroy Market Value" (PDF format)"Socially Resonsible Investment Screening: Strong Evidence of no Significant Cost for Actively Managed Portfolios" (PDF format): "Pure Profit: The Financial Implications of Environmental Performance" : "The Effect of Socially Activist Investment Policies on the Financial Markets: Evidence From the South African Boycott" : "A Resource-Based Perspective on Corporate Environmental Performance and Profitability" : "Finding the Link Between Stakeholder Relations and Quality of Management" : "Is There a Cost to Being Socially Responsible in Investment?" Energy Efficiency and the Marketplace : Experience with Institutional Investor Endorseres

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