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  • World Idol Contestant Popularity Poll Jan 2nd, 2004: Poll results: Who will win? In order as presented Will 853167 Kelly 417161 Guy 481737 Heinz 140515 Alicja 3264 Jamai 1703 Alexander 122910 Kurt 851011 Diana 5433 Peter 1239 Ryan 2574733 Total votes: 5 452 873 Simon Cowell's Book It's called 'I Don't Mean to Be Rude, but...: backstage Gossip from American Idol and the Secrets That Can Make You a Star'

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  • The Idol world has taken in more than 30 countries including Australia, Canada, the USA, the UK, Serbia, Finland and more

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    Lirik Lagu Indonesia | Lirik Lagu Terbaru | Lirik Lagu Barat
    Terdapat lirik lagu pop dari artis Indonesia dan barat. Dilengkapi kord gitar
    dan notasi musik.

  • | Lirik Lagu Pop Terbaru Dari Para Artis Blantika Musik Indonesia dan Lirik Lagu Barat, Dilengkapi Dengan Diagram Kord Gitar dan Notasi Musik Materi Terdiri Dari Beberapa Bagian: Lirik Lagu Terbaru Lirik Lagu dan Kord Gitar Request Lirik Lagu Lirik Lagu Spesial Momen Natal : Ulang Tahun : Perpisahan : Ramadhan : Lirik Lagu Kalau Ada Bencana Alam : Indonesian Idol — Lirik Lagu Wajib : (Spesial) Lirik Lagu dan Notasi Musik Lirik Lagu Duet Setiap Minggu lirik lagu dan kord-nya (termasuk lirik lagu barat) akan selalu ditambah dan diperbaharui

    Irreverent musings of an Englishman in Indonesia.


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    indra lesmana official website
    Situs resmi. Terdapat diskografi, profil, dan informasi kegiatan.

  • “ Sedalam Cintamu “ yang memiliki nuansa pop contemporary ditulis bersama Hanny T Lesmana dan dibawakan secara duet bersama Nania tak lama setelah terinspirasi dengan gaya vocal finalis Indonesian Idol tersebut

    Indonesia Gay Resources and Travel Tips by Utopia

  • They currently have their own version of 'American Idol', the NONAME IDOL, cool

    JaclynVictor.Tk - Jaclyn Media Center
    Fan site of the first Malaysian Idol. Includes news, profile, albums track listing,
    mp3 downloads and photos.

  • Malaysian Idol Performances JaclynVictor.Tk 31/08/2004 - 31/12/2005 Links Dear JaclynVictor.Tk users

  • Thank You! The 1st Malaysian Idol - Jaclyn Victor Profile Full Name: Jaclyn a/p Joshua Thanaraj Victor Location: Kuala Lumpur D.O.B: 4th December 1978 Nationality: Malaysian Official Website: Awards: Year 2005 12 March Hitz.FM Best Newcomer Award 3 April Anugerah Bintang Popular Best New Female Artist 16 July Malaysia's Global Chinese Recommended Golden Arts Award (Music Category) 28 October 8th Shanghai Asian Music Festival Winner of Asian New Talent Award Albums Quick Review: (Click Picture For Details) Dream Malaysian Idol Single Gemilang News Section 21/11/05 Malaysia Truly Asia Jingle Ho! Ho! Accidentally found it on website

  • MP3 - MP3 - MP3 - MP3 - MP3 - MP3 - MP3 - MP3 - MP3 - Video - 24/09/05 Malaysian Idol 2 Finale Result Season 1 Top 11 performing MI1 Theme Song - Ku Bawah Sinar and followed by Jaclyn singing Gemilang during Malaysian Idol 2 Finale Result

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  • Media provided by Idolfan

  • Detail - 01/06/05 Gemilang Music Video Provide by SokuSonic and source by Video - 30/05/05 Miss Asean 2005 Contest Jaclyn appeared on Miss Asean 2005 Contest Final 19th March at Jakarta singing a duet song "Hallo Jakarta" with Indonesian Idol Runner-up Delon

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    Situs milik pengembang (developer) perumahan Bumi Serpong Damai.

    CNN - Jakarta awash with red as Megawati's supporters campaign ...

  • Colorful convoys packed with tens of thousands of red-clad Indonesian Democratic Party-Struggle faithful thronged Jakarta's streets, waving flags, tooting horns, banging drums and yelling support for party idol and leader - Jose Ramos-Horta: Achieving peace amid Muslim tensions ...

    News, economy and information on Southern Philippines with links and resources.


    Michelle Malkin
    The official web site and commentary archives of syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin.

    American Daily - Home - A MoveOff Site
    Offers daily opinion columns from various politically conservative commentators.
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    Once Upon A Life
    Personal website of Lawrence Samantha, a struggling college student living in
    Columbus, raised in Semarang, Indonesia.
    Television-related items from the daily entertainment industry news magazine.

    Michelle Saram Fan Site - News, Bio, Pictures/Photos, Interview ...
    Fan site featuring news, biography, pictures and discussion forum.

  • Lim, who is better known as a Singapore Idol judge, says he had been worried for Saram on Sunday as he knew how much she loved the beach

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    The True Call - ISLAM
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