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New York State Department of Taxation and Finance Home page
Corporate, personal, sales and other NYS tax and finance related information,
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  • New Sales Tax Jurisdiction and Rate Lookup Service Use our to determine the correct local taxing jurisdiction, combined State and local sales tax rate, and the local jurisdiction reporting code for use in filing NYS sales tax returns

    Forms & Instructions
    NYS Department of Taxation and Finance provides state income and business tax
    forms and information.

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    Photo by - Canadian Income Tax and Financial Information
    Information to help the consumer save money, reduce taxes, and build wealth.
    Offers tips on income tax, small business, wills, estates, GST and PST.

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    State Sales Tax Rates
    Table, by state, of sales taxes rates for general, food, prescription and
    non-prescription drugs.

  • OF COLUMBIA 5.75 * * * * - indicates exempt from tax, blank indicates subject to general sales tax rate

  • (3) Tax rate may be adjusted annually according to a formula based on balances in the unappropriated general fund and the school foundation fund

    Utah State Tax Commission
    Utah's Revenue Agency. Administers state tax laws and collects tax revenue.
    Registers and titles Utah motor vehicles.

    Taxes in Japan (2001)
    Information on Japanese income taxes: the principles, the rates, some examples,
    a glossary and the references.

  • Every country has its own income tax system and all tax systems (and rates) are not created (or applied) equal

  • (this means that the remainder retained abroad is not taxable.) Permanent Resident Taxable Taxable Taxable Taxable Non resident In principle taxable Not taxable Employees in Japan (Japanese nationals and foreigners) have their taxes automatically taken out (by law) of their monthly paycheck by their employer (that is referred as the withholding income tax ), and the amount of these taxes are usually a bit higher than the real income tax rates

  • Japanese Income Tax Rates (2001-2002) Japanese income taxes are in 2 parts: national (or Income Tax) and local (or Resident Tax, which includes both prefectural taxes and municipal taxes)

  • F can include the following (but all rates are not detailed here): - allowance for spouse (0.38m for non-working spouse), - allowance for dependants aged < 16 (0.38m per dependant) - allowance for dependants aged 16 to 23 (0.63m per dependant) - allowance for dependants aged > 70 (0.58m per dependant) - allowance for handicapped dependants - allowance for widow or widower - allowance for working students Other Deductions : mainly insurance and medical stuff

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    Income Tax Department - Karnataka & Goa Region
    कर्नाटक व गोआ राज्यों के आयकर विभाग का अधिकारिक
    स्थल। संगठन संरचना, कार्यालयों के पते, ...

    - Inland Revenue - Te Tari Taake
    A resource for all your Business, Personal and Professional tax needs.

    Taxation in Japan
    Gives information on corporate and personal income taxes in Japan, as well as
    expatriate compensation and consumption tax.

  • (1998 edition prepared by Tax Bureau, Ministry of Finance JAPAN) Overall aspects of the tax system, individual income tax, corporate tax, consumption tax, property-based tax and other I

  • I-1 For the purpose of Japanese corporate taxes, foreign enterprises operating in Japan are classified as domestic corporation and foreign corporation

  • The scope of taxable income for corporate income tax purposes differs depending on the manner of their operation in Japan, however, it is limited to income from sources within Japan

  • I-2 Japanese corporate income taxes consist of corporation tax (national tax) under the Corporation Tax Law, and local taxes under the Local Tax Law, which are business tax (prefecture tax), prefectural inhabitant tax and municipal inhabitant tax

  • The rates of such taxes for each accounting period are as shown below

  • Prefectural and municipal inhabitant taxes based on corporation tax: Standard rate Maximum rate Prefecture inhabitant tax 5% 6% Municipal inhabitant tax 12.3% 14.7% Total 17.3% 20.7% Prefectural and municipal inhabitant per capita tax: Prefectural inhabitant per capita tax: The tax amount varies based on the total of paid-in-capital and capital surplus of the corporation

    Taxmann - Home Page
    Contents include acts, bills, rules, regulations, circulars, notifications and
    judgments in Tax and Corporate Laws. Offers limited access for free and full ...


    WV Tax Commission - Tax Forms
    West Virginia State Tax Department provides state income and business tax forms
    and information.

  • To obtain additional information, please click one of the following items: (Some of our forms are now available with the fill-in feature) Forms (Download Only) Mail Business Registration Forms to: West Virginia State Tax Department Post Office Box 11425 Charleston, WV 25339-1425 Note: Business Taxes - (Effective January 1, 2004) ( for Mailing Address for PIT Returns) (IT-140, Schedule L, IT-140NRS) (Are you Eligible?) | - Income Tax Tables/Rate Schedules - Office of Tax Appeals (OTA)

    Differences between the Senate and House Republican tax cut plans ...

  • Here are the highlights of the two bills: Income Tax Rates • The House bill would cut all tax rates, with the lowest rate -- the rate paid by most taxpayers -- falling from 15 percent to 13.5 percent

  • Under the House bill the rates would drop as follows: • 15 to 13.5 percent

  • • 28 to 25.2 percent; • 31 to 27.9 percent; • 36 to 32.4 percent • 39.6 (the top tax rate) to 35.7 percent • The Senate bill would only cut the lowest rate -- the rate paid by most taxpayers -- from 15 to 14 percent Capital Gains Taxes • The House bill would slash the capital gains tax rate from 20 percent to 15 percent, effective immediately • The Senate bill would make no change Inheritance Taxes • The House bill would repeal the tax -- currently paid only by the richest 2 percent who die -- entirely by the year 2009, even for multimillion dollar estates

  • • The Senate bill would eliminate the tax on estates under $1.5 million by 2007 but cut the top rate for bigger estates only slightly to 50 percent

  • • The Senate bill eliminates the penalty by allowing married couples who currently jointly pay more in taxes than they would if they could file separately to file single returns on a combined form

    2005 Tax Forms
    Includes IRS tax forms, state income tax forms, and tips to reduce your income
    tax bill.

    Oklahoma Tax Commission Homepage
    Rules and downloadable forms, online filing and electronic funds transfer
    information, taxpayer education and contacts.

    Taxes: Tax Return Preparation Tips & Tax Software Reviews -
    Information on extensions, capital gains, and withholding.

  • Finally, Bell has found an excellent article on simple, legal strategies to, and that's a Labor Day treat I whole-heartedly recommend

    National Timber Tax Website
    Comprehensive explanation of the tax treatment of timber. Including qualifying
    for capital gains, casualty losses, income, expenses, and reforestation.

  • In addition, the easement didn't restrict the types of units that would have been allowed under the easement...|| Tax Increase Prevention and Reconciliation Act of 2005 Capital Gains Rates Extended - On May 17, 2006 the President signed, H.R

  • The major provision affecting timber owners is the extention of the 5% and 15% capital gains rates through December 31, 2010

  • The lower rate is for taxpayers in the 10% or 15% ordinary income tax brackets

  • This 5% rate goes to 0% after 2007

  • Without this action by Congress the capital gains rates would have gone back-up to 10% and 20% for sales and other disposals after December 31, 2008

  • This rate extension to 2010 means that the lower capital gains rates will expire at the same time as all the changes under the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001

  • 194 allowing taxpayers to elect to deduct up to $10, 000 of qualified reforestation expenses, and amortize qualified expenditures over $10, 000...|| Domestic Production Activities Deduction - General Overview and Analysis of When Receipts Derived In Whole or In Part From Timber Qualify as Domestic Production Gross Receipts...|| American Jobs Creation Act of 2004 - The measure repeals a current export tax break that has been deemed an unfair trade subsidy by the World Trade Organization, as well as modifying a number of timber tax provisions, including Internal Revenue Code Section 631(b) and allowing landowners to expense of reforestation costs in an accelerated fashion...|| Hurricane Relief Timber Owners in Gulf Opportunity Zone, Rita Gulf Opportunity Zone, and Wilma Gulf Opportunity Zone Get Reforestation and Net Operating Loss Help (The Gulf Opportunity Zone Act of 2005, P.L

    Federal Budget Spending and the National Debt
    Is there a budget surplus? You can find out for yourself. If the National Debt
    is increasing, then the Treasury Department is borrowing, and there must be a ...

  • ? President Bush put in tax rate cuts, the economy recovered and tax revenue is up

  • So it wasn't a 'tax cut' (tax revenue increased), it was a tax rate cut! and it worked perfectly

  • It is a separate account and has its own source of income

    The Tax Foundation - Educating Taxpayers Since 1937
    Devoted to educating taxpayers about tax policy and the total tax burden borne
    by Americans at all levels of government.

  • The average corporate tax rate in Europe has dropped from 43 percent to 33 percent

  • Meanwhile, in the United States, the combined federal-state corporate rate has been the same for 13 years, ' said Sullivan

  • 'Now only Japan has a higher tax rate.'

  • 1956—the Business Activity Tax Simplification Act of 2005—the Tax Foundation has released a exploring the impact of the bill on corporate taxes

  • 'The bill would forbid states from imposing corporate taxes on outside companies with no physical presence in a state, ' said, author of the new analysis

  • 'That's an appropriate standard for state corporate taxation, and represents a win-win scenario for both interstate commerce and sound tax policy.'

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