An interactive, electronic herbal database which provides scientific data underlying
the use of herbs for health. Includes human clinical studies, ...

Herb Research Foundation - Herbs and Herbal Medicine for Health
Orgainization dedicated to researching and providing scientific information on
the safety and health benefits of botanicals throughout the world from multiple ...

Chinese Herbal Medicine for Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Herb World News research review of a clinical trial demonstrating the effectivenenss
of Chinese herbal medical formulas in the treatment of Irritable Bowel ...

  • Herb Research Foundation Search Our Site: | Research Reviews Chinese herbal medicine effective in IBS An Australian study recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association lends strong scientific support to the traditional use of Chinese herbs in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

  • The authors believe theirs is the first clinical study to rigorously document the effectiveness of Chinese herbal medicine in the treatment of IBS - and the first to incorporate traditional Chinese diagnosis and treatment methods for IBS into a strictly controlled, conventional study model [Bensoussan et al ., 1998]

  • Patients were diagnosed first by gastroenterologists using standard western diagnostic methods, and then by Chinese herbalists according to the principles of Chinese medicine

  • Treatment of irritable bowel syndrome with Chinese herbal medicine

    About Herbology - Traditions in Western Herbal Medicine
    Introduction and description of several traditions that have contributed toward
    medicinal resources in North America. Includes references.

  • | .....Traditions in Western Herbal Medicine The Development of Theory in North America Introduction : It is a curious fact that herbal medicine, as it seems to be most widely known in Canada and the U.S., has been so little influenced by the great systems of herbal thought which once flourished here

  • Folk medicine however, is also important as a rich source for the periodic historical development of major systems of traditional medicine

  • Examples of the development of two such systems in North America will be discussed here, together with some of the more important theoretical and practical contributions to herbal medicine which these systems generated

  • Early American Folk Medicine : Eleanor Sinclair Rohdes ( 1922 ) has written very eloquently of the hardships faced by early American settlers in their efforts to cultivate the familiar medicinal plants of England and Europe

  • In many cases it seems these efforts failed completely and the pioneers were forced to supplement their folk medicine traditions with lore relating to indigenous plants obtained from the native people

  • To the extent that any special knowledge would have been likely, then as now, to remain a closely kept secret by the native medicine societies, it is probable that the native plant lore passed onto these settlers was a matter of common knowledge amongst the native people


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    American Botanical Council
    Offers publications, information and education on herbal medicine. Also offers
    information about third party research.

  • The American Botanical Council Established in 1988, the American Botanical Council (ABC) is the leading independent, nonprofit, international member-based organization providing education using science-based and traditional information to promote the responsible use of herbal medicine

    Michael Moore - SW School of Botanical Medicine Home Page
    Located in Bisbee, Arizona. Offering a 5-month, February-July residency program.
    Many research materials available online.

    Herbal medicine: Chinese herbology courses - RMHI
    Offering continuing education courses in Chinese herbal sciences and environmental
    health to medical and health professionals since 1987.

  • In the face of such tactics, the following article reveals how to practice TCM herbology ethically and protect your patients/clients from disinformation: - How these endanger the practice of herbal medicine These manipulative schemes affect everything from the marketing strategies of herb manufacturers to decisions about educational curriculum at schools of herbal medicine

    Chinese Herbs and Chinese Medicine
    Chinese medicine made in USA for numerous maladies, Chinese patent medicines.

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    Henriette's herbal medicine pages
    Facts on growing and using culinary and medicinal herbs, extensive collection of
    plant pictures, articles, and classic herbal texts.

  • Henriette's Herbal Homepage Herbal medicine and culinary herbs: one of the oldest and largest herbal information sites on the net

    Chinese Herbal Medicine
    Summaries of research concerning Chinese herbal medicine.

  • Chinese Herbal Medicine Summaries of the latest research concerning Chinese herbal medicine By Hans R

  • 387-91 Some Chinese medicines may be toxic ASHLAND, OREGON

  • The New England Journal of Medicine, Vol

  • Olliaro goes on to say that 'drug firms have been slow to develop artemether, because they cannot apply for patents on a drug that is already used in traditional Chinese medicine....' Van Hensbroek, Michael Boele, et al

  • New England Journal of Medicine, Vol

  • New England Journal of Medicine, Vol

  • New England Journal of Medicine, Vol

  • 4 Herbal medicines - Are they safe? EXETER, ENGLAND

  • Edzard Ernst, MD, Professor of Complementary Medicine at the University of Exeter has just released a major report on the safety of herbal medicines

  • Among his findings are: Royal jelly has been linked to several cases of severe bronchospasm; Twenty-two cases of severe toxic effects involving pennyroyal have been reported; Germander has been linked to 30 cases of acute liver failure; Chaparral, comfrey and skullcap have all been linked to liver problems and the shiitake mushroom has been associated with dermatitis; Chinese herbal medicines have been linked to a host of adverse effects and are often contaminated, especially with heavy metals; Siberian ginseng can interact with digoxin, licorice with prednisone, and some Chinese herbal preparations with warfarin; Four per cent (108) of 2695 patients admitted to a Taiwanese hospital had drug-related problems

    Medicinal Herbs Information, Herb Pictures
    Includes articles, herb profiles with horticulture and remedy information, a
    gallery of photographs, and links to other herbal sites.

  • With new diseases coming along all the time, and the fact that a large percentage of prescription medicines are plant based, propagation of endangered medicinal plants is necessary to our future survival

  • A great reference as we only feature sites that have useful and interesting content about herbs, plants, alternative medicine, herbal remedies and other subjects of interest to my readers

    Alternative Health Medicine & Alternative Herbal Remedy Treatment ...
    Herbs in tincture or bulk form; also herbal tincture formulations and nutritional

  • Alternative Health & Herbs Remedies “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” - 3 John 1:2, KJV Alternative Herbal Medicine Health Herbs is clearly focused on bringing you the latest information on alternative medicine and health remedies, as well as being a great alternative health resource

  • prides itself on bringing the finest alternative medicine to you and information that can help you lead a happier healthier life

  • Natural Alternative Medicine We offer all natural alternative medicines and health treatments

  • Combined with the natural herbal medicines are herbal tinctures (both single herb and combination tinctures), teas, fiber, and other dietary vitamin and mineral supplements and colloidal silver information

  • Some reasons for this are that the herbal tinctures used in alternative medicine work gradually, and are soothing and nourishing for the body

  • Pharmaceutical drugs lack the natural ingredients that make alternative medicine, such as the ones we manufacture, gentle and complete


    Natural Medicine, Herbal Remedies–Treatment of ADD ADHD Anxiety ...
    Natural and homeopathic remedies to help in the treatment of a wide range of
    ailments and conditions.

  • Search our Site | Herbal Remedies Just for Kids! Triple Complex Tissue Salts Pet Herbal Remedies Other Services Natural medicine, herbal medicine, herbal remedies and natural remedies for treatment of ADD, ADHD, Anxiety and more Welcome! Call toll free or browse online to order

  • 1.877.289.1235 At Native Remedies, you will find the highest quality natural medicine for your health, professionally formulated in therapeutic dosages by a leading clinical psychologist for her own patients over the last 12 years

  • Over time, there will be more of us that finally get it as to natural medicine

  • We have natural medicine to treat ADD, ADHD, Anxiety and Panic Attacks, Depression, UTIs and much, much more

  • Be sure to also see our natural tissue salts, online counseling and children's homeopathic medicines

  • Perhaps you are struggling to find a natural alternative to prescription medicines and their side effects, or an herbal remedy to complement them, or perhaps you just don't know what to take

    Santa Monica Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicines, Alternatives to ...
    Consultation for medicines in capsules or powders to address issues of internal

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbal Services Santa Monica, California available online and in Santa Monica, California

  • Traditional Chinese Medicines

  • My own introduction to traditional east Asian medicine was in the treatment of

  • Traditional Chinese medicine makes use of the to obtain diagnostic information

  • Coming in 2007: Traditional Chinese medicine arrives in the small and medium size towns of the American south

    herbal medicine,alternative medicine
    Xiping Zhou offers the integration of Chinese and Western medicine. Features online
    herbal store with links to the acupuncture clinic and massage school in ...

    .: ARTEMIS Herbal Medicine :: Traditional Remedies That Work! :.
    Range of herbal teas, fresh plant creams and tinctures plus St. John's Wort Ooil
    available at New Zealand health shops, organic food specialists and selected ...

    herbal software: herbs, herbal actions, phytochemicals
    Software listing the most common herbs, actions and reactions, and usage.

  • herbal software herbs: herbal medicine, herb photos, phytochemicals natural healing & alternative medicine software herbs is a growing herbal database - now listing 490 herbs and their herbal actions

  • Herbs 3.5 - 100% CLEAN - certified by Softpedia FREE with purchase of any Zentrum Publishing program: MyDataBank (MDB) (value of $8.90 CAD / ~ $7.50 US) ~ personal organizer & databank Awards for herbs : Independant Software Review by Backwoods Living herbs herbal medicine software and all other Zentrum Publishing programs are made for educational purposes only

  • Information Pages alternative medicine alternative medicine side effects allergic, systemic contact dermatitis herbs: In search of a definition (part 1) herbs: In search of a definition (part 2) herbal properties herbal remedies herbs / herbal medicine can also be obtained as part of the Natural Healing Collection ~ an extensive & growing library of natural healing therapies

    Bulk Herbs, Alternative medicine, Craft Supply, Herbal Medicine
    Herbs and roots in bulk, free of herbicides, pesticides, and synthetic chemicals.

  • Welcome to HerbalCom Alternative / herbal medicine or craft supply

  • You need bulk herbs for your alternative medicine or craft

  • Alternative medicine makers come to us for quality herbs

  • Herbal medicine pratitioners, newcomer to cooking herbs and alternative medicine, vegan, or craft enthusiasts

    Alternative Cancer Treatments-A scientific exploration of herbs ...
    "Natural Compounds In Cancer Therapy" download in PDF format, about herbs and
    natural medicines in cancer treatment. Also provides links to practitioners and ...

  • Committed to the scientific exploration of complementary cancer treatments read the ! Now by download!! John Boik's Oregon Medical Press is dedicated to publishing quality books on the scientific exploration of herbs and other forms of natural medicines as used in complementary cancer treatment

  • Boik has researched and written two highly acclaimed books on the subject, Cancer and Natural Medicine (1996), which was praised by medical, oncology, and health journals around the world, and (2001), which was released in March 2001

  • magazine Positive Health called it a "masterpiece." Choice , a publication of the Association of College & Research Libraries, called it "one of the best in the field of herbal medicine." The peer-reviewed journals Pharmaceutical Biology and Journal of Natural Products called it a "jewel, " "impressive, " and "required reading." Bloomsbury Review called it a "must-have"

  • If you are a cancer patient, doctor, nurse, pharmacist, scientist, or herbalist, or simply have an interest in cancer or alternative medicine, you will find Natural Compounds in Cancer Therapy a highly informative and useful resource

    Chi Wellness Clinic: Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine & Massage in ...
    Chinese medicine specialists in Boston. Miles Chong Chen, Director.

  • Chi Wellness Clinic is built on the foundation of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), which has been proven an effective way in treating chronic conditions and restoring health and balance for over five thousand years of continuous use

  • In order to provide the most effective natural care, Chi Wellness Clinic continues its pioneering effort in implementing its procedures and programs based on its four founding principles: With our treatment of the root cause rather than merely symptoms, you will mobilize your innate healing to overcome chronic conditions and achieve sustainable health and wellness; With our focus on comprehensive care , you will benefit from full combination of TCM therapies by a team of practitioners who have practiced TCM as the mainstream medicine in China and elsewhere; With our locations near major medical areas and our holistic solutions that are complementary to Western medicine, you will benefit from the best of both worlds

  • Chi Wellness Clinic, which is independent and not affiliated with any hospitals, has three locations that provide acupuncture, Chinese herbal Medicine, Tuina massage and Tai Chi in Massachusetts: Longwood General Clinic - two blocks from the Longwood Medical Area, Boston

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