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Pinochet and Chile Invisible Hand and Iron Fist
By Alejandro Ruess for Dollars and Sense magazine, Nov/Dec 1999.

  • Invisible Hand and Iron Fist by Alejandro Ruess Dollars and Sense magazine Nov/Dec 1999 After taking power in a 1973 coup, General Augusto Pinochet ruled Chile for 17 years

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  • The four Lemmy/Clarke/Taylor albums ( Overkill through Iron Fist ) are personal favorites, but almost all of the later albums have their moments as well

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  • The country is occupied by the Germans during the Second World War and falls behind the Soviet Union's 'Iron Curtain' at war's end

  • 1930s - The "agricultural crisis" helps feed the growth of the virulently antisemitic and anticommunist 'Iron Guard', the paramilitary wing of the 'Legion of the Archangel Michael', an ultra-nationalistic Romanian fascist group founded on 24 June 1927 by Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

  • Supported and funded by Nazi Germany, the Iron Guard will become the largest fascist movement in the Balkans, with its growing influence contributing significantly to the political instability that plagues Romania throughout the decade

  • Ceausescu becomes prominent in the Romanian communist youth movement and the fight against fascism and the Iron Guard

  • In September 1940 General, supported by the Iron Guard and renegade military officers and backed by Germany, takes control of the Romanian government

  • The war has also left Romania behind the Soviet Union's 'Iron Curtain', allowing the Romanian Communist Party to rise to power

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  • They are also used for conditioning the body to form the Iron Palm, Iron Fist, Iron Arm, Iron Body and Iron Leg

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  • The whole tape is priceless but because we are iron palm focused, I deemed this brief passage where Brian speaks of how Bruce Lee would train his small group in 'punching' (one of many) as especially apropos." Emblazed Audio Retail Opportunity Have money to invest in your own profitable business? Get in on the ground floor

  • He is rated as one of the world's strongest men with a 440 pound flat bench! He studies iron palm, herbs and chi kung with Jung Shee Lacy." Note reads: "Sifu; Thank you for your help! Jerry Goney Photo: Horoscope Click to Enlarge Sixth Generation Family Inherited Great Jung Shee Doo Wai of the Bak Fu Pai (White Tiger System of Southern Chinese Kung Fu, gave me my Shi Fu/Master of White Tiger Techniques in 1983

  • That was the iron palm certificate templates

  • I have written and video documentation of my former teacher acknowledging me being the official fund-raiser and worldwide iron palm representative, when I was in the association

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  • Für Tippfehler wird keine Garantie übernommen ;) 21:31 20.10.2003 Endlich online Wenn auch etwas verspätet ist die neue Iron Fist Seite nun online

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  • Iron Monkey ..

  • aka Iron Monkey 2 (1995) ...

  • aka Iron Monkey (USA) ..

  • aka Iron Monkey: The Young Wong Fei Hong ..

  • aka Iron Monkey (USA) ..

  • aka Iron Monkey: The Young Wong Fei Hong ..

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  • aka The Iron Hand (1972) (uncredited) ..

  • aka The Iron Hand (1972) (action director) (as Little Dragon Lee) ..

  • aka The Iron Hand (1972) (TV) (co-creator) (1971) ..

  • aka The Iron Hand (1971) (associate producer) (uncredited) ..

  • aka The Iron Hand (1971) (assistant director) (uncredited) ..

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  • [] The iron fist of Amuso and Casso The period that followed was one of the most turbulent the Lucchese family had seen, given the relative calm under previous bosses

  • As well as his role as a hitman, Eppolito was also a member of the cast, ironically as a policeman, of the 1990 film


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  • 'Iron and Silk: Basic Shadowfist Tactics' - Shadowfist Players' Guide vol 1, pp 9-13 (sidebar)

    A metalliferous view from the Central Taurus by K. Aslihan Yener.

  • The Sungurlu area in north central Turkey around the highland capital, Bogazköy, is fertile in agricultural potential, and even more significantly, it has an environment rich in metals, minerals, and wood

  • From the earliest occurrences of metal objects in the aceramic Neolithic (eighth millennium BCE) through the discovery of iron metallurgy, this innovative characteristic never altered

  • There are iron ritual objects such as the animal attributes of the major deities, specifically lions and bulls, as well as animal shaped rhytons and human statues cast of iron or made of wood and inlaid with gold, silver, and tin

  • Other utilitarian objects such as weapons and tools are described as being made of iron (Kosak 1985; Muhly et al

  • An iron throne was given to the earlier Middle Bronze Age monarch, Anitta the King of Kanesh, while iron blooms, lumps, and iron smelting (?) hearths are mentioned in Hittite texts

  • A tub, small figurines, and ornamental jewelry are also mentioned as being made of iron

  • Texts made the distinction between meteoric iron (referred to as black iron of heaven) and terrestrial (smelted) iron; copper and iron can be qualified by 'good' or 'not good.' The provenance of various metals is sometimes listed

    Iron Monkey
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  • Iron Monkey Nearly a decade before western audiences experiences , there was Iron Monkey

  • Iron Monkey was the epitomy of these movies, combining wonderful, graceful martial arts with cornball dialogue and an epic scale

  • The main difference between this and is that Iron Monkey is missing the poetic storytelling

  • The Iron Monkey is a Robin Hood like figure who, in actuality, is Dr

  • The Iron Monkey exists to combat official corruption, mainly stealing from Governor Cheng ( Chinese Ghost Story , Screwball '94 ) and giving to the poor

  • Master Fox (Yuen Shun Yee, Fist of Legend , Forbidden City Cop ) is in charge of the local police, but only makes half-hearted efforts at capturing Iron Monkey

  • They are passing through on their way home and find themselves caught in Cheng's pathetic scheme to trap anybody with martial arts skills, thinking he will catch Iron Monkey

  • Iron Monkey and Kei-Ying fight, leading Cheng to imprison Fei-Hung

  • The only way Kei-Ying will get Fei-Hung back is to capture Iron Monkey

  • One surprising element of Iron Monkey is that the story holds up relatively well, especially considering the complications - Statues Busts Props
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  • Win Eckert adds: Mark is too humble to say so himself, but he is the author of The Night of the Iron Tyrants mini-series published by Millennium Comics in 1990

  • The Knights of the Golden Circle is secretly organized around this time by Secretary of War Edwin Stanton ( The Night of the Iron Tyrants )

  • April 14, 1965 President Abraham Lincoln is assassinated by John Wilkes Booth, in service to the Knights of the Golden Circle ( The Night of the Iron Tyrants )

  • Conjecture: With the help the Knights of the Golden Circle, Booth escapes to England and assumes a new identity ( The Night of the Iron Tyrants )

  • This episode takes place around Christmas time.) Conjecture: Loveless is first contacted by the Knights of the Golden Circle ( The Night of the Iron Tyrants )

  • It is stated that they have been retired for ten years.) June-July 1885 N The Night of the Assassin (Cassius Lear is a John Wilkes Booth imitator - therefore there is no conflict with The Night of the Iron Tyrants

  • NOTE: This novel should not be confused with an earlier novel of the same name, which is a novelization of the episode The Night of the Double-Edged Knife.) 1910 "My Life in the Secret Service, The Memoirs of Artemus Gordon" privately published ( The Night of the Iron Tyrants ) The Wild Wild West Chronology was created for the sole purposes of entertainment and information

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  • Track 6: Barzel (iron fist) Two minutes of marching, pounding, and sirens

  • The iron fist drives people out of the new settlement

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  • The ironic twists about the last weapon is that it was Gah Lak Tus’ disgust for organic life that caused it to begin it’s crusade of eradication and psionic energy is how it first began it’s softening of the Earth’s human population

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