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Chants and Taunts, Clapping Games, Jump Rope Rhymes
Collection of American children's folk rhymes for taunting, playing patty-cake,
and skipping rope.

  • The 'Left!'s and 'Right!'s will hit with the corresponding foot if you've the correct rhythm; the italic words hit with the left foot, giving a syncopated effect, especially in the second section: Left! Left! I left my mother with forty-nine kids To die of starvation with out any gingerbread

    This is my first Misting, so if I missed any jokes, tell me ...
    Fan interpretation of the robots reviewing the movie Aliens.

    What's That Bug?
    Information, user-contributed images, and identification help for insects and
    relatives of North America.

    Songs for Camp and Campfires
    Easy songs for children, to sing around campfires, while hiking, or just for fun.
    Over 50 listed.

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    MrsCatherine's Xanga Site
    Sharing encouragement and support in making our homes a home for our husbands
    and children.

    Five Browns
    Covering a previously infertile couple's troubles and happiness.

    Ozark Stained Glass Biz: Custom Stained Glass & Patterns
    Collection of stained glass patterns featuring horses. Also offers various
    wildlife, landscapes and abstract designs.

  • My cost is 80.00 a square foot and 1.00 for each piece of glass cut

    No Aggregated Test Scores Left Behind
    Discusses the accountability of state examinations and of the No Child Left Behind
    program. Includes e-mail responses to the page.

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    SoYouWanna speak with an Irish accent?
    An article on Irish speech.

    Jane's Got Stickers
    A personal page with rants, raves, reviews and other information.

    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ...
    A kung-fu battle royale.

  • Rangers call in the Zords and defeat this terrible enemy in about two minutes (3 seconds if you eliminate the stock footage) and gain the undying love of the citizens despite destroying half the city in the carnage

  • (-5) Now for MMPR, the Capitalist Machine took stock Japanese footage from an ancient show, and recycled it (reduce, reuse, recycle) into an American abomination

    "Cruel Intentions", by Roger Kumble
    February 10, 1998 screenplay by Roger Kumble.

  • (beat) Can we start over again? I think we've gotten off on the wrong foot

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    PMS BITCH | Pure Venom Has Never Been So Bloody
    From current news events to celebrity gossip.

    Prindle Record Reviews - Sonic Youth
    Reviews and comments related to Sonic albums.

    Opie & Anthony's Demented Fan Page
    Photos, audio clips, news, show highlights, and guestbook.

  • Opie says they were to break her foot live on the show, but no

  • Anthony says he is not paying for the other foot because it is too expensive

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