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  • A great team effort on serve receive generated a powerful attack through the middle the whole day, with Erin Wood, Amy Thiessen and Ali Cole doing great work keeping the opposition guessing

  • Erin Wood averaged over 4 kills a game in 4 of the 6 matches played Sunday

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  • You find milk and I'll find flour, And we'll have a pudding in half an hour! If No One Ever Marries Me Laurence Alma-Tadema If no one ever marries me - And I don't see why they should, For nurse syas I'm not pretty, And I'm seldom very good - If no one ever marries me I shan't mind very much, I shall buy a squirrel in a cage And a little rabbit-hutch; I shall have a cottage near a wood, And a pony all my own And a little lamb, quite clean and tame, That I can take to town

  • He puts damp wood upon the fire, That kettles cannot boil; His are the feet that bring in mud, And all the carpets soiled

  • And, as in uffish thought he stood, The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame, Came whiffling through the tulgey wood, And burbled as it came! One, two! One, two! And through and through The vorpal blade went snicker-snack! He left it dead, and with its head He went galumphing back

  • Wynken, Blynken, and Nod Eugene Field Wynken, Blynken and Nod one night Sailed off in a wooden shoe-- Sailed on a river of crystal light Into a sea of dew

  • The old moon laughed and sang a song, As they rocked in the wooden shoe, And the wind that sped them all night long Ruffled the waves of dew

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  • Please email the editor, Erin Wood, P.E

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  • Lorena Wood (1988) ...

    Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas
    The NYC company of Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas performs on college and
    university campuses and selected commercial venues.

  • Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas ...a play for voices..

  • The Snow & Associates production of 'Under Milk Wood' by Dylan Thomas was founded in NYC in 1993

  • Saturday night’s performance of Under Milk Wood in the production directed by Dan Snow was one of those happenings.' -- George Walker, WFIU We extend our thanks to all participants in the 6/29/97 celebration for our late director, James MacAaron, including a special guest appearance by Tony Randall

  • --William Blake, Proverbs of Hell DYLAN THOMAS gave an early draft of Under Milk Wood an apt title: The Town Was Mad

  • 'UNDER Milk Wood.' Without diminishing the beauty of Thomas' language, or his sense of humour, it reveals a sense of the macabre core that underlies Llareggub's thin veneer of lovable pastoral eccentricity

  • Mirroring the playwright's appeal to his audience, near the conclusion of the play, the Reverend Eli Jenkins prays to his creator: We are not wholly bad or good Who live our lives under Milk Wood, And Thou, I know, wilt be the first To see our best side, not our worst

  • This production forces members of the audience to interrupt their laughter and ask the chilling question: 'What are we laughing at?' And the answer may very well be: 'Ourselves.' --Jonathan Hamel --Danny O Snow More Commentary about Under Milk Wood: 'Windfall Dancers' most ambitious, remarkable collaboration was September's Under Milk Wood

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  • HOMESTEAD Wood Designs 02/26/04 Welcome to the "HOMESTEAD Wood Designs " Web site! We specialize in making one of a kind rustic furniture from tag alder

  • We also have other wood designs and products

  • The bark of fresh cut wood is green or grey but when fully cured the bark turns a rich dark mahogany colour and sealed with a wood oil preservative with UV protection

  • HOMESTEAD Wood Designs 9470 Reg

    Welcome to Bruce Wood Dance Company
    Showcase for the choreography of artistic director Bruce Wood (Fort Worth, TX, USA)

  • THE REVIEWS ARE IN! From Lovett! Photo by Erin Trieb / Fort Worth Star-Telegram Mastery in Motion Choreographer's new performance explores ecstasy and spirituality By Wayne Lee Gay Star-Telegram Dance Critic July 10, 2005 FORT WORTH - For 10 years, Fort Worth choreographer Bruce Wood has bared his soul to local dance fans and a growing national audience in ballets that have stunned and enthralled

  • It opens with the 10 dancers of the Bruce Wood Dance Company in costumes resembling priests' robes, but without sleeves, presenting motions suggesting traditional ritual

  • Here, Wood boldly enlivens these old words with a quality of surprise, perfectly blended with the cosmic minuet of Bach's music

  • After a painfully unwound Pietalike segment exploring, as Wood has so many times before, the interdependence of humanity, as the grandeur of Bach's Dona nobis pacem ("Grant us peace") rolls forward momentously, one dancer strips off his robe and walks, nude, into the light, liberated

  • The genius of Liturgy was well underscored by two other works of Wood on the program

  • Lovett! , Wood's lighthearted setting of songs of country-pop balladeer Lyle Lovett, entertained as reliably as always, with its suave transformation of dance-hall motifs into art

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    Scout Association (Isle of Man) - Camp Site Directory
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  • On all camp sites there is no wood, living or dead, for burning or gadgets unless the landowner gives permission

  • Wood slivers (known as 'Scout wood') may be purchased from the saw mill

  • Close to Ramsey town centre and woods

  • Wood for fires must not be cut on site

  • Wood for burning and gadgets can be obtained from the Isle of Man Government, Forestry Department at St


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  • So, basically the above proclamation doesn’t mean you’re going to get any greater frequency of in-depth posts here on Broshspotting (”just how much wood can a wood chuck chuck, anyways?”), it just means that my mock-serious “photo posts” are going to be posted on, well, my, because, well, I have no officially launced and, well, you haven’t

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  • Danced in the garden under the moon, Beat sweet rhythms with a wooden spoon, Whirling, turning, jumping to the beat, Melting down to their ice cream feet

  • Ordway, AACS lst Grade Teacher Marilyn Sloan, Alfred, NY My mother said I never should play With the gypsies in the woods

  • Her shoes will be Wood, leather, high heel, low heel, sandals, wooden

  • You must be kind, you must be good, And make your husband chop the wood

  • The lion choked, the monkey croaked, And they all went to heaven in a little row boat, Clap-Clap! Clap-Clap! Susan Teagarden, AACS Parent Two little pails of water, Two little pails of water, Girls in wooden shoes, Girls with wooden legs

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  • - Southern Connecticut took home the majority of swimming and diving awards from the Northeast-10 Conference as senior Carolynn Navarro (Seymour, Conn.) was named Women's Swimming Athlete of the Year while senior John Wood (Columbia, Conn.) and sophomore Ali Bronson (Torrington, Conn.) were named Diving Athletes of the Year

  • The diving athlete of the year recipients, Bronson and Wood, were also both selected as the Northeast-10 Championship meet's outstanding female and male diver at the 2006 Northeast-10 meet

  • Wood, the men's outstanding diver for the third straight season and diving athlete of the year for the second year, scored 533.15 points for a NE-10 record at this year's league championship and then placed first in the one-meter diving with a score of 491 points, another NE-10 mark

  • At the NCAA Division II championships, Wood placed third in the three-meter diving with 432.80 points and 12th in the one-meter event with 363.45 points

  • Men's Swimming Athlete of the Year: Matt Kavanaugh, Saint Rose Men's Swimming Freshman of the Year: Ricky Chidsey, Le Moyne Men's Diving Athlete of the Year: John Wood, Southern Connecticut Men's Swimming Coach of the Year: Tim Quill, Southern Connecticut Men's Diving Coach of the Year: Jesse Cyr, Southern Connecticut Women's Swimming Athlete of the Year: Carolynn Navarro, Southern Connecticut Women's Swimming Athlete of the Year: Meghan Nugent, Le Moyne Women's Diving Athlete of the Year: Ali Bronson, Southern Connecticut Women's Swimming Coach of the Year: Tim Quill, Southern Connecticut Women's Diving Coach of the Year: Jesse Cyr, Southern Connecticut navarro takes second at ncaas; owls place 16th 3/13/06 -- Coach Tim Quill's Southern Connecticut women's team placed 16th among 28 scoring teams at the NCAA Division II swimming and diving championships in Indianapolis with 54 points

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  • The day starts with a hearty 3 course breakfast, served on our balcony (Summers), and ends beside our wood burning fireplace with complimentary afternoon tea and snacks, Or just sipping the house specialities like Irish coffee, Baileys on Ice, or one of our large selection of whiskeys (whisky's) from around the World

    Knots for RL
    Erin Poh drafts a poem about tatting through the generations.

  • We Are always tending to tablecloths that Are never without holes, that Are stained with wine-rings and egg yolk; Crumbs on the wood beneath Unsettling our recklessly porcelain cups

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  • Rose - Emily Ann Lloyd - Emily Clibourn - Emily Hart - Emily Jane Browning - Emily Lalande - Emily Lipoma - Emily Osment - Emily Perkins - Emily Poe - Emily Roeske - Emily Ruck-Keene - Emily Schulman - Emily VanCamp - Emily Young - Emily-Jane Romig - Emma Bolger - Emma Cline - Emma Floria - Emma King - Emma Ridley - Emma Roberts - Emma Taylor-Isherwood - Emma Tima - Emma Watson - Emmanuelle Boidron - Emmanuelle Béart - Emmy Rossum - Endyia Kinney - Erica Everage - Erica Lancaster - Erica Luttrell - Erica Nicole Hess - Erika Christensen - Erika Flores - Erika Katz - Erika Moore - Erika and Sabrina Krievins - Erin Adams - Erin J

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