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  • Any demeaning or public attacks against him are viewed by Republicans, Democrats, and all Americans as an attack on all of us." More information , and 1, 325 subscriptions have been cancelled at The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald Cuban exiles, upset about the firing of two El Nuevo Herald reporters and a freelancer who were moonlighting for Radio and TV Martí, protested the dismissals Tuesday and launched an Internet campaign

  • ''We reject the efforts of The Miami Herald to silence our voice in Cuba, '' Remedios Díaz-Oliver of the Cuban Liberty Council said at a news conference

  • Pruitt, president and chief executive of McClatchy Co., parent company of The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald

  • The letter requests that a panel be established to determine whether the Miami Herald Media Co

  • Read all the information regarding the firing of the three Miami Herald journalists Chávez at the UN: Bush is "the devil" Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez took his verbal diarrhea to the floor of the U.N

  • Home video shows the crude side of Raúl Castro Home video footage shot in the early 1990s, being rebroadcast on Miami Spanish-language TV, shows a side of Raúl Castro few get to see

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  • MIAMI, Miguel Saludes • Es poco probable que Castro vuelva a asumir la presidencia • Vicepresidente cubano: Confiamos en recuperación de Fidel • Cuba tiene buenas relaciones con vecinos del Caribe • Izquierda sin exclusiones solidariza con Castro enfermo Oraciones y ritos de santería por la salud de Castro Terra

  • Centro de emergencia de Miami preparado por enfermedad de Castro Terra

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  • BLACK AND WHITE A photograph of Miami To the terrorist, an embrace for those with bad taste, a flirtatious comment To the rich thieve, a contract and to the great corruptor, my vote


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  • | Last Updated:9/22/06 Photo: Reuters Recent Headlines : September 22, 2006 , Miami Herald (9/22/06) , Associated Press (9/21/06) , Miami Herald (9/21/06) , Wall Street Journal (9/21/06) , Miami Herald (9/20/06) , L.A

  • Times (9/19/06) , Reuters (9/19/06) , International Herald Tribune (9/17/06) , Chicago Tribune (9/17/06) , Miami Herald (9/17/06) , Reuters (9/16/06) , Miami Herald (9/15/06) , Miami Herald (9/15/06) , Wall Street Journal (9/15/06) , Miami Herald (9/14/06) , Washington Post (9/14/06) , Miami Herald (9/14/06) , Miami Herald (9/13/06) , Miami Herald (9/13/06) , L.A

  • Times (9/13/06) , Associated Press (9/12/06) , Miami Herald (9/12/06) , L.A

  • Times (9/12/06) , Miami Herald (9/12/06) , Miami Herald (9/11/06) , Washington Post (9/11/06) , Miami Herald (9/11/06) , Miami Herald (9/10/06) , L.A

  • Times (9/10/06) , South Florida Sun-Sentinel (9/8/06) , Reuters (9/7/06) , Miami Herald (9/5/06) , International Herald Tribune (8/4/06) , Forbes (8/3/06) , Chicago Tribune (8/2/06) , Voice of America (8/1/06) , Miami Herald (8/1/06) , Miami Herald (7/31/06) , Chicago Tribune (7/31/06) Photo: BBC News Online Recent Publications article by Wayne S

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  • posted by liz at | Blogs and wine A great combination, and a sign Miami has finally become a blogging city, too:'s tour is coming to Miami: the cool cats at Stormhoek, South Africa's coolest and most blog-savvy wine, are now launching in the US

  • The E-vite came out to Miami bloggers over the weekend

  • (or even some of the former Knight Ridder newspapers, Philadelphia (1979), Detroit (1980) and the Miami Herald (1982)

  • It's a long time since I've seen anything by the excellent Liz Balmaseda, who won a Pulitzer for her commentary at the Miami Herald, but sort of disappeared after taking a leave

  • Now she's at the Palm Beach Post, and has on Babalu Blog's Val Prieto.Speaking of newspaper gossip, interesting column in the Cleveland Free Times about, which claims (former Miami Herald editor) executive editor Doug Clifton is staying away from the newsroom a lot to do more woodworking

  • Anyway, it looks like a good blog to add to .And, here's another new Miami blog that looks like it's going to be interesting:, 'the Rodney Dangerfield of blogs'

  • posted by liz at | Wednesday, August 02, 2006 That Castro story High hopes and tense excitement in Miami, where hundreds of thousands -- maybe millions -- are hoping that this is The End for Castro.For discussion/background, lots of places to go, most in South Florida:, of course, with lots of stories and blogs

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  • She moved to Miami, where she is a radio host and the author of Castro’s Daughter: An Exile’s Memoir of Cuba

    BETWEEN THE LINES 9/22/06: Taliban regaining strength in ...
    An alternative radio magazine, giving interviews with progressive activists.
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  • Pablo Alfonso, El Nuevo Herald, Julio 23 de 2006 Estados Unidos utilizará la información y la comunicación como herramientas principales para promover la transición democrática en Cuba, afirmó el viernes en Miami el secretario de Comercio, Carlos Gutiérrez

  • Van también La colección Sarasola-Bonfill Emilio Ichikawa Una parte de los más importantes artistas plásticos que ha dado Cuba en las últimas dos décadas ha establecido residencia en Miami

    The Newspaper Guild
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  • McClure participates in NI's conference Taking Small Nations to Greatness: Free Trade, Security and Education June 8 - El Nuevo Herald - Miami - Quotes from Pres

    Essay by Noe Dorestant. Site also includes reports and photos from recent
    tournaments in which Haiti has competed.

    Citistates: Neal Peirce
    Writes on metropolitan regions and their political and economic dynamics, their
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  • Reports of recent years include Boston Unbound , released in May 2004, a report on the San Diego-Tijuana citistate area for San Diego Magazine, South Florida for the Miami Herald, El Nuevo Herald and the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, Kansas City for the Kansas City Star, and South Texas for the San Antonio Express-News

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    US-based nonprofit providing information on Cuban history and current realities,
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  • () PRESS RELEASE Jóvenes por una Cuba Libre, a University of Miami-based student activist group, welcomes the possible end of the Castro dictatorship and sends message of edification and assurance to Cubans worldwide

  • The announcement was made at 9:15 Monday night on Cuban Television, monitored in Miami

  • Some American parents of Cuban heritage noticed it and filed a complaint with the Miami-Dade school board, which voted to remove the book from the public school library

  • Byrne By: | October 14, 2005 BY: BY: CLAUDIA MARQUEZ By: with the collaboration of Jaums Sutton Thursday, August 4, 2005 By: Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies University of Miami By: Wednesday, July 13, 2005 By: JUAN CARLOS GONZALEZ LEIVA President of the Cuban Foundation for Human Rights under house arrest By: Amnesty International / March 2005 By: Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies University of Miami By Sahilí Navarro () Por: Elsa Morejón By MARY ANASTASIA O'GRADY February 18, 2005; Page A11 By: Maj

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