Ulteritec - Technical Services and Solutions
Specialize in automating business processes for retail and wholesale companies.

Forward Motion Theater
A non-profit organization to create and promote choreo-works combining movement
and technology. (NYC)

BBC News | SCI/TECH | US companies warn on profits
Over 30 US companies have issued profits warnings in the wake of the massive
attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

Wired News: Auction Site Pulls Tower Items
In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in New York City, people on Internet
auction sites are apparently bidding up the prices of World Trade Center ...


Photo by www.diabetes.org

R2 TRADE, Reciprocal Results, Corporate Barter, Media Barter ...
Moves excess, surplus, obsolete and problem inventories in exchange for media
time and space, merchandise or other services.

Evil Twin Theory, Mark II: Jazz Odyssey
Canadian songwriter moves to New York City to pursue his fortune. Hijinks and
culture shock ensue.

Shopping Center in northern Bayside, features a Gap, Boston Market, Outback
Steakhouse and many more shops and restaurants.

Gawker, Manhattan Media News and Gossip
Celebrity sitings, news, comments and gawker gossip.


Photo by www.duanereade.com

An Ad-erage Day in the Life of a Kid
A tobacco-ad-filled day in the life of a kid.

  • And who's this 'everyone else'? Who seems to be telling a kid smoking's ok, or even cool? Major corporations like Panasonic and Kellogg's, the local mom-and-pop candy store, the supermarket, the pharmacy, the gas station, the bus company, his doctor, the entire publishing industry, his favorite sports figures, his movie idols, and even his own mother and father

    approaching midnight
    Humorous insights and pure lunatic rantings by a man living in Brooklyn, New York.

    The Jets Stadium: Another Sad West Side Story (Gotham Gazette ...
    Gotham Gazette article dated 29 March 2004, argung against the proposed stadium.

    slashstar - Blogs
    Collection of technology blogs about a variety of topics.


    EDI Software, Electronic Data Interchange Bureau, Barcode, Internet
    Outsourcing solutions for all facets of EDI, specializing in vendor compliance
    issues for manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. Creators of EC-EZNET, ...

    Xavier's Birth
    A moms tells of going into labor at 35 weeks. Includes photographs of the events.

  • Dave went out to walk to the corner grocery, the liquor store, and the pharmacy

  • We went out for another walk to the pharmacy to pick up another bottle of castor oil and on the way back chatted with my friend Cara who stopped by to wish us good luck

  • Right about this time I was getting very angry about the birth and medical turn it had taken - evidenced in the picture Dave took: I suddenly NEEDED to listen to some classical music, so Dave left me in search of a CD player/radio and found one at the Duane Reade pharmacy across the street from the hospital

    All Island Media, Inc. - Pennysaver News, Carrier News, Gold Coast ...
    Local weekly shopper.

    The Jews of Aleppo
    An account of their history, culture, and emigration, mainly to the US.

    Labelscar: The Retail History Blog
    Blog focusing on retail history, with articles and photos of shopping malls and
    retail chains and analysis of redevelopment solutions.

  • As of today, nothing has been done with the property beyond the relocation of a CVS Pharmacy from inside the mall to an exterior-facing space in the former Media Play, though here are two diagrams from the developer showing the current and future configurations of the property: In retrospect, the Worcester Center Galleria and Worcester Common Fashion Outlets bridged what was perhaps the most troubled era in Worcester’s history

    Collection of news articles focused mainly on Wal-Mart labor practices.

    Fashion designer Katie Hellmuth shares thoughts and ideas.

    The Pulp Heroes: Introduction
    Articles about Doc Savage and other pulps.

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