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Vigay.com : Ant Support - DNS Resolver Module
For the ANT Resolver module [ANT].

  • On entry R1 = pointer to host name string, 0 terminated On exit R0 = errno integer value if V flag is clear, or = error block pointer if V flag is set R1 = pointer to completed 'hostent' struct if successful, = 0 if failed All other registers preserved on exit Use This SWI is provided primarily for backwards compatibility, since new network applications can use the more flexible _GetHost SWI as described below

  • The exact algorithm followed is that on any hostname lookup, this SWI is called, and if no error is returned, then the hostent ptr returned is used by the Internet module

  • If an error is returned, the Internet module uses its own (broken) /etc/hosts file lookup code

  • The hostent struct has the following, Net-BSD standard format - see <netdb.h> for more details; struct hostent { char *h_name; /* official name of host */ char **h_aliases; /* alias list */ int h_addrtype; /* host address type */ int h_length; /* length of address */ char **h_addr_list; /* list of addresses */ #define h_addr h_addr_list[0]; /* address (compatiblity) */ }; A Net-BSD standard 'errno' value is returned in R0 if there was an error

    How to Handle Robozilla Errors
    Official guidelines for dealing with Robozilla error messages.

  • What should I do about Robozilla Errors? Your first job is to become Sherlock Holmes and figure out why the URL isn't responding

  • Below is a list of common reasons for errors and actions you might take

  • Bonk the 'URL works for me: Clear Error' button

  • If the site is unique to the category, send it to unreviewed and the error-hunting team will try to find a new address for it

  • What do the Error Codes mean? There are two types of error codes that are presented in the open directory

  • These numbers are Errors in the HTTP protocol

  • Error codes with values less than 0 are errors that occured while trying to talk to the server (but not succeeding)

  • Links are checked twice before they are marked with an error, to try to account for machines that are temporarily down

  • Following are the most common error codes generated by Robozilla

  • Code Meaning 500 Server error Sometimes happens due to a server misconfiguration

  • Try converting spaces to %20 and see if that fixes the error

  • 0 Unknown error Probably a DNS error

  • -7 Server Error The server returned an unknown error code, and is probably misconfigured

    Architectural Concerns on the use of DNS Wildcards
    Comment by the Internet Architecture Board on adverse effects of using DNS
    wildcards to resolve unregistered domains.

  • Finally, the two factors listed above ("match anything" behavior, and poor interaction with anything that depends on "no such name" responses) interact with normal and predictable human errors to allow wildcards to have effects far beyond their intended scope

  • So, while delegating the bar.example zone will prevent a wildcard record *.example from affecting a user who typed foo.bar.example as foi.bar.example, it will not prevent the same wildcard record from affecting the same user when the error is foo.bat.example

  • Even if these were acceptable changes, the new mechanism has poor scaling properties, and unless the operator chooses to invest significant resources in maintaining a large, robust web server setup, the user experience is going to get even worse: instead of either a local language error message or an English search page, the user is going to get "attempting to connect..." followed by a long wait

  • This creates a very poor user experience, since typographical errors that in the past would have bounced immediately may now go unnoticed for several days

  • The proxy generates an error message which is sent back to the sender's email address

    DNS Resources Directory (DNSRD)
    Offers general information, reference material, software, news, and links.

  • 19-Mar-2004 Contents General DNS Standards Software Online info and Names, registration, root servers () () at at DNS Glossary from , about DNS errors , counting the number of hosts in the DNS , about LOC records for geographical location on domain names, from 1997 Thanks to everyone who has contributed to DNSRD

  • info: DNS ERROR

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    TenorLogic - Java Security Resources
    Articles on Java security architecture and security pitfalls.

  • The vulnerability is caused due to an error in "com/sun/jndi/dns/DnsClient.java", which causes an internal counter to be negative after 32768 DNS requests

  • This can be exploited by triggering a large amount of DNS requests to cause an application, which performs DNS lookups, to get an DNS error thrown whenever a DNS request is done

    VeriSign redirects error pages | CNET News.com
    CNET News article about the company's surprise decision to take control of all
    unassigned .com and .net domain names.

  • | Password: or Remember me | Search: VeriSign redirects error pages By Staff Writer, CNET News.com Published: September 16, 2003, 3:31 PM PDT Criticism is quickly growing over VeriSign's surprise decision to take control of all unassigned .com and .net domain names, a move that has wreaked havoc on many e-mail utilities and antispam filters

  • On Monday, VeriSign released an describing the implementation of its 'Site Finder' program, saying it 'improves the user Web-browsing experience when the user has submitted a query for a nonexistent second-level domain in the .com and .net second-level domains...(Previously) his or her Web browser returned an error message that contained no useful information.' In an unusual kind of grassroots movement, some network administrators have begun to invent and launch against VeriSign

  • A discussion thread on the North American Network Operators' Group mailing list was titled 'What *are* they smoking?' and offered on how to configure routers and servers to block access to VeriSign's site, so Web users would receive the traditional 'nonexistent domain' error message

    Domain Name Service
    A brief document that describes how to set up a Unix DNS server using BIND.

  • Common booting related error messages and their possible solution Setting up DNS server Some of the configuration and nslookup related errors explained

  • Alphabetical listing of common Solaris Error Messages and their explanation fsck operation, syntax and explanation of some common error messages vi basics for reference explanations

  • and it can be critical, error, debug and dynamic

    Tragedy Results In Web News Gridlock
    Although Web sites like MSNBC.com, CNN.com and CBSNews.com initially began their
    coverage of Tuesday's tragedy by offering big graphics, live audio, and video, ...

  • Benefits

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    Error 404
    Offers a wide range of gardening and landscape services. Includes details work
    with prices, FAQs, before and after photographs, contact information, ...

  • Cannot find server or DNS Error Internet Explorer

    Denial of Service Database
    Details of many attacks: categorized by platform affected and using OSAT notation.
    No longer updated.

    Adware, Spyware and Advertising Trojans - Info & Removal Procedures
    Detailed descriptions of various spyware, adware, and other parasitic software.
    Includes instructions for removing many common and not-so-common spyware and ...

  • plg_ie0.dll - More Lop.com crap, this one is a BHO that sends your browser to their site for most any IE error page (e.g

  • (Search for and remove .jse files, remove the start-up trash from the ) Lop.com also hijacks, and even points IE's DNS Error and other error pages to lop.com

  • Load.exe - Part of the Nimda virus, can produce error messages ('Windows cannot find load.exe') and possible inability to run programs

  • To remove error message, open SYSTEM.INI, find the line similar to 'Shell=explorer.exe load.exe' and change it to 'Shell=explorer.exe'

  • to report new spyware, broken links, errors or other problems, or recommend new links

    A utility to speed up the process of DNS lookups. Works well with Analog. Mac,
    Linux, Sun, and Irix.

  • Fixed a problem which caused there to always be output errors on non-compressed translations

  • There is now a configuration file that allows control of the 'dnscache' file format for different versions of Analog, the level of compression used (including none) for the translated log files, forcing exiting at the end regardless of errors, disabling the translation pass (if all you want is the dnscache file), new smaller dnscache file format if you don't need it to be Analog compatible

  • January 16, 1998 DNSLookup 1.0.1, Fixed a bug that caused a 'problem opening file webstar.log.gz' error message on larger log files

  • DNSLookup now pauses at the end when there is a serious error to allow you to read the error messages

  • February 10, 1997 DNSLookup 1.0a1 Now allows clicks on the menu bar and exits when completed unless there was an error

  • DNSTran will automatically exit when it completes, unless there were errors


    Webopedia: Online Computer Dictionary for Computer and Internet ...
    An online computer dictionary and internet search engine for internet terms and
    technical support.

    Using check_* in sendmail 8.8
    sendmail 8.8: using the check_* rules to prohibit unauthorized relaying through
    your sendmail server and to reject UBE from well known addresses.

  • These new rulesets can do whatever you want, the only interesting case is when the resolve to the the $#error mailer, i.e., $#error $@ error-code $: error-text

  • In this case the indicated message is printed and the command is rejected with an error code

  • However, if you don't repeat the error number in the error text, uses the default value 553

  • uses a map with error messages as right side

  • First, you may have a list of domains in an external file which you want to ban completely: F{SpamDomains} /etc/mail/SpamDomains e.g., cyberpromo.com quantcom.com Next, you may have a list of users which you want to ban too: F{Spammer} /etc/mail/Spammer e.g., lamer@aol.com Now you can use these as follows: R<$={Spammer}> $#error $@ 5.7.1 $: '550 We don't accept junk mail' R<$={Spammer}.> $#error $@ 5.7.1 $: '550 We don't accept junk mail' R$* $: $>3 $1 R$*<@$={SpamDomains}.>$* $#error $@ 5.7.1 $: '550 We don't accept junk mail from your domain' R$*<@$={SpamDomains}>$* $#error $@ 5.7.1 $: '550 We don't accept junk mail from your domain' In addition, you may want to act on broken mailers which don't use <> around addresses: R$={Spammer} $#error $@ 5.7.1 $: '550 We don't accept junk mail' R$={Spammer}

    The American Mensa special interest group for intelligent youth. Includes chat,
    bulletin board, articles, poetry and games.

  • Other downtime was caused by a DNS error (Our ISP *lost* our Reverse DNS records!) For the Curious: Welcome TeenSIG was part of the quest for ET

    A first Guide for e-mail installation
    A draft about the installation/configuration of sendmail.

    Domains Reregistered for Distribution of Unrelated Content - A ...
    Research documenting 4525 domains registered by 'Tina's Free Live Webcam.'
    Each domain was previously used by another registrant, and Tina seems to have ...

  • (Such information could be offered freely to the interested public in some automatically-generated form, just as by Verisign.) Alternatively, search engines could improve and better publicize their "report an error" features, and directories like Yahoo could add a specific form and prioritized processing procedure for reporting and correcting the total misclassification of a web site

  • As Richard Lau, such notification might take place via a temporary removal of an expiring domain from name servers; after the domain has expired but before it is made available to others, the domain might be replaced with a page reporting that "your domain is past due, and you must renew it by x to avoid forfeiting it." This error page would quickly cause interested registrants to pay renewal fees, even while maintaining for some brief additional period the current registrant's exclusive right to renew

    UDP: the User Datagram Protocol
    Describes its structure, properties and uses.

  • Aside from the multiplexing/demultiplexing function and some light error checking, it adds nothing to IP

  • Application-level reliability also allows an application to tailor its own application-specific form of error control

  • The checksum is used by the receiving host to check if errors have been introduced into the segment during the course of its transmission from source to destination

  • (Basic principles of error detection are described in Section 5.2.)

  • UDP Checksum The UDP checksum provides for error detection

  • If this sum equals 1111111111111111, then the segment has no detected errors

  • If one of the bits is a zero, then we know that errors have been introduced into the segment

  • If no errors are introduced into the segment, then clearly the sum at the receiver will be 1111111111111111

  • If one of the bits is a zero, then we know that errors have been introduced into the segment

  • In section 5.1, we'll see that the Internet checksum is not foolproof -- even if the sum equals 111111111111111, it is still possible that there are undetected errors in the segment

  • For this reason, a number of protocols use more sophisticated error detection techniques than simple checksumming

    OpenBSD 3.9 errata
    the OpenBSD CD errata page.

    Dux Computer Digest of Computer Networking, Hardware, and Software
    A digest of PC hardware and software reviews, and how-to articles, and trouble-shooting
    tips from the unique perspective of an operational computer repair shop.

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