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  • Join our Free Trading Tips; Recommendations and Market Strategies Email Newsletter Free Daily and Weekly Trade Futures and Commodities Recommendations Free Customized Research valued at $5, 000 News Updates and News Alerts Online Account access with up to the minute balances and … Lots of Patience! Optimus Futures Trading Company for Commodity and Futures Traders Futures, Commodities and Options traders can rely on Optimus Trading Group (OTG) for dependable online trading, full service, broker assisted – at competitive rates – and expert advice on the commodities and futures markets you trade

  • With the advent of system trading, our System Assist brokers will execute your trading system accurately and efficiently

    ClearTrade: Commodity Brokers, Futures Brokers, Online Futures ...
    Provides traders with access to electronic online future trading and pit commodity
    trading at a discounted rate. Specializing in risk management, day trading, ...

  • As an online futures trading discount broker , we also specialize in future broker assisted trading , a variety of electronic online platforms , and many other services which are available at discount rates

  • ClearTrade, as your online discount commodity broker , is designed to meet the needs of all commodity traders - from beginners to seasoned online futures traders

  • As a self-directed discount online trading client or a broker assisted client, you will trade at the lowest rate ClearTrade offers

  • / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / Futures Brokers Commodity Broker Toll Free 1-800-493-4444 Voice 1-773-561-9777 Electronic Trading Platforms ClearTrade Offers At ClearTrade, our sophisticated order-routing engine gives traders access to every major futures market worldwide for online commodity trading

  • or provided by (ClearTrade's futures and commodities brokerage firm) is our powerful electronic order-entry software, which delivers critical trading functions quickly and easily in a trusted Windows® environment

  • TRADER RESOURCES ONLINE TRADING PLATFORMS NEW ACCOUNT INFO RMATION COMPANY INFORMATIO N T RADERS EDUCATION ' Whether you are looking to select a future broker for futures online trading or broker futures assisted, you will want an experienced veteran professional

    Orion Futures Group, Inc.- Commodity futures and options brokerage ...
    Futures and options broker specializing in seasonal trading. Monthly newsletter
    and reports, online commodities trading.

    Futures Trading and Commodities Trading : Discount Brokerage Services
    One of the world's largest discount futures brokerage firms. A clearing member
    of all major US exchanges.

  • -**** Man Group plc can trace its origins back to 1783 when James Man first established a sugar brokerage in the City of London

  • Today, Man Financial Inc, the Group's brokerage division, is one of the world's major futures and options brokers commanding a global financial presence with offices in New York, Chicago, Kansas City, London, Paris, Singapore, Taiwan, Sydney and Brisbane

  • Man Financial Inc provides agency brokerage and related services to a diverse client base including banks, hedge funds, industrial groups and private clients


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    Discount Online Trading, Options, Futures, Forex, Stock, ETFs
    Offers global online direct access trading of stock, options, futures, and forex.

    Commodity Futures Trading Brokers, Discount Online Futures Broker ...
    Full service and deep discount trading. Rates from $4.75. Daily research and
    trade recommendations.

  • Real-Time Account and Futures Trading Platforms - Markets can change in the blink of any eye - Take control with our fully integrated trading platforms Insignia Futures & Options provides you, the futures trader, with the technological tools, market resources and most importantly, the professional service serious futures traders demand from a commodity futures broker

    Commodity Brokers, Futures Brokers, Online Futures Trading, Broker ...
    Offers direct access trading via multiple online platforms, full service and
    discount, also free quotes, charts and research.

  • Packard Trading (APT) Selecting the right broker can make a big difference in your use of the markets...and potential rewards

  • Packard Trading (APT) is a DBA of The Zaner Group, an Independent Introducing Broker located in the heart of Chicago's financial district

  • APT was designed to handle the needs of all traders-- from full service to discount to online-- with attention to detail and customer service rarely found in the brokerage industry

  • Our rates are lower than many 'discount' firms' rates, while providing one on one service with a fully licensed broker

    United Futures Trading - Online Commodity Futures Trading Broker ...
    Offering managed, broker assisted, and online trading.

  • Just getting started and want the help of a licensed to assist you with your trading? All of our brokers are licensed and ready to help you with outstanding customer service and care

  • Want to open an account NOW? Click Includes : Charts, Market Information, Informative News Articles, Market Alerts, Exchange Brochures, Managed Commodity Account Information, and much more!! We are a fully licensed and registered Introducing Broker

  • All of our futures brokers are fully licensed by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)

  • We are a custom brokerage firm staffed by professional licensed commodity brokers who are dedicated to providing our clients with excellent service

  • Benefits

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    Canadian Discount Online Trading, Options, Futures, Forex, Stock, ETFs
    Discount broker featuring ulta low-cost trading, including stocks, bonds, futures,
    and commodities. No RRSP accounts.

    Online futures trading, commodity futures trading, Online Trading ...
    Internet based broker, offering fast online trading, free charts, dynamic account
    updates, free real-time news, quotes, and discounted commissions.

    TradeFreedom | Canadian Online Discount Broker Direct Access ...
    Direct access trading services to US and Canadian exchanges. Free level II quotes
    and intelligent order routing for best available price.

    Futures, Options, Forex Brokerage - Castle Trading (800) 624-0626
    Full service and discount online commodity trading.

  • Deep discount commission rates Full service broker assistance Direct access online futures trading Free charts and quotes System Trading Division Tutorials and learning programs Experience with Ken Roberts clients Futures, Options and Forex Brokerage Services Castle Trading is a full service and discount commodity futures and forex brokerage firm offering round the clock access to every U.S

  • What sets Castle Trading apart from other brokerage firms is our strong commitment to customer service

  • When you call your broker for service, or just to talk, you won't get a recording, be pushed into a trade or be put on hold for the rest of the day


    Futures Broker Commodities Forex Discount and Full Service
    An international futures brokerage offering online trading.

  • Discount and full service brokerage accounts are available

    Altavest Worldwide Trading, Inc. - Futures & Options Brokerage
    Full service brokerage offering research, real time charts and quotes, TradeScope
    newsletter, paper trading accounts, and online trading direct to the floor.

  • Broker-assisted Full-Service Instant Order Transmission Easy Order Management Live Charts & Quotes Simulated TradingReal-Time NewsFOREX Call Us Today 800.994.9566 Search for trends and 'waves' Click above to enter the Bookstore or select a favorite below

  • Really amazing information that you provide." "...In my playing the markets you were the best broker(age) I have found." "As a new trader, I found Altavest to have friendly and knowledgable people and one of the best equipped websites on the net

  • ALTAVEST is a commodity futures and options brokerage firm offering full-service, discount, and online We also offer We are a futures brokerage registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and licensed as a member of the National Futures Association (NFA)

  • Not all commodities brokers and futures brokers are equal so be sure to learn more and compare our compliance record with other futures brokerages

  • Feel free to and speak to our futures brokers / commodity brokers

    Futures Brokers, emini trading, Futures Trading
    Offers derivatives trading services. America's Internet Futures Broker
    Deep discount online brokerage.

  • Clients who are expert enough to trade on their own will enjoy significant savings over average discount brokers

  • Support Should you need assistance, your broker and our support staff are available to provide help around the clock

  • We synthesize information from a global network of commercial firms, cash brokers, money managers and floor traders

  • 24 Hour Trading Desk and Support Vision LaSalle Futures Group is an introducing broker of Vision LP

  • Representing approximately 500 registered associates, Vision is one of the largest providers of Introducing Brokerage services worldwide

  • Over the past 10 years, Vision has provided commodity futures brokerage services to over 100, 000 futures traders through its expansive network of registered brokerage professionals

    Futures Knowledge;Futures and Commodities:Online brokerage ...
    Daily market commentary from brokers world-wide.

  • Futures Research Quotes & Charts Free Guides Book Store Education Center Trading Tools Resources Research a Broker Options Trading System Trading Electronic Trading Forex Trading Managed Accounts Site Sponsors FK Info Center Traders Help Market Research - Top 15 Spotlight - William B

  • Submitted: 8/17/2006 2:56:57 PM CST Markets Covered - Les Jones: Extra Mile Trading, LLC Submitted: 8/17/2006 1:34:25 PM CST Markets Covered - Market Snapshot For more futures market research provided by commodity brokers world wide, click on one of the following market icons: file:///C:/MEDIA_~3/FK_NEW/include/content_vert_right.asp Premium Services Free Weekly Email Marketplace Links Special Book Offer FREE Home Study Courses, guides, etc..

  • FuturEmail Links Research a Broker: Quotes & Charts Ticker Symbols Trade Shows & Seminars DISCLAIMER: Futures Trading involves a huge risk of financial loss! is a traders research and resource site - and is not meant to be used as a guide for trading

    Online option and stock brokers. Comprehensive site for both experienced and
    novice equity option investors.

  • 1 'Best Online Broker' and '4½ Stars' by Barron's, 3/6/06, 3/7/05, 3/8/04, 3/10/03,

  • 3 'The Best Online Broker' by Kiplinger's, 7/06,

    Excel Futures, Commodity Brokers, Futures Brokers, Managed Futures
    Retail brokerage services at reasonable rates.

  • Why trade...when you can Excel COMMODITY FUTURES BROKERS FREE Commodity Futures and Options Updates! Enter your e-mail address! Need to speak with a broker? Dial (888) 959-9955 Trade Recommendations Managed Futures Commodity Channel Miscellaneous Opportunities Bookstore Welcome To Excel Futures..

  • Our staff of knowledgeable brokers will gladly help you in any way

  • Excel Futures are commodities brokers or commodity brokers (brokerage) providing futures and options trading (commodities) including charts

  • FREE OFFERS Excel Futures is a hybrid Futures Introducing Broker, specializing in electronic trade

  • Excel Futures are commodity brokers or commodities brokers (brokerage) providing commodities futures and options trading including free charts with Internet trades or trading and managed futures

  • Excel Futures is an NFA (National Futures Association) Member and is a Guaranteed Introducing Broker

    Efutures - Discount Online Futures Trading
    Discount online electronic and traditional trading.

  • Not sure which service is right for you? Take our trader profile quiz and get a recommendation instantly! Give us a chance to meet or beat your current commission rate! & 1) 2) 3) 4) Efutures is what a brokerage should be -- an ideal blend of old and new

  • Unlike other online futures brokers, there is service behind the screen and it's there when you need it, 24/6

  • ! Efutures is a Futures Commission Merchant that ranks among the nation's top 50 futures brokers

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