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Deicide - Death Metal
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  • Deicide One of Florida's original hardcore death metal acts, Deicide play atonal death metal for the sake of pure destructive rhythm, and innovated styles used by black and death metal bands alike

  • Seemingly almost idiotic for its roving simple riffing and the comedy of theatrical Satanic vocals, or for the drifting and schizophrenic guitar solos that strike tonelessness into the heart of tone, or even just for the relentlessness of verse and chorus vocal rhythms, the music of Deicide proves its beauty when its structure (as broadcast through the riff, point of all association in the tradition of metal bands) reveals the clarity of divergent elements unified in the conclusion of their precepts, often in nihilistic recursion: in moments of clarity one can see the diligent and artistic process of conception as a means of addressing an unsatisfying reality work as communication to liberate the entrapped minds of the human sheep of earth

  • Review: After a promising debut in which an occultist theme in image and music unleashed its nascent potential upon a sleeping world, Deicide tackled the second album stopping point head on with their most ambitious statement yet of complexity and theory in opposition to the mindless, and it almost destroyed the band

    PESSIMIST Black/Death Metal Band!! Slaughtering the Faithful...EVIL!!
    Official site for this brutal black death metal band. Site includes tour dates,
    mp3s, photos, CDs, merchandise, live chat, and reviews.


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    Obsidian - Progressive death metal band
    Dutch metal band's site features news, biography, history, pictures, and MP3s.

  • Obsidian Technical death metal Melodic death metal polyrhythmic metal band from Amsterdam Nederland

    Iced Tears - Metal Estremo
    Portale dedicato al metal estremo. Si possono trovare recensioni, biografie e
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  • Musica Download Statistiche Band: 832 Dischi: 4263 Recensioni: 77 Testi e Traduzioni: 334 Commenti: 20698 Iscritti: 2731 Post: 112916 Topic: 4020 Online: 23 Utenti Online: 0 Passaparola Segnala questa pagina ad un amico: Benvenuto su IcedTears, la community di metallari duri! Il sito è dedicato al metal : black metal, death metal, melodic death metal, symphonic black metal, power metal, viking metal, folk metal, thrash metal, heavy metal e grindcore

  • Essendo nato come sito di metal estremo , non c'è spazio per il NU-metal! In queste pagine troverai copertine di cd metal , foto e info sulle band, inoltre puoi commentare i cd e le band, scambiare idee con altri utenti del forum, conoscere nuovi amici, scaricare skin per winamp , sfondi per il tuo pc e in futuro anche altro! Compleanni di oggi: (15), (19), (17), (20) Ultime recensioni: () News del sito: Collaboratori cercasi 17-05-06 23:46 Siamo costantemente alla ricerca di metallari/e capaci di tradurre canzoni e scrivere biografie o recensioni! Se vuoi collaborare con noi contattaci sul forum, via email o via MSN messenger! Limitazioni firme personali 10-05-06 00:50 Da domenica entrerà in vigore il regolamento sulla dimensione e sui contenuti delle firme personali degli iscritti

    DARKSOUL VII - EXTREME METAL UNDERGROUND - black metal, death ...
    Interviews, reviews, MP3 downloads, news, free email, message board and chat.
    Covers North America.

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    hiss of death performed by cat metal band litterbox live in ...
    Litterbox, the animated all cat rock band, performs live in concert.

    Metal PL - death metal, heavy metal, black metal, thrash metal
    Polish black/doom metal band.

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    Dead Emotions - Powerful Death Metal from Southern Germany
    Innovativer, eigenständiger Death-Metal aus Bayern. Bandinfos, Kostenloser
    MP3-Song, Gästebuch, Bilder, Bestellmöglichkeit für CDs. - your extreme metal source - black metal
    Mailorder company offers CDs, LPs, shirts, and accessories.


    DEADSTATION Death Metal / Black Metal Users
    Lyrics, reviews, concert news, links, and a internet radio station.

    ROCK Discography .com / DEADSTATION Metal - Music Discographies ...
    Discographies for rock artists and bands from 1954 through 2000, with thousands
    of records listed.

  • The ROCK List - DEADSTATION Metal SITE + | + + | + Rockdiscography / Deadstation Metal Rock, Home of the UNDERGROUND Sounds & Noises 3 MAIN SECTIONS : Rock Discographies Death / Black Metal Music Possessed by Wax? [ Records and CD to Sell ] Welcome to The ROCK List - DEADSTATION Metal Here you'll find Discography, Metal Music, Ressources about yer Favorite Band

    al azred groupe de death metal grenoble
    Groupe de death métal grenoblois. Présentation, discographie, photos, textes, forum.

    Golem - German Death Metal
    Avantgarde Death Metal aus Berlin. Die Seite bietet viele Infos rund um die Band
    und ihre Releases, Konzerte, Bilder, MP3-Downloads und Gästebuch.

  • Within the 15 years of their existence, the band released two verily respected albums and made themselves a name as “the German CARCASS”

  • Direct links to the most relevant Death Metal Content of these pages : Direct links to allmost all subjects of Golem's Homepage : Band History Golem was founded in July 1989 by Max Grützmacher (bass), Michael Marschalk (drums) and Andreas Hilbert (guitars and vocals).In January 1991 we recorded our 1st demotape “Visceral Scab“ with 4 tracks of intense old-school-grindcore

  • The tape became pretty popular in the underground and 2 tracks of the demotape were released as the “Visceral Scab“ 7“EP on Cannibalized Serial Killer Records.Playing gigs with many different bands helped us to become a good live band and to learn much about realizing our musical imaginations

  • Also our style changed more into the extreme death metal direction, where bands like Carcass became a big influence in our music.After two tragic events, the death of bassplayer Max in 1992 and the death of 2nd guitarist Jens Malwitz in 1993, we released our 2nd demotape “Recall The Day Of Incarnation“ with Ruben Wittchow (T.A.O.R) helping out on drums and Rico Spiller (Fermenting Innards) as new bassplayer

    Masterful Magazine - Death Metal and Black Metal Magazine. Metal ...
    Death and black metal zine. Interviews, news, concert dates, reviews and MP3s.

  • New York-based doomsters KHANATE have officially disbanded

  • NEGATIVA, the new Quebec, Canada-based metal band featuring former GORGUTS ..

  • THE PROJECT HATE, the Swedish band featuring Lord K

  • Dutch grindcore/sludge metal band BILE has officially changed its name to S..

  • First, Lee Harrison gave me the motivation to get the band back together

    Heavy Metal
    MP3s, concert schedules, band links, and live radio from

  • After their very well received 2005 CD Doomsday Machine, the Swedish death metal band returns with a new DVD

  • Live Apocalypse is a double disc set packed with music and extras fans of the band will eat up

  • His skill simply makes the whole band better

  • Filmed during the spring of 2006, the footage captures the intensely personal aspects of the album making process as well as taking a sneak peek inside the band's private lives

  • (CD cover courtesy Inside Out Music) Saturday August 5, 2006 | Slayer CD Now Streaming Online It's not released until next Tuesday, but Slayer's entire new album Christ Illusion is available for streaming The album stream is surfacing in the wake of a conflict between Slayer and the city of Fullerton, CA, where Slayer bus benches had to be removed because of what city officials called the “offensive” Antichrist and skull logo, and the band’s name which the city felt referred to “murderer.” Friday August 4, 2006 | Abysmal Dawn recently released their debut CD From Ashes

  • The band was formed by guitarist/vocalist Charles Elliott after he left Rise

  • This winter the band will tour the world as direct and sole support to Iron Maiden

    Official site with biography, photos, sounds and interviews. Also available in Russian. - Heavy as a really heavy thing - Home page ...
    Oltre a news, recensioni e download di mp3, si offre come web community metal
    grazie a un canale IRC omonimo.

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