The Dark Night
From "The Collected Works of St. John of the Cross," revised edition (1991).
Kavanaugh-Rodriguez translation.

  • An explanation of the stanzas describing a soul's conduct along the spiritual road that leads to the perfect union with God through love, insofar as it is attainable in this life

  • Stanzas Of The Soul 1

  • Beginning of the explanation of the stanzas that deal with the way a soul must conduct itself along the road leading to union with God through love, by Padre Fray John of the Cross

  • Before embarking on an explanation of these stanzas, we should remember that the soul recites them when it has already reached the state of perfection - that is, union with God through love - and has now passed through severe trials and conflicts by means of the spiritual exercise that leads one along the constricted way to eternal life, of which our Savior speaks in the Gospel [Mt

  • The soul must ordinarily walk this path to reach that sublime and joyous union with God

  • 7:14] - the soul's song in this first stanza is one of happiness in having advanced along it to this perfection of love

  • The soul, therefore, happy at having trod this narrow road from which it derived so much good, speaks in this manner: Copyright

    Dark Night of the Soul
    A compendium of occult, religious, and philosophical studies mixed with personal

    Night of the Soul
    Popular culture essay on the origins of film noir. Appendix includes references
    to seminal Borde-Chaumeton article on film noir as well as a lengthy ...

  • "Night of the Soul: American Film Noir" Studies in Popular Culture, V

    CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: St. John of the Cross
    Article on the life and teaching of this Discalced Carmelite associated with St.
    Teresa of Avila. Mystic, Doctor of the Church, d. 1591.

  • 'The Dark Night of the Soul', another explanation of the same verses, breaking off in the second book

  • His axiom is that the soul must empty itself of self in order to be filled with, that it must be purified of the last traces of earthly dross before it is fit to become united with

  • Supposing the soul with which he deals to be habitually in the state of grace and pushing forward to better things, he overtakes it on the very road leading it, in its opinion to, and lays open before its eyes a number of sores of which it was altogether ignorant, viz

  • Not until these are removed (a most formidable task) is it fit to be admitted to what he calls the 'Dark Night', which consists in the passive purgation, where by heavy trials, particularly interior ones, perfects and completes what the soul had begun of its own accord

  • The perfect purgation of the soul in the present life leaves it free to act with wonderful energy: in fact it might almost be said to obtain a share in, as is shown in the marvelous deeds of so many saints

  • As the soul emerges from the Dark Night it enters into the full noonlight described in the 'Spiritual Canticle' and the 'Living Flame of Love'


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    A degree of contemplation in which the soul experiences an extraordinary peace
    and rest.

  • As the name implies the prayer of quiet is that in which the soul experiences an extraordinary peace and rest, accompanied by delight or pleasure in contemplating as present

  • In this prayer gives to the soul an intellectual knowledge of His presence, and makes it feel that it is really in communication with Him, although He does this in a somewhat obscure manner

  • It is Himself who makes His presence felt in the inmost soul

  • According to Scaramelli the office of this gift, at least to a certain extent, is to render present to the soul and so much the more present as the gift is more abundant

  • Some authors say that this is not to be understood of the ordinary gift of wisdom which is necessarily connected with sanctifying grace and is possessed by every just man, but of wisdom as one of the charismata or extraordinary graces of the Holy Ghost, specially granted to privileged souls

  • It takes place when the soul has already arrived at the prayer of recollection and silence, or what some authors call the prayer of simplicity

  • The prayer of quiet does not entirely impede the exercise of the faculties of the soul

  • JOHN OF THE CROSS, The Dark Night of the Soul; IDEM, Ascent of Mount Carmel; ST

    The Metaphysics of Mysticism: A Commentary on the Mystical ...
    A commentary on the mystical philosophy of St. John of the Cross, by Geoffrey K.
    Mondello. An examination of epistemological issues.

  • John of the Cross, particularly the Ascent of Mount Carmel and The Dark Night of the Soul , stand, I think, as the culmination of the Western tradition of mysticism

    St. John of the Cross - Catholic Online
    Reflection on the life of this saint, by Terry Matz.

  • These books include: Ascent of Mount Carmel Dark Night of the Soul and A Spiritual Canticle of the Soul and the Bridegroom Christ Since joy comes only from God, John believed that someone who seeks happiness in the world is like "a famished person who opens his mouth to satisfy himself with air." He taught that only by breaking the rope of our desires could we fly up to God

  • "What more do you want, o soul! And what else do you search for outside, when within yourself you possess your riches, delights, satisfaction and kingdom -- your beloved whom you desire and seek? Desire him there, adore him there

    Mystery of the Soul
    Presents a practical approach to the mystery of consciousness.

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    John of the Cross, Saint. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition ...
    Biographical entry in the Columbia Encyclopedia. With short bibliography.

  • John wrote his famous Spiritual Canticle and began his Songs of the Soul

  • After an escape (1578) considered by many to be miraculous, he went to Andalusia, where his last years were spent in a constant struggle against his opponents and in the creation of masterly prose treatises on mystical theology, notably The Dark Night of the Soul and The Ascent of Mount Carmel

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  • He is to be one of many visionary artists whose work is soon to appear in 'Eyes of the Soul' -exploring inspiration in visionary art and artists

  • Furthermore, that it connects us through our hearts, minds and souls and helps change the frequency of the planet ever increasingly toward a place of deep peace in this realm of the galaxy, reflecting the oneness of love and sense of awe increasing numbers of us are partaking of within this supreme gift of life

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  • When I installed the first aluminum-housed prototypes of the DLG on the Soul Cycle, I wasn't doing it to enhance my safety; I was doing it because I love the feeling of floating on neon light, and I love the things people shout to me when I roll by

  • I started to feel a lot safer when I was out partying with the Soul Cycle

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    Web board for posting suicide notes.

  • The following are suicide notes submitted to me by those sad souls out there that just couldn't find anything worth living for

  • ~ Daniel F Mitchell my soul has been lost I am going to die and all I need is for no one to cry no one drove me to end this game apart from me myself to end this pain you try to stop me but you won't succed for the pain i have will slaughter me you blame yourselves but I have been hurled into the depths of hell beyond this world DONT CRY FOR MY UNFORGIVEN LIFE AT MY FUNERAL LAUGH MAKE THE GOOD TIMES LAST..........YOURS REGRETFULLY ALONE AND UNCHIERISHED "Malcolm Lay" I plan to kill myself, not because I am so overly depressed about something immportant, but because I have lost so much blood that I am lightheaded almost all the time now, and I can no longer venture out during the day because I have developed a sensativity to the sun

  • Kenneth Kroos 'Things were turned upside down and a terrible saddness filled the air; it found its' way into Black Angels.' -Gerorge Crumb -spiff My kisses burn into your soul My touch melts upon your skin My eyes reflect my misery Of the darkness Deep within Iam a waste of time so now I shall die ~Mary~ melancholy words, my only friend here to escort me to the end the kiss of night holds me so near and amplifies my darkest fears now run a way, 'till we meet again beckons that of a raven the tools of woe are thus employed to love me down into the void horrid day, thou mockest me your light does not permit to see; Devil's hand pulling me into the abyss As the reaper tries to touch me with his kiss and so i end, i am the hole; i am the black..


    Psychedelic 60s: The Beats: New York
    University of Virginia. Sharp cover images of first-edition books by William
    Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, and Neal Cassady.

  • The term beat was first used by Jack Kerouac in 1948 while talking to his friend Clellon Holmes: 'So I guess you might say we're a beat generation.' Holmes later wrote an article for the New York Times Magazine, entitled 'The Beat Generation, ' saying, 'It involves a sort of nakedness of mind, and, ultimately, of soul, a feeling of being reduced to the bedrock of consciousness.' Soon Ginsberg and Kerouac were emphasizing the 'beatific' qualities of the word, making of it a mystical, transcendental experience

  • Ginsberg explained, 'The point of Beat is that you get beat down to a certain nakedness where you actually are able to see the world in a visionary way, which is the old classical understanding of what happens in the dark night of the soul.' Howl led the way; Kerouac's On the Road followed with unprecedented media attention; Burroughs' Naked Lunch, banned and vilified, broke through the barriers of censorship, and a literary movement was born

    St. John of the Cross
    Short biography.

  • In his ‘Spiritual Canticle’, ‘Ascent of Mount Carmel’, and ‘Dark Night of the Soul’, he seeks to find God beyond the outer limits of human experience; it is a quest which can seem morbid or frighteningly lonely until we realise that it is the ultimate search for the companionship of God

    Biography: John of the Cross, friar, reformer, poet, mystic (14 ...
    Biographical sketch. With prayer in traditional and contemporary language.

  • His poems include: The Dark Night of The Soul (about the experience of spiritual desolation, of feeling abandoned and rejected by God, and why this is for some Christians a means by which God increases our faith in Him; about the Christian walk, the life of prayer and contemplation, and growing in love and grace) The Ascent of Mount Carmel (same poem as the preceding, but with a different commentary attached) The Spiritual Canticle (about the love between the Christian and Christ as symbolized by the love between bride and groom; draws heavily upon the imagery of the Song of Solomon) The Living Flame of Love (about the soul transformed by grace) His works have been translated into English by David Lewis (1906), and by E

  • from The Living Flame of Love : O Living flame of love That, burning, dost assail My inmost soul with tenderness untold, Since thou dost freely move, Deign to consume the veil Which sunders this sweet converse that we hold ..

    Attending the Soul: Psychotherapy & Spirituality
    Psychotherapist focusing on issues of spiritual history. Resources on the interface
    between spirit and psychology.

  • Attending the Soul: Psychotherapy & Spirituality The Labyrinth Is A Symbol of the Inner Journey

  • The Greek word, psyche translates as 'breath, life, or soul' in English

  • Psychotherapy can thus be said to be the sacred work of attending the soul, carefully nurturing the most essential aspects of who and what one is

  • This is the idea at the heart of my work as a psychotherapist, an 'attendant of the soul.' According to the great Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, modern culture has lost contact with soul along with traditional means of honoring it through myth, ritual, and spiritual practice

  • Soul focused psychotherapy is rare in these days of quick fixes, measurable outcomes, and cost effectiveness

  • It takes time and effort to connect with soul

  • The goal of soul based therapy is not symptom relief but the discovery of meaning in symptoms which, in Jung's formula, are the soul's means for getting our attention

  • Rather, the healing occurs through the experience of having one's soul carefully attended to and understood

  • DEPRESSION - The Dark Night of the Soul

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    The Mystic -- 32 Life Lessons in Higher Consciousness
    A somewhat commercial offering of teachings, principles, techniques of mysticism
    from around the world and across centuries of time.

  • Here we discuss the agonies as well as the ecstasies of mystical awakening, including two classic experiences: The Threshold and the Dark Night of the Soul

    The New York Review of Books: Auden at Home
    An article on Auden's poetry by James Fenton in "The New York Review of Books."

  • According to Richard Davenport-Hines's biography, it was partly the animosity that his election to this chair had aroused which gave him the dark-night-of-the-soul experience out of which he wrote 'There Will Be No Peace': Though mild clear weather Smile again on the shire of your esteem And its colors come back, the storm has changed you: You will not forget, ever, The darkness blotting out hope, the gale Prophesying your downfall

  • It was an attempt to describe a very unpleasant dark-night-of-the-soul sort of experience which for several months in 1956 attacked me.' And he later identified the theme as paranoia

    An approach to the art of living
    An approach to the art of living, based on the author's more than half a century
    of experience, containing golden precepts of wisdom as found in all religions ...

  • God to me is not the tyranical figure of the Old Testament, but the Soul, the ' I ' of manifested and non-manifested existence, outside space, time and dimensions, more than we can comprehend in our wildest fantasies, yet closer to us than anything we know, because we are part of It

  • Those who have gone through a depression - a dark night of the soul - will fully understand what absence of joy in life means

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