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Lionel Newman
Filmography at IMDb with composer, conductor, music director, and related credits.
Includes brief biography, trivia, awards and nominations, and links to family ...

  • aka Omen III: The Final Conflict (1981) (TV) (music supervisor) (1980) (TV) (music supervisor) (1980) (music supervisor) (uncredited) ..

  • aka Omen II ..

  • aka Omen II: Damien (reissue title) (1978) TV Series (music supervisor) (1977) (TV) (music supervisor) ..

  • aka Omen I (reissue title) ..

  • aka Omen I: The Antichrist (reissue title) ..

  • aka Omen I: The Birthmark (reissue title) (1976) (conductor) (1976) (music coordinator) ..

    Jerry Goldsmith - film and TV composer
    Biographical information, influences and proteges, commentary on the effect of
    his music, list of movie and television scores and soundtracks, links, ...

  • The lighter family moments in the film seem more poignant when the rosy picture is subverted by some subtle cues both visual and musical that the evil still lurks there ready to surface

  • Goldsmith has recounted in interviews that he had argued against a contemporary 30s sound to match the setting of the story, and on the spur of the moment had said he imagined something with 4 pianos, 4 harps, strings and a trumpet

    McKern, Leo
    Detailed biography with selected filmography, tv roles and a picture.

  • info: DAMIEN OMEN

    Photo by soundscape.funky.dk

    Mannequin Movie -The 80s Rewind «
    Movie review, filming locations, pictures, trivia, soundtrack information and links.

  • Kane' who lost his legs in the elevator in 'Damien: Omen II'

  • Getty had 'Golden Girls' on NBC and Taylor had 'Designing Women' on CBS

    Filmtracks Jerry Goldsmith Tribute
    Biography, photographs, and listings of past and future scoring projects.
    Includes reviews and information on CD availability.

  • Whatever comes next, whether it be action, romance, sci-fi, or westerns, Goldsmith is always ready to tackle a score with enthusiasm and creativity, and provide fans with endless moments of movie music magic

    :: rogerebert.com :: Reviews :: Adventures in Babysitting (xhtml)
    Review of the film.

  • But today you could put together a list of 25 major films about teenagers from Chicago or Chicago suburbs, from 'Damien: Omen II' to 'The Breakfast Club, ' from '' to ', ' from '' to '.' And here comes ', ' which combines the central ideas from two of those movies: The teenage hero goes on a tour of Chicago (from 'Ferris Bueller') and is in danger of getting into a lot of trouble unless she can get back home before the grown-ups (from '')

  • By the end of the film, I'd had a couple of real laughs and a few interesting moments, but that was about all

    Films On Super 8 : FilmsOnSuper8 AUSTRALIA website 2006 : AUGUST ...
    Catalogue of new 8mm Super 8 vintage sound movie films for sale by mail order
    from Australia.

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    Photo by soundscape.funky.dk

    William Holden
    Biography and filmography.

    Jerry Goldsmith
    List of films he scored at Videoflicks. Includes links to synopses of movies with
    purchase information.

    Cascade Failure - When you can see the Death Omen Star! - updated ...
    A weekly comic. The manga-esque adventures of a group of students on a computer
    games technology course in Scotland.

    What A Character!
    Description of some of the major character roles and profile.


    Sam Neill
    Article about Sam Neill's work, particularly in the horror field.

  • The Irish-born, New Zealand-bred actor is best known to horror fans as Damien Thorne in Omen III : The Final Conflict (Graham Baker) -- the child of the original grown into his powers, not the least of which is charm

  • Possession was the one he did, in 1981, and it is available on video in Australia, if not quite as readily as Omen III

  • Two marriages, in 1981 to the actor Lisa Harrow, who played the reporter and mother of Peter in Omen III ; later divorced and married Noriko Watanabe, whom he met when she was working as make-up artist on Dead Calm

    DVD-Basen - DVD Review Database
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    Sam Neill biography
    Detailed biography.

  • He not only recommended Neill for the part of Damien Thorne in The Final Conflict: Omen III, but also offered him a ticket to London

  • His horribly intense and malignant stare made him perhaps the only actor who might have convinced as the grown-up version of the spooky little kid in The Omen

    Everything about DMX from his biography, pictures, and information on Ruffryders
    to his music.

    ROTTWEILER.CA>Rottweilers of Canada: Braxenburg Rottweilers ...
    Pictures, pedigrees, litter announcements, information on their feeding program,
    and frequently asked questions. Minden, Ontario.

  • (THE OMEN) - which incidentally, portrays the Rottweilers from the famous UK kennel, GAMEGARDS, bred by Joan Blackmore

  • One of the Rottweilers in 'THE OMEN' was a lovely bitch named: {Sired by: UK CH

    The Ninth Gate (1999): Johnny Depp, Frank Langella, Lena Olin ...
    Review of the film and interview with the director, Roman Polanski.

  • Although nowhere near the great self-indulgence of a Satan-loving schlock-fest like The Evil Dead , or the studied malevolence of The Exorcist or Damien: The Omen , under Roman Polanski's direction, The Ninth Gate aspires — in its bookishness, its trafficking in the seductions of forbidden knowledge, its secret-society stylings — to include itself in the pretentious 'ars diavoli' with which the film is so preoccupied

    Titulky v českém znění, recenze a obaly kazet.

    Count the Number of the Beast: Who is the Antichrist, The Beast of ...
    666, the number of the beast in the Book of Revelation prophecies in the Bible.

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