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  • Shinedown Latest 06/30/06 - 06/20/06 - 04/18/06 - 04/14/06 - 04/11/06 - 10/04/05 CD - $14.98 DL - $9.99 CD List Price: Price: You Save: $18.98 $14.98 $4.00 (21 %) Atlantic - 06/15/04 CD - $14.98 DL - $9.99 Atlantic - 07/15/03 DL - $9.99 Tour Dates 09/27/06 Supporting Rob Zombie & Godsmack Seattle, WA - White River Amphitheatre 09/29/06 Supporting Rob Zombie & Godsmack Sacramento, CA - Sleep Train Amphitheatre 09/30/06 Supporting Rob Zombie & Godsmack Irvine, CA - Verizon Wireless Music Center 10/01/06 Supporting Rob Zombie & Godsmack Concord, CA - Chronicle Pavilion 10/03/06 Salt Lake City, UT - The Depot 10/05/06 TBA Wichita, KS - The Cotillion 10/06/06 Staind, Breaking Benjamin, Hinder, Black Stone Cherry Beaumont, TX - Ford Pavilion 10/07/06 10 Years, Evans Blue Mobile, AL - Mobile Bayfest 10/11/06 Mississippi State, MS - MSU Amphitheatre 10/12/06 Jackson, MS - Mississippi State Fair 'I want to try to figure out a way to be supportive of the human spirit - Alice @ 97.3 San Francisco - Homepage
    Listen to Radio Alice modern rock in San Francisco. Meet Sarah & Vinnie, chat
    with fans, win stuff, take today's poll, or buy Alice Music.
    Comic Brian Malow hosts a live daily webcast featuring interviews with scientists,
    authors, techies, artists, musicians and others.

  • April 20-22 - SF June 14 - Sunnyvale June 24 - San Francisco July 6 - Saratoga, CA July 13-16 - Sunnyvale, CA July 17 - SF Aug 29-30 - SF Sept 5 - Davis, CA Sept 9 - Sleep Train Pavilion - Concord, CA Sept 10 - Sherwood Hall - Salinas, CA - 2 shows Sept 13 - Shine - SF Sept 25 UC Davis Hillel - Davis, CA Oct 1 Crow's Nest - Santa Cruz, CA Oct 21 Lodi, CA Oct 27 National Association of Science Writers - Baltimore Nov 30 - Dec 3 Houston, I think Dec 6 National Academy of Sciences - Irvine, CA Dec 12-16 - SF Jan 9-10 - Monterey, CA Jan 25-27 - Seattle, WA Jan 28 Somewhere in Bellingham, WA [ | ]

    Human Highway - a Neil Young website and mailing list
    Neil Young Mailing list and archives, discography, lyrics, setlists, guitar
    tablatures, photographs, audio, a recollection of The Ducks, and links.

  • Southbound Train 23

  • Southbound Train 23


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    Embassy Suites Hotel Walnut Creek California - Walnut Creek, CA Hotels
    All-suite hotel located along the 680 freeway. Full breakfast included with room.

    Sacramento Blues Society | | The Source For ...
    (Sacramento,CA) Website features local clubs, membership and weekly jam information.

    Hardrock Haven . Net - Online AOR - Melodic Hardrock - Progressive ...
    News, reviews, MP3s, interviews and links.

    Elevate Something Ordinary to Something Extraordinary.
    Biographical article in Fast Company examines the efforts of the Rural Studio.

  • For the first several weeks of training camp in Fort Benning, Georgia, he remembers, 'Whenever I was standing in line, I'd be sure a white person was in front of me and behind me

  • When I woke up, I was in the middle of all these black trainees who were also from Mississippi

  • When he left, Akron had three hotels, the train was coming through and stopping, and there was commerce from the river

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    William Shakespeare: King Henry V
    Unindexed HTML of the complete text.

    William Shakespeare: Antony and Cleopatra
    Unindexed HTML of the complete text.

  • Enter ANTONY, CLEOPATRA, her LADIES, the train, with eunuchs fanning her Look where they come! Take but good note, and you shall see in him The triple pillar of the world transform'd Into a strumpet's fool

  • Exeunt ANTONY and CLEOPATRA, with the train DEMETRIUS

  • CAESAR'S house Enter OCTAVIUS CAESAR, reading a letter; LEPIDUS, and their train CAESAR

    Swinburne's "Tristram of Lyonesse"
    Electronic text of Swinburne's 1882 epic, presented by the Camelot Project at
    the University of Rochester.

    PLEAD Walk: Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Washington, DC
    Transcontinental walk to raise awareness of alcohol-related deaths and to promote
    prevention, legislation, and education to reduce tragedies resulting from ...


    Haunted Houses in the Eastern USA
    A listing of haunted houses in Canada and the USA, broken down by state/province
    and locality, with a paragraph description of each site, including contact ...

    DN 16: Maha-parinibbana Sutta
    Sutra on the Last Days of the Buddha. This sutra gives a good summary of the
    Buddha's Teachings.

  • Listen and pay heed to what I shall say.' 'So be it, Lord.' 'The growth of the bhikkhus is to be expected, not their decline, bhikkhus, so long as they attend on each other with loving-kindness in deed, word, and thought, both openly and in private; so long as in respect of what they receive as due offerings, even the contents of their alms bowls, they do not make use of them without sharing them with virtuous members of the community; so long as, in company with their brethren, they train themselves, openly and in private, in the rules of conduct, which are complete and perfect, spotless and pure, liberating, praised by the wise, uninfluenced (by mundane concerns), and favorable to concentration of mind; and in company with their brethren, preserve, openly and in private, the insight that is noble and liberating, and leads one who acts upon it to the utter destruction of suffering

    Universala Vortaro
    Universala vortaro.

    Seventeen articles by experts.

    The Lost Continent
    Text of the book.

  • He tried to make out he was conferring a very great favour on me by offering to take a report solely from my untrained observation, but I flatly refused to look at it in that light

  • I ought to have known better than set an untrained man to do important exploring work.' 'I should say it's your fault if anything's gone wrong

  • In turn he went to the three lesser thrones of the lesser governors--in the East, the North, and the South, and received homage from each as the ritual was; and I, the man whom his coming had deposed, followed with the prescribed meekness in his train

  • Then, one behind the other, the new Viceroy and the old, we marched with formal step over golden tiles of that council hall beneath the pyramid, and the great officers of state left their stations and joined in our train; and at the farther wall we came to the door of those private chambers which an hour ago had been mine own

    The History of Protestantism - Volume Second - Book Seventeenth ...
    Book 17 of Wylie's works covering Protestantism in France from the death of
    Francis I (1547) to the Edict of Nantes (1598).

    The History of Protestantism - Volume Third - Book Twenty-third ...
    Book 23 of Wylie's work, covering Protestantism in England from the time of Henry VIII.

    Explore Canada: Heritage Interpretation across a Nation's Landscape
    Edited by award-winning journalist Claude-Jean Harel, a weblog with heritage
    interpretations across Canada's landscape. Takes guests on behind-the-scenes ...

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