Aladdin Knowledge Systems - Software security, Internet security ...
Developer of 'HASP' hardware based software license protection and 'Privilege'
software licensing and distribution server.

Microsoft Security Home Page
Technical and how-to information about security for IT professionals, developers
and those new to security.

Welcome to CERT!
Studies Internet security vulnerabilities, provides incident response services
to sites that have been the victims of attack, publishes a variety of security ...

Laptop Security Prevents Laptop Theft
Supplies tracking software to deter theft and aid recovery of lost or stolen
computers. Also supplies software for hardware/software inventory and software ...


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Computer security protection and access control software products
Publisher of Windows utilities including password protection, Outlook Express
backup, and file locking.

  • Password protects any program on your computer: Windows Media Player, Real One, WinZip, AcdSee etc

  • Password protects your internet connection, prevents any program from accessing internet, or password protects any any program from accessing internet

  • When the computer being locked by Desktop Lock, none can access your documents, browse your computer, or use programs on your computer

  • Desktop Lock also provides a powerful tool that you can use it to create virtual desktops to limit users to only run the programs you specified

  • Password protects any program installed on your computer: WinZip, AcdSee, Media Player, RealPlayer, Outlook Express, Office etc

  • Password Door can add the password protection feature to any programs on your computer

  • It will not modify the original programs, so it will never destroy the programs and you will never lose data

  • The locked items will be denied access, move and deletion, the hidden items will not be found by any program or the Windows Explorer

  • Internet Lock is an access control and password protection software for your Internet and intranet connections, it can deny or password protect any program from accessing the Internet/intranet on any TCP/IP port

    SoftFolder - computer security and password protection software ...
    Offers computer security, password protection, e-mail, internet access software,
    puzzle games. Software reviews, screenshots, and downloads.

  • The program also has a complete password protection

  • You can have the program power down your monitor after a selected period of lock time and even set time restrictions for other users to restrict access to your computer

  • This program allows you to create or modify mailing lists, and to generate e-mail messages from predefined templates while sending, and to import quickly the list of subscribers into the internal database

  • - smart subscription-based email bulk mailer 1st Mail Sender is powerful program used for sending notification messages or requested newsletters to your subscribers by email

  • This program allows you deliver messages directly to the recipient mailing boxes or via outgoing SMTP server

  • - secure and reliable way to send e-mail from laptop PC Send e-mail messages easily and securely from your laptop PC while you are traveling around the world! Using this program instead of your ISP's SMTP server, you will increase your e-mail security and privacy as well as get rid of annoying change of settings for your e-mail program every time when you will have to change your location and ISP

  • Easy SMTP Server is supported by all email programs including Outlook Express and Eudora

    Citadel Security Software
    Software vendor for vulnerability remediation.

    PC Security Products - Computer Protection, File Protection, File ...
    Various products for protecting data and PCs from theft, as well as detecting
    and preventing improper user activity.

  • Benefits

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    Network Security Software, Computer Security - Shavlik Technologies
    A company providing Microsoft based security solutions to fortune 500 and medium
    sized businesses.

    Computer Associates
    Makers of eTrust Single Sign-On. Automates access to authorized Web services and
    enterprise applications.

    Legion: A Worldwide Virtual Computer
    Research project homed at the University of Virginia. An open specification and
    prototype for a worldwide virtual computer.

  • Table of Contents Link Description Introductory, Legion in the, and general information about the Legion project , published, information on, for running programs in Legion, and other documents about Legion

  • new! for research scientists Use the or search engine This work partially supported by DOE grant DE-FG02-96ER25290, Logicon (for the DoD HPCMOD/PET program) DAHC 94-96-C-0008, DOE D459000-16-3C, DARPA (GA) SC H607305A, NSF-NGS EIA-9974968, NSF-NPACI ASC-96-10920, and a grant from NASA-IPG

  • Our system addresses key issues such as scalability, programming ease, fault tolerance, security, site autonomy, etc

  • This work partially supported by DOE grant DE-FG02-96ER25290, Logicon (for the DoD HPCMOD/PET program) DAHC 94-96-C-0008, DOE D459000-16-3C, DARPA (GA) SC H607305A, NSF-NGS EIA-9974968, NSF-NPACI ASC-96-10920, and a grant from NASA-IPG

    Security software downloads, most of them free! ProcessGuard ...
    Developer of Trojan Defence Suite, and a wide range of other anti virus and
    protection programs.

  • Port Explorer is your ultimate network analysis tool! Port Explorer allows you to see all the open ports on your system and what programs own them (called Port to Process mapping)

  • Port Explorer is network security software at its best! BRAND NEW WEBSITE AND PROGRAMS COMING SOON! Keep up-to-date with the free DiamondCS Newsletter! Sign up for our free newsletter to stay up to date with all new DiamondCS releases and updates! Newsletters are infrequent and only released when significant releases or happenings occur so they won't clog your email account


    SANS Institute - Network, Security, Computer, Audit Information ...
    Offer computer security research, training and information.

    IEEE Computer Society
    The original and largest worldwide organization serving as the leading provider
    of technical information, standards, conferences, and services to computing ...

    Sophos - anti-virus and anti-spam computer software for businesses
    Antivirus software package targeted at business customers.

    ASTALAVISTA SECURITY GROUP | Information and Internet Security Portal
    Shift, replaceable parameters, For, conditions, redirection, logging.

    Cookie Central
    Comprehensive resource on Internet cookies, including what they are, how to block
    or stop them.

  • In an era when people frequently download music, videos, screensavers, and other programs from the Net, spyware infections have grown all too common

    Internet/Network Security on
    Featuring articles and web links on Internet and network security for the Unix
    and Windows platforms.

  • A program like the PrepLogic LearnSmart Video Training series can save money provide the classroom-like training experience, but is it good enough? Check out my to find out

    Home of Gibson Research Corporation
    Internet security resource featuring Shields Up - tests PC's ports for resistance
    against hacking; and a CIH virus recovery tool.

    Information Security Program (MS)
    Includes admissions requirements, course listings, and cost of attendance.

  • DHS, DOD, Others Position Opening: The online distance education Information Security (InfoSec) program at James Madison University caters to the needs of working professionals

  • The online program is delivered to students asynchronously over the Internet, so courses are available anytime and at any location

  • The InfoSec program provides quality education, professional development, and research opportunities in the area of Information Security

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