Astaro Internet Security
Appliance-based special-purpose hardened Linux distribution with firewall, VPN,
anti-virus functionality. Some functionality is available for free for home use, ...

Insecure.Org - Nmap Free Security Scanner, Tools & Hacking resources
Developers of NMAP, a network port scanner and service detector offering stealth
SYN scan, ping sweep, FTP bounce, UDP scan and operating system fingerprinting.

SANS Institute - Network, Security, Computer, Audit Information ...
Offer computer security research, training and information.

SANS Institute - Popular Resources On Computer Security
Combination FAQ and library providing answers to common information requests
about computer security.

  • At SANS, we have been very impressed with the free Unix/Linux/BSD firewall options described in the paper ''

  • Snort and Specific Operating Systems : To use snort as a network intrusions detection system (NIDS) and network monitor under Linux, see the work by or, '' describes how to install and run snort on FreeBSD

  • Luz-Romero, discussing secure OS environments for Linux, reviews the main set of tools and resources available for Linux system administrators willing to build an operating system with enhanced security features that allow applications to run securely in a network accessible from the Internet

  • The list consists of the ten most commonly exploited vulnerable services in Windows and the ten most commonly exploited elements in UNIX and Linux environments


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    Security-Enhanced Linux
    NSA research prototype made public, has modified kernel, several utilities; has
    enhanced security-related functions designed to show value of mandatory access ...

  • The results of several previous in this area have been incorporated in a security-enhanced Linux system

  • This version of Linux has a strong, flexible mandatory access control architecture incorporated into the major subsystems of the kernel

  • Linux was chosen as the platform for this work because its growing success and open development environment provided an opportunity to demonstrate that this functionality can be successful in a mainstream operating system and, at the same time, contribute to the security of a widely used system

  • Additionally, the integration of these security research results into Linux may encourage additional operating system security research that may lead to additional improvement in system security

  • This work is not intended as a complete security solution for Linux

  • Security-enhanced Linux is not an attempt to correct any flaws that may currently exist in Linux

  • Instead, it is simply an example of how mandatory access controls that can confine the actions of any process, including a superuser process, can be added into Linux

  • Nonetheless, we feel we have presented a good starting point to bring valuable security features to Linux

    ASTALAVISTA SECURITY GROUP | Information and Internet Security Portal
    Shift, replaceable parameters, For, conditions, redirection, logging.

    Center for Internet Security - Standards
    Non-profit enterprise whose mission is to help organizations reduce the risk of
    business and e-commerce disruptions resulting from inadequate technical security ...

    Computerworld - News, Education & Headlines - Security, Storage ...
    News and product coverage for information technology managers.

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    Security Focus
    News and editorials on security related topics, along with a comprehensive database
    of security knowledge.

  • Mark Rasch Scott Granneman Reji Thomas and Bhasker Reddy Jamie Riden SecurityFocus News Microsoft Security News Linux Security News Email Address: Copyright 2006, SecurityFocus

    Xatrix Security - Computer Security
    Security news portal with articles, a search engine and books.

    Trinux: A Linux Security Toolkit
    A 2-floppy Linux distribution with multiple security-related tools.

  • LAST UDPATE: 5/23/2004 Overview News & Updates Documentation FAQ (old) Manual (new) Tools Releases Packages Kernels Kernel Modules latest initrd latest floppy Configure It Install Networking Use It War Stories Support Mailing Lists Submit Bugs Feature Requests Related Trinux Russian Community My Home My Employer What is Trinux? Trinux is a ramdisk-based Linux distribution that boots from a single floppy or CD-ROM, loads it packages from an HTTP/FTP server, a FAT/NTFS/ISO filesystem, or additional floppies

  • Trinux gives you the power of Linux security tools without requiring a full-blown Linux install or the need to download, compile, install, and update a complete suite of security tools that are typically not found in mainstream distributions

  • Hardware support for many common Ethernet cards is provided in the default kerneli and additional NICs are supported via Linux kernel modules

  • Trinux 0.8x supports Linux kernel 2.4.x

  • Version 0.6x was built using RedHat Linux 5.2

    Cybersoft Computer Security Solutions
    Company offering computer security software, including Linux virus protection
    and Windows virus scan products.

  • CyberSoft also offers other solutions besides Unix/Linux antivirus

  • CyberSoft is your source for the following Unix/Linux Security Solutions: Unix Antivirus Linux Antivirus CryptoGraphic Integrity tools Self-Repair for Linux/Unix Systems Trojan Horse Detection MacroVirus Removal To find out more about the VFind Security Toolkit (VSTK) click here


    Security Forums :: Computer Security Forum, Firewalls, Encryption ...
    Offers support forums on a selection of IT security topics including firewalls,
    encryption and malicious software. Based in UK.

    NewOrder - computer security and networking portal
    Hacking, cracking and security exploits.

  • - Unix/Linux/BSD related information, articles, exploits, and tools

    .:[ packet storm ]:. -
    Security updates and news bulletins, mostly Linux but also NT. Provides software
    tips and links.

    Linux Administrator's Security Guide
    A comprehensive security guide aimed at administrators and users, available online
    in Acrobat PDF format, by Kurt Seifried.

  • Linux Administrator's Security Guide Table of Contents By Kurt Seifried, Copyright Kurt Seifried 2001 - Enterprise Technology News and Reviews
    The online version of the enterprise tech magazine.

  • Infrastructure New software will debut at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference that lets Intel-based Macs run x86 operating systems, including Windows and Linux

  • Desktops & Notebooks The PC maker is set to announce a plan to offer its ThinkPad T60p with SUSE Linux pre-installed

  • Review: Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 is a strong challenger to Windows for corporate clients

  • LINUX & OPEN SOURCE This new distribution is the first Linux to include most of the legally licensed and available, third-party proprietary codices, drivers and software

  • (DesktopLinux) Slide Show: This image gallery shows some of the key components in the Freespire Linux distribution from Linspire The Enterprise Linux Resource
    A Linux portal and directory.

  • And, according to Executive Vice President of Marketing Strategy Dan Kusnetzky, their products' acceptance is increasing steadily -- and not just among hard-core GNU/Linux and open source devotees

  • » Recent Articles By: The is an open, Linux-based handheld games console manufactured by Game Park Holdings of South Korea

  • Let's take a look at how to do it using Linux and open source

  • » » » » » » Sponsor Solutions HP Open Source Middleware Stacks Part of the HP Open Source Integrated Portfolio, HP Open Source Middleware Stacks instill Linux confidence through choice and integration of best-of-breed

  • Customers can work the way they want with pre-tested, proven components from the industry's best to incorporate open source technology into their environments as the foundation for successful Linux and multi-OS solutions deployment

  • Distribution Center Spotlight Distribution Red Hat Desktop is the newest member of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux family

  • Pricing: $349.00 to $2, 500.00 USD More Distributions HOWTOs Linux Index OSTG Services - Search Thousands of IT Jobs Now - Lighting-fast Connections for Power Users Special Offers Get special offers on: Linux Application Dev Programming Software Email: -advertisement- © Copyright 2006 -, Inc., All Rights Reserved About - - - - --spot emerging business trends with news and product reviews for enterprise IT

    Computer Training Schools - Your Guide to Computer Schools
    A directory of schools and information to assist people and companies seeking
    computer training.

    SecureRoot Computer Security Resource. Hacking, Cryptography, Etc
    Hacking and security related links. Also offers discussion forums.

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