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  • Video Days Hours Min Sec 2006-09-02 15:30:00 GMT-04:00 10tv Poll Do you feel sorry for Maurice Clarett? (Choose Yes or No) Yes No 10TV Happenings News Traffic Weather Closings Breaking News: Today's Top Stories Aug 10 2006 7:55AM A double shooting on Broad Street in west Columbus has left one man dead and a second recovering in the hospital

  • Aug 10 2006 6:53AM Maurice Clarett appeared in court Wednesday, facing charges of carrying a concealed weapon and a traffic violation

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  • As the July 4th holiday weekend approaches, state highways can see an increase in traffic volumes

  • To help travelers, ODOT has compiled a comprehensive list of current projects on major highways affecting traffic throughout the state, This year, 2006, marks the 50th anniversary of the federal law that brought America its unparalleled Interstate Highway System

  • This facility, carrying both I-75 and I-71 traffic through the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area, has significant safety and capacity problems and is under study for improvement

  • Bernard/ Elmwood Place area, aims to improve traffic flow, enhance safety and minimize impacts to adjacent properties along I-75 from the Paddock Road interchange on the north and the Western Hills Viaduct interchange on the south

  • The Public Involvement Process is highly emphasized in this two-year effort, ODOT has begun efforts on an 18-month study to seek solutions to the problems of congestion, traffic delays and safety hazards on the I-70/I-71 split in downtown Columbus, Ohio

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  • Ohio's gateway for traffic and road information Visi t the State o f Ohio's website Visit Ohio's Department of Natural Resources District 8 Resources Other Links Employment Opportunities Permit Adopt-A-Highway Directions to District 8 For content information, please email


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  • To read the full story go to Presented at the CEAO 2006 Ohio Traffic Engineering and Highway Safety Conference and Trade Show To: ALL Bridge Inventory and Inspection Program Users: Re: Update of Program ODOT changes to the Database NOTE : Brian Miller from Lucas County has completed the error checking module for the CEAO Bridge Inspection Program

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  • Turn left at the first traffic light, which is Chestnut Street

  • Turn left at the first traffic light, which is Chestnut Street

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  • This is not surprising, given that every 10 seconds, someone in the United States is involved in a car accident, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

  • Last year alone, over one million people were injured in alcohol-related traffic crashes


    AirNav: KOSU - Ohio State University Airport
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  • Gradient: 0.4 0.4 Traffic pattern: left left Runway heading: 092 magnetic, 087 true 272 magnetic, 267 true Markings: precision, in good condition precision, in good condition Visual slope indicator: 4-box VASI on left (3.00 degrees glide path) VASI UNUSBL BYD 7 DEG RIGHT OF COURSE DUE TO LATERAL COVERAGE

  • Gradient: 0.1 0.1 Traffic pattern: left left Runway heading: 054 magnetic, 049 true 234 magnetic, 229 true Markings: basic, in good condition basic, in good condition Touchdown point: yes, no lights yes, no lights Obstructions: 37 ft

  • Gradient: 0.3 0.3 Traffic pattern: left left Runway heading: 141 magnetic, 136 true 321 magnetic, 316 true Markings: basic, in good condition basic, in good condition Touchdown point: yes, no lights yes, no lights Obstructions: 95 ft

  • Traffic pattern: left left Runway heading: 092 magnetic, 087 true 272 magnetic, 267 true Markings: basic, in good condition basic, in good condition Visual slope indicator: 2-box VASI on left (3.00 degrees glide path) 2-box VASI on left (3.00 degrees glide path) Obstructions: 66 ft

  • Surface: asphalt, in good condition Traffic pattern: left left Airport Operational Statistics Aircraft based on the field: 214 Single engine airplanes: 155 Multi engine airplanes: 35 Jet airplanes: 15 Helicopters: 9 Aircraft operations: avg 275/day 62% transient general aviation 35% local general aviation 3% air taxi <1% military Additional Remarks - NOISE SENSITIVE AREA WITHIN 4 MILES TO THE NORTH AND NORTHEAST

    AirNav: KCMH - Port Columbus International Airport
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  • Gradient: 0.1 0.1 Traffic pattern: left left Runway heading: 099 magnetic, 094 true 279 magnetic, 274 true Markings: precision, in good condition precision, in good condition Visual slope indicator: 4-light PAPI on right (3.00 degrees glide path) RVR equipment: touchdown Approach lights: MALSR: 1, 400 foot medium intensity approach lighting system with runway alignment indicator lights MALSR: 1, 400 foot medium intensity approach lighting system with runway alignment indicator lights Touchdown point: yes, no lights yes, no lights Instrument approach: Runway 10L/28R Dimensions: 8000 x 150 ft

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    Using Geotextile Fabric in Livestock Operations, AEX-304-97
    Fact sheet on the proper application, installation and maintenance of geotextile
    fabrics for agricultural applications. From the Department of Food, ...

  • Brown Wet soil conditions in animal feeding and high-traffic live- stock handling areas cause problems for both animals and producers, as well as the environment

  • In association with animal production, there will be concentrated farm vehicular and equipment traffic

  • When the animal and/or equipment traffic is excessively high, the vegetation is destroyed

  • The use of geotextile fabric in these high-traffic livestock areas can substantially reduce the occurrence of adverse conditions (see Figure 1)

  • This publication provides an overview of a demonstration project ( Using Geotextile Cloth in Livestock Operations to Reduce Nutrient and Sediment Loading in the Olentangy Watershed ) on the use of geotextile fabric in high-traffic livestock areas

  • The proper weight range for high-traffic livestock area applications for the nonwoven fabric is 5 to 6 ounces per square yard

  • When properly designed and installed, the fabric can help distribute loads from animal and vehicular traffic (see Figure 5)

  • A mixture of large (1.5 to 2 inch diameter) and small gravel sizes works best for vehicular traffic

  • For livestock traffic areas, if one well-mixed grade of gravel is not available, consider using two grades of gravel, one larger than the other, and increase the amount of fines

    Ohio State University Extension: Raised Bed Gardening
    Gives information on yeilds, raised beds, soil conditions, working, pest control,
    and construction.

  • Ridge tillage, solid seeding and controlled traffic are all new techniques designed to deal with drainage, weed or compaction problems and to increase productivity

    Lusch's Midair Collision Investigations
    Air Traffic Controller's analysis of current radar data processing procedures.
    About author, links and glossary.

  • Learn what I'vebeen trying to do about this in Introduction When FAA air traffic control radar detects aircraft, thoseaircraft targets ought to be displayed on the air traffic controller'sscope who is providing radar service to pilots in that area

  • Nevertheless, I certainly understandthe shortcomings that exist when I, as an air traffic controller, do not have access to the radar data that is available and criticallyimportant for success in my mission

  • It was later reprinted in the Journalof Air Traffic Control , January-March 1992 issue (pgs 29-33).My concerns of yesterday are just as valid today

  • I am simply one of the many thousandsof air traffic controllers that utilize a radar scope every dayin our job

  • Air traffic controllers perform as an integral partof our air transportation system

  • We do our best to provide asafe, orderly, and expeditious flow of traffic in our skies

  • It, and many other referencescan be found on the FAA's Air Traffic Publications page at

  • [Back] ATCA (Air Traffic Control Association) ATCA is a non-profit, non-government, professional organization, established in 1956, dedicated to progress in the science of air traffic control and the preservation of a safe flight environment

    Guardian Unlimited Film | Reviews | Traffic
    Philip French reviews Soderbergh's movie about the international drugs trade.

  • Go to: · Search: Guardian Unlimited Web This week's reviews More about Traffic Great acting, greater set-pieces and a grippingly told story

  • Steven Soderbergh's Traffic is a masterpiece from first to last Philip French Sunday January 28, 2001 There are two kinds of directors whose next movie you look forward to with some eagerness - those who've made a film of promise or achievement that might lead to important things, and those with an established body of work to which major additions are still expected

  • After that trio, one came to Traffic with the highest expectations

  • In Traffic, scripted by Stephen Gaghan and based on Simon Moore's Channel 4 mini-series Traffik, Soderbergh has brought his formal dexterity to bear on a major subject - the international drugs trade

  • What unites these people is their involvement on both sides of the US-Mexican border in the traffic in drugs and while most are not even vaguely aware of the others' existence, everything that happens in one part of the story produces reverberations in the others

  • Families are central to Traffic - the two big drug-dealing families in Mexico that exact total obedience; the two complacent middle-class families in the States driven to question their values

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  • Cambridge/Guernsey County is the ideal location with a large variety of options to fulfill your every need! Send us an email with your contact information at and we'll send you our custom Wedding Planner or Meeting Planner! Traveling our way? Check out: The Ohio Department of Transportation's gateway to traffic and roadway information

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