Why Pascal is Not My Favorite Programming Language
Brian Kernighan's comparison of Pascal and C.

  •   Types and Scopes Pascal is (almost) a strongly typed language.  Roughly speaking, that means that each object in a program has a well-defined type which implicitly defines the legal values of and operations on the object.  The language guarantees that it will prohibit illegal values and operations, by some mixture of compile- and run-time checking.  Of course compilers may not actually do all the checking implied in the language definition.  Furthermore, strong typing is not to be confused with dimensional analysis.  If one defines types ' apple ' and ' orange ' with type apple = integer; orange = integer; then any arbitrary arithmetic expression involving apples and oranges is perfectly legal

  • Thus for ' sort ', another representation is used, a long array of characters and a set of indices into this array: type charbuf = array [1..MAXBUF] of char; charindex = array [1..MAXINDEX] of 0..MAXBUF; But the procedures and functions written to process the fixed-length representation cannot be used with the variable-length form; an entirely new set of routines is needed to copy and compare strings in this representation.  In Fortran or C the same functions could be used for both

    Dr. Dobb's | Revisiting Exception Handling | May 13, 2003
    Reviews guidelines developed years ago for throwing exceptions and how to use
    exception specifications.

    Voice eXtensible Markup Language (VoiceXML) version 1.0
    Official note specification; designed for creating audio dialogs that feature
    synthesized speech, digitized audio, recognition of spoken and DTMF key input, ...

    Voice Extensible Markup Language (VoiceXML) Version 2.0
    Pointer to the latest 2.0 specification including new errata published by the
    W3C consortium.


    BitC Language Specification
    Compiled, garbage collected; merges ideas and syntax (impure s-expression) of
    functional languages (Lisp Sheme) with close hardware interaction of low-level ...

    2005 report on the current status of human rights practices including human
    freedoms, civil liberties, political rights, international investigations, ...

  • The civilian authorities generally maintained control of the security forces, but often used them to control opposition to the ruling party

  • The government routinely used selective violence to achieve its political objectives

  • Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman, or Degrading Treatment or Punishment Although the constitution prohibits such practices, security forces tortured, raped, and otherwise abused persons.There continued to be reports that police used excessive force in apprehending and detaining criminal suspects

  • The youths accused several teachers of supporting the MDC and ordered them to leave their posts

  • Security forces repeatedly used force to disperse nonviolent gatherings and demonstrations; security forces also beat participants and demonstrators (see section 2.b.)

  • Despite supporting evidence, in July the supreme court ruled that, although conditions in these cells did not 'comply with internationally accepted minimum standards, ' those two cells could not be used as a general yardstick for all holding cells in the country

  • Once charged, if detainees were refused bail, they were held in a separate remand prison

    Environment, politics, opinion and quality of life issues for Arvada, Colorado,
    and the USA.

  • Following this scenario, Israel has dropped leaflets throughout southern Lebanon warning the civilians to leave or risk their lives, as they would be considered 'Hezbollah sympathizers' if they refused to leave

    History of LISP — Software Collection Committee
    Source code, design documents, references, other material on original Lisp I/1.5
    system, and many follow-ons. Project of Computer History Museum's Software ...

  • They are part of a much larger system currently being developed but may be used as two independent packages

  • 'This article describes the process used to implement LISP 1.5 on the Univac M 460 (an early military version of the Univac 490)

  • Computer time on the Stanford 7090 and PDP-1 was used in conjunction with Stanford's contract with Advanced Research Projects Agency for research in time sharing and artificial intelligence." However Saunders now says "The Stanford PDP-1 played no role whatever in the Lisp port

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    Journal, online songs and blog of a Singaporean young adult who tries his best
    to walk right with God.

  • I used that for all the students who added me, changed their nicknames according to their class, index and names so I'll know whom I'm corresponding with at any one time

  • it's been so long since I've been to that particular eating place - my extended maternal family used to go there years ago for dinner celebrations

  • the capability of a strained body to recover its size and shape after deformation caused especially by compressive stress 2 : an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change (friend) I was walking down the path towards the school gate when one student called out my name..

    EPD FAQ (Enzyme Potentiated Desensitization FAQ)
    Information about EPD, an experimental allergy treatment that uses environmental
    controls and low-concentration allergy shots.

  • [Editor - I edited this from the Mailing List message of introduction, thanks to Jozsef A Toth <jatst3+ at> I believe.] How do I subscribe to the EPD Mailing List? [Section Updated: 04/02] A Web page interface is now being used for EPD Mailing List subscriptions

  • It is considered legitimate that list discussions of doctors, concerning likes, dislikes, and treatment plans, can be a useful thing since these are construed as personal opinions of the writers and not solicitations or advertising used for gain of the EPD principles

    The GNU Awk User's Guide
    Effective AWK Programming.

    Complete specification as submitted to W3C (.PDF format). Useful for anyone
    designing vxml interpreters or wishing to understand the extensive capbilities for ...


    Australia's Commitments: Protecting Kakadu - Progress Report to ...
    Official Government statement that the mining operation has no impact on World
    Heritage values.

    Review: Beowulf and Grendel - Cinematical
    In the hands of Sturla Gunnarsson, Beowulf and Grendel is a masterful film that
    fleshes out the decidedly one-sided epic poem, bringing Grendel to life with a ...

  • Hrothgar is bent under the weight of the destruction of his people, caused by an act he committed, and has evolved from proud warrior to drunken king in the space of a decade-and-a-half

  • Never mind, maybe you meant Cliche #3 but I'm still confused

  • When was Frankenstein? How's about 1831? So everything after 1831 that used that idea is crap? I don't think so

    SHECKYmagazine Standup Comedy...Seriously!
    A magazine about stand up comedy. Interviews, features and opinions.

    RFC 2445: Internet Calendaring and Scheduling Core Object ...
    Official specification for the format, including full syntax and recommendations.

    Communicator Preferences
    How to set-up various Netscape settings.

    Freewargamesrules - the place for free miniatures rules
    Provides links to rules sorted by category.

    Articles of the international press on the subject.

  • It has used solely military means to combat unrest in its Kurdish community, which it equates with the PKK's insurgency in the southeast

  • Although there is no evidence that german weapons are currently being used for the cross-border operation, it is unlikely that such an incursion against international laws could be carried out without US support and weapons

  • PKK atrocities, in the form of attacks against civilians and unarmed government employees, have been systematically used by Turkish forces as smoke screens to cover up their own atrocities, i.e

  • Moreover, as part of military expenditure cuts, Turkey last year brought down the number of live ammunition which could be used in commando training -- producing a less experienced force

  • Turkey has so far refused to accept such a mission

  • Amnesty International has received reports that armored vehicles, helicopters and other aircraft have been used in security force operations in southeast Turkey when human rights violations were committed

  • 'We are urging governments which authorize the supply of military and security equipment to Turkey to ensure such supplies are not used to commit human rights violations, ' Amnesty International said

    A Critique of C++ and Programming and Language Trends of the 1990s ...
    A critical view on the C++ and C programming language.

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