Gutenprint Printer Drivers
A print plugin for the GIMP.

  • Macintosh OS X Users! There is now a Gutenprint web page for OS X that answers most questions on how to use Gutenprint and Gimp-Print with OS X 10.2 'Jaguar', 10.3 'Panther', and 10.4 'Tiger' and provides direct download links

  • You can read the release notes and download it here

  • You can read the release notes and download it here

  • You can read the release notes and download it here

  • Please visit for information on downloading and installing CUPS

    Windows Device Drivers (printer driver, video driver, cdrom ...
    Latest drivers for monitors, printers, modems, hard drives, BIOS updates, and
    IDE/SCSI controllers.

  • Also Visit: Download drivers for monitors, printers, hard drives, SCSI controllers, etc

    TurboPrint - Druckertreiber für Linux und Mac OS X
    Bietet einen kommerziellen Druckertreiber für Linux an. Listet die unterstützten
    Drucker, informiert über Konditionen und bietet ein freie Version des Treibers ...

    Printer Compatibility
    This page is a list of Ghostscript printer devices and the printers with which
    they are compatible.


    ESP Print Pro - UNIX Printer Drivers
    A UNIX cross-platform printing software package for Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, Digital,
    and IRIX (sgi), containing numerous printer drivers.

    WordPerfect for DOS Updated
    Troubleshooting guide, recent printer drivers, third-party tools, user hints,
    and other resources for loyal users who think this word-processing application is ...

  • ( Important: If your video card is based on the Nvidia chip, be sure to download the latest version of the XP drivers from

  • Further details, and a download link, may be found on this site's

  • Be certain to download and install all update patches for version 8 (or for any later version) from (for recent versions) or from (follow the version numbers for upgrades)

  • If you have difficulty downloading files from Corel's site, see this

  • WordPerfect for the Macintosh (a freely downloadable program) was written for older version of the Macintosh operating system, but works well under Mac OS X

  • What Corel should do now is work toward making a slightly updated version of WPDOS available for downloading at a reasonable price; no retail boxes would be involved

  • Computer and technical support personnel in educational institutions, corporations, or anywhere else should feel free to archive or copy all or part of this site for internal use, and any individual visitor should feel free to download all or part of this site for personal use

    Epson HP Canon Printer Paper Ink Cartridges ATLEX.COM
    Offers Epson and HP brand inkjet printer cartridges, paper and supplies.

    MW Software - Photoreal printing for RISC OS
    Photo-real printing for a wide range of modern inkjet printers.

  • Therefore, the GPDriver application that implements the RISC OS printer driver is freely downloadable from my web site including source code

  • Users who make a receive the download password for the web site

  • Benefits

    The X Printing Panel
    A tool for easy choosing of the desired printer out of a list of all available
    printers and for setting printer options by an easy-to-use graphical user ...

  • December 9, 2004: Version 1.5 now available for download ()

  • January 27, 2002: Version 1.1 now available for download ()

  • January 28, 2001: Version 1.0 now available for download ()

  • October 2, 2000: XPP has moved completely to Sourceforge () September 30, 2000: Version 0.7 now available for download () August 26, 2000: New added

  • August 20, 2000: Version 0.6 now available for download () August 16, 2000: Version 0.5 now available for download () August 15, 2000: SuSE-RPM of version 0.4 now available for download August 9, 2000: Version 0.4 now available for download () July 23, 2000: Version 0.3 now available for download () July 11, 2000: on SourceForge now available! July 10, 2000: available now! July 08, 2000: Version 0.2 now available as RPM for SuSE Linux 6.4

  • July 03, 2000: Version 0.2 now available for download ()

  • June 23, 2000: Now there are also binary packages available for download

  • June 20, 2000: The first alpha version (0.1) is ready and made available for download

  • (.tar.gz, 108 K) (.tar.bz2, 95 K) H ere one can download the most recent state of the XPP development

  • S ee the README file in the main directory of the package you have downloaded

    LXTeX 2e - LaTeX for HP palmtops
    An adaption of emTeX (LaTeX 2e for DOS) made especially for HP palmtops. About,
    download and FAQ.

  • LXTeX 2e version 1.3 last updated: Thursday, 03-Nov-2005 18:18:34 CET Contents of this page: to get to Stephans´s site where LxTeX 'version 1' can be downloaded

  • If you would like to have a look into the README file of LXTeX 2e before you download it, ! If you want to see what improvements are implemented into the version 1.3 of LXTeX 2e, compared to previous versions, ! - this is a stripped-down version of the DINBRIEF package made by University of Karlsruhe

    Ink Cartridges, Toner Cartridges, Copiers Supplies, Printers, HP ...
    Inkjet and toner supplies for your printer, copier or fax machines. Also offers
    storage and display products.

    PageNet printer ink cartridges & computer accessories UK ( The Ink ...
    Online sales of ink and printer cartridges.

  • All the available websites that have drivers for your printer will be displayed in a list, select one and follow the on screen instructions to download and install the driver


    Network Headquarters for Canon websites around the world. available in English
    and Japanese.

  • | > | > | > | > | DOWNLOADS : Please select your location from below to access to driver download information provided by Canon companies in your region

    ExpLAN Computers Ltd. - Printers
    Suppliers of cost-effective Printer solutions, and associated control software
    for RISC OS.

  • Most of these drivers require !Printers 1.64 or later, which may be downloaded from the website of

    pilote d'imprimante
    Pilotes à télécharger gratuitement pour de nombreuses marques d'imprimantes. - Linux Hardware Compatibility Lists & Linux Drivers
    Directory of resources for Linux drivers. - Digital camera, camera, digital dv camcorder and ...
    Cameras, digital and video equipment, darkroom products, film and related accessories.

    Richard's PS Junk Page
    PostScript news, downloads, documentation.

  • This is a good place to come for information about the Fiery, as well as download appropriate PPDs and utility software (should you own one.) also make a front end for colour copiers (such as the Xerox Regal), and provide the drivers and PPD files at their site

  • It is also possible to download Ghostscript, GhostView (UNIX viewer) and/or GSView (Win-OS/2 viewer)

  • The PSPLOT site contains a complete user manual, as well as instructions on downloading

    Computer Concepts' printers
    TurboDrivers for older ink-jet printers from Canon, Hewlett Packard and Epson,

    Ink Cartridges and Laser Printer Cartridges from A Better ...
    Inkjet and laser cartridges, toner, professional remanufacturing service and
    other printer supplies.

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