Printer Compatibility
This page is a list of Ghostscript printer devices and the printers with which
they are compatible.

  • Printer Compatibility This page is a list of Ghostscript printer devices and the printers with which they are compatible

  • The format is: Ghostscript device (notes) Compatible Printer (GS version tested) limitations/test notes Another compatible printer (GS version tested) limitations/test notes As you can see, this page is a bit short on detail

  • If you know of a printer that does not have a specific Ghostscript device but does work with a related device, please send the details to so they can be added to this page

  • Please don't send mail asking if a printer is compatible with a Ghostscript device because you will only be referred to this page

  • See also the list of and For some new printers, you may find that there are no drivers built into ghostscript

  • On Windows you may have to use the mswinpr2 device or Windows GDI printer from GSview

  • Canon MultiPASS C2500 colour printer/fax/copier (3.53) 360x360dpi, B/W & colour, PRINTER button must be engaged bjc800 Canon BubbleJet BJC-800 Canon BubbleJet BJC-7000 Colour

  • A3 printer

  • May work with other HP Colour DeskJet printers that use a CMY (no black) ink cartridge

    Gutenprint Printer Drivers
    A print plugin for the GIMP.

  •   Meet the Developers! Home |-| |-| |-| |-| |-| |-| |-| |-| Welcome to Gutenprint! High quality drivers for Canon, Epson, Lexmark, Sony, Olympus, and PCL printers for use with Ghostscript, CUPS , Foomatic, and the Gimp

  • This release, which has been under development for over four years, offers improved quality, greatly enhanced functionality, and support for many more printers than our previous version, Gimp-Print 4.2

  • - The Gutenprint Project Team Please visit our project page, which contains a lot more information about us! What is Gutenprint? Gutenprint, formerly named Gimp-Print, is a suite of printer drivers that may be used with most common UNIX and Linux print spooling systems, including CUPS, lpr, LPRng, or others

  • While this package started out as the original Print plugin for the GIMP, it has expanded into a collection of general purpose printer drivers, and the new, enhanced Print plugin for the GIMP is now only a small part of the package

  • Gutenprint supports only the printer part of multi-function devices (devices that typically include scanning, copying, and fax capabilities)

  • CUPS provides an excellent web-based interface for easy printer administration, and all CUPS-enabled applications (, all KDE apps, etc.) and printing dialogs (kprinter, xpp, etc.) show all the options in easy to use GUIs

    ExpLAN Computers Ltd. - Printers
    Suppliers of cost-effective Printer solutions, and associated control software
    for RISC OS.

  • Page index: Links back: ExpLAN publishes printer driver software for use on the Acorn/RISC OS computer platform

  • Most of these drivers require !Printers 1.64 or later, which may be downloaded from the website of

  • The drivers are delivered within a utility called PrintControl which automatically installs the files into the correct places within !Printers

  • Thereafter PrintControl is used to issue non-printing administrative commands to the printer, such as is required to generate test pages, align print heads or flush blocked ink nozzles

  • See also:- PrintControl is a utility to deliver driver software and issue administrative, non-printing commands direct to a printer

  • Within PrintControl there may be held a number of Descriptor files, of which a different one is required for each model of printer

  • Descriptor files are currently available for the following models: BJC-2000 BJC-3000 /S400 BJC-6000 BJC-6200 /S450 and BJC-6100 BJC-6500 /S4500 BJC-7000 BJC-7100 Hewlett Packard deskjet printers HP-660C HP-690C Single-user licence , PrintControl: £20 +VAT per Descriptor: £10 +VAT Site licence , incl tech-support; PrintControl: £40 +VAT per Descriptor: £25 +VAT Printers are normally sold with PrintControl and the appropriate Descriptor included within the price for single-user use, or a free Descriptor for site licence use Your One-Stop Source For Device Drivers, Anti ...
    Acquire the latest drivers for Win9x/2000/ME/NT/Bios including printer drivers,
    CD-ROM drivers, modem drivers, sound drivers, mouse drivers, monitor drivers, ...


    Computer Concepts' printers
    TurboDrivers for older ink-jet printers from Canon, Hewlett Packard and Epson,

  • Printers and related products TurboDrivers Computer Concepts' are a range of high-speed printer drivers optimised for the most popular ink-jet printers from Canon, Hewlett Packard and Epson

  • Not only are print times significantly reduced over those from the Acorn drivers, but control is returned to the user much sooner while the printer driver continues printing in the background

  • Printer consumables Computer Concepts stocks a full range of for the Canon bubble-jet range of printers, including for models that Canon no longer sells

  • It also stocks replacement toner cartridges for the LaserDirect range of laser printers - Digital camera, camera, digital dv camcorder and ...
    Cameras, digital and video equipment, darkroom products, film and related accessories.

    MW Software - Photoreal printing for RISC OS
    Photo-real printing for a wide range of modern inkjet printers.

  • Gimp-Print/RO home Page index: Gimp-Print for RISC OS High-quality printing for RISC OS Developing printer drivers for high-resolution and photo-realistic printing on modern inkjet printers (e.g., by Epson, Canon and HP) is a very demanding task

  • While printer drivers for mainstream platforms are made available by the printer manufacturers the RISC OS platform has been left behind without being able to drive the most recent printers with satisfactory results

  • Luckily, there is a very active group of people developing Linux drivers for these printers: This is known as the project

  • Gimp-Print supports hundreds of printers and is constantly updated to support new printers as they become available

  • There is an emphasis on Epson printers because Epson publish their printer control codes (in contrast to other companies, e.g., Canon)

  • Gimp-Print for RISC OS is a RISC OS printer driver based on the Gimp-Print library

  • It can be used like any other printer driver to print from RISC OS applications (e.g., ArtWorks, OvationPro, Impression, PhotoDesk, Paint, Draw to name just a few)

  • Therefore, the GPDriver application that implements the RISC OS printer driver is freely downloadable from my web site including source code

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  • Where can I buy a replacement cartridge for my printer ? Use the links at the top of the page to select your printer make, then you can select your model number, this will take you to the correct cartridges for your printer where you can buy online or over the telephone

  • Who supplies replacement cartridges for my printer ? The manufacturers of your printer supply replacement cartridges, but are usually highly priced

  • However other manufacturers supply cartridges for most printer models and usually are more than 50% cheaper with no loss of quality

  • How do I change my cartridge in my printer ? See our for ink cartridge replacement assistance

  • How do I know the correct cartridge for my printer ? Use the links at the top of the page to select your printer make, then you can select your model number, this will take you to the correct cartridges for your printer without error , providing you selected the correct printer make & model which is usually written on the front of your printer

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    Canon Inkjet Printer - CREATIVE PARK
    Provides 3D papercraft patterns such as animal, science, building, and airplanes.

    Network Headquarters for Canon websites around the world. available in English
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  • CANNON DOWNLOAD DRIVER PRINTER ? - Linux Hardware Compatibility Lists & Linux Drivers
    Directory of resources for Linux drivers.

  • Unix printer compatiblity database listing - The printer database contains a wealth of information about specific printers, along with extensive driver information, basic specifications, and an associated set of configuration tools

  • You can just go straight to a particular printer, or you can list all printers from a given manufacturer

  • Looking for a printer to buy? See also the page

  • Gutenprint Supported Printers - Gutenprint , formerly called Gimp-Print , offers high quality drivers for Canon, Epson, Lexmark, Sony, Olympus, and PCL printers for use with Ghostscript, CUPS, Foomatic, and the Gimp

  • TurboPrint Supported Printers - This is the list of TurboPrint Supported Printers

  • It includes almost every Canon, Epson & HP and many Brother printers

  • TurboPrint makes it possible to use the latest color printers with Linux

  • Printer set-up and configuration is as simple as on Windows or MacOS

  • TurboPrint is a high-quality printer driver system for Linux built on existing standards (lpr or CUPS printer spooler, ghostscript interpreter for Postscript) thus achieving easy integration and maximum compatibility with existing applications

    WordPerfect for DOS Updated
    Troubleshooting guide, recent printer drivers, third-party tools, user hints,
    and other resources for loyal users who think this word-processing application is ...

  • WordPerfect for DOS Updated | WordPerfect for DOS Updated New Printer Drivers, Euro Symbol Support, Added Features, and Windows Compatibility for WPDOS 5.1 and 6.x | Important bulletin about Tame Version 5.0 (January 2006) Version 5 of was released on 18 January 2006

  • (If there were a truth-in-reviewing law, it would oblige me to add that, among graphics-based word processors, I generally prefer Microsoft Word for Windows to Corel WordPerfect for Windows, but if I were forced to choose only one word processor, and I could choose among all text-based and graphic-based programs, I would unhesitatingly choose WordPerfect for DOS 6.2.) This site was created as a way to share printer drivers and other files that can be of help to anyone who wants to continue to use WordPerfect for DOS in the twenty-first century

  • - Edward Mendelson This site provides many new printer drivers for WPDOS 5.1 and 6.x: This site has for the HP LaserJet, HP Color LaserJet, and Business Inkjet models

  • Both PCL and PostScript drivers are available; all 80 internal fonts in the 3200 and later models are supported; and all these drivers support the euro through the printer's hardware or through soft fonts available from this site

    LXTeX 2e - LaTeX for HP palmtops
    An adaption of emTeX (LaTeX 2e for DOS) made especially for HP palmtops. About,
    download and FAQ.

  • Additionally it contains the directory PRN_CONF, which includes batch and data files for different printers

  • Using other printers than Canon BJ If you have another printer than a Canon Bubblejet, for which LXTeX is preconfigured, please read section 3.6.2 (A:EMTEXBINPR.BAT) of the README.TXT

  • It describes how to change printer configuration

  • If your printer isn´t covered by the options of the DVI drivers, either look for a newer DVI driver or see if your printer can emulate one of the supported printers

  • Find the *_BASE.FLI file which suits your printer (if you only preview on the palmtop and don´t print at all, take the BJ_BASE.FLI, LXTeX comes preconfigured for this one)

  • I forgot to switch off the palmtop, and it didn't switch off itself, now batteries are empty and I lost valuable data! The light sleep mode, and thus the power-off time-out of the palmtop are deactivated as soon as you start a DVIDRV (eit viewer or the printer driver)

  • With a serial printer, there should be no major problem, only make sure the baud rates are properly set, and handshaking is enabled (and, of course, that you use the correct DVI driver and fonts!) If you have a parallel port printer, you need a serial -> parallel converter

    TurboPrint - Druckertreiber für Linux und Mac OS X
    Bietet einen kommerziellen Druckertreiber für Linux an. Listet die unterstützten
    Drucker, informiert über Konditionen und bietet ein freie Version des Treibers ...

    Bilingual English / Japanese Windows95 Computing Notes
    Japanese keyboard support on English Windows9x/NT/2K/XP, view Japanese documents,
    browse Japanese web pages, input Japanese characters, print Japanese text, ...

    Richard's PS Junk Page
    PostScript news, downloads, documentation.

  • However, many people don't figure out that it is also a high technology industry until their first print job goes off track! This site is devoted to the study of, the language environment of almost all the output devices that commercial printers use

  • While this isn't strictly speaking another DTP or design site, it will certainly be of interest to those interested in desktop publishing, as PostScript is something you will be using an awful lot, whether it is to your own laser printer or to the local printer's kazillion dollar imagesetter

  • for System 7.x! According to CNet, Apple will phase out the QuickDraw printing engine, in favour of the traditional LaserWriter printer engine

  • Adobe's about why PostScript makes for a better printer than Hewlett Packard's PCL is an insightful (if biased) view on the advantage of using PostScript based devices

  • If you use the Windows AdobePS driver, or you use the Apple LaserWriter 8.x driver on the Mac, a number of files are there, allowing you to install specific PostScript printer files that don't come with your system software

  • The Adobe PSPrinter 8.3.1 driver for, features nup printing, QuickDraw GX font support, and a "virtual printer" that allows you to set up a dummy PostScript printer connection, even if all you have is a StyleWriter! You could call it "PostScript: The Next Generation"

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    DOS software for rabbitry management, printing pedigrees and maintaining genetics
    information on your herd.

  • Pedigrees: Prints Three or Four Generation Customizable Pedigrees, on most printers, (includes the HP LaserJet III and DeskJet 550C, and the Canon BubbleJet Printers.) Import and Export: You can import or export Pedigree records to and from other users of this program

  • You can send e-mail to Printers: This program is a DOS program and can not make use of the Windows print drivers that came with your printer

  • This means that I have to write a print driver specifically for your printer so that it can operate correctly

  • It is recommended that you try the trial program prior to purchasing the registered version, that way you can make sure that your printer works properly

  • If your printer is not listed in my program then you will need to experiment with the various printer drivers that I do have

  • If you have an Ink Jet type printer you can try any of the Canon, Epson, or HP DeskJet printer drivers

  • The printer MUST be connected to the Parallel Port (LPT1), NOT a USB or COM port

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