Calendar & Holidays
Listing with dates from

All 12 months, plus lunar phases and some holidays noted.

KIDPROJ's Multi-Cultural Calendar
Searchable database of holidays celebrated by people around the world.

KIDPROJ MCC: Index For New Year
Children and teenagers around the world have written in to tell how their families
ring in the new year.


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Holidays and Other Dates in the US Secular Calendar
A form that calculates the dates of secular American holidays and celebrations
for any year. Various useful calendar algorithms are also listed.

  • Good Friday (may be found at my Ecclesiastical Calendar Page ) Easter (may be found at my Ecclesiastical Calendar Page ) Jewish Holidays (may be found at B'nai B'rith ) USA Federal Holidays and Celebrations Work schedules may or may not be affected by these holidays

    Primary sacred times for world religions. Includes definitions, a review of
    different religions, and an archive of dates for previous years.

    Korean Holidays
    Lists Korean celebrations throughtout the year.

    School of the Seasons - Calendar, Holidays and Festivals
    Calendar of holidays for each month of the year, plus seasonal articles written
    by Waverly Fitzgerald, ideas for celebrating including rituals, ...

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    Global Calendar
    A multicultural educational resource which honors all religions and countries.
    Gives full and new moon, eclipse, meteor, and comet information.

    OFFICIAL 2006 HOLIDAYS! Daily, Monthly, Weekly, Bizarre, Crazy ...
    Featuring some unknown, crazy, silly celebrations via cartoons, information and links.

    OU: Jewish Holidays
    Dates of all major and minor Jewish holidays and fast days, with explanations,
    observances, and links to other articles of interest. From the OU.

  • OU Network » | - the Jewish Sabbath of Rosh Chodesh 1-2 Tishrei 27 Nisan 3 Tishrei 10 Tishrei 15-20 Tishrei 4 Iyar 21 Tishrei 5 Iyar 22 Tishrei 18 Iyar 23 Tishrei (In Israel: 22 Tishrei) 28 Iyar 25 Kislev - 3 Tevet 10 Tevet 6-7 Sivan (In Israel: 6 Sivan) 15 Shevat 13 Adar 17 Tammuz 14 Adar 17 Tammuz - 9 Avnt> 15 Adar 9 Av 15 Av 15-22 Nisan (Israel: 15-21 Nisan) 16 Nisan - 5 Sivan Subscribe to Shabbat Shalom! Now that Elul has arrived, do you feel..

    Federal Holidays Calendars from 1997 to 2010
    Offers a list of federally-recognized holidays celebrated in the United States.


    Fun Holidays
    Collection of cards designed for obscure and unusual holidays. Use look up function
    to find any date in history.

    FinancialCalendar.Com - Thousands of Holidays, No Vacations
    Contains database of holiday data that extends over 30 years into the future for
    over 400 financial centers around the world.

    KUMC Diversity Calendar
    Calendar of national, religious and ethnic holidays from the University of Kansas
    Medical Center.

    Availcheck Web based Availability Calendar Scripts
    Four calendar options to suit all users, from the individual who wants a single
    calendar for their home website to the webmaster who wants to create multiple ...

    Auburn University - Academic Calendar
    Calendar of events and important dates, includes: academic, UPC, AU events,
    athletics, registration and final exams.

    Holidays On the Net - Advent Calendar - 2005
    Count down to Christmas Day with holiday animations and seasonal music.

    How to have a Happy and Inexpensive Holiday Season
    A collection of articles to help make the holiday season more meaningful and less

    Book Holidays & Hotels in Top Worldwide Destinations at ...
    Offers breaks to a variety of destinations around the world.

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